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THEME: A New Life With Her.

BY: Faith Ifeoluwa.

Chapter 12 & 13

☆ Maya and the Jerky Bee ☆

“AH!!” Maya pushed his face away removing her finger quickly.

“What are you doing?” Jacques’ voice came. Maya looks at him and shot him a black look.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” She accuses

“What?” He asked nonchalantly.

“Biting me! You did it on purpose!!” She barked.

“Well what was your finger doing in my mouth to begin with?”

“You jerk…”

“What did you say?”

“What did you hear!” She shot back.

“Miss White. Do you think that’s the right way to talk to your boss? You just raised your voice at me”

“I’m…I’m sorry sir”

“Now tell me what was your finger doing in my mouth?”

“I was just….I was…” She sighs.

“There was an ant” She lied.

“What? An…an ant? In my mouth??”

“Not exactly your mouth…on your lips” She replied slowly.

“Wow…an ant on my lips…” He mumbles.

“I’ll…get going now I came to tell you that. Goodnight Mr Jacques” She said in a rush bowed and rushed out before he could say anything. Jacques relaxed his back on the chair with his fingers rubbing his shaved chin.

“An ant…I see” He couldn’t help but chuckle.


“Argh! That stupid man…” Maya laments opening the tap on her bitten finger which had already turned red with a mark.

“I hope he gets bitten on his d!ck. Annoying fellow…can’t believe I was admiring that goose!” She hissed.


Halsey laid on her back. Her eyes fixated at the ceiling.

She releases a deep sigh after remembering earlier when Gary had come by.

Could it be possible he’s not over her yet?

But why? It’s been four years already.

That’s enough time for them both to move on.

She already did, could it really be possible he hasn’t?

She had intentionally avoided him for four years. After she left for Seattle for her college, she had cut off all communications with Gary and didn’t even bothered to call him at least once.

Why? Because she had to move on. Because she had to accept reality.

Ever since she was young, her mother had always never had time for her. She always left her in care of the nanny. She literally grew up without knowing the love of a mother. But thanks to the two elder half brothers she has, life wasn’t that bad for her. Because they made it fun. They were always there for her…they filled the empty spot of her mother. As they grew older, Jacques started drifting away. He entered the company at such a young age and that took away his time with her. He couldn’t spend more time like before so it was left with only her and Gary. However, Gary never made her feel alone. They were always together. He was always there for her to make her laugh. They did practically everything together that they become literally inseparable. She had thought what she felt for him was only a brotherly love but never had she thought, it was the opposite. She started getting jealous anytime she sees other girls with him. She misses him greatly when he’s not around and when they are together, she always have this urge to be in his arms. She wanted him for herself only. She started thinking she’s becoming weird, but she wasn’t the only one. Gary on the other hand was going crazy because of how he had gotten attached to his younger sister. Other girls don’t attract him as she does. He doesn’t want her to be close to the opposite gender…He just wanted to be the only man in her life. He wanted to be the reason for her sweet smile. He goes crazy and his heart overreacts whenever they were together. Before they knew it, they were overwhelmed by their passion for each other. They couldn’t keep it within anymore. Halsey was the first to take the initiative. She had expected him to push her away but was rather surprised when he embraced her with open arms.

They were happy. But it was wrong. It was all wrong of them to be together. However, the passion between them is just something they couldn’t control. So they kept it a secret..from everyone. Including Jacques.

Two months passed and their love story continues secretly. Until that day, when he caught them. It was totally unexpected, they were playing their love as usual when he walked in on them…making out.

She still couldn’t forget the expression Jacques had on that day. Anger, rage, betrayed, shocked, and disappointed. They knew they Fůçƙed up.

As they had expected, Jacques didn’t take it lightly with them. He lambasted them and made them know what they’re doing is all wrong. They were kept seperate for days and he made sure…they didn’t get in contact with each other. Halsey after reflecting on herself, made the decision to leave. She had to put a stop to it.

Gary was obviously disappointed and sad but they had to face reality. After finishing her high school, she left the country and since them she didn’t heard from him. She only calls Jacques occasionally. At Seattle, she became friends with Luna after three years. The first three years she arrived, she found it hard to make friends so she has always been alone doing her things alone. After meeting Luna, she began viewing the world in a different way. Luna is a fun loving person. She made her forget almost everything. Slowly, she starts to warm up to her and like that their relationship began. She realizes she could be a gynephile also.

