(When fire meets ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍️



“Ma’am… The cafeteria here isn’t in operation today.” Camila said.

“Why??” She asked, she was really hungry and they ain’t working.

“Ion know why ma’am, they didn’t open today.” She said.

“Then, find the nearest restaurant and get me my lunch.” She ordered.

“Okay.” Camila said and was about going out when Yolanda stopped her.

“I’m coming with you.” She said, she felt like eating outside today.

“Okay ma’am.” Camila nodded as she stood up and they both left the office.



Immediately she walked into the restaurant, screams filled the air.

👥 Whoa!!

👥 Isn’t that Yolanda Adams??

👥 Wow, I can’t believe I’m dinning in the same restaurant as the Mexican goddess.

👥 First time I’m seeing her… I must say, she looks more beautiful than in the magazines.

👥 Her Șëx¥ body for me.

She scoffed. “Whoa!! Who do we have here… Miss Yolanda, wow! Isn’t today my lucky day.” The manager blabbered, walking to her.

“VIP section.” Camila said, ignoring her blab.

She nodded. “Sure, come with me.” She said and they began walking to the section reserved for special customers.

Miguel was also in the VIP section with a business partner. Gael was also there.

He was the first to see Yolanda and he nudged at Miguel who was overly engrossed in the business he was discussing with the man.

He ignored him, then Gael had to whisper in his ears and immediately he raised his head to see Yolanda who was about sitting on the chair.

His looked a little bit surprised seeing her. ‘Why was he always seeing her wherever he goes.’

He thought as a smile splayed on his lips staring at her.

“Isn’t this destiny.” Gael whispered to him.

Mr Lopéz, the man he was talking to wondered why he stopped talking. Tracing his gaze, he found it on Yolanda and he muttered an oh.

“Mr Gonzàlez.” He called but Miguel didn’t reply.

The waitress brought their menu and they placed their order, then she left to get it.

Yolanda sat comfortably as she looked around while waiting for her order. Her eyes suddenly caught with Miguel’s who was staring intently at her, smiling sheepishly

She looked away immediately, but she could still feel his gaze on her, it was boring holes in her.

She shook her head. “I’ll be right back.” She told Camila before standing up and leaving.

Camila just nodded, who was she to question her boss.

Miguel seeing her leaving also stood up. “Where are you going Mr Gonzàlez, we ain’t done.” Mr Lopéz said.

“Continue with Gael.” He said walking away before he could utter another word.

Gael laughed before facing Mr Lopéz.

“So he was saying Mr Lopéz…”


She got into the elevator and inputed the floor number, the door was about closing when he placed his legs in between the small space… Stopping the door from closing. He used his both hands to open the door widely.

She frowned slightly seeing him, he had a smirk plastered on his face.

“What do you want??” She asked icily, as he got in.

“What does it look like?? I’m also going to third floor.” He said, inputing the floor number and the door closed.

She frowned, “You can always use another elevator.”

“I prefer to use this, gat a problem with that??” She rolled her eyes, sensing that he was about initiating a talk… She faced her front.

He kept staring at her side face which was in view and it was already making her uncomfortable.

First, she had to share an elevator with him, a guy and now he won’t stop staring.

Seriously?? The air was already becoming suffocating for her.

“Will you stop staring??” She sneered, not facing him.

“I can’t help but stare, you’re just too beautiful.” He said and she scoffed.

She turned swiftly, facing him… Her face emitting her usual cold gaze which doesn’t frighten him a bit.

She was about saying something when what happened next made her keep shut.

The elevator stop moving. It just stopped, like they were now in the air… The lift wasn’t going upwards neither was it coming down.

“Wh… What’s happening??… Why did the lift stop working??” She panicked, thick lines of worries could already be seen in her face.

“I don’t know.” He smiled and she glared.

Was this a time to smile, they were stuck and he was smiling… Fool.

She hastily walked to the door and began hitting it, trying to get the outsider’s attention.

“Anyone out there, help… The lift stopped working!” She shouted, hitting the door.

Miguel just kept smiling as he stared at her back view as if there was something amusing to smile about.

He was enchanted by her irresistible beauty.

“Help!!… What are you doing?? Do something… I need to get out of here.” She said, walking back to Miguel who didn’t even hear what she said.

“Are you even hearing me?? Do something…” She pleaded, her heart was pounding heavily in her chest.

It’s obvious that she was scared. Sweat has already form bead on her forehead. Her breath was beginning to hitch.

She rubbed her sweaty palms together, as she panicked. She cleaned the bead of sweats on her forehead, pacing about… Thinking of how to help herself as the guy with her wasn’t helping matters.

She suddenly stopped walking and started pressing her phone, trying to making a call across but she almost cried when she saw it had no signal.

