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THEME: A New Life With Her.

BY: Faith Ifeoluwa.

Chapter 3 & 4

☆ Maya and the mean Bee ☆

Maya entered her average apartment looking super weary. She went to her room straight throwing herself on the bed without even taking her heels off. The day has been really hectic and had drained 90% of her stamina.

Her phone dinged and she groaned taking it from her pocket lazily.

💬 Dog ran out of food get some over tomorrow morning. It was a message from her great boss.

She sighs and drop the phone on the bed she’s even too tired to cuss him out. if there’s one thing she really wanna do right now, that’s certainly to sleep.


“Jacqui get him!” Gary commanded a black fluffy dog which he was playing with earlier before Jacques came in. The dog left his side barking and ran towards Jacques who was approaching them.

“Hey man” Jacques drop to a squat patting the dog which was wagging its tail happily and sticking its tongue out at him.

“Did you have fun without me? Good boy” He smiles rubbing its fur then stood up.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming” Jacques said taking off his suit.

“Why? Are you gonna sue me for trespassing? Look well I’m ain’t Dora” Gary joked while Jacques rolled his eyes.

“You want me to throw you out?”

“Just joking” Gary nudge him.

“Come here Jacqui!” He clapped his hands at the dog which ran to his arms immediately.

“Good boy…” Gary beams playing with its fur.

“I thought I told you not to call it my name again” Jacques frowns.

“But you wouldn’t give it a name” Gary retorts.

“Why should I when it already has one?”

“Which is? Dog? Seriously Jacq? You want me to call this fluffy good looking thing dog? You can’t be any serious”

“A dog is a dog. What should I have called it if not dog? Ɓîtçh?” He asked with a raised brow.

“Seriously you…” Gary scoffs.

“Just forget it. Jacqui is perfect. Since the owner is Jacques then the dog should be also. Woof! Woof!!” He barked at his face.

“Go home. I wanna rest” Jacques stood up unbottoning his shirt Ɓụťťons.

“I came here to sleep with you. I’m ain’t leaving”

“Not tonight Gary. I’m tired”

“Well I’m not so let’s go upstairs and have some cold shower…or you prefer the bathtub tonight?” He winks.

“Get lost” Jacques nudge him walking away.

“Don’t be a boring @ss and let’s catch some funnn!” Gary ran to him hanging his arms around his neck.

“I promise to make you feel less tired. Just have faith in me” He pats his chest. Jacques just released a defeated sigh.


“GRRRRRRR!!! GRRRRRR!!!” Came the alarm blaring incessantly at Maya’s ear.

“Ughhhh!!” She groaned drowsily reaching for the alarm on the bed stand. She tried turning it off but it won’t.

“Shut it already!” She gruffs smashing it on the nearest wall. She buried her head in the bed to enjoy her beauty sleep but then another annoying voice rang out from the shoe rack. As if that wasn’t enough, another came blaring underneath the bed, another from the door and from the light lamp beside her bed. All conjoined together almost barricading her eardrums.

She groaned loudly grabbing the pillow and stuck it on her ears to decimate the sounds but it only intensify since it wasn’t coming from one angle but practically all corners from the room.

“Argh!! Fůçƙ you alright!!” She finally sprang up from the bed as the sounds successfully chased away the sleep from her eyes. She would have cussed the person who did such torturous thing but she couldn’t since she is the one. She started moving to the angles where the sounds are coming from turning off the alarms one by one. This is the struggle she goes through every morning. Maya is a sleep freak that without the help of alarms like these, she wouldn’t remember waking up from her slumber.

After successfully turning off the five alarms she had set at different angles of the room, she walked to the bathroom trying not to step on the scattered clothes on the floor.

Her room really shouldn’t be called room but rather a pigsty cause it looks just like one.

Things like ьѓä, P@ŋties, shoes, trousers and shirts hanging just everywhere. Her wardrobe is a mess so is everything other damn thing in the room. The floor and even the bed is littered with snacks crumbs and there are cans of drinks on the floor as well. Only God knows when last she had cleaned up.

