December 2, 2023

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 54πŸ’ž55

Summer Gold R.


Mariana opened her eyes slowly and the first view she opened up to was Leonard,she was on him,her head resting on his chest. She raised her head and scanned Leonard’s face with her eyes,he was still sleeping,his hand wrapped around her waist.

She let out a smile and pecked his lips which made Leonard open his eyes.

“You were looking like a sleeping beauty just now” Mariana teased and Leonard chuckled

He pulled her back on his chest and K!SSed her,Mariana leaned more into the K!SS.

Her tummy suddenly made a loud sound and she broke the K!SS,blinking her eyes twice. Leonard laughed out and she hit his chest

“Don’t laugh” She scoffed and got down from him

“You’re hungry” Leonard said

“No,I’m starving. FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing starving” Mariana uttered

“My K!SSes aren’t enough? Is that what you’re trying to say?” Leonard teased

“Are you for real?” Mariana scoffed

“Let’s go out…”

“Yes!” Mariana gushed

“Go dress up,not like an hungry lady please,dress like Leonard’s Fiancee” Leonard said

“Am I a joke to you? Wait for me” Mariana winked and walked out of the room.

Leonard got up and went into the bathroom,minutes later he was all done and dressed looking hot as always. He went out of his room and entered Mariana’s room.

“You should have knocked!” Mariana yelled and immediately covered her chest

“Oh sorry” Leonard said,almost laughing

“It’s not funny” Mariana said as Leonard turned his back

“Don’t tell me you’re still looking for what to wear Riana” Leonard said

“That’s the problem,I can’t find anything to wear” Mariana muttered and kept searching

“Can I help?” Leonard asked

“I would appreciate that somehow” Mariana replied and Leonard turned his face back to her.

He walked closer and Mariana fell on the bed tiredly

“Are you sure you can?” She asked

“What do you take me for?” Leonard chuckled,checking out the dresses

“Oh sure,probably it’s not your first time anyway” Mariana rolled her eyes


“Don’t pretend,you’ve obviously done this for numbers of girls” Mariana said

“Maybe” Leonard muttered and Mariana scoffed

“Got it,here” Leonard said showing her a red short dress

Mariana got up

“Is that mine? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it” She said,looking kind of confused

“Really? How come it’s here in your closet?” Leonard raised his brows

“It’s really beautiful” Mariana smiled and immediately took it from him. She rushed into the dressing room and returned after two minutes

“Wow,” Leonard muttered,his eyes not blinking even for once

“Do I take your breath away Leonard Briggs?” Mariana said with a flirty voice

“Totally” Leonard said,still staring at her

Mariana chuckled and immediately brushed her hair which only took a minute,she did a little makeup and then faced Leonard again who was already on his phone

“All done,let’s go” She said and Leonard raised his head

He lean closer and pecked her lips

“You’re so lucky my lipstick is waterproof,you would have been a proof of K!SSing” Mariana said

“I don’t really mind” Leonard smiled and hold her hand,they walked out of the room together

They got downstairs

“Good evening boss” The guards greeted and almost opened the car

“No,we are going alone” Leonard immediately said and opened the door for Mariana

She smiled and entered,Leonard also joined her and immediately drove out of the house.


Charlotte and Octavia came out of the car at the same time then Alexa followed

“Have anyone called Mariana?” Charlotte asked

“Bet she’s with Leonard” Alexa replied

“And Delaney?” Octavia asked and Charlotte scoffed

“Why should we call her?” She asked

“Oh wow wow,that sounds somehow” Octavia looked at her

“I don’t really like her” Charlotte rolled her eyes

“Why? Because Ricardo is interested in her?” Alexa asked

“Who said Ricardo is interested in her! Stop talking about it,it’s annoying” Charlotte said rather angrily and increased her pace toward the apartment

Octavia and Alexa exchanged meaningful glances and said nothing.

Just then,Royce also drove into the compound and came out of the car

“What Octavia,you didn’t tell us you two are neighbors” Alexa said

“I just found out….” Before Octavia could finish,Alexa already ran to Royce

“Wow,you stay here now? I think we should celebrate it” She grinned

“Alexa!” Octavia yelled

Alexa winked at Royce and he smiled

“Of course,come on” He said,leading her toward his apartment

“Charlotte come on babe,we have a small home party to do!!!” Alexa screamed and Charlotte immediately followed her

“Gosh,those girls,I hate them” Octavia groaned and ruffled her hair

She went in with them anyway

“Wow,this place Is amazing” Alexa and Charlotte said at a time,looking around

“Do you guys want soft drinks…..”

“Soft drinks and Pizza!!” Alexa and Charlotte shouted.

Octavia rolled her eyes and sat down

“Pizza,let’s order for that” Royce said

“Do you have an interesting movie?” Alexa asked and almost got up

Octavia grabbed her and pulled her back on the couch

“Movie,sure trust me” Royce winked and his eyes met with Octavia who immediately glared at him.


