December 5, 2023

{ Falling For You… }


Summer Gold R.



“What happened to her really?” Ricardo asked worriedly as they waited inside the ward for Mariana to wake up

Ricardo was there with Francisco and Leonard

“She just..lost her consciousness” Leonard replied

Ricardo faced Francisco

“Why are you here tho? Who are you?” He asked

“Her friend,new student” Francisco said

‘Why the h£ll does she have so Many male friends??’ Ricardo scoffed inwardly

Leonard’s eyes were on Mariana all through

Just then,Mariana opened her eyes slowly

“Riana?” Leonard called immediately but she took a glance at Francisco to Leonard and then Ricardo

“Are you okay?” Ricardo asked

She was quiet

Different thoughts running through her mind

‘Who is Rosalie? Who is Francis?? It’s obvious those two are lovers from what she heard in her memories but why is she hearing those voices?? Why does she feel weird about Francisco??

“Riana” Leonard called again but she didn’t say a word

“I will call the Doctor” Ricardo said and walked out

“Take me home” Mariana finally said to Leonard

“But,are you sure you’re fine?” Leonard asked and touched her hair

“I’m fine” she muttered and sat up

She glanced at Francisco shortly again

Ricardo came in with The doctor

The Doctor moved closed to check her

“How are you feeling?” He asked

“I’m fine,I want to leave” Mariana replied and turned to Leonard

He slowly carried her in his arms and she held him tightly,resting her head on his chest.

Francisco’s eyes followed them until Leonard left with her.

Ricardo sighed out and turned to Francisco

“Aren’t you leaving?” He asked

Francisco scoffed and went out

Ricardo immediately turned to the Doctor

“Did you get what I asked for??” He asked

“Let’s talk in my office” The doctor said and Ricardo immediately followed him.

They got to the office and they sat down.

“It wasn’t really easy to get just this little” The Doctor said,showing him the hair inside a test tube,it’s for Mariana

“Thank you” Ricardo let out a short smile

“You want DNA test on this?? With who?” The Doctor asked

“Me,please let me know if it’s a match” Ricardo said,pushing his own hair which was also in a small nylon pack to the Doctor

“No problem,I will send you the result as soon as I’m done”

“Thank you” Ricardo said and shook hands with the doctor



Mariana kept staring at Leonard’s face as he climbed the stairs with her in his arms,Leonard passed her room

“My room” Mariana said

“I’m taking you to mine” Leonard said

“Why?” She asked

“Because I want to” Leonard replied

They entered his room and he dropped her on the bed

“Can you tell me what happened? Are you sick? Why will you suddenly get unconscious?” Leonard asked

“Will you answer my question too?” Mariana asked

“What question?” Leonard said

“Francisco…..who is he to you?? What did he say to you that made you tear up?” She asked and Leonard bit his lips

“Your ex best friend,the one you told me about,He’s the one right?” She asked again and Leonard looked at her

“How…did you find out?” He asked

“Honestly I don’t know,but somehow his face looked strangely familiar the first time I saw him,so I came into your room to check that frame again,that’s how I got it…..”

“He doesn’t look anything similar to the picture in the frame” Leonard cut in

“Really? But how come I recognized him??” She muttered

“You’re right tho,He’s the one” Leonard muttered

“What happened between you two?” Mariana asked,staring into his eyes

Silence followed

“Is it bad?? Why would you cry?? I was worried earlier” Mariana muttered and Leonard was surprised

“You were worried?” He asked and she nodded

“So tell me what happened” she said

They were interrupted by Leonard’s phone which started ringing,he picked the call and then hanged up

“You need to go?” Mariana asked and Leonard nodded

“You will be fine right?” He asked

“Yes” Mariana muttered

Leonard covered her up with the duvet and then K!SSed her cheek before leaving the room.

Minutes later,Mariana got down from the bed. She walked to the table and took the picture frame,her eyes locked on the little Francisco

“Who are you?? Do I know you??” She muttered,rubbing his face through the frame

She remembered Ricardo and she began to wonder if she’s really who she think she is.

She dropped the frame and sat back on the bed,she dialed her aunt’s number. She answered at the third ring

“Aunt Clara” Mariana called

“Yes Mariana” Clara said almost dryly and Mariana smiled sadly

‘She doesn’t even care about me’ she thought

“Can I ask you something aunt?” She asked

“Of course,is there a problem?” Clara asked

“Can I at least see a picture of my parents?” Mariana said and there was silence

“Aunt Clara?”

“Why do you want to see a picture?” Clara asked

“I’m just curious these days,isn’t it weird that I’ve never seen a picture of my parents? I just want to see them please…. ”

“I don’t have any pictures Mariana,stop being curious and face your life” Clara snapped and hanged up

Mariana was surprised

“Is she hiding something?” She muttered and sighed

Her phone started ringing again,she immediately checked to see if it’s Clara but it’s Octavia.