It’s a miracle she could differentiate clean clothes from dirty ones among the mountain of clothes piled on the floor. She hurriedly dressed up like every other morning then rushed to the disorderly living room. Quilt, popcorn poured on the sofa, remote on the floor and even some of her dresses and makeup were all suffering in the living room. She rushed to the fridge which was full of half eaten food some even spoilt, she took a bottle of milk and some left over bread. Settling on the counter. Taking a bit from the bread, she made to nourish it with the milk but had to halt when an unpleasant smell hit her nose.

“No $h|t” She dropped the milk after discovering it has gotten stale. She stuff the remaining bread into her mouth and went back to the fridge. Her eyes scrutinize everything in it then after some seconds she closed it back. She had actually ran out of bottle water and other drinkable drinks also except alcohol. There’s no way she’d drink that, so she went to the zinc open the tap and drank from it. After this she rushed back to the living room and took her bag which she had tossed on the floor the other night. Her eyes caught her ьѓä and she fumes remembering the other night.

“Unruly bastard” She grits tossing the ьѓä on the sofa. She looked around the messy house and sighs.

“Poor you. I promise to do justice to you when I get back” She made the same promise she had been making every morning before whizzing out of the house.


Gary yawns and stretches widely sitting up the bed.

Jacques was no where in the room so he presumed he must be downstairs since the water isn’t running either.

He got away from the bed and head towards the door, he was only in his brief without any other thing on.

“Jacqui! Jacquie!!” He called as he takes gentle strides down the stairs.

“Oh! Maya?” He called surprisedly on meeting Maya who was feeding the dog food.

“When did you get here?” Gary asked walking up to her.

“Just now. I actually brought food for him” She showed Gary the dog food.

“Jacques must have made you run early to the supermarket”

“Yeah…he did” She smiles at the tempting handsome lad in front of her. Gary is obviously a fine man. He’s tall, s€xily hot, crazily charming and endowed with cute dimples. He’s just another perfect type of her man and she wouldn’t deny the fact that she do fantasizes being in his arms doing crazy things with him. Looking at his bare chest and half Ɲ@kēɗ body really is making her go loco but she’s really holding herself back because of who he is. If not for who he is, she would have strike her goal at him a long time ago but…he’s off limit.

“You didn’t see him?” Gary’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Wh..who?” She shuttered not catching anything he has said.

“Jacqui. I woke up this morning and couldn’t find him”

“Oh, right…Mr Jacques. Mr Jacques…” She trailed.

The sounds of the door opening and closing got their attention.

“There he is! Mr Jacques” Maya pointed at him.

Jacques came into the living room joining them. He had actually went jogging. He was in a sweatP@ŋts and tank top. A bandana over his forehead and a small towel hanging on his neck. His hair was slightly wet with some sticking on his skin giving him the sexiest look while sweats covered his face down to his chest making his tank top slightly wet also. Even in that state he was looking breathtakingly hot. Maya would have drooled and gushed over his alluring figure only if he wasn’t Jacques Ďïčkson. Her mean boss.

She may go crazy for all handsome guys but not Jacques. She just despise him since all he does is nothing but torture her.

“You should have told me when you’re going to work out. We could go together”

“You were sleeping so soundly. I discovered you might need that more” Jacques replied dabbing his face with the towel.

“Cat got your tongue?” He asked Maya who just stood saying nothing.

“Ah! Goo…good morning Sir” She quickly made a slight bow.

“I’ll be down in few minutes so clean this place up while you’re here at least” He said nonchalantly heading up the stairs.

“Come on get a maid for that. Maya isn’t one. She’s your PA” Gary said stopping him.

“It’s okay. She gets paid for everything she does so it no big deal”

“But still what I’m sayi_”

“She’s not complaining so why are you?” His voice changed. Probably didn’t like how Gary was trying to go against him.

“Maya is_”

“I’ll clean it all up. You should go do your business. I’ll wait in the car when I’m done” Maya quickly cuts in before she starts something she won’t be able to finish. She knows Jacques well to be quick tempered. She certainly doesn’t wanna see that side of him that morning and if that argument continues…None of there is gonna leave there without getting hurt.

Jacques gave her a glare before striding to his room upstairs. Gary sighs digging his fingers into his hair.

“Don’t mind him. Rude is his second name” He said.

“I know” Maya whispered back smiling.

