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THEME: A New Life With Her.

BY: Faith Ifeoluwa.

GENRE: Billionaire romance

TAGS: Envy, Secrets, Death, Hidden enemy, Suspense, Love, Jealousy, Hatred, Betrayal and so on.


Amaya White has been in many relationships without any positive outcomes. Every man who dated her always leave her just for the same reason.

She values work more than her boyfriend.

Dating men within few months and getting dumped is no longer a new thing to her. In fact she became accustomed to it.

At the age of twenty seven, she had had several boyfriends not to be counted. Went on millions of blind dates, and made out with thousands of them.

No, she ain’t a $lüt.

She’s just a desperate lady who wishes to be like every other normal ladies out there.

She’s got the happy family, perfect body, dream job, but a spiteful boss who seemingly always get to ruin her chances of getting her greatest wish granted.

What’s her greatest wish?

That would be to get her cherry popped in the hardest and craziest way ever.

Weird right?


Meet Jacques Ďïčkens. One of the most influential young CEO in Australia. He’s the man with a poker face, cold personality and hardened heart.

In order to get what he wants, he can go extra Miles. He doesn’t care if he hurts other people just to get what favors him and that earns him a lot of enemies both outside the business and in the business world. To him life is all about being logical.

All his life revolves around is work and just work.

Dating isn’t his thing.

Love is thorn on his skin.

Marriage is something he has never put in consideration.

Everyday he work his @ss off just to make RORY’S FOOTWEAR the best.

The company his late father had left in his care. The company he has to protect from the prying clasps of his toxic stepmother.

The company that matters to him more than any other thing in the world.

The company that ended up taking his life in the unexpected way ever.

The company he ended up losing when he at least expected.
Just when he thought he’s taking it to the next level, he was eradicated of all a sudden.

He lost his company and his life and everything’s became meaningless.

But the question is…

Can everything really end like that?

Who could the enemy responsible for Jacques’ death be?

Do you wanna know?

Then join me in this ride. It’s gonna be fun I bet.

BOSS AND I solely written by Faith Ifeoluwa.



I 💞

( Just my…real love… )

THEME: A New Life With Her.

BY: Faith Ifeoluwa.


Chapter 1 & 2

☆ Angry hawk ☆

📞 I want her to be given a restricted order…if she dare comes near me or any of my properties then jail should be her new home. That isn’t a problem right?” Jacques said with his eyes focused on the road. He’s currently driving and also talking to his lawyer on phone.

📞 She thinks she can do however she likes just because she hold some stupid title of being a step mother? She can go roast in hell for all I care” He said again obviously angry.

📞 Make sure she gets it as soon as possible. That vixen may try to pu__” A sudden disruption made him stop talking.

📞 Mr Jacques…are you okay? Are you there?” The lawyer he was talking to on phone asked from the other end. He had just heard some crashing sounds and Jacques wouldn’t talk anymore also.

📞 Mr Jacques can you hear me!” His voice came again calling unto him.

Jacques has actually just been crashed by a truck from no where. Blood flows down his head as a result of hitting his head hardly on the car door. He groans painfully as he struggled to crawl out of his crashed car which turned upside down on the concrete road.

“Argggh!!” He grunts trying to find a way out since he was hooked and the engine was already leaking. He knows what that means. Still struggling, he heard some footsteps and with the little strength in him, he shouted for help.

“Help…please help” He called with pains. The person stopped right beside the car and Jacques could see the shiny black boots the person was putting on with the inscription RORY

“Help me please…” He groaned again stretching his hand forward.

“So…that word actually existed in your dictionary? I’m amazed” The person said making his brows knitted.

Wait! The voice sounds familiar. Crazily familiar. And as if that person knew what he was thinking. The person bent down and smirk at him.

“You…” Jacques gritted with anger and this made the person cachinate loudly.

“How dare you do this…” He seethed.

“You don’t really know why I’m doing this? Really?? You should know better!”

“You’re a devil!” He spat.

“That I am” The person smiled.

“Jacques Ďïčkens…that’s why you should have lived your life a little nicer. Look at where it ended you…pathetic” The person shook head.