“Babe!! Why would you leave without telling us!” Octavia shouted

“I’m sorry bestie” Mariana said

“Are you coming to the party?” Octavia asked

“Party? What party?”

“Dior’s place,don’t worry,The girls and I will come pick you up so get ready for us” Octavia said

“Yeah sure,can’t wait” Mariana smiled and hanged.

She immediately left Leonard’s room and went into her room,looking for what to wear.



“Leonard,can you tell me what is going on with you these days? You don’t look like the Leonard I know,what’s going on?” The director asked

“I’m good,why am I here anyway??” Leonard asked

“Here” The director pushed the booking contract to him

Leonard checked it out

“Performance at Spain??” He looked up

“In two weeks” The manager completed

“You signed it already? Without informing me” Leonard asked

“The agency had no choice than to sign it,you ignored all our calls” The director said

Leonard roll his eyes

“We are preparing the tickets already,so please be available. Angelo will be there too”

“Fine” Leonard muttered and got up

“Don’t ignore my call next time,I will just send Collins” The director said as Leonard walked out of the office

Collins joined him

“How was it?” He asked

“Spain,two weeks time. I just don’t feel like” Leonard muttered

“Wow,it’s my first time seeing you unhappy for a performance” Collins said and Leonard sighed

It’s true anyway,he’s not himself these days

“Leonard!” Jessica called from the back and he stopped

Collins walked away

“Leo” Jessica called softly when she got to him

“What do you want?” Leonard asked

“Are you still angry with me??” She asked

“No” Leonard said

“Are you sure?”she asked and tried holding him

“No body contact” Leonard muttered and walked away

Jessica bite her bottom lip,watching him leave.


Leonard got into the car and almost immediately,his phone started ringing.

He checked and it’s Winter

“Winter?” Collins asked and Leonard nodded before answering the call.

“Leonard” She sounded like she was in tears

“Winter?? Are you okay?” Leonard said

“I wanna die” Winter cried

“What happened??” Leonard asked

Winter kept crying without say a word,Leonard hanged up and turned to Collins

“Can you leave in your car? I need to go” Leonard said

“Is something wrong?” Collins asked

“I don’t know” Leonard replied and got down from the car

Collins also came down and Leonard entered the driver side before driving off



Winter was drinking when Leonard came into the house,she looked like a living dead,she was so drunk

“Winter” He immediately rushed to her and took the alcohol bottle from her

“What the Fůçƙ are you doing to yourself?” He asked

“Nobody care about me!!” She cried

“You don’t care about me either,I just hate myself and….I want to die” Winter said in tears

“Who said I don’t care about you?? I care about you,Ricardo cares,Dior too…..”

“But I want you” Winter cut in and Leonard kept quiet

“Why can’t you just give me a chance?? I’m dying slowly because of you,I love you so much Leonard,I love you so much and I’m going Crazy already,please Leonard” She cried and hugged him,crying against him

Leonard sighed

“I’m sorry Winter,I’m in love with someone else” Leonard said and Winter broke the hug

“Who? Mariana? I thought you have no feelings for her…”

“That was my thoughts too….but I can’t deny it anymore. I’m insanely in love with her and I will do anything to win her heart so please forget about me and just think of me as your friend” Leonard said and tried touching her hair

“Don’t touch me!! Don’t touch me!!! Go away!!” Winter screamed,pushing him

“Be fine” Leonard muttered and walked out of the house

He entered the car and let out a sigh,it was already getting late,he checked the time and it’s almost 8pm

Leonard drove off immediately toward his mansion first.



The party was already going on,loud music booming in the house,only the few Dior invited are there.

Everyone was having fun,drinking,dancing while others just talk.

“I don’t think Leonard is coming” Octavia pouted

“What’s your own with someone’s boyfriend??” Alexa asked and they laughed

Mariana didn’t say a word,she has only been drinking

“Are you okay? You’ve been drinking” Delaney said

“I just feel so silly” Mariana muttered

Her eyes met with Francisco when she raised her head and they made eye contacts. It’s been happening for some minutes,their eyes would meet and Mariana will look away first.

