December 2, 2023

{ Falling For You… }


Summer Gold R.


“Don’t hurt him” She said to Leonard and his eyes widened.

His shoulder dropped and Francisco gave out a smirk

Mariana got herself back at that second

“I mean….I don’t want you two fighting and get hurt,please” she muttered and immediately a painful headache struck her

“Ouch” She grabbed her head

“Are you okay?” Francisco and Leonard touched her shoulder and Leonard glared at Francisco

Mariana turned to Francisco

“Leave,just go” She said and Francisco walked away without saying a word.

Mariana Faced Leonard

“Are you okay?” He asked

“I’m fine” She muttered

“Can you at least stay away from Francisco?? Huh?? Can’t you do that for me at least??” Leonard asked looking hurt

Mariana said nothing

“I get so mad anytime I see you two together,I hate the fact that you always give him your attention and you care about him. You don’t even know how hurt I was just now when you saved him from my punch,I know I might have hurt you but can’t we just start over again and try to see if this will really work out?? I’m going crazy already Riana,please” Leonard poured out

“You don’t expect me to keep quiet while you start a fight” Mariana muttered

“It’s because you’re making me feel bad,I feel like you don’t even care about how I feel. He wanted to K!SS you Riana,you would have allowed him if I didn’t get here” Leonard said

Mariana kept quiet

“Let’s go home” She muttered

Leonard swallowed and sighed,staring into her eyes

“You don’t know how much I care about you right?”he asked

“I also care about you Leonardo!! I do!” Mariana yelled and there was silence

“But these days,I’m going crazy and I’m as confused as h£ll. What if I’m not even who I think I am?? Huh? What if I’m just living someone’s else’s life??”

“What are you talking about?” Leonard asked looking confused

“I don’t even know Leonardo,I don’t. I’ve been hearing some strange voices which sounds like mine but I don’t even know when I said all of that,that guy Francisco is so clearly in my memories” Mariana said and Leonard’s eyes widened


“It sounds crazy right? Coz I don’t think I’ve ever met him,but why??” She muttered and winced as another headache hit her

“Don’t force yourself,please” Leonard said and pulled her into a hug

Mariana sighed and hugged him back

“Don’t ever think I don’t care about you” She muttered

“I’m just scared of losing you,I don’t want to lose you” Leonard said,stroking her hair.


Charlotte kept murmuring to herself as she stared at the countless stars in the sky

She was so lost staring until someone sat beside her,she turned and her eyes grew wider when she saw Ricardo.

“Ricardo” She called shyly

“Why are you here alone?” He asked

“I’m just….it’s nothing” She said

Ricardo chuckled

“Why are you here?” Charlotte asked

“I have a lot on my mind” Ricardo muttered

“Everything will be fine,trust me. You’re Ricardo right?”

Ricardo faced her

“I’m just Ricardo,not a superman” he chuckled

“You’re a superman to me” Charlotte mumbled


She nodded

“You don’t even know how I feel right now just by sitting next to you,crazy Ɓụťťerflies and thousands of heartbeat,I’m glad you can’t hear my heart pounding” Charlotte said

“I think I can” Ricardo said and she looked away feeling embarrassed

“I messed up” She bite her bottom lip and Ricardo laughed

“You really did,but that was one h£ll of a confession. You deserve a gift” He said and Charlotte faced him

“What gift?” She said

Ricardo’s hand travelled to her neck and he pulled her closer slowly,Charlotte’s eyes widened and she immediately shut her eyes.

Ricardo’s lips pressed against her own,as she had always imagined,his lips are so soft. He wanted to peck her lips but was tempted,he shoved his tongue into her mouth and she opened up immediately,K!SSing him back cutely but hungrily.

She quickly grabbed his shirt,leaning more into the K!SS like the only opportunity available right now.

Delaney was on her way out when she suddenly saw them,she stopped on her track immediately and her heart beat increased by ten. Her eyes betraying her and they became teary instantly

“Ricardo….” She mumbled and immediately covered her mouth to prevent her tears from distracting them

Ricardo somehow heard the tiny sniff and he broke the K!SS,he turned and saw Delaney.

She quickly turned and ran away in tears

“Dela!” Ricardo left Charlotte and ran after her.

Charlotte didn’t even care if he just left her for another girl,she was more lost into the K!SS and it was like she’s in paradise right now.

“We just…K!SSed” She muttered and touched her lips

He tasted really sweet and she wants to do it again


“Dela wait!” Ricardo grabbed Delaney’s hand

She refused to face him


“You’re mistaken Richie,I’m not like this because of you. I was just… ” he turned her around before she could finish and she faced him

Tears still rolling down her eyes

“Stop crying,it’s not cute” Ricardo muttered and started wiping her tears but immediately Delaney broke into more tears

“Are you in love with her?? Why would you K!SS her?? Just why?” She asked

“The K!SS was…nothing” Ricardo said

“You’ve never played with me that way,I’ve never even hugged you yet,that hurts even though I’m not your girlfriend but I really like you alot,I’m heartbroken right now” Delaney said in tears

“I’m sorry Dela,I just….. Don’t want to spoil your innocence” Ricardo said

“Why? Because you know I’m a virgin? Virgins don’t K!SS and make out? You’re making me feel worse” Delaney cried

Ricardo hugged her

“I’m sorry,I’m really sorry” He said as she cried on his shoulder

“Don’t K!SS anyone again,please” She said

“I won’t” Ricardo mumbled and K!SSed her hair

Delaney started claiming down as he rubbed her back gently.


