(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾

          CHAPTER 64&65

          °° NOT AGAIN   °°




“How? When? Where? Gawd!” Miguel panicked over the phone.

Nanny Clara was the one calling him. After the incident, Yesenia took her to the hospital where she got treated and immediately after that, nanny Clara rushed to the police station to raise alarm.

She still had a bandage around her head.

Yesenia was at the police station with her and she was trying to get through to Isabella.

“Okay Miguel, I’ll be waiting for you.” Nanny Clara said and ended the call.

“Oh goodness. Please protect my Yoyo for me.” She muttered.

She should call Mr Adams. She thought and immediately called him to inform him of the situation at hand.

A while later…

Miguel rushed into the police station.

“Nanny Clara.” He called as nanny Clara got to him.

Panic could be seen in both eyes, but it appeared as tho Miguel’s own was more.

“Miguel, I’m scared. The rascals haven’t even called yet.” She said and Miguel immediately walked to the DPO.

“Mr Gonzàlez, you’re here.” He said but immediately he saw his not smiling face, he became serious.

“Didn’t you hear my wife has been kidnapped? What are you guys doing about it?” Miguel asked in a cold tone.

“We’re working on the complaint, it came just…”

“Get your silly àss to work!” He banged the desk harshly.

“Nothing should happen to my wife! Otherwise!”

He warned and they swung into action.

Almost immediately, Mr Adams arrived there.

“What happened Clara? How did this happen?” He asked worriedly.

“I don’t know Sir… We were coming back from the hospital when it happened.” She said.

“Wait, hospital?” Miguel repeated.

“Is Yolanda sick or something?” He asked his worry intensifying.

“Not really… It’s just this morning sickness… Actually, Yolanda is pregnant.” She broke the news and Miguel gasped.

“Lan… Landa is pregnant?” He asked again to be sure he heard well, he didn’t even know what to feel right now.

She was pregnant, that was great news but she has been kidnapped.

“Yes, she is three weeks…”

Before she could complete her sentence, he ran out of the station.

“Miguel!” They called but he was already out.

He rushed into his car, driving off in a cràzy speed.

He couldn’t just sit down when he doesn’t know how Yolanda was feeling.

She is even pregnant.

Oh God! If he gets his hand on those kidnappers, swears he was gonna commit murder!



Mrs García is the only one who lives in the house now. Romina has been imprisoned.

She couldn’t help but regret such a horrible mother she had become.

She caused everything. Romina and Miguel were only childhood friend but she started matchmaking her daughter with him.

Forcing her to get him just because of his wealth. She instigated her daughter, giving her so many reasons she should love Miguel and become his girlfriend.

Then the friend which Romina used to see Miguel as stopped, she started seeing him as her lover,,, so literally, she caused everything.

She wished her daughter could forgive her.

It was already too late. Mr and Mrs Adams didn’t want to listen to her. They felt betrayed when they found out that Romina abducted Yolanda but it was actually Romina’s mom who suggested the abduction.

That very day Romina had called her and told her about the closieness between Yolanda and Miguel and she suggested that she abducted Yolanda and make Miguel do her biddings.

She was such a bad mother.

She cried.

Just then the doorbell rang. She slowly wiped her tears, she wasn’t expecting anyone.

She sluggishly walked to get the door. Immediately she opened it, Romina’s face popped in.

“Romina!” She screamed before hugging her tightly.

“Oh my gosh! You finally came back … I missed you!” She said happily but Romina broke the hug immediately.

“There’s no need to be happy too much, I’ll be leaving soon.” She said with no emotion.

“Leaving… Wha… What do you mean?” Her mom asked, not wanting to believe what it is.

“My sentence was very obvious.” She said and walked out on her.

“No no Romina! You can’t leave me! I’m sorry!” She yelled.



She was kept in a dark room, the only light penetrating into the room was that, coming in through the high window.

She was tied to a chair, her hair fell on her face as her head was dangling. She was obviously still unconscious.

Her head suddenly shook as if she was regaining consciousness, and slowly she raised her head.

Her sight was at first blurry but it adjusted to the dim light in no time.

“Where… Where am I?” She mumbled arching her brows, trying to recall what happened.

Her eyes dilated and she gasped immediately, remembering she was kidnapped.

Fear suddenly crept her.

She made to stand up, that was when she noticed she was tied to a chair.

“What… Who-who’s there?” She stuttered, looking forward, wriggling her hands around the ropes at the same time.

She couldn’t find the room’s door… Wait where was she?