“You malicious devil!! How dare you! How dare you!!” He keep ranting while the person signal to the driver driving the truck to finished its job.

“Have fun in hell…”

The truck drove with full speed crashing unto the already crushed Jacques’ car swerving it off the road with full force. The car fell off the landslide into the bush and within few moments it blasted off.

“GOODBYE JACQUES ĎïčkENS! NOW EVERYTHING IS ALL MINE!! ALL MINE!!!” The perpetrator guffaw loudly like a deranged person, eyes not leaving the burning car.



“Oh, my gawd! Ohhh!”


“K!SS me baby”

“Oh, yes baby”


“Oh, $h|t”



Loud Mõ@ɲs filled the rooms as two horny adults K!SS and smooch themselves.

“I love you baby”

“I wanna have you now…”

“Please touch me…”

“I’m going crazy $h|t”

“I wanna feel you inside”

“I’m so Fůçƙing wet”

Those were all Amaya’s Mõ@ɲy voice impatiently waiting to be $©®£wed mercilessly.

“Don’t be impatient babe…I’m all yours” The guy named Matt replied groping her @ss squeezing the hell out of it. This made Amaya Mõ@ɲs more. Her hands went to his shirt, unbottoning it aggressively.

Matt is actually her boyfriend she just started dating just few weeks ago. They met at a gym she had actually went to exercise. He is actually an instructor there and Amaya fell for him just because he has builds.

“I can’t hold it in…stop the damn teasing and get inside of me bastard” She groans impatiently. Matt smirks then pushed her to the bed.

He got on her and attacked her lips with his K!SSing her hungrily. His hands went under her top and lifted it up over her head. Her red ьѓä came into view. Matt licked his lips.

“Oh, I love what I see”

“Then what are you waiting for…”

Within seconds, Matt’s clothes was already on the floor also. He was left only in his P@ŋts. He was so damn hard and his little man was screaming for a Pů$$¥ to $©®£w but he just wanna tease her more before he gets down to business. He uncapped her ьѓä and tossed it somewhere. Her hardened pink Ɲīpplës stood erected right at his face.

“Those look ravishing…” He mouth before taking one into his mouth squeezing the other with one of his hand.

“Oh, my…Fůçƙ!”


“Yes baby…” Amaya’s eyes rolled in its sockets funnily and she took in her lower lip biting it. Matt keep Ṣūçƙing like his life depended on it then he changed to the other.

“Fůçƙ me!” She gasped loudly when she felt his hand sliding underneath her P@ŋts. Her skirt was lifted up but not taken off.

“You’re so wet for me baby…”

“I’m so damn wet for you baby” She replied diving her fingers into his curly hair.

“Just Fůçƙ me already!” She grunts impatiently her chest heaving up and down simultaneously.

Matt only smirk before inserting a finger into her ćƖĩť.

“No $h|t!” She arched her back.

“You like that”

“Give it to me baby…I love it” She Mõ@ɲs Ṣūçƙing her lower lips. Her phone began vibrating in her skirt pocket but she cared less about that right now. After all her boss is not around so she has the Fůçƙing day to mess around as she wants. Fůçƙ work! She just wanna Fůçƙ right now.

“Ahh!” She yelped when he increased his fingers to two increasing the pace he was fínģƐŕįńǧ her as well.

“You’re damn tight baby”

“Make me wide baby!”

“Dig a well in my Fůçƙing Pů$$¥!”

“Tear the damn wall apart!”

“Fůçƙ me without mercy!!”

“Make me run out of breath”

“Am all yours baby!”

“Slam your Fůçƙing d!ck and make me lose my damn senses!!!” She sprew nonsense. Her whole body already arose with desires.

“I’m gonna make you beg me to Fůçƙ you!”

“For Hell’s sake Fůçƙ me you crazy SOB!!!”

Her phone wouldn’t stop vibrating and buzzing that it’s starting to disturb.

“Won’t you take that?” Matt asked.

“I don’t care”

Matt smirk and removed the phone from her pocket and take a short look at it.

“You sure” He asked her.

“Throw it away or shove it in my Pů$$¥!”

