(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾

  °° FOREVER LOVE ✨❤️ °°


“How are you feeling now?” Gael asked Bella who was already sitting on the bed.

“You’ve asked that for the umpteenth time now, I’m fine okay.” Bella said and he chuckled.

“Was just showing concern.”

“Concern appreciated, oh God… My bones are hurting badly.” She muttered.

“Suit you, why did you jump in like that? Are you a superman or something?” Gael queried.

“It’s not my fault okay, my sister was gonna kîll her, she would have shot her if I didn’t interfere and I only rushed there to talk some sense into her, I didn’t know she had already pulled the trigger.” Bella said.


The door opened and Miguel walked in with Yolanda.

“Yoyo…” Bella called immediately she saw her and Yolanda rushed to her.

“Bella!! Wow! I’m so excited you’re awake, after four months!” She gushed, hugging her tightly.

Bella was a little bit surprised, the Yolanda she knew wasn’t the social type.

“Uhm…mm… Did you say four months?? Have I been in coma for four months?” Bella asked as they broke the hug.

“Of course, I wasn’t beginning to get scared, I thought you won’t make it.” Yolanda said and Bella chuckled.

“Did you really care about me that much?” She asked rhetorically actually.


“I mean, considering the fact our friendship has always been one sided.” Bella said.

“One-sided?? Who said it was one-sided?” Yolanda asked.

“That’s what I thought,,, yunno you’re this kinda of rigid person so I’m not at fault for thinking like that.” Bella said and Yolanda hit her head.

“You’re crazy… Yeah I agree I was kinda of a Ďïčkhead, but that was then… I wasn’t like that actually… And you saved my life without thinking twice… Thanks Bella, I owe you.”

“C’mon, you owe me nothing. Seeing me as a friend is enough for me and I’m sorry for what my sister did.” Bella apologized.

“Awwn, you’re so sweet.” Yolanda said and they both hugged again.

“Gosh, your baby bump has grown so much, how many months is it again?” Bella asked and Yolanda chuckled.

“Four months actually.” Yolanda said.

“Wow! I can’t wait to become a godmother.” She squealed.

“Harrumph!” Miguel cleared his throat, since they didn’t recognize his presence.

“SpongeBob!” Bella squealed as if she was just seeing him.

“Bella!” He squealed sarcastically, with an eye roll.

“So you recognize me, for a moment I thought you had partial amnesia… Maybe you didn’t recognize me any more.” He said and Bella chuckled.

“C’mon, you should understand.”

“I know, that’s why I’m not upset.” He said and they all chuckled.

“I can’t believe you’re awake.” Miguel said ruffling her head and she smiled.

“I didn’t know you all missed me this much.”

“Stop being childish.” Miguel said and they laughed over it.

The door opened and Mr Mendes came in.

“We’re leave you both alone.” Miguel said and walked out with Yolanda while Gael followed behind.


“Dad.” Bella called simply.

“I’m sorry for what Isabel did.” He apologized.

“You don’t need to feel sorry, it’s not your fault actually.” She said, obviously not interested in the conversation that was about to start.

“How’s your mom?” He asked and Bella rolled her eyes.

“That shouldn’t be your business since you already have another family.” She said.

“I’m sorry Bella, I agree I’m at fault but please don’t hate me… Please.” He begged and Bella looked away.

“Please Bella.” He begged and Bella hugged him.

“Please don’t hate me my child, you’re the only hope I have left.” He said and Bella broke the hug.

“What about Bella?” She asked.

“Miguel and Yolanda withdrew their complaints and Bella got freed but I disowned her.” He said and Bella sighed tiredly.



“So, I’ll get going now, I only came to check up on you and the baby… I have a date with Fernando and I have to go prepared for it.” Marianna standing up.

“That’s so nice of you. Let me walk you out.” Yolanda said.

“No don’t bother, I won’t like to stress you, you’re heavily pregnant so you should rest.” She said and Yolanda smiled.

“If you say so. Bye.” Yolanda said, laying on the couch and Marianna walked out of the house.

Yolanda sighed, this pregnancy was really stressing her. Gawd! She felt sleepy actually.

She was feeling pains in her abdomen but she didn’t let it bother her as she closed her eyes to sleep.

Suddenly the baby kicked and she gasped. Her eyes fluttered opened but remembering it does that frequently, she shrugged and went back to sleep but it kicked again.

And she ignored it again, her pregnancy was still eight months so she felt unconcerned about it.

The kick came again…

“What… Ahh…” Her water broke that minute.

“Oh no!” She mumbled, understanding what’s going on.

She was in labor!

She quickly grabbed her phone which was lying beside her on the couch and dialled Miguel’s number but he didn’t pick up.

“Ahhh!” She shrieked as the pains began, no one was around to help her.

