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THEME: A New Life With Her.

BY: Faith Ifeoluwa.

Chapter 7 & 8

☆ Maya and the humiliating Bee ☆

Donna wobbles on the bed smiling. She yawed widely and spread her arms wide.

“It’s morning already” She yawns looking out the window. Her eyes then trace to the alarm on the bedstand.

“WHAT!! 11: 49!!!” She exclaimed loudly sitting up immediately. This made the quilt covering her fell from her upper body. She looked down her chest.

“Why am I Ɲ@kēɗ?” She asked no one in particular. Slowly, her hand finds its way to her already disheveled hair itching it and trying to remember what happened the other night?

“When did I fell asleep? I don’t remembering goi_” She stops midway when a flash of what happened the other night replayed in her head.

“No…no wait. Rewind…rewind..Donna calm down and think…think girl…think” She breathes in and out trying to recall the other night incident.

“I was watching the video on my laptop…then the doorbell rang…and I went to get it…and then saw the…THE MASK GUY??” She exclaimed with wide eyes again. Her head rotates around so does her eyes start scanning. Her torn lingerie on the floor, her bed sheet stained with Cvm..then her Ɲ@kēɗ body.

“HAAAAAA!!!!” Her loud scream echoes at every corner of the room.

“No…noo…” Her head started shaking vigorously. Her shaky hands search for her phone and when she got it, she dialled Maya’s line. First ring, second ring, fourth, seventh…she didn’t picked up. Tears finds its way freely down her cheeks, even snort paid her nose a visit.

Amma…please come over. I feel like dying right now…I hate myself so much for letting this happened to me. I don’t think I can deal with it…Amma I got rap_

A text message popped up on her screen impeding her typing. It was from an unknown number. She sniffs and clicked on the video sent to her…her eyes almost bulges out at what she saw. With her own eyes, she could see herself having fun with the unknown mask guy and with her perfectly two working ears, she could hear herself Mõ@ɲs like a wĥõrë. Her body began to shook as she watched this unbelievable video. He didn’t R@P£D her, it was more like a consented S£x and most annoying part of it. She was the one desperate for it in the video.


How come?

Another message popped up and this time it was a text.

Last night was lit…thanks for the fun though. The message reads. She gulped down nothing trying to comprehend things.

“No…it can’t be true…I was R@P£D…I was…yeah..” She stood from the bed and took her laptop which was smashed on the floor. She quickly checked for the USB drive but it wasn’t there. It’s gone. He took it. He knew everything…that’s why he showed up. And just like the lady at the bar, she also fell victim to his cruel act.

Slumping down to the floor, tears rolled continuously but she couldn’t made a sound…everything felt like a dream…a cruel nightmare she just wanna wake up from.


After much persuasion, Jacques was able to keep some of the investors at bay. Though majority of them flared up and withdrew their investments. The day had been a busy one for him and every one of the workers that they haven’t had a rest for a minute. Earlier, he had gathered all team members of all departments and had a urgent meeting with them. Since their designs had been stolen, they best they could do is to make another. Though there isn’t much time to the launching so they have to give their all. But that ain’t gonna stop him from going after those who did this to him. He had vowed to fish out the damn betrayal in his company. He promises to make Dora pay for wrecking him and GLAMOROUS WEARS, He promised himself to make it crumbles.

How dare they steal what’s his?

Maya’s phone rang on his desk. It was sexy boyfriend calling. Jacques look at it and rolled his eyes. Earlier at the meeting, he had seized her phone since it was distracting her from focusing.

The phone stopped ringing after many attempts but instead loads of text messages rushed in.

Amaya where the hell in tarnation are you?

What’s taking you so damn long?

You didn’t forget about the date, did you?

Get over here!

Why won’t you pick up your damn calls!

Don’t tell me you’re still at work?

You’ve got thirty minutes to get over here or I might really get angry for real.

Jacques scoffs reading the messages from the notification bar.

“She still have guts to date with everything going on?” He dropped the phone and focused back on his work.


