{L. O. V. E: Into Your Heart 🤍}
BY, Mha Rhy
Genre; Billionaire Romance


Everyone stared at Tiffany in shock, Esmeralda who had been hiding behind her mother balled her fist with jealousy in her heart

“Why is she always lucky? Why can’t I be Mr O’Brien daughter-in-law? I really hate her so much!

Thinking about this,she couldn’t help but to compare the O’Brien and Kaz together

In terms of wealth the Kaz were still far from the O’Brien

“Why must it be her? Why can’t it be me?? She thought seething her teeth angrily

“Are you daft? Even if becoming Mr O’Brien’s daughter-in-law for you? Why can’t you just ruined Tiffany chances of being their daughter-in-law as well” A voice in her head said and Esmeralda remembered the video with her

“You are dead today Tiffany” she thought mischievously

“Mr O’Brien do..you.. mean Tiffany is your daughter-in-law? Yuna stuttered gulping down nothing

“Isn’t that obvious Mrs Watson? Gregory almost scoffed at her foolish question

“Mr O’Brien I never knew my daughter is dating Young Master,I wouldn’t have objected to their relationship” Yuna said trying to

“Even if am not dating his son, you have no right to interfere in my relationship!! Tiffany retorted and Yuna frowned

“What are you saying Tiffany? Don’t be rebellious” she said angrily

“Rebellious my foot! Tiffany snorted and face Gregory

“Dad let’s go” she said with calm voice

Greg heart fluttered hearing Tiffany calling him dad that he almost squealed happily

Just as they both turn to leave, Esmeralda voice stopped them

“Mr O’Brien my sister can’t marry your family Young Master! Esmeralda said loudly attracting everyone’s attention

👥 What?? Is Esmeralda crazy??

👥 Why is she trying to stop her sister from getting married to the O’Brien? Didn’t she know that this was a big opportunity and fortune for the Watson family”

👥 Don’t tell she is jealous of her sister

Hearing the students comments, Yuna couldn’t help but to feel that they were right

“What the hell is wrong with the foolish daughter of hers! Didn’t she know that this was a big chance for their family”

“What did you mean student? Gregory asked

“Mr O’Brien,my sister cannot marry into your family”

“And why is that? Gregory asked

“It’s because my sister is in love with someone else!! Esmeralda replied immediately

👥WHAT!! Gasps from different angles were heard

Yuna on the other hand was just as shocked as the students

Seeing she had gotten everyone’s attention including Greg attention, Esmeralda was very happy inside but she never show it outside..

Meanwhile Boss baby was resting her body on the car lazily

She glance at Vincenzo who was beside her

“Give my baby a call,tell him the situation here and also ask him to be here immediately to clarify something since our relationship is getting exposed today” she told him

“Ok Young Mistress” Vincenzo bowed and left to carry out the order

“I really can’t wait for you to cry Esmeralda,cry! Tiffany thought with a dark chuckle

Jameson was watching over the sleeping Giselle when his phone

He glanced at his phone and saw Vincenzo as the caller

He pick the phone from the table and answered the call.

📲Talk” he ordered

Different emotions flickered in Jameson’s eyes as Vincenzo delivered Tiffany’s message to him

📲I will be there soon” he said coldly and hung up

Jameson stared at his sister who was sleeping soundly like a new born baby and felt calm

“I’ll be back soon* he rubbed her hair gently and pick his car keys before leaving the ward
“Tiffany is your sister telling the truth? Yuna questioned Tiffany angrily

“How could this girl be so stupid to fall for a plastic when there is gold in front of her” Yuna thought

“And what If she is telling the truth? Tiffany replied tauntingly and Yuna had no words to refute

“Mr O’Brien please don’t try to ruin my sister relationship with her lover,she can’t get married to your family Young Master” Esmeralda begged with her fake innocent face which Tiffany finds disgusting

“Who is she in love with? Is it someone we all know? Madison asked and Esmeralda looks at the hesitating though it was all a pretense

“Tell us Esme? Who is the man that tries to break my daughter relationship with Mr O’Brien!! Yuna asked

“She is dating her class teacher, Teacher James” Esmeralda dropped the bomb

👥Fůçƙ! Teacher Jameson!! The students exclaimed in shock

👥She is having an affairs with a teacher? She is just so shameless

👥Now that I think about it! The O’Brien shouldn’t take someone like her as their daughter-in-law? She doesn’t worth it!!

Tiffany smirked on hearing the last comment

“What to do??? Because no matter what you say am already their daughter-in-law” She said arrogantly more to the students annoyance

👥She is so arrogant

👥She is dating a teacher and she dates act so smug like this

👥The O’Brien Young Master shouldn’t have a relationship with someone like her

“What is wrong with someone like me? Tiffany retorted and glared at them with anger

“If you have forgotten should I remind you that you have no right to criticize me in this school as long as I am still the owner of this school, you all need to respect me! She said coldly and the students became quiet at once

Just then a flashy black porsche drove into the compound attracting everyone’s attention

👥Is that not Teacher Jameson car?

👥Yes it is

The car door opened and Jameson stepped out of the car looking colder as ice

👥 It’s really teacher Jameson

👥I can’t believe someone like him could be having an affair with a young girl like Tiffany!!

Seeing Jameson,a mischievous glint flashed through Esmeralda’s eyes

“Teacher Jameson you are here???! I was just defending your relationship with my sister for you! She said trying

Jameson ignored her completely and walk to where Tiffany was

“BABY!!! Tiffany hugged him happily and some students almost screamed out in excitement

“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Jameson asked in concern searching

“Am fine, just a bit dizzy” Tiffany replied with a pout

Seeing how closely they were, Esmeralda stared at Greg only him to see him staring at the couple with fiercely

Thinking that her plan was going smoothly,she danced happily in mind

Yuna on the other hand was trying so hard not to burst in anger before but seeing their PDA,she couldn’t handle the spiteful words that left her mouth immediately

“So you are that worthless gigolo trying to break the relationship of my daughter??? Yuna yelled glaring hatefully at Jameson

“Pardon?? Jameson replied with a frown

“Don’t act like you don’t know what am saying?! I know you are only with my daughter because of our family wealth!

“Do you mean he is the gigolo hitting on my son’s fiancee

“Yes Mr O’Brien, which is why you must take justice for my daughter” Yuna said shamelessly

Greg said nothing and face Jameson who had a mocking smile on his face

“Son are you really a gigolo like she said??Greg asked acting surprised

“SON!!?!!????!??!!!!!!?!!! Scream erupted from the students mouth

Yuna and Esmeralda was not an exceptional including class three students who had been quiet since the situation had begun

“Oops! My bad! Forgive my manner for not introducing myself” Jameson said with a chuckle

“My name is Luther Jameson O’Brien,the gigolo hitting on your daughter! Jameson introduced himself with a sly smile on his face


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