“Let’s dance girls!!!!” Dior screamed and joined them

She was dancing in such a funny way

“Gosh Dior,you’re such a bad dancer. Learn from Mariana please” Delaney said and they laughed

“Wait,Where’s Jace?” Dior asked

“We came together,I’m sure he’s here” Delaney said

“Will be back” Dior winked and walked away

“She’s really into your brother” Octavia said

“I know,He’s into her too” Delaney smiled

“Have you talked to Jeremy yet?” Delaney asked Alexa

“No,I don’t want to” Alexa rolled her eyes

“Oh come on,we all know how much you like him,are you just gonna let him go?” Mariana asked

“But Tessa keeps appearing between us,I’m tired of her presence” Alexa said

“Jeremy doesn’t even like her,come on” Octavia groaned

“You should apologize for slapping him since he’s not ready to talk to you” Delaney muttered

“Apologize? I can’t do that,I met that Ɓîtçh hugging him. I guess I overreacted but he should know why” Alexa scoffed

“He’s not even your boyfriend! Come on Alexa!” Delaney screamed and they burst into laughter

“You don’t have to scream so much” Mariana chuckled

“Leonard is here” Delaney said and they all turned to see Leonard and Ricardo

“Dior,where are we going?” Jace asked as Dior dragged him

“Just wait for it” She said and finally they entered a room

“Your room?” Jace asked,looking around

“That’s right” Dior said in a flirty voice and Jace faced her

She wrapped her arms around his neck,Jace smiled and held her waist,lifting her up. She immediately curled her legs around his waist,

“Can I tell you something?” Jace asked and Dior nodded like a child

“I love you” Jace whispered and Dior blushed

“Why did it take you so long?? I love you too” She said

“Seriously?? You love me?” Jace asked,acting surprised

“I thought you know” Dior pouted

“I don’t think you want to date someone like me” Jace muttered

“Someone like you? What do you mean?” Dior frowned

“You know what I mean….” She slammed her lips on his own,cutting him off and then broke the K!SS

“I don’t care okay? I’m in love with you and that’s what matters,and besides…..I have a surprise for you* Dior smiled

“What surprise?” Jace asked

“Maybe after this” Dior whispered and they started K!SSing again

In a minute,they are on the bed,K!SSing and smooching hungrily.

“Fůçƙ….I want you Jace please” Dior said

“I can’t believe the party host is saying this right now” Jace said,K!SSing her neck

“Stop teasing me already” Dior Mõ@ɲed

“How about after the party?” Jace asked and Dior immediately nodded

“I can’t wait” Dior said and Jace smiled

He K!SSed her already hard Ɲīpplës

“They want me” He said and Dior pushed his head

“Just touch and Ṣūçƙ already,stop playing” She said,grabbing his cheeks before K!SSing him hardly again while Jace squeezed her Ɓø0ɓs gently.


Tessa ran into the restroom and threw up

“Fůçƙ,why did I drink so much?” She groaned and washed her mouth

She washed her face too and walked out of the restroom

She was staggering while climbing down the stairs,all of a sudden she missed a step and she screamed getting everyone’s attention

“Tessa!!” Jeremy called and immediately ran toward the stairs,he was fast enough and she fell directly in his arms

“Fůçƙ,I was scared already” Bella touched her chest

Alexa fold her fist,staring at how Jeremy exhaled in relief and then dropped Tessa

“Are you Okay?” He asked

Tessa nodded and smiled

“Thank you” She muttered

Jeremy nodded and left her,Alexa walked out angrily and Jeremy followed her

“Alexa” Jeremy grabbed her hand outside and she throw his hand off

“Don’t touch me” She muttered

“Are you still angry?” Jeremy asked

“No I’m not,I don’t have any reason for being angry anyway. I’m not your girlfriend” She said and rolled her eyes

“You didn’t even allow me explain what happened,it wasn’t really nice of you” Jeremy said and touched her hair

“So you don’t like her?? You just saved her again….”

“I couldn’t have just watched her fall Alexa,gosh” Jeremy groaned and Alexa looked away

“I’m sorry for the slap,I was just too angry when I saw her hugging you” She muttered

Jeremy smiled and hugged her

“Apology accepted” he said and Alexa hugged him more tightly



Mariana sighed out loud as she got there,she was feeling so weird,her head kept banging with different weird voices.

She clung onto the pull handle as the air blow her hair all over her face

“Doll face” Francisco called behind and she turned

“Why are you here alone?” He asked,walking closer

“I just feel like,you?” She asked and Francisco smiled

“I followed you” He said

“Are you always this blunt?”Mariana asked

“Maybe not” Francisco chuckled,finally standing beside her

Mariana looked at him

“What,are you checking to see how handsome I am?” Francisco moved to her front

“Handsome indeed” Mariana scoffed

Francisco held the pull handle,caging her there.

“What do you think you’re doing??” Mariana frowned and he chuckled,staring at her lips.

He started leaning closer and Mariana stood still,she wanted to move away but she didn’t. Francisco’s lips almost met with her own when someone grabbed him from the back and immediately a punch landed on his face

Mariana gasped when she saw Leonard

“I Fůçƙing told you to stay away from her you bastard!!” Leonard yelled

Francisco wiped his bloody lips and Leonard grabbed him again,he raised his fist and almost punched him again

“No!!” Mariana screamed and they both turned to her

Mariana ran toward them and went between them,standing in front of Francisco

“Don’t hurt him” She said to Leonard and his eyes widened.


TB Continued..

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