“Is… Is anyone out there? Why have you kidnapped me?!” She yelled but she didn’t get any response.

Her stomach growled that minute, reminding her she hasn’t eaten… She didn’t even know what the time was.

“Anyone out there?! Why have you brought me here! Let me go!” She shouted.

This can’t be happening. She can’t be kidnapped.

For some reasons, she felt it was an intentional kidnap. But why will someone kidnap her??

She couldn’t remember hurting/offending someone…

Just then she began hearing footsteps.


Isabella smiled walking into the abandoned convent. She met two hugely built men standing by the door, guarding the room.

“Good day ma’am.” They greeted simultaneously and she nodded.

“Is she awake??” She asked, not sparing them a glance.


“Anyone out there?! Why have you brought me here! Let me go!” Yolanda’s voice cut in the man who was about replying.

Bella smirked before going into the room.

The men went in as well, standing by the door while she walked in fully.

“The lights.” She said and they quickly turned it on.

Yolanda who was anxious on seeing who it was, gasped immediately she saw it was Camila!

An evil smile found it’s way to Bella’s lips as she saw the surprised expression on Yolanda’s face.

“Finally! Finally, I got you bítch.” She said with a wide smiled.

“Ca… Camila, you’re here? What… What is going on? Bítch? Don’t tell me you…” Yolanda left the sentence hanging as she stared with a puzzled look.

Bella smirked.

“It’s a very long story but I’m gonna make it short for my baby…” She said…

“First of all…” She removed the mask she was wearing and her real face came into view.

“Bella!” Yolanda gasped in surprise, her eyes widened like saucers.

“Bella?” She called again.

“Surprised?? You should be?” Bella chuckled.

“…” Yolanda closed back her mouth when she couldn’t form a word.

Camila was Bella. It was already obvious she came for her because of Nico…

Was she really gonna ruin her life because of it. She knew Bella used to have a crush on Nico back then but Nico chose her and only took Bella as a friend so why was she head over heels??



Marianna walked into the company with the intentions of apologizing to Yolanda for her indifferent attitude and also to expose Camila to her.

“Marianna!” Esmeralda called immediately she saw her.

She feigned a smile, walking to her.

“You’re here. I thought you resigned.” Esme said and Marianna shook her head negatively.


“Why are you then?” She asked.

“I want to tell ma’am something.” She said.

“Haven’t you heard? Ma’am have been kidnapped.” Esmeralda announced.

The news had flew around like wildfire.

“What!!” Marianna screamed.

“When??” She asked.


“Damn Camila!” Marianna said frustratedly and quickly rushed out of the company.

“Marianna!” Esmeralda called but she already left.



“Damn the freaking police! Damn everyone!”

“Calm down dude!” Gael said.

“Don’t Fůçƙing tell me that! My wife has been missing for seven hours now and you ask me to Fůçƙïṅg calm down! Don’t even say that! You shouldn’t even be talking to me!!” Miguel yelled at him.

He was freaking angry.

The kidnappers still haven’t called giving him a hench that someone actually sent them.

They were probably hired. He couldn’t even get the CCTV footage of the incident, it has been cleared off from the streets device.

“Damnit!!” He kicked the center table and it came crashing to the floor.

“Calm down Miguel. I believe the kidnappers will soon call.” Mr Adams said.

“When! When will that be dad? Look dad, I just can’t sit here knowing fully well that my wife is in danger, damn the stupid police!” He said frustratedly.

“My baby…” Mrs Adams said.

They were all there, Mr and Mrs Gonzàlez, nanny Clara, Crystabella and Gael…

They all rushed there immediately they heard the news.

“I wonder who could have done this… I would have said Romina but the bítch won’t even dare!” Bella said.

“Let’s just let the police handle this while we wait for the kidnapper’s call… You don’t even know where she is to start with.” Mr Adams told him.

“I don’t care! I’m going to look for her!” He said and picked his car keys which was laying on the couch, then he began walking out of the house.

Before he got to the door, it opened on it’s own and Marianna walked in with Fernando.

“I think I know who kidnapped Yolanda and where she is right now.” Marianna said and they all turned their heads to her.

“What are you saying?”



“You know it wasn’t my fault! He literally succeed in r@ping me!”

“Cut the crap! If you hadn’t accepted to be his girlfriend, all this wouldn’t have happened! I remember warning you against accepting his proposal!” Camila yelled at her Yolanda who was already in tears.

“You shouldn’t be crying yet coz I ain’t done with you… Nico was my first and only love, even though I couldn’t get him, I was ready to let him go but you kílled him… You took him away from me, forever!” She yelled.