Jacques walked out of his office with his bag in his hand. Seems he was ready to go home. He looks around, the office was awfully quiet since all has went home well except for one person. He walks closer to her desk and met her with her head on the table. She was sleeping soundly, snoring softly with her hair all over her face. He checked the time on his wrist watch. 11:47 PM

He sighs.

“Maya” He called as cool as he can but got no response.

“Maya” He called softly again but she only snores.

“Does this woman has trypanosomiasis or what?” He furrows his brow. He stepped closer to her and move see strand of hair away from her face. Her sleeping face came into view. Her lips were parted producing drool. He looked at her for some seconds before a smirk played on his lips. He then took a marker on her desk then scribbled something on her face. After doing this, he smiles satisfactory then he lean closer moving his face close to hers. Their breaths fan each other but he didn’t mind.

“MAYA!!!” He howled on her ear and she leaped up immediately but with her head hitting his face.

“Ow!!” He cried out holding his face.

“Oh! Mr Jacques are you okay?”

“HOW CAN I BE OKAY WHEN YOU JUST HIT ME WITH THAT CONCRETE HEAD!!” He yelled back at her making her flinched.

“I…I just”

“Be quiet!”

“Yes Mr Jacques” She took in her lower lip.

“What are you still doing here? Aren’t you leaving?” He crooked a brow.

“Ah yes I was just…I’m going now” She quickly got her things and turn off the system. Then she turned back at him but gasped at what she saw.

“Mr Jacques!!” She exclaimed.


“Blood! Your nose” She gestured to his nosebleed.

“Nose” He touch his nose only to felt a liquid running down from it and on seeing it’s blood, he freaked out.



Maya keep sighing as she sauntered to the bus station. Strangely, people wouldn’t stop looking at her mumbling and laughing silently to themselves. But she shrugged it off. To her right now, what matters is her getting some sleep. She’s damn sleepy. The bus arrived and she yawns getting inside. Just like earlier, the people stares at her weirdly now she finds it disturbing. Nothing is wrong with her dressing, or is it because she’s just too beautiful. Damn! No wonder. She took a sit by the window smiling proudly to herself.

“They literally can’t take their eyes off me…what a burden to have” She thought within. She heard a cam flick and turns to see a guy snapping her.

Oh my! It has gotten to this?

She flaunted her hair, clearing her throat.

“I don’t appreciate that. No pictures” She said in a cute voice to the guy.

“Sorry but…I just couldn’t help it”The guy replied.

“I’m sure you couldn’t. I’m irresistable I know too. Actually it can be burdensome sometimes. I turn heads around everywhere I go. Hahaha” She chuckled.

“You sure do hahaha” The guy laughed along.

“Can…I see that?” She pointed to his phone.

“I’m sure you’ll want to” The guy gave her the phone which she collected smiling. But her jaw dropped on seeing the supposed pictures he took.


“Your burdensome face…oh my God it’s so funny” The guy laughs. Maya could do nothing but just stares at the terrible face of hers in the picture. Under her eyes were painted black as if she has dark circles, her face eyelinered terribly and on her nose and one side of her cheek were dark dots like black spots. Her mouth remains hanging as she watch this horrifying sight of her.

“I can have that back right?”The guy collected the phone back from her.

“Please delete that photo…I beg of you” She pleaded slowly.


“That stinky son of a dog! Devil incarnate!! Stinky fifthly bloody se-men!! I hope you choke on your d!ck! I hope it never rises again! A pill would have saved the world of your stinking existence. I hope you slip and hit your head on the bathtub! I hope you run out of teeth before the age of sixty! I hope your brides runs away on your wedding day YOU FREAKY SON OF A GUN!!!” Maya cursed loudly as she washes her face aggressively in the bathroom.


“Aaachoo!!” Jacques sneezed for the umpteenth time dipping his pinky finger into his ear which wouldn’t stop itching all of a sudden.

“Seriously!” He groans.

He heard a buzzing of a phone and walked towards his bed where he had placed his P@ŋts after pulling it off. He removed the phone from the pocket and frowns.