“Ahh!” She cried, trying to sit up.

“My phone?” Marianna said walking into the living room, she actually forgot her phone so she came back to get it.

“Where did… Oh my God, Yolanda!” She screamed immediately she saw her wincing in pain.


Meanwhile, Miguel was in a meeting when his phone began vibrating, he stylishly checked it and saw Yolanda calling.

‘Oh gawd! Why is she calling right now?’ He thought, he couldn’t pick it up right now.

He was in the middle of a very crucial meeting.

The phone which had stopped vibrating began again. He wanted to pick it up but shook his head against it.

Maybe it was her pregnancy hormone again. She might just demand him to get her a life gorilla to see, tch! He was surely making a mistake if he decides to answer the call.

He shook his head against it and concentrated on the meeting.


Marianna bit her lips when he didn’t pick up. She turned to Yolanda who was still groaning in pains.


She copied Miguel’s number in her phone and dialled it but he still didn’t pick up.

TF! Why isn’t he picking up?

She couldn’t drive otherwise she would have taken her to the hospital herself.

“Oh, help… me… I’m dy…ing…” Yolanda stuttered in pains.

“Nothing will happen to you Yoyo, be strong.” She assured.

Why wasn’t Miguel picking up? Gawd! Maybe she should call Bella, she could drive.

She thought and dialled Bella’s number and she picked up at the third ring.

“Hey Mari.” Her voice came on.

“Bella I need your help right now, Yolanda is in labor!” Marianna said in an alarming tone.

“What! But the pregnancy is not yet nine months.”

“I know… Just get down here Miguel isn’t picking up his call.”


As the meeting went on, Miguel began feeling restless, he felt as tho something was wrong somewhere but he couldn’t pinpoint it. The aura wasn’t friendly at all.

“What do you think Mr Gonzàlez?” One of the board member asked him but he seemed far away from them.

“Mr Gonzàlez?”

“Mr Gonzàlez!!” He shouted, jolting Miguel from his lost world.

“Are you alright? You keep zoning out.” He said and Miguel sighed.

“I’m sorry, let’s continue… So you were saying…” Miguel said.

“I was saying we should-” His phone began vibrating again.

Miguel checked the caller’s ID. It was Bella this time.

“Excuse me!” He said and picked up the call.

“You nitwit! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you should always be beside your pregnant wife who’s close to her delivery period!!” Bella’s blaring voice almost destroyed his eardrum.

“What’s wrong Bella?” He asked, having an odd feeling about everything.

“Yolanda is in labor dimwit!!” She yelled.

“What!!” He gasped, standing from his seat immediately.

“Mr Gonzàlez…”

Without saying a word to them, he grabbed his car key on the table and began running out of the hall and the company.

“Mr Gonzàlez!!”

He got to his car parked in the garage and hopped in. He ignited the engine and zoomed out of the vicinity in a cràzy speed.

“I’m on way Bella. Take care of Landa!”

“Better be fast dude!”


Miguel rushed to the receptionist immediately, he got stuck in a traffic congestion which delayed him.

“My wife was brought here few minutes ago, what ward?” He asked hastily.

“Uhm… Who’s your wife sir?” The receptionist asked.

“Yolanda Miguel Gonzàlez, the pregnant lady.” He said sharply and she began checking her laptop.

“Yolanda… Yolanda…” She mumbled, as she focused on her laptop.

“Miguel!” Bella called and he turned to see her.

He immediately rushed to her.

“Bella, thank God you’re here, where’s Landa?” He asked impatiently.

“In the labor room… Gosh Miguel, it’s complicated… I’m scared right now… Yolanda doesn’t even wanna opt for CS.” She said and Miguel palmed his forehead.

“Just take me to her already!” He shouted and Bella nodded.

They got to her ward in no time and the doctor let him in since Yolanda has been requesting for his presence since she was brought.

“Miguel?” She called immediately she noticed his presence.

“Landa…” He called rushing to her.

“I told you before Miguel, she should have aborted the pregnancy… Now I can’t guarantee you the survival of both mother and child… She doesn’t even wanna opt for CS.” The doctor said, it was a female doctor this time.

Miguel had to change to a female doctor as he was not comfortable with a male doctor being the gynae.

“I don’t want to Miguel, I don’t want to birth my child through CS.” She cried holding Miguel tightly.

She was scared of CS, after the stress and pains she experienced while birthing Ricky through CS, she doesn’t wanna experience it for a second time.

“Look here Landa, I don’t want anything to happen to you… Let’s just do as the doctor has said… Nothing will happen to you, I assure you that.” He said but she shook her head.

“No Miguel… I don’t want to. I can birth my child like every mother out there, please believe in me…” She said holding him tightly.


