(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾

         CHAPTER 68&69

     °° A NEW BEGINNING °°


Miguel, Marianna, Gael and Fernando stood outside the ward, pacing to and fro.

They arrived there an hour ago and Bella is been operated on in the ICU, the doctor hasn’t given them any assurance as to her safety yet.

Yolanda was in another ward and a doctor was also attending to her.

Miguel couldn’t help but worry greatly, he hopes they’re alright. She and the baby, he couldn’t afford anything happening to either of them.

“My baby!”



They all turned at the same time on hearing the screams and they saw Mr and Mrs Gonzàlez with Mr and Mrs Adams, rushing to into the hospital.

“Miguel how’s my baby doing? What happened to her?” Mrs Adams cried.

“Miguel tell us she’s fine.” Mrs Gonzàlez urged.

“Mum… Yolanda… Yolanda is…”

“Mr Gonzàlez.” Someone called from behind and they turned to see the doctor standing there.

“Doctor… Doctor, how’s my wife?” Miguel asked worriedly, immediately he recognized him to be the doctor attending to Yolanda.

“She’s all right…” He said and Miguel sighed out in relief.

“For now tho.” He added and Miguel’s smile wiped off immediately.

“Wh-hat do you mean by for now?” He asked with a creased brow.

“Mr Gonzàlez, can I talk to you privately?” The doctor asked.

“Privately?? What’s wrong with my daughter that you can’t say it here?” Mrs Adams panicked.

“I’ll be in my office.” The doctor said and left, ignoring Mrs Adams question.

“I’ll go see him now.” Miguel announced and they nodded sadly, hoping what the doctor was gonna say to him wasn’t gonna be something bad.

“Gosh!” Mr Adams said.

“It’s gonna be fine.” Mr Gonzàlez assured.



“Yes Miguel, she has a complicated pregnancy… Her chance of survival is 50/50… Either she dies or the baby dies, the both won’t be able to make it.” He informed him.

“You-you’re joking right?” Miguel asked after a short silence, he was obviously shaken by the news.

He wasn’t gonna have both his wife and baby. One of them has to díe for the other to live… No way!

“I wish I was… I’ll advice she abort the pregnancy otherwise, she’ll be endangering her life. If she keeps the baby, she will lose her life while birthing it and we all know it is difficult for a child to survive without his mother so to be on a safer side, rather than loosing both the egg and the chick, she should abort the pregnancy.” The doctor advised.

“No… No she… She can’t abort the pregnancy and she also can’t díe.” He muttered.

“Sadly, we have to choose one option.” The doctor said.

“No way! This can’t happen!” Miguel shouted.

“Calm down Miguel!”

“Do not tell me to calm down! Don’t Fůçƙing tell me to calm down!! Now I’ll have to choose between my wife and child?! Gawd!” He lamented.

“I understand your pain.” The doctor said.

“You don’t understand my pain, if you do, you would have found a way of making sure the both survive… Tch!” He shook his head and walked out of the office, heading to Yolanda’s ward.

“Miguel! What did the doctor say?”

“Is anything wrong with Yolanda?”

“Is she alright?”

“Say something Miguel?”

They asked as he walked passed them but he didn’t reply.

He got to her ward and walked towards her bedside. She was sleeping peacefully.

Her hair sprawled on the bed and her eyelids tightly closed. Her lips parted a little bit and her face looked pale.

She had a small plaster on her side head, her wrist were looking red as a result of the rope tied to her hand earlier. She had a drip connected to her hand as well.

He also noticed the red mark on her face as a result of the slap Diego and Bella gave her and he felt angry for not being there to prevent it.

He slowly sat beside her and his eyes darted to her flat stomach, he couldn’t believe that there was a foetus inside of it…

He slowly placed his hand on her stomach and smiled, even though he didn’t feel any movement.

And to think that he was to choose between the two… He batted his baby-like lashes, to prevent the tears that was threatening to fall.

Was life playing a dirty game on him or what??

The door squeaked open and Mr and Mrs Adams and Gonzàlez walked in with the rest…

“My baby…” Mrs Adams mumbled as she got to Yolanda.

“Poor child… Where you guys able to get the culprit?” Mr Gonzàlez asked and Fernando nodded.

“Yes sir… She happened to be someone close to her, it’s a long story actually.” He said and Mr Gonzàlez nodded.

“Miguel, what did the doctor say?” Mr Adams inquired, he was very much worried.

“Dad, Landa… The doctor said that, she has a complicated pregnancy… There’s no optimal that she would survive if she decides to birth the baby, so he advised us to abort the baby.” He said sadly.