He smiles showing his cute dimples and Maya almost melted where she was standing.

“I’m gonna go freshen up also. See you later Maya” Gary winked at her before sauntering to the room also.

Maya sighs when he left. She looks around and found the vacuum cleaner then she gets to work.

Funny how she didn’t take care of her house and she’s here cleaning up another’s. Annoyingly ironic isn’t it?


Jacques knitted his brow as he scroll through some articles on his iPad. He’s currently at the back seat with Maya at the driver seat driving him to the company.







“Bullshit*t!” Jacques tossed the iPad on the seat signing heavily.

“We’re here sir” Maya’s voice boomed out almost immediately.

The security opens the car door and Jacques stepped out elegantly as always with his cold look on. He never smiles to his workers and doesn’t even say hello. To him they are all there to make money so he sees no reason why he has to be unnecessary friendly with them. He walked into the office with Maya behind him.

“Good morning Mr Jacques you have a visitor waiting for you” His secretary announced as he walked inside.

He turns and gave Maya a questioning look.

“There wasn’t an appointment like that for you this morning. It wasn’t in the schedule so I know absolutely nothing about it” Maya quickly defend herself.

“It’s Madam D. She told me you would wan_” The secretary bit her lip not able to complete her statement cause of the death glare Jacques sent her.

“I’m sorry Mr Jacques”

“How much?” His cold voice came out.


“Find out how much she collected, deduct it from her salary and gave her the remaining. Her service is no longer needed in my company. Find someone else ASAP” Jacques ordered sternly.

“Yes sir” Maya replied and he walked away.

“Oh! No!! Mr Jacques! Mr_”

“Stop. You know it’s useless” Maya stopped the secretary.

“I…I can’t lose my job….I have to beg him. Maya please help me…”

“No use crying over a split milk…just tell me the amount she gave you so I can do my job”

“What to do…I went through hoops to get this job…I can’t lose it now…” The secretary cried.

Jacques walked into his office and frowns on the sight he saw.

“What the Fůçƙ are you doing!” He gruff.

Dora Ďïčkson was sitting on his seat though her back was facing him. She was staring at the floor_to_celling glass window ignoring his presence.

Jacques then proceed to the large desk, took the landline and dialled a number.

“Security….I have a trash here in my office. Come take it out” He said to the landline then drop it. Dora swivel the chair around and face him.

“Trashes ain’t meant to be kept in a fine place like this…you should really throw them out” She said with the sweetest voice ever smiling brightly at him.

“And I’m planning to do that now. Seems I have to hire the cleaning agent company to get this place sterilized. All contaminants should be cleared out also” Jacques said staring directly at her .

Dora chuckles and stood up walking to him.

“Oh, son…but what do you think the trash is? I know…should i show you?” She turns and place her hand on the glass plate which CEO JACQUES ĎïčkSON was bodly written on.

“I think it’s this” She said rubbing her fingers on it.

“You seem to be doing pretty great this days? Heard you’re launching a design soon? A masterpiece at that”

“It isn’t surprising to know you planted ears in my company. That’s very like you”

“Of course…they carry me along everything single thing happening in here. They’re very useful you know. But well I’m not here to talk about my moles. You saw the news right? I plan to be the face for this new design of yours…cush right?”

“What to do? The masterpiece i created doesn’t need a trash to contaminate it. Why don’t you crawl back to your modelling and stop poking your fingers into where it dosen’t belong. It might get bitten…or better still cut off”

“Ohhh….I’m scared. So you do know how to threaten”

“Thanks to you”

A knock came on the door and Jacques could see two security men standing outside his office through the transparent glass walls.

“Oh my, they are here to pick the trash” He smiles at her.

“Think about it. You have all the time you want. Good luck on the sanitation…bills on me!” She gave him a lopsided smile then catwalk out of the office. The security men came in.


“Fůçƙ off!!” He shunned. They bow slightly and went out .

“Dimwits!” Jacques muttered underneath his breathe. He brought out his phone and dialled Maya’s number.

“Order for a new plate and chair. Call the cleaning agent also. My office has been contaminated” He said immediately Maya picked the call not giving her a chance to make an utterance, he ended it.