It’s Maya’s. He had actually forgot to give it back earlier.

💬 I’m ending this. Go Fůçƙ yourself Amaya White 🖕💬

Jacques reads from the notification bar. It was a message from sexy boyfriend.

“Good for her” He mumble throwing the phone somewhere then he slump on the bed staring at the ceiling. Probably thinking. The itching came again and he groans more.

“This is really getting on my nerves”


A pair of slender long legs walked down the stairs holding her two big luggage with her Dior white handbag hanging on her arms. She wore a black leather shoes which stopped right on her knees. A black leather skirt which also stopped on her mid thigh, a white top brassiere which stopped right under her Ɓø0ɓs and a black leather jacket to go with it. She also had a black shade on popping the gum she was chewing loudly like a Ɓîtçh.

“I’m back” She breathes out with a smile. Just as she proceeded to make some steps, three hefty men dressed in black suits with dark shades on appeared in front of her double crossing her.

“The heck!”

“Young miss we’re asked to bring you home. Please come with us” One of the men said with respect.

“Ahh..so damn annoying. How did she knew I’m coming back today? Does she has a spy on me or something?” She muttered.

“Sorry but you’ll have to go without me. I’m not going with you”

“Young miss you have to come with us. We were asked to bring you with us at all cost. If you resist we were given the permission to use force” Another said making her scoffs.

“Go ahead! Dare touch me if I won’t sue you all for harassment!!”

“Young miss please don’t make things hard for us. Come with us”

“I said I’m not going! Buzz off!” She scrowl leaving but they two of them got hold of her arms. The other took her luggage.

“Let me go! Let me go now!! You scums! Won’t you let go!!” She began ranting throwing her legs.

The men remained adamant and just force her out of there.

“You clearly heard her. Let go” A calm voice suddenly said stopping them. They stopped and look at him

“Madame asked us to bring her immediately she arrives. You shouldn’t stop us” One of the men said.

“Go tell your madam…she doesn’t want to. let go of her!” Jacques ordered.

“Now!” He added seeing their hesitation. The scary look on his face made the men withdrew.

“We’ll take our leave now” They bow and turns to leave.

“Stop!” Came the lady’s voice. She walked closer to one of the men who seems to be the leader and stuck the gum she was chewing on his forehead.

“Tell mother I said hello” She said to him and smirk leaving his side. The men bowed again before finally leaving.

“You okay?” Jacques asked and she turns to him pouting.

“Why are you so late! Those fools touched me!” She whined.

“I’m here now ain’t I? Let’s go” He took her luggage while she link hands with him.

“You came alone?”

“Gary has an interview so he couldn’t come”

“Who asked about him? Where’s your PA? She didn’t come with you?”

“She’s busy right at the moment. Come on…I’ll check you in. I’ve to go back to the office”

“Pfft. You’re still as boring as before” She huffs.


Dora sat elegantly with her toes being massage by one of her numerous maids. Another two were massaging her shoulders gently while one was fanning her. She had her eyes close enjoying her moment. Dora Ďïčkens is actually one of the most popular model in town. At the age of forty nine she had received so many awards. She was a no name actress before but ever since she got married to the wealthy Mr Thomas Ďïčkens about twenty years ago, her life had a great turnaround. She became a mother to his two sons Jacques and Gary and birthed him a baby girl a year after they got married. But ten years later, Mr Thomas passed away leaving his two sons at the mercy of their step mother. Jacques and Dora has never once be on good terms. Though Dora has always tried to be a good mother to him Jacques just hate her for no reason. He could sense she held some malicious scheme behind those fake smile of hers. Dora became busier months after Mr Thomas passing, she was so buried in work that she had no time for the children even hers. She neglected them and chased after her greedy aims. Haisley, her daughter barely sees her mother while growing up she didn’t even know what a mother’s love is. The only people always there for her is her step brothers and she dote on them a lot.

“Madame” one of the men called her attention immediately after arriving.

“Where is she?” Dora asked without opening her eyes.

