{L. O. V. E: Into Your Heart 🤍}
BY, Mha Rhy
Genre; Billionaire Romance



Luther and Gregory were busy discussing some work when luther’s phone started ringing

Glancing at the phone beside him, Luther was surprised to see Tiffany’s name on display and this didn’t go pass by Gregory’s face

“Excuse me” he said to Gregory as he stands from the couch moving to the window to answer the call

*Youngsters” Gregory said and shook his head with smile on his face

📲Hello* Luther answered with a smile on her face

📲Hello sir,am I speaking with Mr Luther? Luther frowned hearing the unfamiliar voice

📲Who are you? He asked with a cold voice scaring the lady from the other end

📲 The owner of this cellphone was admitted into our hospital after getting shot on her way back home” The woman replied

📲 What!! He said in shock



Yuna paced around the living room impatiently,her mind was on Tiffany who they haven’t heard anything from her

Esmeralda stared at Yuna with a complicated look,her heart was filled with jealousy seeing how much Yuna is worried about Tiffany

What annoyed her the most was that Yuna fired Tiffany’s driver just because he took her (Esmeralda) home leaving Tiffany behind

“Where could she be? It’s getting late already”Yuna muttered as she bit her nails in panic

Just then the phone in her hand started vibrating

Yuna was relieved seeing her husband calls

📲 Honey! Yuna called impatiently as she answered the call

📲 Where are you? Did you see the news? Yuna was scared hearing the urgency behind her husband’s tone

📲 What news??

📲 Tiffany was shot on her way back home and has been rushed to the hospital” Mr Watson replied

📲 What??! TIFFANY WAS SHOT??? Yuna staggered back

Esmeralda heart skipped a beat as she heard Yuna’s words

“She was shot??.. she thought with a mixed feelings

“Mom what happened to Elder sister? Esmeralda asked with a fake concern as Yuna ended her call

“Stop asking me foolish questions,my daughter is in a dire condition because of you”Yuna snapped at her angrily

“If I lose my daughter,u will never forgive you” she added with all seriousness and walked out of the living room

“What is going on? Esmeralda muttered in shock of Yuna’s behavior

“Were you able to get through to the patient guidance? The doctor asked the nurse beside him

“Yes,he will be here soon and he agreed that we should commence the surgery” The nurse replied

“Then let’s begin the surgery,get the instrument ready” the doctor commanded

“Ok sir” the nurse replied and left immediately

Yuna drive into Felix compound roughly,she got out of the car and jammed the door close

She walked hurriedly and barged into the apartment yelling Felix name

At the same time Felix who was coming from the kitchen was surprised to see her

“What happened Yuna? You don’t look good? He asked moving closer to her

“Hey are you_____” Felix couldn’t complete his words when a slap was landed on his face

“Yuna” he rubbed his cheek in shock

“You freak!n bastard!! She shouted angrily and raised her hand to slap him again but he caught it

“I might forgive you for slapping me for once but I won’t allow you for the second time”hw growled warningly

Yuna sneered and without notice, Yuna use the second hand to slap him again

“How dare you?? He shouted furiously resisting the urge to kill her right now

“How dare me? How dare me??!!! After warning you that you shouldn’t harm my daughter, you went ahead with your plans; She yelled back

“What did you mean? Who harmed your daughter? He asked with a frown

“Don’t try to fool me! I know the type of monster you are! Yuna snapped

“Yuna listen_

“Enough” she cut him off and glared hatefully at him

“Just know that if anything bad happens to my daughter, consider your daughter and you gone,I don’t care about the consequences but I will make sure to ruin you!! She threatened and walked out with looking back

Just as Yuna left,A woman walked out from the kitchen in only lingeries

“What happened to the moneybag? She looks upset” the woman asked

“It turns out that we are not the only one who wants her daughter dead,

“Really! That’s good then” the woman chuckled

“I really wonder who might be behind the girl attack? Felix said looking deep in thought

“I really can’t wait for all this $h|t to end, it’s so disheartening to see my biological daughter calling another woman mom” the woman purred out sadly

“Don’t worry Catherine, after we are done carrying out our plans,we will definitely get our daughter back” he promised her

“Ok” she smiled and hugged him

In a room,a man in his late fifties could be seen answering a call with a satisfying smile on his face

📲 Good job,are you sure that she won’t be able to survive those shots

📲No worries Mr Evans,she won’t survive and if she did,we will find a way to kill her in the hospital

📲 Good then,I will send another money to you for the successful carryout” Mr Evans said with a smile

📲 Thank you boss” The man replied and Mr Evans hung up

“How was it?A seductive female voice asked as she wrapped her arms around Mr Evans waist

“Don’t worry darling,the job is done already” Mr Evans replied

“Thank you Mr Evans,I love you so much” Gianna giggled happily and hugged Mr Evans tightly

Mr Evans was none other than Charlotte father and he was also behind Tiffany’s attack

“Anything for you darling” Mr Evans K!SSed her forehead


“Excuse me,am looking for a Patient Tiffany Watson, she was brought here this afternoon* Yuna asked the nurse at the reception hurriedly

“Who are you to the patient? The nurse asked

“Am her mother” Yuna replied immediately

“Oh! You arrived late,the patient has been transferred already”

“Transferred! By whose permission!!?? Yuna yelled

“The guardian and the patient agreed to it” The nurse replied

“Who the hell is the guardian? Yuna protested in anger attracting a bit of attention

“He is the patient fiance” The nurse replied calmly

“Fiance!! Yuna yelled in shock and the nurse nodded

“Are you probably mistaken? Tiffany doesn’t have a fiance,she is still an high school student” Yuna

“Am not mistaken ma’am,the patient herself recognized the man as her fiance,so

“Ok then, which hospital was she transfer to? Yuna asked calmly

“I really have nothing to say about that, considering how influential the man looks and those hefty guards with him,an sure she must have been transferred to a bigger hospital

“Influential??? Yuna asked with a frown

“Yes the man even brought Reed Campbell,the best doctor in the whole country

“What!!! Yuna eyes widened and almost pooped out of its socket

“He brought Reed Campbell! Yuna asked to be sure

“Yes ma’am* the nurse replied

“Please can I see the CCTV footage,I want to see who my so called son-in-law is” Yuna asked the nurse

“Ok,wait for some minutes,I will take you to the control room when am done with the file” The nurse told Yuna without looking up from the file she was reading

“Ok no problem” Yuna replied calming down a bit

In a spacious room,on a king sized bed laid a girl with drip connected to her hand

The girl was none other than Tiffany Watson

“How is she Reed? Luther asked Dr. Reed who had just finished checking up on Tiffany

“She is in a stable condition,it won’t take long for her to regain consciousness

“Then what about the baby? Luther asked consciously

“There’s nothing to be worried about concerning the baby,the baby is in good condition” Reed replied and Luther sighed in relief

“I must say, this girl is a true fighter, for her to be conscious till those bullet were removed is surprising, seriously I have never encounter a strong woman like her before”Reed said with admiration in his eyes

“Of course my woman is a strong woman, and that is why she is my little darling” Luther replied with proudness and Reed shook his head

“I will take my leave for now,I will come back tomorrow morning to check on her” Reed packed his equipment

“Ok, sorry I won’t be able to see you out”Luther said with an apologetic look

“No problem bro”Reed smiled and left the room

Just as Reed left, Luther secretary walked in

“Sir we caught those men who shot Young Madam”Fernandez said and the temperature in the room dropped

“Did you find out who sent them? Luther asked coldly

“Yes sir, they were sent by Mr Evans Rodriguez”Fernandez replied

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