“Don’t try to convince me, just back me up.” She said and Miguel hugged her tightly.

“Please don’t do this Landa.” He cried.

“I promise to fight to live… But I need your support Miguel.” She cried.

“I’m scared, I don’t want anything to happen to you… You should have just aborted this baby when I said so.” He said, he was truly scared.

What if she doesn’t make it alive?

The gynae sighed watching the lovey dovey couples.

“Does this kind of love still exist?” One of the nurses in there asked.

“I wonder the same.” The other replied.

An hour later…

“Push!” The nurses instructed and Yolanda let out a loud shrilling shout, Pushing harder with all her strength but still the baby wasn’t coming out.

Her head fell back on the bed tiredly with her breathing heavily.

“I can’t do this anymore Miguel.” She cried.

“No you can’t give up yet Landa, you already promised me that you will do it.” Miguel said, he was still in the room and he was holding tightly to her hand.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” She cried.

“No… Don’t say that again. Think about me, about Ricky… Please Landa, try one last time.” He urged but she shook her head.

She has been pushing for an hour now.

“I can’t.”

“No Landa… Remember you should never leave things halfway… You can do this, c’mon…”

“Please Landa…” He cried, rubbing her stomach.


“Ahhh!!!” Yolanda let out another shrilling sound, pushing harder.

“Put more force.” the doctor said.

“You can do this Landa.” Miguel said immediately, wiping his tears.

“Ahhh!!!!” She pushed again.

“Add a little more effort, I can see the head.” The doctor said.

“You can do this sassy queen.”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” And the cry of a baby filled the room.

“Wow! You did it, it’s a baby girl!” The doctor squealed.

“Wow Landa! Hear that? You did it!” Miguel squealed excitedly and Yolanda feigned a smile, breathing heavily.

“Yes… Mi.. Miguel… I don’t think I’ll make it… Take… Take care of our child…” She said slowly, as if she was counting her words.

“What are you saying?” Miguel asked on panic.

“Take… Care… I… Love… You…” She stuttered, her eyes slowly closing.

“No! No! No! Doctor!!!”




Yolanda woke up to the cheerful laughter in the room. She squinted her eyes around the room and she could see everyone right there.

Whoa! She didn’t die! Wow!

“I’m telling you she looks like me, can’t you see the eyes?” Bella argued on the baby’s replica.

“Come of it Bella, the baby didn’t see anyone of her relatives to resemble, it has to be you.” Gael scoffed.

“What are you insinuating actually? That I’m too ugly for the baby to replicate?” Bella snapped and Mrs Adams shook her head.

She was the one carrying the small, little cutie baby while Mrs Gonzàlez sat beside her.

“You both stop with the noise or else I’ll send you two out.” Mrs Gonzàlez snapped at them and Bella glared at Gael.

“But to be honest aunty, doesn’t the baby replicate me?” Bella asked and the baby chose that time to begin crying.

“Even the baby is refuse to agree with that.” Gael mocked.

“Now you’ve woken her with your noise, hmph!” Mrs Gonzàlez said as Mrs Adams tried to pacify the baby stop crying.

She only increased her cry, sticking out her small tongue in the process.

“And her mom is still asleep…” Marianna said.

“She’s awake.” Mr Gonzàlez suddenly said and they all turned to look at Yolanda who smiled at them weakly.

“Finally! We’ve been waiting for you to wake up.” Mrs Adams said as she walked up to her.

Mrs Gonzàlez helped her sit up and Mrs Adams handed her the baby. She was really small and she replicates Miguel.

“Congratulation my dear!”

“Congratulation Yolanda!”

“Congratulation baby!”

“Congratulation sweetie!”

Words if congratulatory filled the air and Yolanda smiled.

“Thank y’all.” She replied as she pat her baby, she couldn’t Břě@šť feed her yet.

Just then Miguel arrived with the baby things which he went to bring and immediately he saw Yolanda was awake he rushed to her.

“Sassy queen!!” He squealed hugging her tightly not noticing the baby she was holding.

“The baby!” They shouted and he broke the hug immediately.

“Oh, sorry sweetie, I was just so excited.” He said to the baby as if she could hear him and Yolanda chuckled.

“Gosh Landa, I’m so excited! Thanks for not leaving me.” He said heartily.


“Mommy!!!” Ricky squealed, rushing into the ward with nanny Clara.

He was still in his uniform so it was obvious he was just returning from school.

“Baby… The baby finally came… Wow, she looks cute.” He gushed at the baby who was sleeping peacefully.

“Can I carry her, I promise not to fall her.” He said and Miguel quickly objected.

“You can’t please.” He said.

“Please dad.”

“No son.”

“Playboy!” David called entering the ward that minute, he actually came with Ricky and nanny Clara.