Jacques and Maya walked into the exhibition hall both looking breathtaking. He was clad in of the latest luxurious suit his company had just designed. His hair was gelled neatly to the back and he looked striking enticing. Maya also walked beside him, she was clad in a yellow strapped gown which stopped right on her knees and her hair packed in a ponytail bringing out her entire beauty. The gown was hugging her body tightly bringing out her noticeable curves. The gown was actually one of their best designs so far also and she did it justice no doubt. She was looking effortlessly becoming. Those two stole the spotlight as they walked into the Hall. Just what Jacques had wanted. He’s never the type interested in a gathering like this but he had to attend this since popular investors, conglomerates and notable businessmen would be there. He couldn’t miss the chance for anything. People admired them as they walked in and for the sake of his company, he put on a fake smile.

Maya clutch to her purse tightly as she walked along with him. Ever since she had lunch earlier she had been feeling kinda weird like something got stuck in her throat but no amount of water she drank could get it down. Seems like it’s indigestion and it’s making her frustrated and uncomfortable.

She knows well how important this gathering is to her boss and the company so she decided to hold whatever $h|t maybe happening to her in till they are done with things. But at every chances she gets, she clug water down her throat.

The Hall was display with beautiful and exciting pieces of work. She would have loved to admired them but that wasn’t what they came for.

Luckily for Jacques, things goes as he wanted. He met with new people and was fortunate to get linked quickly.

He met with several investors for almost an hour. Maya just followed him around not talking much. He literally did all the talking. Though he could sense something wasn’t right with her, he didn’t care and just focused on what he came for.

“They’re phenomenal…I would love to take a look at your designs I think I’m tripping for it already” Mr Graham, a multimillionaire who manages a five star hotel said to Jacques.

“Sure sir. I assure you wouldn’t just trip but fall. I’m confident to tell you that Rory is one of the best you could get” Jacques assured with smiles. Mr Graham nodded.

“Your date seem pretty quiet. You’ve been doing all the talking since. I’d like to hear the angelic voice behind that face” Mr Graham said loftly while Jacques stifled a fake laugh.

“She’s my PA actually. Maya…” Jacques gave her a look. Maya smiles nervously.

“Hello Mr Graham…I’m Amaya White” She stretches her palm out for a handshake forcing a smile.

“Franklin Graham. Nice to meet you beauty” They shook hands and Mr Graham surprised her by K!SSing the back of her palm. She actually felt disgusted by that and that triggered the tickling sensation she has been feeling in her throat. Mr Graham smiles at her showing his fake gold teeth and Maya tried as hard as she could to compose herself from throwing up on his ugly face.

He let go of her hand finally and she place it on her chest trying to call herself down.

“How about lunch tomorrow at my hotel…so we could discuss more about this wonderful design I’m seeing” He gestured to Maya’s dress throwing nasty flirty faces at her. Maya couldn’t help but feel more nauseated the more he does that.

“That would be great Mr Graham. Thanks for the kind offer sir” Jacques replied.

“Umm…I’m just gonna excuse myself real quick” Maya said. She could already feel it coming out and it wouldn’t be good if she let it out right there.

“What do you mean? you can’t go” Jacques whispered to her.

“I just need a little moment I promise to come back sir. I’ll be back!” She turns to rush out of there but a hand pulled her back by the waist. Her eyes widen and a gasp escape from her mouth. But seems that was such a stupid mistake because immediately she let out the gasp, a really loud blech followed out directly at his face.

She bleched so loud that people standing few metres away from them could hear. Every attention drift to her and she could see their mockery faces laughing at her. But as if that wasn’t enough, the smell that came out of her mouth accompanying the belching was worse than that of a rotten egg.

Mr Graham’s hand left her waist with his face all scrunch up. She just bleched directly on his face.

Everyone scruched their face including Jacques. He couldn’t help but cover his nose at the malodor.

Now, embarrassment was an understatement for what she felt at that particular time. She looks left and right only to see all attention on her.

Not knowing what else to do in that situation, she resorted to the first thing that comes to mind.

She close her eyes and within a twinkle of an eye, Maya fell to the floor passing out.

Gasps erupts and Jacques facepalmed.

“Maya!” He grits.






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