“Fine” Matt threw the phone on the bed and went for her neck this time.

“Yeah baby…”

“I love you…”

“Please Fůçƙ me now” She begged desperately

“If you want it that much” Matt withdrew pulling off his P@ŋts. His fat erected d!ck bounced out pointing at her.

Amaya gulped down nothing as she stares at it.

Is this thing really going inside her?


This is Fůçƙing huge!

Now she’s scared.

Should she just backed out?

This is gonna destroy her!

“Why? You scared now?” Matt asked stroking his huge d!ck as he also noticed her change in expression.

“Of…of course not…”

“I’m…gonna tear you apart! You’ll scream and begged in blood for me to stop” I’ll Fůçƙ twenty years out of your damn life. I’ll relocate your womb and make your entire inside shaken! I’m gonna banged you mercilessly! You’re all mine baby” He said and she just blink.

Finally she has landed herself in trouble.

Matt looks rough and surely won’t go easy on her.

She has never done this before and had been anticipating the day her cherry is gonna got popped in the hardest way ever.

Yeah. She is a s€x addict and also a virgin.

To her being a virgin at twenty seven is a slap on her face. So she’ll do anything to break the damn thing. She has prepared herself well for this day but with what she’s seeing now…she’s a little scared.

Her wild s€xual fantasy is sure gonna land her into something else today.

“Now Open your legs wide for me baby” He ordered and she did so reluctantly. He K!SSes her roughly almost wounding her gums. His hands was grinding her Ɓø0ɓs making her yelp in pain


“I’m giving you what you want! Just enjoy” He said huskily biting her earlobe.

“Should i stop!”

“No! Continue!!”

Nevertheless…she has to break this thing today! Even if it pains. She’s ready.

“Your back!” He ordered and she turned her back to him. Shooting out her @ss. As she did this, her eyes momentarily caught her phone and it widens at what she saw.

58 missed calls.

Some from her co workers and 5 from her boss.

With tons of text messages like.

💬 Where the Fůçƙ are you!

💬 The office is going crazy Angry hawk is back!

💬Get your @$$ her girl and picked your damn calls!

💬Red alert! Maya you’re out!

“Wtf!!” She screamed and just then Matt spank her @ss hard.

“Don’t worry baby…it’s happening now” Matt smirk bringing her d!ck to her hole.

Excitement and pleasure had already vanished from her the moment she saw the messages and calls and was rather replaced by Anxiety and Nervousness.

Matt cap meets her hole but before he could push in she stood pushing him away.

“I’ve got to go!” She got away from the bed making Matt confused.

“Baby…what you doing! Get on the bed and lets Fůçƙ!”

“Fůçƙ you Owen I’m leaving!” She spat taking her clothes which were scattered on the floor throwing them on in a rush.

“Hey! What you saying! It’s Matt who the fudge is Owen!” He rant but she cared less taking her bag she made to rush out but he held her back roughly

“You’re not going anywhere! You see this! You woke it up!” He referred to his standing rod.

Amaya smirk and before he could say jack! She kicked his little man. He collapsed to the floor immediately groaning in immense pain.

“MotherFůçƙer” She turns to leave but then stopped when she spot her ьѓä on the bed.

“Fůçƙ!” She rushed to take it and stuff it in her bag bolting out of the room and leaving Matt in his misery.

“YOU FůçƙING Ɓîtçh!!!” He roared.


Maya ran into the company like someone who just escaped from an asylum. Her Ɓø0ɓs bounce up and down since she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. People were not even surprised to see her like that since it isn’t the first time.

Everyone was already busy with one thing or the other by the time she entered the office. It was noisy and in a disarray. No body expected their boss to show up and asked for an emergency meeting when he’s supposed to be on a trip for at least two days.

Without minding the state the office is, Maya rushed into the CEO office. One thing she knows for sure is he ain’t gonna go easy on her.


Jacques looks up to her from his computer.

“Maya you’re here” He said in a serene tone and that scares her more.

“I’m sorry but I was jus_”

“Get ready for the presentation. It’s starting in a minute. We’ll talk after that” He cut her off.