But now that she arrived Gary’s attitude towards her has begun to worry her.

She has moved on that she’s sure of but…what if he’s not?

It can’t be right?

Her phone rang cutting her thoughts short. She looks at it and it turned out to be her Dora. The same mother who never cared about her. She hissed ignoring the phone and lay on her right side. She resumed to her former thoughts and kept deliberating on it till she fell into slumber.


“Wow! This is crazy!! The sales are crazy!! A thousand design out of stock within two days! We keep getting orders nonstop!!” Stephen exclaimed loudly checking the statistics.

“I say we’ve hit the jackpot! RORY’S WEARS is ranked no 2 in the keypad search!!” Rana announced.

“Millions in just two days! I say we’re amazing!!” Rana chipped in.

“Our hard worked paid. Remember we had to work overtime cause our design got stolen. You all did great guys!” Maya applaud.

“I acknowledge your hard work. I admit it hasn’t been easy. It’s such a big relief you guys were able to pull it off at the very end. I’m in an excellent mood so I’d like to do something for you guys. How about celebrating this wonderful achievement of ours?” Jacques suggested.

“Of course!”

“Cool! I like that!”

“Thought you weren’t gonna do that. Awesome boss!”

“Alright. Celebrate as you want. It’s all on me” He smiled extending the company credit card to them. Ophelia quickly marched forward to collect it.

“Thank you so much boss!”

“We’re really gonna spend massively!!”

“Do all you want. You can all leave early today”



“Love you Boss!!” They all cooled. Maya just keep quiet all through watching them.

“But we didn’t do all this alone. Boss how about you join us. We all did it together anyway ” Stephen suggested.

“I agree come to think of it. You’ve never attended any of the company dinner” Rana added.

“It’ll be an honor if you could have it with us.” Ophelia said also, Maya pinched her.

“Ow!” She squirm.

“Do you really want me there. I’m fine though”

“Of course sir. We’d love to have you there” Ophelia replied getting another pinch from Maya.

“Ow!” She winced again.


“Yes Mr Jacques”

“What do you think? Should I go?”

“Of course Mr Jacques. You contributed most in this project. It’s only right you celebrate it with us” She faked a smile.

“Alright. Send me the address I’ll see you guys later” He smiles and excused them.

“We’d be expecting you sir!” Ophelia shouted after him.

“Guys!! Why would you invite him over!” Maya confronted them.

“He is our boss after all. He should be there don’t you think guys” Stephen asked.

“Of course. Our achievements are his. We’re in this together” Ophelia said also.

“You guys seriously!”

“Why don’t you want him there?” Rana asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? He’s a vibe killer! A joy killer!! Mood spoiler and a Fůçƙing fun disrupter! You guys are making a mistake trust me!”

“Why don’t you put your hatred on hold for tonight! Tonight we’re are celebrating! Hooo!!!”


“CHEERS!!!”.They all clicked there glasses of beer and each gulp it down.

“Why isn’t he coming?” Rana pouted taking some meats into her mouth.

“Maybe he’s not anymore. Do you think he forgot?” Ophelia asked.

“That’s why you shouldn’t have invited him to begin with. He’s such a Fůçƙing @sshole!” Maya spat.

“Hey I don’t think so. He’s just running late. Let’s eat I can order more if this won’t be enough” Stephen said

“Should we go to the karaoke after this?”


“Deal!! Gosh I’m so happy!!” Rana squeals.


“CHEERS!!” They clicked glasses for the umpteen time and Maya drained down the content in the glass pouring another.

“Hey! Don’t you think you’re having too much. You’ll get drunk” Ophelia said.

“No…I’m fine. It’s so sweet I can’t help craving for more” She grinned gulping the beer down.

“You’re getting drunk stop it”

“I’m not! And also when will I ever get the chance to get drunk like this. This is a once in a life time opportunity…let me grab it uh?”

“Just leave her. I kinda agree when will we have the luxury to enjoy like this again” Rana chipped in.