“Darn it!” She cursed, throwing her phone away. She turn to see Miguel staring at her.

“If you are ready to die then say it.” She sassed.

“It’s obvious we’re stuck and I know the manager or whoever is in charge must have found out about the fault and they must be trying to fix it, so… While we wait, why don’t we do something fun, what do you think?” He asked, staring flirtatiously as he began walking close to her.

“Don’t come closer… Is anyone out there… Help… Darn it.” She cursed breathing hard, she was at the brink of tears right now.

The place was becoming suffocating for her… No air.

She turned to see Miguel standing right in front of her. “Get away.” Her back, pressed the door and Miguel smirked before placing his hands on the door, caging her in between.

She sniffed in his cologne.

‘Nice.’ She thought and almost slap herself knowing that she wasn’t supposed to think that.

He slowly began leaning closer. ‘What was he doing?’ she thought.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented and she shivered feeling his hot breath on her neck.

She doesn’t know why this guy was always making her impulsive.

“Get away.” She tried pushing but he was damn strong.

“Your hands are soft as well, keep touching my heart.” He whispered and she froze noticing her hands on his broad chest, one was at his heart side.

She tried removing it but Miguel held her hand tightly to his chest , he pulled her to himself by her waist and she gasped.

Third time she was in his arms and she wasn’t doing anything.

“Stay still and stare directly into my eyes and you will be at peace, forgetting that you’re in trouble.” He said and she stood still.

She didn’t wanna do as he said… She really don’t wanna do as he said but her whole body was going against her wish, she just stood still, staring at his eyes like she was hypnotized.

Miguel smiled, he always knew she would never resist his charms… Now time to take advantage of her submissiveness.

He thought as he leaned closer to taste that pink thin lips that he has been yearning for, for so long.

He was close to K!SSing her when suddenly the elevator door opened.

People were gathered in front of the elevator, muttering amongst themselves.

As if scales fell off her eyes, she pushed him away and rushed out of the elevator.

‘Damn the repairer!’ He cursed inwardly.

“Miguel.” Gael called immediately he came out.

“I’m your boss, you should learn to address me as one.” He scoffed, walking away with Gael following behind.

“Boss my foot… I’m your childhood one and only friend… Just because I chose to work for you doesn’t make you superior over me.” Gael said.

“Whatever… That’s not necessary for now… So you and the model, you both… I saw the scene.” He grinned widely.

“You two K!SSed… Damn you Miguel, you make use of every little opportunity you get… And here I was, thinking she would be a hard nut to crack but you…” He marvelled…

“How do you manage to make girls fall so easily for you?? You’re just too perfect…” He blabbered on and on.

Miguel rolled his eyes he felt like spanking him right now. Tho he really wished what he said was true.

He wished his charms will be able to awe this girl but no…

She was definitely a hard nut to crack and he was attracted to her.

He is intoxicated with her charms but he had a little hope that he would be able to awe her considering the incident earlier.

“Why can’t I help but think that you are destined… Maybe you two are made for each other… The signs are clear…”

“How do you mean??” Miguel asked, getting interested.

“Of course they are… Look, it is said that if you meet with a person once, then it is an accident but if you meet with the person for a second time then it is a coincidence… And if it happen that you guys meet for the third time then…” Miguel smiled as realization knocked him.

It is destiny.

“It is destiny… And you two have met thrice now… Which is destiny, destiny keeps bringing you two together… You two are destined… Wow.” Gael said and Miguel smiled.

‘Could they really be destined?’ He thought doubting the sign of nature as he remembered what his dad said.

He was betrothed.

His countenance changed remembering that… They were all fake assumption but whether fake or real, he wasn’t getting married.

“Mr Gonzàlez.” Called.

He maintained a straight face, he was no longer in the mood to discuss again.

“We’re buying the shares, give Gael all the necessary documents and the account details and the payment and sales will commence in soonest.” He said, dismissing him.

“Whoa! Thanks Mr Gonzàlez, thanks for purchasing our shares, I’ll do as you have said.” He said and Miguel nodded before leaving them.

Gael had to clarify some documents before the purchase of shares begin.



“Back to the office.” She cut her off as she began walking out of the restaurant.

“Okay ma’am.” Camila responded sadly, looking at the snacks she was gonna leave. They began walking out.

“Miss Yolanda!!”

“Miss Yolanda!!”

She turned to see the manager running to her.

“Ma’am, are you leaving already??” She asked.

“Yeah.” Camila answered knowing fully well that Yolanda wasn’t gonna reply her.

“Errm… I apologize for the fault in the elevator, we’re sorry for the inconvenience it has caused you but don’t leave yet, at least have your order.” Yolanda scoffed before walking away.

“Pack it up for me.” Camila said smiling.

“Thanks ma’am.” The manager smiled, before going to do as she said.