Leonard and Mariana came out of the car and Mariana faced him

“No mask?” She asked

“No” He replied and faced back

“Really? What if….”

“I don’t care,let’s go. I booked a private lounge already so don’t worry” Leonard cut in and entwined their hands as they went in

“Oh mine!! Leonard!!” The waitresses screamed,getting the customers attention.

πŸ—£ Wow,it’s true

πŸ—£ He’s with a girl

πŸ—£ Isn’t she the alleged girlfriend?!

πŸ—£ Wow,they look so good together awwwn

Before Mariana could blink twice,flashes of cameras were all over them even as the waitresses led them to the private lounge

Mariana held Leonard’s hand tightly feeling so nervous

“Here is our best private lounge!” One of the waitresses gushed happily when they finally entered

“It’s so romantic as you can see,just the best for you” Another one said

Mariana looked around and her cheeks turned red

“Do you like it?” Leonard asked and she nodded

They both sat down

“Here is our menu list,please check it out and we will give you the best” The waitresses handed them both the menu

“I will eat whatever you want” Leonard said to Mariana

“Awwwn,I’m jealous” They heard the waitresses murmur

Mariana checked for about two minutes and then looked up

“I will go with grilled chicken and potato salad” She said

“Wow,such a nice choice ma’am.”

“Same thing” Leonard said

“Yes sir Leonard” They bowed

“Choice of wine??”

“Red wine” Leonard answered

The waitresses left happily

“I don’t blame them right now,I’m even nervous of seeing my face everywhere in few minutes” Mariana muttered

“You don’t have to worry about that okay? I will deal with it” Leonard said

They kept talking until the waitresses returned with their orders

“Enjoy” They chorused and then went out again

“Looks delicious” Mariana said,picking the cutleries

She cut a piece of the grilled chicken and looked up to see Leonard’s staring at her

“What,aren’t you eating?” She asked,shoving the chicken into her mouth

“You’re so beautiful” Leonard muttered and she smiled

“I guess you just noticed,I’ve always been beautiful” She said and Leonard chuckled

“You should at least appreciate my compliment” he said and Mariana shook her head

“I’m going to my aunt with Ricardo tomorrow,wanna come along?” She asked

“Why? Why are you guys going there?” Leonard questioned

“To ask her about my real identity of course,what else. I feel like she’s really hiding a lot of things from me so we have to find out” Mariana answered

“Oh,I won’t be able to go with you. I have something important to do tomorrow” Leonard muttered and Mariana nodded gently

“Don’t worry tho,I will tell you everything when I’m back” She said and continue eating while Leonard kept stealing glances from her every second.


“Goodnight babe,see you tomorrow” Charlotte waved at Octavia and Octavia rolled her eyes

“I really enjoyed myself so much tonight,bye babe” Alexa chuckled

“I hate you silly” Octavia scoffed

“I love you too” Alexa blew her a K!SS and entered the car with Charlotte

Octavia watched as they left and she turned only to find Royce behind her

“What do you want,pervert” She snapped

“Pervert? How am I a pervert?” Royce asked

“You FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing saw everything!” Octavia yelled

“Everything? It was only the upper part….” Octavia hit his chest

“Oh come on,it was you who took off your blouse not me” Royce laughed

“Did I do anything stupid that night?” She asked

“Of course,a lot of stupid things,but I won’t tell you” Royce smirked and started walking away

“Hey you idiot! Tell me what happened right now!” Octavia ran after him and they entered his apartment together

“No I won’t,until you become calm” Royce said and Octavia exhaled

“Fine,I am. Now tell me” She muttered

“You took off your blouse and asked me if I loved what I saw” Royce said and Octavia staggered

“I….I….I….asked…you that?” She asked

“You think I’m lying? Should I display how you acted…”

“No!” Octavia yelled

“Well,here’s my answer..” Royce grinned

Octavia’s eyes widened

“I’m not asking you for an answer” She said,running toward the door

“I loved the sight!” Royce called after her

“I hate you!!” Octavia yelled and ran out

Royce bursts into laughter

“Such a drama queen” He muttered and went into his room,he fell on the bed and took his phone. The first news on his feed was a picture of Leonard and Mariana holding hands

‘Are they really dating?’ He thought and went through the comments

“Secret relationship?” He muttered and dropped his phone

He sighed out,trying not to remember their good moments together.

Even though he still feel guilty,he now has a peace of mind since Veronica left. She must have really came to Diamond college because of him

“Crazy witch” he scoffed and closed his eyes


Mariana was just coming downstairs,she was dressed up already. She had both blue and loki in her hands. Leonard left the house already.

