{L. O. V. E: Into Your Heart 🤍}
BY, Mha Rhy
Genre; Billionaire Romance


Jameson deepened the K!SS pulling her more closer to his body

His tongue preyed into her mouth Ṣūçƙing almost her breath away

His K!SS became more hard almost making Tiffany lose consciousness

Feeling that she was almost out of breath,he break the K!SS

“I missed you so darling” he muttered pecking her forehead

“Is that why you are trying to kill me now? She said teasingly

“Am sorry” he muttered with guilt before helping to the bed

“How are you feeling? He asked as he dropped her on the bed

“Good, just a bit headache” she replied

“The doctor will be here soon to check up on you” he said and she nodded

“I missed you oldie” she muttered

“More little girl, seeing you unconscious for days almost drove me crazy” he said truthfully

“Promise me that no matter what the situation might be, you will never leave me” he added with a serious tone

“I promise” she replied with a smile and his heart started beating in rhythm

“Welcome back” he said and hugged her tightly which she reciprocate

“Stop appearing at my front Carlos,am never getting back with you!!

It’s been two weeks she had regain consciousness and also a week she had been discharged from the hospital

She has been trying to avoid Carlos but he never gave her the chance as he will always finds out about her whereabouts

“Please Anika,I didn’t mean to hurt you that day,I was….

“I don’t want to listen to anything, just leave” she pleaded


Anika stared at him with a teary eyes and scoff

“Just stop it Carlos,no matter what you say can change my mind nor can it change the fact that I caught you on top of another woman” She replied sadly and Carlos expression softened

“Anika just this once…” He begged

“Leave Carlos,I need to take a nap” she turns her back on him

“Anika..”he tried to touch her

“LEAVE!!! She yelled breathlessly

“Ok, I will come back again” he muttered sadly as he knew not to make her angry especially in her condition

“Don’t bother to show up your face cos I won’t listen to anything you say”

“Then I will keep on pestering you till you decided to give me a listening ear”he said persistently

“Take care of yourself and the baby” he added and walk out of the room closing the door gently

Anika stared at the closed door and the tears she had been holding rushed out immediately

“I really wish to hate him! But why is my stupid heart still beating for him

“Anytime I see him,I can’t really help but to remember that he cheated on me! She sobbed

“When did you plan on telling your sister the Truth??! Yuri asked Kingsley who was just coming out of the pool with a stick of cigarettes stuck in-between his lips

“Truth about what? Kingsley said removing the stick of cigarettes out of his mouth

“Tell her that you were the one who threatened her boyfriend to cheat on her! Yuri yelled

“Aren’t you free to tell her? Why do i need to trouble myself? Kingsley asked with a scoff

“You started this mess and it’s affecting your sister relationship,so you need to fix it up”

“Stop calling her my sister,we are not related in any way and please don’t force me to fix their relationship cos I’mma destroy it beyond repair” he replied coldly before walking away

Yuri stared at Kingsley’s back and a frown formed on her face

“I guess it’s time for you to get married to your fiance,I can’t let you ruin your sister’s happiness”

“But first, Anika needs to know the truth” Yuri thought


“No I want spicy chicken or better still hotpot” Tiffany said to Luther who was about to order for their lunch

“Why those? He asked with a frown

“It’s because am craving for it” she replied with a shrug

“But those foods are spicy and it’s not good for the baby! He worriedly disagreed with her choice

“I know but what should I do, that is what your child wants” she replied


“STOP BEING A NUISANCE AND MAKE THE ORDER!! She yelled angrily before he could say anything else

Luther knew better than anyone that her hormones were acting up again

The past two days has been a hell for him especially with her unusual mood swings

Luther made an order for spicy chicken but not too spicy but moderate enough for a pregnant woman

Few minutes later, the order arrived

Luther left to collect the order leaving Tiffany alone in the living room

Few minutes later he came back with a box filled with chicken

“Hurry up and serve! The baby is really hungry”she said impatiently

Luther sighed and shook his head as he listens to his little preggie

“Always lying on the baby” he muttered and open the box

The enticing aroma caught her nose and her stomach growled in hunger

She picked a chicken leg and started eating it fastly

“Eat slowly” he said with amusement in his eyes

“I can’t, this is too delicious” she replied mouthful

Luther shook his head with a smile before heading to the kitchen,few moments he came back with a cup of milk

“Here” he handed the cup of milk to her

“Thanks” she muttered

“Darling,how about hiring a cook? With that we won’t be ordering everytime

“It’s a good suggestion, just make sure it’s an elderly woman” Tiffany replied without any thoughts

“Why an elderly person? He asked confusingly

“Because I don’t want those ladies to start ogling over my man” she replied with a frown and he burst into laughter

“What is funny? Her frown deepened

“Nothing,I was just overwhelmed with your unlimited cuteness” he replied truthfully and she snorted

Luther stared at her moving lips as she ate the chicken and felt the urge to taste her lips but he knew that his little preggie might flared up

His desire won him over

“Darling” he called lovingly

“Huh” she replied looking at him and unexpectedly his lips meet hers but he pulled back immediately


“I love you” his confession caught her unaware that she almost choked on her food

“I love you so much that I can’t imagine a life without you anymore” he muttered and claimed her lips again

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