“Oh no.” Mr Gonzàlez sighed. The pregnancy news wasn’t new to them since Mr Adams already informed them but the fact that the pregnancy was complicated, it was something to worry about.


“I think we’ll just have to abort the child, I can’t let anything happen to my Landa… Thank goodness we already have Ricky.” Miguel said sadly.

“Why are does all this keep happening to my daughter?” Mrs lamented K!SSing Yolanda’s hand and she felt her move a finger.

“Yoyo…” She muttered, raising her head to stare at her face.

She suddenly batted her lashes like she was about waking up.”Baby…” She called and that alerted others in the room.

They rushed to her, Miguel who was already standing beside her just stared keenly at her face.

Slowly, Yolanda opened her eyes but she quickly closed it back.

Then she opened it back, slowly adjusting to the room’s light.

“Baby.” Mrs Adams squealed and hugged her on the bed.

To her amazement, she didn’t push her back, maybe because she was still weak.

“I’m so happy you’re finally awake! Gosh!” She said, breaking the hug but Yolanda didn’t say anything.

She made to sit up and Miguel helped her with it, that was when she saw him and she remembered everything that happened…

For a moment her memory was blank.

“Miguel…” She called and hugged him, not minding the syringe connected to her hand.

It took Miguel unawares as well. He thought that when she wakes up, she was still gonna be upset with her, guess he was wrong.

She wasn’t upset with him at all. In fact, she missed him so very much.

She thought she could live without him but she was wrong, she had grown so emotionally attached to him that it has become difficult to live without him and seeing him right she just wanted to be in his arms and here she was…

Miguel hugged her back, so tightly to himself. Words can’t explain how happy he was right now, even though she hasn’t said she has forgiven him, hugging him, gave him 99% hope that she was gonna or she has forgiven him… Gawd!

Gael smiled as he watched them hug. Seems like they were gonna get back together.

He thought, feeling kinda relieved. He gave them one last glance before leaving the ward unnoticed, going to check on Bella.

“Ermm… You both don’t plan on hugging each other all day…” Mrs Gonzàlez cleared her throat and they chuckled.

They broke the hug and Miguel smiled.

“Does this means you’ve forgiven me?” Miguel asked, to be very sure.

“I was never mad at you, I was only mad at the fact that you were the r@pist.” She said and Miguel’s face dropped.

“Even tho you ràped me, it was in the past… You’re now the man I’ve grown to love so deeply. And the action from the past only yielded a beautiful seed… Yunno I think this was destiny all along, coz who would have thought I would end up with the man that ràped me… I guessed that’s how our love story was destined to-” Miguel cut her off with a K!SS.

“Oh goodness! My poor eyes! Can’t you guys see elders in the room, learn a simple ethic!” Mrs Gonzàlez said dramatically and they chuckled.

Miguel didn’t seem to mind as he K!SSed her affectionately and Yolanda reciprocated as well. Wave of emotions ran through their spines and she could feel Ɓụťťerflies hosting a party in her stomach as they shared the passionate K!SS.

Miguel suddenly broke the K!SS and cupped her cheeks in his hands.

“I’m sorry Landa, believe me when I say that… I’m really sorry, call me a fool, an idiot, a rascal, anything… I deserve it… Just know I’m truly-” Yolanda covered his mouth with her palm, stopping him from saying further.

“If you keep on saying silly things, I’ll just change mind about forgiving you…”

“No, no no… I’m sorry Landa-”

“What happened to sassy queen?” She feigned a frown..

“Sorry, sassy queen… I love you my sassy queen, very much.” He said.

“I love you too, my knighty.” She confessed.

“Knighty??” He asked.

“That’s the name I came up with, that’s what I’ll be calling you… My knight in a shining armor, simply knighty.” She said and he smiled.

“I love you sassy queen.” He said and made to K!SS her again when Mrs Gonzàlez came in between them, separating them.

“Not again, you’re both acting like we don’t exist.” She complained with a scoff..

“Literally.” Fernando chipped in.

“I expected y’all to understand.” Miguel complained with a pout.

“We understand that you both missed each other but this oppression is too much, you’re making me want to go back to my youthful days.” Mrs Gonzàlez said and they chuckled.

“Awwwn…” Yolanda said but paused when she remembered something/someone.


“Miguel, what about Bella? Hope nothing happened to her?” She inquired worriedly and their countenance changed.

“Actually… She’s still being operated on, but not to worry she’ll be fine… I know Bella to be a fighter, nothing will happen to her.” Miguel assured.

“But do they know each other? I mean, Bella and Bella…”

“Oh… Yes they do, they’re actually twin sisters but not identical… We’ll discuss that later…” He said and she nodded slowly.