“Hey kiddo! I missed you!” Miguel squealed as David jumped on him.

He laughed ruffling his head.

Yolanda smiled watching them.

The atmosphere was really cozy.




Chattering noises filled the hall as people kept trooping in, in twos. It was Miguel and Yolanda’s wedding anniversary and a party was organized to celebrate it.

Low music played in the hall. It was decorated beautifully, giving it that romantic vibes.

Mr and Mrs Gonzàlez and Mr and Mrs Adams walked into the hall the same time, it appeared like they both came together.

Some guests walked up to them and they exchanged pleasantries walking in completely.

Marianna and Fernando were the next to make entry in a couple like manner. Actually they’re a couple coz right now they are engaged and will be getting married two months from now.

Marianna smiled walking in completely, her hand wrapped around Fernando’s hand as they walked in. She was putting on a black lacy armless gown which stopped above her knees while Fernando was wearing a black suit.

Gael and Bella walked in next, hand in hand. They’re actually dating right now, even tho they seem to be a crazy pair.

Nanny Clara walked into the hall with David and Ricky, she was carrying sleeping Milanda in her arms.

Milanda was the name Miguel and Yolanda gave the baby. A combination of their name.

“Whoa! Party!” Ricky squealed.

“You love party as well?” David asked and Ricky nodded.


“That’s make us one… C’mon let’s go get juice, my nephew.” David said and they smiled walking to the bartender.

“Where’s Miguel and Yolanda?” Mr Adams asked as nanny Clara got to them.

“They’re coming, so they said.” She replied and he nodded.

“I can’t believe we’re celebrating their one year anniversary…” He sighed out.

“It’s just like a dream to me… When did it become a year?” Mr Gonzàlez asked.

“I wonder the same… We bargained on a six months marriage.” Mrs Gonzàlez said.

“And we’re now celebrating one year anniversary.” Mrs Adams said.

“I’m glad it worked out, phew!” Mrs Gonzàlez said and they smiled.

“Cheers!” And they clinked glasses.



“Oh c’mon Miguel! What’s keeping you? We’re running late!” Yolanda yelled from downstairs.

“Gosh!” She mumbled checking her time.

They probably will be waiting for them.

“Miguel!” She called climbing the stairs.

She got to their room and opened the door but couldn’t find anyone in it.

“Miguel?” She called walking in further, looking around.

“Miguel?” She called again.

Where was he? She thought as she walked towards their bathroom and opened the door but no one was in it.

“Knighty?” She called again and suddenly someone tapped her from behind startling.

She quickly turned around, slipping in the process and she almost fell but Miguel caught her in his arms.

Her eyes widened.

Miguel smiled staring directly into her eyes while Yolanda stared. It was as if time stop with the both of them gazing directly into each others eyes, losing track of time.

Miguel suddenly broke the long stare with his question.

“Remember this moment, when we first met?” He asked and their mind flashed back to the moment in the airport when Miguel bumped into her, saving her when she was about falling and she slapped him for doing so.

Also the day when Miguel bumped into her in the show day.

Miguel smiled, “I became attracted to you that very day, I even made a bet to get underneath you.” He said.

“Wow… Confession time.” Yolanda said, freeing herself from his grip.

“I guess, I didn’t know I was gonna lose in my own bet… Fůçƙ love.” He said and Yolanda gripped his ear and he winced.


“So you made a bet me? Huh?” She asked in a husky voice.

“No, that was then… It was the playboy who did not me.” He winced as she tighten her grip on his ears.

“Let’s just get back from the anniversary occasion first, then I’ll know what to do with you you.” She said with a glare, releasing his ears and Miguel began rubbing it, it had turned red.

“You’re not even dressed.” Yolanda said, noticing the pajamas he was putting on.

“Are you being serious right now?” She asked and he smirked.

“C’mon, it’s our anniversary… We can go whenever we like, no one will query us.” He said.


“Let’s have fun for now.” He said and Yolanda furrowed her brows.

“By that, you mean?” She asked and he smirked.

“This.” He said and he smooched her lips.

Yolanda smiled as she wrapped her hands around his neck, reciprocating the K!SS.

It was a slow and passionate K!SS, with the racing of each hearts corresponding with the pace of the K!SS.

They broke the K!SS shortly and Miguel scooped her in his hands, taking her to the bed.

“Huh… Miguel, what are you doing? We’re running late for our the occasion.” She said.

“Like you said, our occasion… We can go whenever we like, right now… My little monster is awake.” He said and resumed with the K!SS.

Yolanda giggled in the K!SS.

Finally, she found happiness… She thought she was forever gonna be a loner, a sadist, a misandrist…

But it changed when she found true love… Wow!

This love was forever!

THE END!!!!!!

Finally!!! 😭😭😭


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