“Hey Blue,are you hungry?” Mariana asked as blue kept clenching her teeth on her own fur

“I guess she is” The maid appeared

“Oh,please feed them” Mariana smiled,handing the two cats to her

“Okay ma’am” She smiled and left with them

Mariana got to the living room and immediately Ricardo came in

“Oh,Ricard….” He hugged her before she could finish

“I missed you” He muttered before letting her go

Mariana smiled

“I guess I’m acting too sudden,I can’t wait for you to recover all your memories. You’re the most clingy one trust me” Ricardo said

“I doubt that,not me” Mariana said and shook her head

“Should we bet on that then?” Ricardo asked

“Yes,I’m very sure I’m not gonna be clingy,what do you take me for?” Mariana scoffed

“Oh wow,then the bet. If it turns out you’re the clingy one…”

“I will apologize” Mariana cut him off and they both laughed

“But if you’re still the clingy one,expect a beat up from me” She said

“Fine,let’s go” Ricardo grabbed her hand and they went out of the house together


“Its here?” Ricardo asked when he stopped in front of the mansion

“Yeah,I guess I grew up here” Mariana muttered

“What do you remember about your start in this house?” Ricardo asked

“Seriously I don’t know either,I just find myself here,and I believe whatever my aunt says” Mariana replied and Ricardo nodded

“Let’s go in” Mariana muttered and they both stepped down from the car

They walked toward the gate and Mariana knocked gently,The gatekeeper looked so happy when he saw her

“Young Miss!”

Mariana smiled

“Good to see you again,is aunt Clara home?” She asked

“Yes sure she is,please come in”

Mariana and Ricardo went in together

They got inside and met Clara in the living room,with her usual wine in front of her. She was surprised to see Mariana and at the same time confused about who Ricardo is

“Aunt” Mariana smiled

“Hey Mari,I didn’t know you would be coming here” she said

“Yeah,I’m glad we met you tho” Mariana said

“Who is he?” Clara asked,looking at Ricardo

“I’m her twin brother” Ricardo said and Clara’s eyes widened

“What?! How come? I never told you about having a twin brother…”

“Same way you lied to her about her parents death” Ricardo snapped and Clara froze

“What…what are you talking about?” She stammered

“Listen aunt,I don’t know what’s going on either but,recently I’ve been loosing my mind. And then,he found out I’m his lost sister,please aunt I just want to know if there’s anything you’re hiding from me. Please…..about my parents….”

“Ion know anything about your parents Mariana,so how do you expect me to know if he’s your brother or not” Clara cut in and Mariana’s eyes widened

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Have a seat” Clara rolled her eyes

They both sat down

“I actually found you” She muttered

Mariana and Ricardo exchanged glances

“Where and when?” They asked at a time

“It was a seashore,seven years ago” Clara answered

“Seashore??! Does that mean I actually really drowned?” Mariana asked

“I have no idea Mariana,but you were looking FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing terrible when I found you…”

“What do you mean?” Ricardo asked

“Her face was so bad,it was as if she was injured by a wild animal,but she was half dead” Clara replied and there was silence

“I was so sad when I found you,because….I’ve always wanted a child of my own and I felt pity seeing you that way,I took you to the hospital when I discovered you were still breathing. The Doctors took care of you but your face was changed” Clara said and tears rolled down Mariana’s eyes

Ricardo held her hand and squeezed it a bit

“But…why did you lied to me that my parents are dead?” Mariana asked

“Because you totally lost your memories,I guess that was how you developed your heart disease too” Clara said and Ricardo’s eyes widened

“Heart disease?” He faced Mariana and she swallowed

“You…have a heart disease?” He asked again but Mariana ignored him and faced Clara instead

“You knew about it all these while and you never asked me about it,,I was FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing dying!!” Mariana yelled in tears

“I couldn’t ask about it because there’s nothing I could do!! I was bankrupt!” Clara yelled back and Mariana’s eyes widened

“Do you know how hard it was sending you throughout highschool?? You study in the best university Mariana,do you know how hard it is?? You don’t know!!”

“You should have just go for a cheaper one aunt……”

“Because I loved you” Clara cut in

“You never showed me any sign of love” Mariana shook her head

“But in my deepest heart I do….that was why….I couldn’t reject it when Mrs Briggs wanted you for her son” Clara muttered

“Are you saying……she actually paid you??” Mariana asked

“I’m sorry,I couldn’t resist. She promised to take care of your fees and…I don’t want you to be a drop out Mariana….I want the best for you…forgive me” Clara said in tears

Mariana stood up and rushed toward her,she hugged her tightly

“No,I should be asking for your forgiveness instead. I was a burden to you without me knowing,I’m so sorry aunt Clara” Mariana said,crying harder

“No,I’m more sorry. I made you think I never loved you. I’m so selfish…”

“No,it’s all my fault”

They both continue crying while Ricardo watched until they were calmed

“So,you two are twins? Have you met your parents?” Clara asked

“No,I want my memories back first” Mariana replied and Clara nodded

“You two should wait,I will inform the maids to prepare you something to eat” Clara said and Mariana smiled

“Thank you aunt”

Clara walked away and Mariana faced Ricardo

“I guess it’s really true,twin brother” She said

Ricardo nodded

Mariana smiled and immediately hugged him

“I can’t wait to remember every single thing,I really can’t wait” She said

“Me too” Ricardo muttered,hugging her more tightly


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