December 5, 2023

{ Falling For You… }

EPISODE 52πŸ’ž53

Summer Gold R.


Mariana immediately broke Francisco’s K!SS,she looked at Leonard and then ran out of the hall.

Ricardo turned to Francisco with an angry glare

“Are you insane?! Why would you do that!” He yelled and didn’t wait for his response before going after Mariana

Leonard also walked out

The whole class turned upside down with the little drama,murmurs from every angles.

“What’s going on? Mariana is Ricardo’s twin?” Octavia asked in shock

“He’s a twin?” Delaney asked also looking confused

“Yeah,his twin sister was said to have died seven years ago after drowning” Dior replied

“So how come Mariana is the one? I’m confused” Alexa said

“I’m sure only Ricardo have the answer to that” Dior muttered

“Does Francisco know Mariana somewhere too?? Gosh headache is real” Octavia touched her forehead

“Stop trying,I’m sure even Mariana doesn’t know a thing,she looked totally confused” Alexa said

“That’s the problem,so are you trying to say she actually lost her memory and aunt Clara isn’t her real aunt?” Octavia asked

“Aunt? She doesn’t have parents?” Delaney asked

“She told me her aunt explained that her parents died while she was still a toddler,she doesn’t even know them” Octavia replied

“Now it’s kinda making sense” Dior muttered



Ricardo entered and met Mariana staring into space

“Mariana” He called and Mariana turned immediately

“What was that about?? What do you mean by I am your twin sister? I can’t remember having a brother Ricardo,I think you mistook me for someone else….”

“I have the proof” Ricardo cut in and Mariana raised her brows

“What proof?” She asked

“My sister had aquaphobia,she loved pineapple juice and can’t do without them,your voice and hers are just the same,and I feel the connection between us anytime we are together….”

“Still,all these doesn’t prove anything. You’re messing with my head” Mariana snapped

“I was confused too,but I was also curious. I had to do something when I couldn’t keep it anymore Mariana,I ran a test for us,a DNA test….”

“What?!! How could you even do that without my consent! How did you get my blood?!” Mariana yelled angrily

“Actually……it was your hair.” Ricardo muttered and Mariana’s eyes widened

“My what? Hair? How”

“It was,the day you lost your consciousness,actually I paid the doctor for it and I’m extremely sorry okay? I was just curious…..and the result was positive” Ricardo said

“You expect me to believe that??” Mariana glare

Ricardo immediately brought out his phone,he gave it to Mariana and she checked it out herself

Her eyes widened and her hands started shaking

“You can try in another hospital if you want Mariana,you’re really my twin sister.” Ricardo said

Mariana looked up slowly and their eyes met

“Twin sister?? Are you saying I am not who I think I am? I’m not Mariana Julius?” She asked,almost in tears

“Rosalie Andrew,that’s your real name” Ricardo answered and Mariana grabbed her head

“I told you your aunt made up a story for you,we should ask her how you ended up with her” Ricardo said

“Then how did you lost me?? How?? Did I died??” Mariana asked

“Actually….seven years ago” Ricardo started and Mariana listened carefully

“Seven years ago?? We were fifteen” Mariana said and Ricardo nodded

“You and I went to a beach,actually I forced you”

“You did?” Mariana asked

“Yes because you were always scared to go to the beach,you were scared of water” Ricardo explained

“That’s right” Mariana muttered

“But I was able to convince you to come with me so you followed,we got to the beach and you joined some group of girls while I went to my friends too. Some hours later,I left my friends with the hope of finding you so we could go home,your friends told me you left already so I went home. I got home and it was a different story….”

“I never went home?” Mariana asked

“No,we couldn’t find you anywhere. The search went on for weeks and everyone concluded that you died” Ricardo said,tears rolling down his eyes

“It was a total hΒ£ll for me,I lived in regret and guilt of killing my twin,mom didn’t make things easy either,she painted me a murderer and I was forced to move out of the house…”

“What?!! Why would she do that?! You left home?!” Mariana shouted,with concern In her voice

“She hates me,she doesn’t Even wanna see me. So everyday I always wish you were alive somewhere,I didn’t Even know I’ve been in the same school with you all these while,I don’t know why your face changed so much….”