“You guys are free to get drunk…I have many spaces in my apartment” Stephen joked.

“Really…I’d love to check it out” Maya winked.

“My door is always open” Stephen winked back.

“Eww!! You guys are fifthly!” Rana grimace.

“I…broke up with my boyfriend” Maya suddenly said.

“Again?” Stephen asked.

“He actually broke up with me. Over a text” She pouted sadly.

“Oh dear…so sorry” Ophelia pats her back.

“Hello fellas. I’m sorry I came late. There was traffic jam” Jacques said appearing.

“Boss! You came!”

“You’re here president”

“I missed a lot didn’t I?” He smiled.

“You!!” Maya suddenly pointed.

“Who gave you the right to show up your half baked face here uh!” She shot at him.

“Maya are you drunk?” Ophelia whispered to her.

“”You have no shame don’t you? You dare show up!!”

“Um…Maya? Is there any problem?” Jacques asked rather taken aback by her utterance.

“Um sir don’t mind her! It’s just a joke a joke. Hahaha…have your sit sir” Ophelia draw out a chair for her. Maya stood from her seat and stagger to him pulling him up surprising him and others.

“Who said you can SIT!!”

“You! You call yourself human?”

“Ohh Maya! What’s wrong with you?” Ophelia tried pulling her away from him but she pushed her away.

“Listen everyone. When they talked about an animal in human form they were talking about him. Him! Gosh I hate him so much. My life is a complete mess because of him. None of my relationships ever work out all because of him!”

“Miss Maya. I think you’re drunk. Why don’t we talk when you’re in your right state of mind?” Jacques said calmly.

“Can you hear that? He’s calling me crazy! He has no absolute regards for fellow human! He’s a jerk! A jerk! Wait! Is this why your parents named you that? Jacques Ďïčkens…yeah…they know you’re a jerk and a d!ck! Wow..nice combo! I love that!!” She laughs clapping her hands.

“Maya stop…” Ophelia held her.

“Do you guys know what this fool makes me go through every damn time? Hey look at this” She slowed them her finger.

“You can’t believe this jerky dog bit me! Wow…talking about being wicked and heartless! He deserves a medal!!” She remarked getting Jacques pissed off.

“Hey Dog face!” She pointed again.

“Wh…what? Dog…face?”

“Yeah dog face! You jerk the d!ck!!” She called making him scoffs. Maya step closer to him. Rana and others tried pulling her back but Jacques stopped them.

“I’m talking to you!” She hits his cheek lightly.

“Why are you so twisted? Uh? Do you know you Ṣūçƙ? Wanna know a secret? I…hate you” she whispers to him.

“Why do you hate me?”

“Do you have to ask? You’re so brusque and unbearable! Despicable and cranky!! Your ugly personality can’t just be photographed. You know what? My middle finger gets a boner everytime I see you. Wanna hear more? You…don’t have a microscopic amount of manners! You’re a useless sperm and a baseless effort!! I hate you!!” She poked his chest hard.

“Never knew my PA held this much hatred for me” He stated not believing it. Maya scoffs and staggered to the table, took a glass of beer and emptied it on him. Everyone gasped covering their mouths with their palms.

“You son of a Bengal tiger!” She threw the glass down and before he could say ‘jack!’ She got hold of both his cheeks roughly.

“Can’t you just disappear from my life uh? It’s really hard…having someone like you in it” she said almost in audibly. Her head went down and rested on his wet chest resting on it.

” You know…I just wish you could just disappear…” She mumbles on his chest breathing slowly.

“Someone…get. Her. Off. Me” Jacques seethed.

“Ye…yes sir” Ophelia made to do just that but just as she was about to Maya suddenly raised her head up scaring her.

“DIE!!!” She yelled out and in a jiffy, her forehead collided on Jacques’ face hardly.

“AHH!!” He winced pushing her away roughly. Ophelia quickly held her before she could reach for the floor.

Blood ran down his nose and on seeing it, his eyeballs rolled in its sockets.

“Blood…” He muttered.



“SIR!!” They all exclaimed with open mouths.

“Ma…” He couldn’t finished his statement when his eyes shut.and he reach for the floor.







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