“Yes sir”

Jacques examine her from head to toe. She looks haggard and unkempt. Just what on earth has his PA been up to? He shook his head.

“Then I’ll go get ready” She bowed and rush out of the office.

“Mila” Maya held one of the team members back.

“What’s going on? Isn’t he supposed to be on a trip? Why is he back so quick and what’s with the sudden presentation?”

“You should know that better aren’t you his PA!” Mila snapped back clearly frustrated.

“I’m busy so just leave me alone! Look at yourself what a mess you are” Mila shook her head before leaving her side.

“That insolent Ɓîtçh” Maya cussed then check herself.

“Fůçƙ!” She groans and rushed to the restroom.


The meeting finally ended after three hours. No doubt all was already tired. Their stressed was doubled since they had to release a new product soon and they have been having some causality with that.

Jacques walked into the office with Maya lingering behind him.

“Maya…does this company seems like a joke to you?”

“No sir” She answered with her head down.

“If I’m ain’t here to oversee what’s going on in the company, who do you think is supposed to take on the job?”

“I sir”


“Because…I’m your personal assistant. And it’s my job to do so”

“It’s hard isn’t it?”

“No sir”

“Maybe you should have gone on that trip instead of me. Seems you need it more”

“I’m sorry sir”

“Are you tired of it already?”

“No…no sir! Absolutely not!”

“Then am I to overlook what happened today?”

“I’m sorry sir. I just had to stepped out for some moments”

“Tell me five reasons why I should forgive you?”


“You have thirty seconds to answer that and it starts now”

“Umm..first because I acknowledged my mistake. Second because I did the proper thing by apologizing, third because I’ll be careful next time not to repeat such again…umm forth because you’re generous enough to accept my apologies and fifth because you don’t hold grudges” She said all at once anticipating for his next action.

“You failed. Your excuses are lame” He said simply.

“But…but sir..”

“Write an apology letter I’m just gonna let it go cause I’m in a good mood” He said. Amaya breathe out in relief. At least he isn’t deducting her salary as usual.

“Yes sir..I’ll get to it”

“You have thirty minutes to do that. Ah! I want a handwritten one. 50 pieces neat and clear” He added making her jaw drop in shock.


Jacques check the time from the wrist watch.

“This is 10:15 so I expect you to be done by 10:45. You’re dismissed” He deadpan.


Maya slumps on her seat seething angrily.

“What? 50 pieces? Neat and clear?? Within thirty minutes! Does he thinks I’m a machine or what! That mean raccoon! Stupid angry hawk!” She hits her desk breathing heavily.

“Amaya…calm down. You can do it” She picked up a pencil and a clean sheet of paper then started writing.

✏️ Dear Mr Jacques…

I hope you choke on a boiled egg! I hope your poo get stuck in your Fůçƙing @sshole! You awful jerk! Drink coffee and gets constipation! You’re more toxic than a latrine! I hope your eyes gets eaten by bats! You scumbag! You’re worse than worst! You pile of wombat $h|t! Go Fůçƙ yourself! You piece of unwanted $h|t!!!__

“What are you doing?” A voice asked getting her attention.

“Uh?” She asked looking up.

“What are you scribbling so aggressively on the paper. You look quite serious with it” Ophelia, one of her co_ workers quizzed.

“Ohhh..it’s…its nothing” She squeezed the paper and threw it in the trash can.

“You’re acting strange” Ophelia eyed her, she just smiles.

“Anyways I’m going home now. Came to say bye”

“Ohhh…have a nice night Ophie”

Ophelia nods before catwalking away from there. Maya sighs deeply resting her back on the chair. She checked the time, she only has twenty three minutes left.

“I’m doomed” She ruffled her hair stomping her feet on the floor as well.


She finally finished writing the apology letter but instead of thirty minutes he gave her, it took her more than fifty minutes to finish.

Maya held the piece of papers tightly walking into his office. Jacques was busy working on some files when she did.

“I’m…done sir” She said dropping them on his desk.

“Maya….what time is it?” He asked not raising his head up to her.

“I’m sorry sir…i_”

“20% percent deducted from your salary”

“SIR!! But sir i_”

“Make me coffee” He interrupted.