“Camila!!” She heard her name.

“Ma’am.” She replied

“Hurry!” She yelled to the manager.


It’s a bright Saturday morning and Yolanda isn’t going to the office neither is she having a shoot.

She walked down the stairs in a casual outfit but she is still beautiful.

“Good morning ma’am.” Her maids greeted immediately they saw her.

She just walked to the dinning table, pulling out a chair, she sat on it.

Her food was already laying on the table. A maid walked to her and began uncovering the dishes.

It was Chilaquiles, a Mexican dish that is of lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with red salsa and Machaca, a shredded beef.

When she was done uncovering and setting the dish she left. Immediately the maid left, Camila arrived.

“Good morning ma’am.” She greeted taking a seat beside her.

Yolanda started eating, starting with the shredded beef, holding it fork with her left hand, she sliced the beef again before picking it with her fork.

She put it in her mouth, chewing on it softly. She frowned at the taste, it was salty.

She spit it out immediately, before taking a bottle of water gulping it down.

“Ma’am?? Are you alright??” Camila asked.

“Who cooked this??” She asked instead, staring coldly.

“I don’t know.” She replied.

“Lauretta!!!” She yelled and the maid who served rushed in.

“Who cooked this??” She asked.

“I did ma’am.” She replied.

“Why is it salty??” Camila furrowed her brows, hers wasn’t salty so what was she saying.

Lauretta was also confuse, she remembered tasting the food and it wasn’t salty so what was she saying.


“When did you started walking here??” She asked.

“A week ago.”

“Camila give to her, her salary for a full month and let her leave this place.” Understanding she was firing her, she went in her knees.

“Save yourself the stress, it won’t help. Camila order something for me.” She said, leaving the dinning room to her room.

“Please help me beg her.” Lauretta begged Camila.

“In as much as I’d love to help, I can’t… I suggest you leave just as she said.” Camila told her as she faced her.

“Darn it.” She cussed inwardly.

But she tasted the food, it wasn’t salty… It’s also the same food Camila is eating and she doesn’t find a fault in it so where was the fault coming from… Or…

Could it be that her boss was lying just so she could fire her?? She thought before picking up the fork to taste the beef.

Just like Yolanda said, the food was really salty, she spat out the beef immediately.

The heck!!

How come?? Her eyes moved to Yesenia who stood by the door of the kitchen, smirking mischievously.

She walked to her. Camila stared at her with a weird look on her face before facing her food.

“Yesenia!!” She yelled entering the kitchen to meet Yesenia, who was already seated on a stool.

“What is it??” She smirked.

“I know that is your handiwork… So quickly tell me why you did?” Lauretta said, fuming.

“Tsk… Sorry babe, I warned you against infuriating me, but you wouldn’t listen.” Yesenia said, smiling evilly.

“Infuriate you?? Really?? Why are you selfish.” Lauretta asked as she tried not to shed a tears.

“None of your business, always learn to mind your business, stop being a poke noser.” She smirked before walking away.

‘Fůçƙ this poor life.’ Yesenia scowled inwardly.

Yesenia is the most laziest maid in the mansion and very proud. She consider herself bigger than other maids. Yesterday when it was Yesenia’s turn to do the dish, she bluntly refused for no specific reason and Lauretta got angry with her and it led to her taunting her.

Lauretta fought back the tears that were about to fall as she went in to pick her stuff.


“Why did you send for me??” Yolanda asked walking into the living room to meet her parents, seated on the couch.

“Good thing you came.” Mr Adams smiled, while she rolled her eyes.

“Quickly tell me why you called me, I ain’t planning on staying long.” She said, looking at her wrist watch.

“At least have a seat, we’re actually waiting for someone.” Mrs Adams spoke and she creased her brows.


Just then they heard a car honk. “I think they’re here.” It didn’t take long before the doorbell rang.

Mr and Mrs Adams stood up and began walking to the door, with smiles on their faces.

The butler who was already at the door opened it and Mr and Mrs Gonzàlez’s face came into view.


“José.” They called each other’s name, before engaging in a manly hug.


“Isa.” The women also called, pulling into tight hug.

“How’re you?” Rosè which is Miguel mom’s name asked.

“I’m fine and you?” Isa asked, smiling.

“Aunty.” David called smiling, as he walked to her and Isa crouched to his level.

“Big boy.” She called, ruffling his hair before pulling him into a hug.

“How’re you?” She asked.

“I’m fine.” He smiled.

Yolanda turned to see who it was and that was when Miguel entered. He was frowning deeply as he came, it looked like he was forced there.

He scoffed, looking around the house and his eyes caught who staring surprisingly at him.

“You??” They both asked the same time and the whole family exchanged glance amongst themselves.

Do they already know each other??

“What are you doing here??”



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