“We couldn’t bring her back. Young master took her away” One of them replied again.

“What?” Dora snapped her eyes open.

“She left with him, we couldn’t do anything”

Dora stood up and went towards the men. Before they could process anything she landed a heavy slap on one of them. Kicked the other two in their legs.

“You bunch of useless fools! You can’t even handle a girl!! Get outtt!” She lashed at them and they bowed before scurrying away.

“That idiot is she trying to make me angry or what!” She grits.


After checking Haisley in at the hotel, Jacques made his way to the company.

“Good morning sir” Maya greeted in a smile as soon as he stepped in.

“Hope I’m ain’t late?” He asked walking to his office.

“Not at all. The meeting is starting in twenty minutes you can rest assured”

“Great” He breathes out slumping on his seat.

“Then I’ll go get you a cup of coffee” She bowed and went out.

Minutes later, she came back with a mug of coffee in her hand.

“Here’s your coffee Mr Jacques” She drops it gently on the table.

Jacques said nothing and just gulp down half of the liquid.

“I’ll go get ready for the presentation” She bows and turns to leave but he stopped her.

“Here” He threw her phone at her and she caught it luckily.

“Thank you Mr Jacques” She smiles before leaving.

Maya gasped loudly on seeing the tons of calls and messages she has gotten.

“Oh my Fůçƙ! He’s ending things! No he can’t do that to me!” She dialled Matt’s number but unfortunately it won’t go through.

“No. Not again!” She groans dialling the number again but seems he already blocked her cause it won’t go through no matter what.

“Arggh!!” She looked back at Jacques’ office glaring hard at it.

“This is all your fault! Heartless jerk!” She puffs and went back to her desk preparing the documents for the presentation.

Minutes later she went back to his office and met him working on his computer.

“Mr Jacques it’s time for the presentation” She faked a smile and he looks up.

“Oh yeah!” He rubs his palms together and stood up taking his suit wearing it.

Maya took a peek at the cup of coffee and saw it empty.

She smirks.

“You should know…what it feels like to be humiliated too…dear boss”

“Let’s go” He said and she nodded following him out.


Jacques went inside the presentation room and the shareholders, investors and some staffs were already present. He breathe in and made to talk but just then his stomach churn. He held it and stood still for a while.

“Are you okay Mr Jacques?” Maya asked beside him but he just gave her a cold stare.

“Are you just gonna stand there and do nothing? We all have our busy life you know” One of the shareholders said rudely making him frown. If not that he’s in a tight spot he would have given him an insult he deserves but right now he needs to play the fool at least to get their help in launching the new design.

“Let’s get started shall we?” Jacques turned on the projector and the new design they’ll be producing appeared on the wind slide.

“This is_” His stomach churn again this time making some irritating sounds. That moment he knew all wasn’t well. His bowels has decided to betray him and he had to get out of there before that happens but then again…he couldn’t leave the presentation.

“Why did you stop? Cat got your tongue?” The same shareholder asked again making some of them chuckles.

“I…I just_” He choke on his word when he felt a tingling sensation hits his abdomen.

He held his Ɓụťť and stiffened his legs.

“Oh my! I don’t think he’s okay”

“Mr Jacques it’s seems urgent don’t you need to go?”

“I…I…” He started fidgeting with his legs, his veins becoming visible slowly. Now he couldn’t hold it in. He felt like he’s going crazy already…it’s like it’s gonna pop out any seconds.

“I think…I…we…ve go…tt…to pros…tpone…this…ugh!” He held his Ɓụťť and Maya tries as hard to hold in her laughter.

“I…I…got…tta go…ummm!” He rushed out of there walking funnily while the shareholders just couldn’t help but laugh.

“Mr Jacques are you alright?” Maya double crossed him by the door with an innocent look on.

“Get..ah_” A loud fart sound finished his statement.

“Mr Jacques!” Maya called with wide eyes.

Jacques pushed her out of the way and rushed out of there holding tightly to his P@ŋts.

“Oh no Mr Jacques…” Maya shook her heads in mockery.






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