Mariana hugged him,stopping him from talking further

“It’s okay please,you’re making me cry already” She muttered as tears rolled down her eyes too

“If I’m really your twin sister,then it’s my fault that you passed through all that” She sniffs

“No,it’s totally my fault. I forced you to go out with me Even when I knew about your phobia” Ricardo cried

“I’m sorry for disappearing,it’s my fault. It’s so sad right now because I can’t remember anything,I don’t know my real identity. But recently I’ve been hearing a lot of voices in my head like I’m trying to remember things” Mariana said and Ricardo broke the hug

“Really?? Tell me about it” he said

“I’ve been hearing the name you mentioned in my head,Rosalie but I thought it wasn’t me…”

“No,that’s your name. We were twins and our school mates called us RΒ² in high school,we were kind of popular” Ricardo said and Mariana chuckled,wiping his tears

Ricardo hugged her again

“How about we both meet your aunt? I can’t wait for you to get your memories back Rosa,I want us back together again as the sweetest twins we used to be” Ricardo said,also wiping Mariana’s tears

Mariana nodded

“Let’s do that” She said and Ricardo smiled

They were still like that when Francisco came in and they broke the hug

“Francisco” Mariana called

“Why are you here?” Ricardo asked,glaring at Francisco

Mariana touched him

“I will talk to him,don’t worry about me” She said

Ricardo nodded and walked out of the hall leaving them together

“I’m so glad you’re alive Rosalie” Francisco moved closer with a sad look on his face

“You….knew me back then?” Mariana asked and Francisco nodded

‘It’s real,he’s the one in my memory’ Mariana thought

“What were we??” She asked thinking about the love confessions she has been hearing too

Francisco stared at her silently before speaking up

“We were in love with each other” He said

‘That’s true too,is that why I feel so connected with him?’ Mariana thought

“I shouldn’t be saying this since you can’t Even remember me,but….I loved you so much,and I still do” He muttered and Mariana’s eyes widened

“I’m engaged” She said

“I know,that’s why I’m going to wait till you get your memories about me back,I’m going to wait till then for your decision” Francisco muttered and there was silence between them,they only stared at each other

“Mariana!” Octavia and Alexa rushed in

Francisco went out immediately and Mariana’s eyes followed him

“So what happened?” Octavia asked

“Headache” Mariana grabbed her head

“I will take you home babe,you need a total rest” Alexa said and Mariana nodded

They both took her out of the hall


“Ricardo!” Dior called after him as he walked and he turned back

“Oh,Dior” He muttered

Dior caught up with him and they started walking together

“Is she really your sister?” She asked and Ricardo nodded

“The test confirms it” Ricardo said

“Wow,you did a test already? That’s smart, how did you Even grew suspicious?” Dior asked

“Because she’s my twin sister for real,I felt the connection” Ricardo said and Dior stopped walking

“I’m so Happy for you Ricardo,really Happy” She said and hugged him

“Me too” Ricardo smiled

They disengaged

“Have you heard from Winter?” Dior asked

“Guess she’s suffering from heartbreak” Ricardo said

“Oh,Leonard rejected her. Hope she get herself back soon” Dior muttered

“Waiting for the next class?” Ricardo asked and Dior nodded

“Okay,will see you later” Ricardo pecked her cheek and walked away

Someone hugged Dior from the back and she smiled


“I was expecting a sweet name instead” Jace said,his hands still around her waist and Dior chuckled

“Honey bunny?”

“Oh my heart” Jace said and made her face him

Dior smiled

Jace looked around

“The students are staring already,I want to K!SS you so badly” Jace muttered

“Who cares?” Dior grabbed him and slammed her lips on his own

πŸ—£ Wow!!

πŸ—£ Is that Jace and Dior?!!!

πŸ—£ They look so good together!!!

πŸ—£ Never knew they are together!!