She felt bad that Bella was hurt because of her. Damn!

Her stomach suddenly growled indicating she was hungry and she held it.

They chuckled.

“Hungry?” Mrs Gonzàlez asked and she nodded, quite embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, Miguel will get you something to eat, right Miguel?” Mrs Gonzàlez asked and he nodded.

“Sure… So what will you like to eat?” Miguel asked and Yolanda cleared her throat.

“I want fried rice and chicken, with salad and pineapple juice, alongside pizza, french fries, grilled cheese, hot dogs, Oreo cookies, hamburger and ice cream only.” Yolanda said, smiling sweetly and they all exchanged look.

Did she just call all that only… Really?

“Please repeat your request.” Miguel said and Yolanda nodded.

“I want fried rice and chicken, with salad and pineapple juice no apple juice, alongside pizza, french fries, grilled cheese, hot dogs, Oreo cookies, hamburger and ice cream only.” She said.

“Please don’t forget any… That’s the little I want to eat now.” She told him and Miguel’s eyes bulged.

Wait, she wasn’t joking… Oh no!

Pregnancy was surely a bítch.

“Hurry up Miguel, I’m hungry.” She pouted.

“O..ok.” He nodded and left in bewilderment.

“Gosh! I’m so excited you’re alright.” Mrs Gonzàlez gushed and hugged her.

“I’m glad I have a fighter daughter.” Mr Adams said and she smiled.

“Thanks Dad.” She replied.

“I’m glad everything is going back to normal.” Mr Gonzàlez said and Yolanda smiled.

Her eyes darted to Marianna and Fernando.

“Thanks Marianna.” She said and Marianna shook her head.

“You don’t have to thank me ma’am, I did wrong to you, yunno.” Marianna said lowly.

“But you still helped me, thanks… And it’s Yolanda, I don’t think you should be formal with me.” She said and Marianna smiled.

“You’re so sweet.” Marianna said and she just smiled.

She faced Fernando, as if nudging him to speak.

“Ermmm, I’m sorry Yolanda, for everything.” He apologized.

“I already forgave you… But if you promised not to be naughty anymore.” She said.

“I promise.” Fernando said quickly she chuckled.


“Baby…” Mrs Adams called and Yolanda turned to look at her.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” Mrs Adams apologized in tears and Yolanda sighed.

For the very first time, she could see how sorry her mom was. She guessed it was time to let go of the past. She has probably realized her mistake.

If she was gonna punish her mom for long, then Ricky should do the same to her coz she abandoned him as well.

“Please baby, forgive your mommy.” She begged and Yolanda batted the tears in her eyes.

“Yoyo.” Mrs Gonzàlez touched her shoulder and nodded at her to forgive her.


“Mom…” She called and hugged her tightly.

“My baby, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have neglected you, I shouldn’t have chosen my work over you, please forgive me.” She cried on her shoulder.

“Forgive me as well mom, I shouldn’t have distanced myself from you. I was wrong to have broke ties with you, it was so stup!d of me.” Yolanda said.

“No it wasn’t, you had every right to do what you did. I am the one at fault and I should be the one begging. Forgive me.” Her mom said tearily.

Yolanda smiled, it feels good to be in a mother’s embrace, she missed this so much, she missed her mom!

She thought as she clutched tightly to her as if she didn’t wanna break the hug.

Everyone smiled at the mother-daughter reunion.

Mr Adams was the most happiest amongst them all, finally his family was back!

He cleaned the tears at the side of his eyes before it would fall down.



“Jackson Mendes here.” He introduced.

“Welcome sir.” The inspector greeted him.

“My daughter got arrested about an hour ago, I’m here to bail her out.” He said and the inspector sighed.

“Sadly, you can’t sir.”


“You daughter committed murder, and the person filing the case sternly instructed she doesn’t get released. She’s staying here until she is charged in court.” The commissioner said and his brows crumbled up.

Did he just say his daughter committed murder??


“Dad I’m sorry.” Isabella cried, her eyes had become fat from crying and her makeup smeared on her face.

She looked dishevelled right now.

“How could you Isabella? How could try to kíll someone coz of your stupid obsession? I thought I told you to drop that topic and bury the hatchet several years ago.” Mr Adams said with a no expression, if he was angry at her she couldn’t tell.

He was standing outside the cell, the iron gate of the cell was what demarcated them and Isabella was holding tightly to it.

He knew about the r@pe incident four years ago coz his daughter was associated with it and she had pressed him on carrying on the case even when it was clear that Yolanda won it… That was when he knew of this his daughter’s obsession but he thought she had come of it but he was wrong.