Jeremy was almost opening his car door when someone hugged him from the back,he became still

“Alexa?” He called

“No,it’s Tessa” Tessa muttered and let him go

“What are you doing this time?” Jeremy faced her

“Thank you,you saved me earlier” She said with red cheeks

“That was nothing Tessa,stop the wide thoughts already” Jeremy said

“I don’t care okay? See you tomorrow” She pecked his cheek and walked away

Jeremy chuckled crazily

“I’m at the point of losing my mind now” He muttered

He saw Octavia walking to her car looking drunk,she entered and drove off

“Whoa,is she gonna get home like that?” He shook his head and also entered his own car


Octavia managed to drive into the compound,she came out staggering.

Her eyes moved to the next apartment beside hers,the light was on,she started walking toward it thinking it’s hers since nobody is actually staying in that apartment.

Little did she know that someone just moved in

Luckily,the entrance door was unlocked,she just opened and went in

“Home sweet home!!” She said loudly looking half dead

She grinned crazily,Royce was just coming out of the kitchen with a bottle of drink in his hand. He looked so shocked to see Octavia.

He’s her new neighbor unknown to her

“Who are you??” Octavia asked and rubbed her eyes

“Why….why…are you in my house?? Get out” She said but didn’t make any attempt to chase him out

She started unƁụťťoning her blouse and Royce’s eyes widened

Octavia grinned

“Like what you see?” She asked and throw the blouse on the floor leaving her in just her br@

She almost fell on the floor but Royce was quick enough to catch her

“Leave me alone!!” Octavia pushed him away and fell on the couch heavily,sleeping off immediately

“What the Fůçƙ?” Royce scoffed and locked the entrance door. He left her in the living room and went in,he returned with a duvet and covered her up before going back in.



Octavia groaned and stretched her arms without opening her eyes,she moved on the couch and fell on her Ɓụťť

“Ouch!” She screamed,rubbing her Ɓụťť.

“That must hurt a lot” Royce’s voice came from behind and Octavia turned quickly

Her eyes widened when she saw him

“Royce?!” She shouted and got up

Royce rolled his eyes

“What are you doing in my place?! Are you a stalker?”

“Maybe you should look around and check to see if this place is yours” Royce said and Octavia looked around

Her eyes widened

“How….how…did I….”

“You came here looking deadly drunk” Royce cut in

“So,you’re the new neighbor…” She stopped when she saw her blouse on the floor,she looked at her chest and screamed

She immediately grabbed her blouse and covered her chest,running out

Royce chuckled and adjusted his cap,he was dressed for school already. He went out of the house and locked the door.

He entered his car and drove out of the compound.



Mariana was walking,pressing her phone at the same time on her way to class,she was trying to call Nico but all of a sudden she heard the familia voice


Only Nico calls her that,she turned immediately and it’s him,

“Nico!!” Mariana screamed and ran to him,jumping on him

“Did you turn into a monkey in my absence?” Nico teased,hugging her back

“I missed you so much Nico,so much!!” Mariana said and finally got down.

“Me too,I missed you alot” Nico said

“What happened exactly?? Are you okay??”

“I will tell you everything later,we are kind of late” Nico said and Mariana nodded

They went to class together

🗣 Nico!!!!!

🗣 You’re back!!

🗣 We missed you Nico

🗣 He look even more handsome

“Wow” Daisy muttered

Bella’s eyes followed him until he sat down

More screams came when Leonard and Dior entered. Leonard sat down beside Mariana and Dior also joined them

🗣 Awwwn,I’m jealous of Mari J

🗣 Am I the only one or they look good together??

Mariana and Leoaned exchanged glances,Francisco came in at that time and Mariana glanced at him but it was a short one.

She looked away from him while Francisco and Leonard maintained eye contacts as he passed to the back



Ricardo just finished getting dressed when a message came on his phone,he took his phone from the bed and checked.

It reads


He immediately opened the message while praying inwardly

He was still checking when the doctor’s call came on his phone,he answered immediately

“Have you seen the message” The doctor asked

Yeah I just received it,but can you tell me what the results is?” Ricardo asked

“It’s a match” The doctor said and Ricardo eyes widened

“You mean the result is positive?!” He asked almost jumping up


“Oh my God!!!!!!” Ricardo screamed and immediately hanged up

He checked the message and it’s true,the result is positive

He didn’t think twice before rushing out of the room,he ran downstairs and entered his car,driving off with full speed.



They just ended their first class but most of the students didn’t bother leaving the hall since their next class starts in just few minutes

Mary walked toward Mariana and her friends

“Girls” She called

“Mary!! Finally you’re back” Charlotte said

“I have something to tell you Mariana” Mary said and Mariana stood up

“What is it?” She asked

Mary was just about saying more when Ricardo ran into the hall,P@ŋting heavily

🗣 What’s wrong with him?

🗣 Is he okay?

All eyes fell on him,his eyes landed on Mariana and he didn’t think twice before running to her and hugged her so tightly that Mariana could hardly breathe

Leonard and Francisco got up and everyone seems confused,even Mariana but she didn’t move

🗣 What’s going on??

“Ricardo” Leonard called and Ricardo slowly moved away from Mariana,he cupped her cheeks

“Finally….I found you” He said,tears rolling down his eyes

Mariana looked at him in total confusion

“I found you…..”

“What are you talking about??” Dior asked

“She’s…..She’s The one…..” Ricardo sniffs


“My Twin Sister” Ricardo said and everyone gasped

Francisco’s eyes widened and Leonard almost staggered.

“My…My Rosalie” Francisco said in a mutter, and senselessly he rushed to the front and grabbed Mariana’s cheeks before slamming his lips on her own

The students gasped again

Immediately,Leonard felt like dying as hot tears rolled down his eyes.


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