πŸ—£ I’m so Happy for them!!

Some are Even taking pictures

Dior broke the K!SS after some minutes,their lips looking plump and red.

“I love you” Jace said

“I love you more” Dior said

Someone cleared throat behind them and they turned to see Delaney

She smacked Jace’s head with an angry look

“Ouch!” Jace screamed

“Shut up you idiot! When are you planning to tell me you finally got her?!” She yelled and Dior chuckled

“Hey Dela,I can’t allow you treat my boyfriend that way please,it’s totally unacceptable” Dior shook her head

“Seriously? You should respect me from now on Dior,I’m your sister in law” Delaney said and they all laughed

“Let’s have lunch together after our class today” Dior said to Delaney

“Yeah sure,I’m so Happy for you two” Delaney said and they both walked away leaving Jace

“Can’t believe you’re dating the beauty goddess,Dior. Wow dude I envy you” Jeremy said as he stood beside him

“Shut up” Jace chuckled

Nico suddenly walked pass them

“Nico!” Jeremy called and Nico turned back

“Wow,it’s really you. You’re finally back” Jeremy said freely

“Thank you” Nico said with a short smile

“Did he just smiled at me??!!!” Jeremy shouted and brought out his phone

“What are you doing?” Nico asked

“I need to make a video of this” Jeremy said and Nico grabbed the phone from him

“Are you serious,I’m not a celebrity” Nico said

“He’s crazy as you can see” Jace chuckled

“Of course a reporter must be crazy….”

“How many times do I have to tell you that you’re not a reporter!! You’re a student!!” Jace yelled and Jeremy hid behind Nico

“Do I look like your savior?” Nico laughed

“Wow,I’ve never seen you laughing” Jace said

“Swears me too,did you finally get your crush??” Jeremy asked

“My wish” Nico said

“How about a drink together later?” Jeremy asked

“Sure” Nico nodded



Mariana walked into the house and the living room was empty

“Is Leonardo home?” She muttered and went upstairs

She gently opened Leonard’s room and she met him drinking

“Leonardo” She called,still standing by the door

Leonard looked up and she gasped,seeing his red teary eyes

“You….came back” He said with a broken voice

Mariana immediately closed the door and rushed to him,she took the bottle of beer from him and held his cheeks

“What are doing to yourself? What do you mean by I came back? You think I won’t come back here?” She asked and more tears rolled down his eyes

“Can you just stop crying? I’m right here in front of you Leonard” Mariana said and wiped his tears

Leonard wrapped his arms around her waist

“I was scared” He muttered

“Why? Because of the K!SS?” Mariana asked

Leonard pulled her on his laps and rest his head on her Ɓø0Ι“s.

He raised his head after a while and they both started staring into each other’s eyes,Leonard’s hand moved to her cheek. Their hearts started racing in the same rhyme of beats

Crazy affection and desires filled their eyes,they started leaning close just at the same time,and then their lips collided against each other

Leonard’s tongue slide into her mouth and a soft MΓ΅@Ι² escape her lips,the K!SS grew deeper every second. Leonard’s hand playing all around her body,her arms also stuck around his neck.

Leonard changed style and placed her on the bed without breaking the K!SS,she didn’t want to break either. He went between her legs,his hand captured her right Ɓø0Ι“ and Mariana MΓ΅@Ι²ed into his mouth.

Their tongues both fighting for space in each other’s mouth,they both felt the heat against each other. Leonard’s hand still squeezing her BΕ™Δ›@Ε‘Ε₯.

“Gosh” Mariana whimpered against his lips

Leonard broke the K!SS and they both stared at their already swollen lips

“Why did you stop? I want more” Mariana muttered

“Can you promise me something?” Leonard asked

“What is it?”

“Even if you get your memories back,no matter what happens,can you please always stay beside me?? Can you please,don’t leave me?? Can you promise me that?” Leonard asked,staring into her eyes

Mariana smiled

“I promise,I will stay beside you no matter what” She muttered and pulled Leonard into another deep K!SS.


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