“Is that why you came back to my life as Camila??” Yolanda asked and she scoffed.

“You know everything that happened wasn’t my fault yet… Gawd! I guess human being are not to be trusted. I was beginning to see you as a sister I never had but you…” She sighed in tears while Bella rolled her eyes not feeling remorseful.

“Put yourself in my shoes Bella, won’t you have done the same?! Just like you and everyone, I had a crush on Nico and when he asked me to be his girlfriend what did you expect me to do?! Should I have turned him down? How would I have known he wasn’t who he portrayed himself to be? You don’t have any right to blame me for anything! Nico wasn’t blind, he would have noticed you if he you were worth noticeable!” She yelled at her, furiously.

“How dare you!” Bella slapped her hard and her head fell to a side her hair covering her face.

She grabbed her hair and Yolanda yelped.

“Your life is in my hand right now so you should be begging for my mercy rather than sputtering out rubbish!” She increased her grip on her hair and Yolanda yelped even more.

“You’re gonna regret this Bella! Mark my wor… Arghh!!” Yolanda yelped as Bella let go of her hair, pushing her roughly.

She began laughing. “I’m gonna regret this?? Haha… If you know my plans for you, you will be begging for my mercy.” She smirked.

“What do you mean?” Yolanda asked.

She couldn’t deny for a fact that she was scared.

The door opened and Diego walked in with a devilish smile. Yolanda gasped, recognizing him immediately.

Diego! Her ex course mate who claims to have a crush on her… What was he doing here?


“Yes baby… I’m glad you still recognize me, it shows you didn’t forget my love.” Diego said.

“Bella, what’s this?”


“No please! Don’t do this! Bella! Diego no!” Yolanda’s cries filled the room as they undressed her.

He was gonna r@pe her.

Bella smirked, watching without an atom of pity… She deserves it, she thought.

Diego just stared Lū$tfully as the men undressed her with Yolanda struggling in their hands.

Her face was already smeared with tears. She looked like a deranged person right now. She couldn’t believe she was gonna go through the same trauma again.

“You all close your eyes while doing that.” Diego instructed and they did that.

“Bella please don’t let him do this to me. You’re a woman like me… Stop this $h|t!… Diego don’t do this please I beg you all!” She pleaded but it all fell on deaf ears.

“It’s okay you all can leave, I can take it from here.” Diego said to the boys and they left Yolanda who was only in her P@ŋt and br@.

“Have fun dude.” Bella smirked.

“You too bítch.” She smirked before walking away.


Diego walked to the door and locked it after which, he threw the keys off the window.

That was when Yolanda knew that indeed, she was doomed for life.

He turned to Yolanda, licking his lips Lū$tfully and Yolanda quickly covered herself with a duvet.

“Let’s get down to business quickly, I can’t wait to bury myself in you.” He said as he began unbuckling his belt and Yolanda gritted.

There was no escape root for her. She only kept praying then her mind flashed to Miguel.

‘Miguel please where are you? I need you more than ever, please come to my rescue.’ She said inwardly.

She had heard that two lovers can communicate to each other through their heart 😅

She hopes it works.

“C’mon baby, let’s get to business…” She heard Diego whispered to her that was when she noticed he was already standing beside her.

Her eyes widened when she saw he was Ɲ@kēɗ.

She quickly looked away.

“Look here Diego… Your feelings for me were all in the past… You can never have me again, not even now… I’m married and my husband is the jealous type… You’re gonna regret this if you do.” She told him but Diego wouldn’t listen.

“How can a r@pist charge someone for ràpe?” He questioned.

“He’s my husband and the father of my son so you berra watch your tongue!” She yelled and Diego gasped at her sudden bravery… Where is that coming from??

“Wow… Such bravery, I will advice you save that energy… Coz you might be needing it to Mõ@ɲ my name.” He said and before she could say a word he K!SSed her forcefully.

“Let go of me!” She pushed him with all the strength in her and a deafening slap followed.

“How dare you?!” Diego barked, his eyes red in anger.

“I can be violent than this so you better let me go!” She yelled with red eyes.

Diego smirked.

“Will you kíll me just like you kílled your ex, then go ahead coz nothing is gonna stop me from tasting that p*$$y of yours today.” With that, he pushed her on the bed.

“Leave me!” He grabbed the duvet off her body.

He touched her v through the P@ŋties..

“No please don’t do this Diego.” She pleaded in tears, struggling with him as he began K!SSing her roughly.



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