“Yes sir” She sighs sadly taking her leave.

“Maya” He called again.

“Yes sir” She replied solemnly

“Take those with you. I don’t want my office littered” He referred to the apology letters she dropped on his desk.

“Yes sir” Maya took the letters silently fuming.

“Then I’ll go get the coffee” She bowed slightly dragging her feet out solemnly.

After thrashing the apology letters, she marched to the P@ŋtry to make him his goddamn coffee.



“$h|t head”

“Despicable wizard!” She keeps cussing as she brew the coffee.

“I hate him I hate him I hate him!!” She stomp her feet on the floor.

“Ugh!!” She let out a frustrated sigh then took the coffee which was already ready. She was about heading out when something came to her mind. She let out a devilish smile and turns back. Looking left and right to make sure no one is around to see her, she then spit massively into the coffee stirring it together.


“Here is your coffee sir” She dropped the coffee in front of him and watch him bring it to his mouth to take a sip.

She tried as hard as she could to maintain a neutral face and not to laugh out at him.

“You can leave now. I believe your work here is done for today” He said dropping the coffee on the desk.

“Yes sir. Then I’ll take my leave sir” He nodded facing his work back. Maya bows slightly then walked out of his office suppressing her laughter. She rushes to her seat, power off the system then took her bag and rushed out of there before he calls her back.


Shortly after Maya left, Jacques stretches his arms and yawns out loudly. Clearly he was already tired from working all day. He took the cup of coffee and drained down every content in it then bleched.

He closed his laptop, stood and took his coat wearing it. He then proceed to take his bag but he spot something on the floor just beside the chair. He crouch and took the thing but on seeing what it is, he threw it down cringing.

“Oh, Maya” He shook his head staring at her red ьѓä which seems to have dropped from her earlier.

Maya couldn’t help bursting out in a boisterous laughter as she walked to the elevator. She pressed the Ɓụťťon and its opens.

“Maya! You’re still here” Morris called behind her and she looks back.

“Oh, Morris” She smiles arranging her scattered hair.

“It pretty late…didn’t expect you to be here by this time” She said to him as they both entered the elevator.

“Things happened” He replied sweetly.

“Is the CEO giving you a hard time?” He asked.

“Well…a day does not passes without him giving me one. Working with him is like walking on thorns with bare feet”

“It’s gonna be alright. You are a strong lady so I’m sure you’ll be able to deal with it all” Morris placed his palm on her shoulder. Maya couldn’t help but gush.

“You’re so sweet” She cooled making him chuckles.

Morris is actually the team leader of the planning team. He’s tall, handsome, hot and charming. He’s an eye candy and a hunk, to top it all he’s got the nicest character and the sweetest smile. Morris is a typical example of a ladies’ guy. He is chivalrous, respects ladies, and a gentle man. The perfect boyfriend material. Though Amaya has been giving him the green light for almost two years now, but he never noticed being the blind Bartimeus he is.

The elevator opens and they both walked to the garage. Morris had actually offers to drive her home and she sees no reason why she has to decline the offer.

They were chatting and giggling when a familiar red sport car stopped right by their side. Their giggles died down immediately and was soon replaced by a frown.

The glass wind down revealing their one and only Boss. Amaya and Morris said nothing as they just wondered what he could want.

“Maya?” He called in his usual flinty voice.

“Ye…yes si..rr” Amaya stammered wondering what she could have done wrong again.

“I believe…this is yours” He raised up her red ьѓä holding the strap with his finger like it’s some kind of dirt. Maya’s eyes widen as the saw this. Morris clears his throat looking away.

“Aren’t you taking it?” Jacques asked pointing the ьѓä to her like it’s a torture to him holding it like that. Amaya immediately took it from his hand.

“Th…tha…than…k yy…you s..irr” she shuttered embarrassingly.

He only nodded before winding up the window glass and drove off. Maya’s eyes followed his car with burning rage, death glare and steam fuming out of her ears and nose. Literally.

She squeezed the ьѓä in her hand and clenched her teeth.

“That jerk!”






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