“I’m sorry dad, I was just too obsessed… Now I’ve realized my mistakes, I swear I wasn’t in my right senses.” She cried even more.

“What if the person you shot díes? You will spend the rest of your life in this damn prison.” Her dad said and she shook her head.

“No… No… Crysta can’t díe!” She said, covering her mouth with her shaking palms.

“What?? Crysta?? Which Crysta?” Mr Mendes asked, hoping it wasn’t who he was thinking.

“My twin.” Isabella cried.

“She’s in Mexico right now… I swear dad, I didn’t mean to shoot her, I didn’t know she was there… Everything happened so fast… Please forgive me.” She begged.

“TH! How could you?”

“I’m sorry dad, please forgive me.”

“Gawd!” Mr Mendes ruffled his hair in frustration.

“Please.” She pleaded and he glared at her.

How could she have shot her sister??



Immediately Miguel stepped out of Yolanda’s ward, he met the doctor who he quickly recognized as Bella’s doctor, he was the one treating her.

“Doctor, how’s the patient?” Miguel inquired.

He was damn worried about her. Bella who hated hospital was now here.

“I already told the other guy, the surgery was successful. We were able to pull out the bullets from her body and she should be fine but unfortunately she slipped into coma.” He told him and Miguel sighed out tiredly.

“How long is it gonna take?” He asked.

“I can’t predict… Coma can take hours, sometimes days and most times months and weeks, it can also take years… Let’s just hope that she comes out from it soon.” The doctor said and he nodded sadly.

“Okay doctor.” He said and the doctor nodded before leaving.

He went to check Bella before leaving.



“11:55!!!” Miguel squealed, turning to Yolanda who was mulching on a full chicken.

Her lips was smeared with it, she was eating it with her bare hands.

“Seriously sassy, just two seconds ago you were on french fries, now fried chicken… It’s almost 12am!!” He complained.

“It’s not my fault I keep eating, it’s the baby that keeps demanding for food and you brought me out on a date and you expect me not to eat not fair…” She said with mouth full of chicken and Miguel shook his head.

She has grown such a big appetite.

Actually Yolanda didn’t abort the child like she was told, she bluntly refused.

She couldn’t kíll her child, it was better she díed while birthing it rather than aborting it… She will never be able to leave with the guilt…

So they kept the pregnancy, hoping on God that both she and the baby survives it.

As for today, it’s 31st night… Five minutes left to step into a new year and Miguel wanted to step into it with Yolanda by his side…

Right now, they were outside, in a restaurant. You can call it a date if you want to.

They wanted to start a new beginning with this new year.

“11:56!!!” He squealed and changed his position, he went to sit beside her.

“What?” Yolanda asked with a full mouth but Miguel didn’t reply, he carried her and made her sit on his lap.

Her protruding belly was now visible.

‘Gosh! What a weight!” He said inwardly, he wouldn’t dare say it out unless he was ready for her tantrums.

“Miguel, my chicken…” She said as Miguel took the chicken from her and dropped it on the plate.

“Chicken isn’t important right now, sassy queen… We’re about to make it into a new year, a new day… And it’s gonna be a new beginning to us… We both can admit that this year started roughly even if we haven’t met each other then, but I guess this year is gonna make a change… Mrs Yolanda Miguel Gonzàlez…” He paused, staring directly into her eyes and she did the same.

“I want us to take a step into this new year together, with you by my side and me by your side. In both happiness and sadness, we can quarrel but we should never go to bed without settling our differences… We will train our children together, in the right way… We won’t let anyone come in between our love story… We would stick to each other till the the end, this love is forever…”

Immediately he was done with his speech, the sound of fireworks followed as if it has been waiting for him to finish speaking all long.

“Happy New Year!!!”

Yolanda gasped as she watched the fireworks shooting in the sky in different colors, it looked so beautiful…


“Happy New Year!!” Miguel and Yolanda said simultaneously.

“Welcome to 2033!!”

“Same wish.”

“So your response?”

“Yes knighty! Yes!! I promise me to start this year with you by my side and hopefully to end it with you… I promise to be a loving wife, to love you forever… I love you my knighty.” She said and K!SSed him.

Miguel reciprocated immediately and red roses began falling on them, with a soft and slow emotional music playing in the background.

“I love you my sassy queen.” Miguel said as he broke the K!SS, licking the chicken smeared on his lips..

“I love you too my knighty.” She replied and just then Miguel’s phone began ringing.

He took the phone from the table and swiped green immediately.

“Hello! What? Yes! Wow! Okay I’ll be there soon.” He said and ended the call.

“What happened?”

“Bella is awake!”



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