(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾




“Isa!” Mrs Gonzàlez squealed as she hugged Mrs Adams.

“Rosè.” Mrs Adams feigned a smile as they disengaged from the hug.

“You didn’t inform me you were coming otherwise I’d have prepared something.” Rosè said and she sighed.

“What happened? You don’t look bright.” Rosè observed.

“Can we go in?” Isa asked and she nodded.

A while later…

“Goodness Isa! That was wrong of you.” Rosè chided as Isa narrated her relationship with Yolanda.

They were currently seated in the living room.

“I know and now I’ve realized my mistake but it appears to be too late. My daughter already hates me now.” Isa sobbed.

She was tired of playing unaware, like she didn’t know what she has done. If she doesn’t mend her ways earlier, she might lose her daughter completely so she had to resign.

Even after resigning, she couldn’t get back her daughter. What has been done has already been done.

“It’s never too late… I don’t really know Yolanda, but the little time I spent with her, I realized her sweet nature even when she is always covering it up. She will definitely forgive you now you’ve realized your mistake.” She said.

“You think so?” Isa asked, sniffing.

“No, I know so.” She assured and Isa sighed…

“I’m really a bad mother.” She whispered but Rosè heard her clearly.

“I said stop it already.” She said and hugged her.

“Don’t worry when they arrive, you should talk to her… They’ll be back today.” Rosè said and Isa gasped.

“I thought it’s a month honeymoon trip?” She asked.

“So I thought, I don’t know why they had to cut it short. Miguel just called this morning to inform us of their arrival… We’ll go wait in the mansion for them.” Rosè said and Isa shook her head as if remembering something.

“I can’t see her.” She suddenly said and Mrs Gonzàlez furrowed her brows.

“Why?” She asked as Isa stood up.

“I just can’t see her, bye.” She said and began leaving in a hurry.


“What’s with her?” Mrs Gonzàlez asked herself before shaking her head.

The two will arrive any moment from now, the driver had already gone to the airport.



He looked at her sleeping face and a sad sigh escaped his lips, remembering what she told him yesterday.

She was really a strong girl, he must say. The hate was worth it, to be honest. Right now he was feeling damn guilty.

All the thoughts in his mind right now was, what was gonna reaction when she finds out?

He didn’t wanna lose her. He didn’t want her to hate her but what he did was despicable.

“Fasten your seatbelt everyone, the plane will land in less than 15 minutes.” A feminine voice buzzed from the intercom, waking Yolanda.

She yawned slightly before sitting up, she turned to see Miguel staring at her but he quickly averted her gaze.

“We’re in Mexico.” She said and he nodded.

Silence ensued for about five minutes before he broke it with a question he asked.

“Sassy queen…” He called and Yolanda looked at him.


“What if you find that r@pist? What will you do to him?” He asked in a low tone and her countenance changed.

“Even God will not be able to save him that day.” She sneered and Miguel swallowed hard.

The hate in her voice could be felt in that short speech, making cold shivers run down his spine

“Why do you ask tho? Do you have the intention of finding the r@pist?” She asked and he quickly shook his head.

“Ermm… No no, I mean yes… I just wanted to know what you’ll do to him, and since you said even God can’t spare him… I love that, he should pay for his sin.” He said and Yolanda sighed.

‘Oh God! I’m doomed!” He said inwardly, facing his front.

The plane landed safely and they all alighted down. They met with the driver already waiting for them so they simply went to him. They got into the car and the driver zoomed off.

The ride home was very boring, Yolanda noticed something off about him. The Miguel she knew was never this quiet so what could be wrong?

She thought but didn’t ask, she didn’t want it to seem like she was bothering him, so…

They arrived the mansion after a thirty minutes drive. Mrs Gonzàlez was already waiting for them with David.

“Șëx¥ crush!” He squealed rushing to Yolanda who smiled before bending to his level and receiving him into a tight embrace.

“I missed you so much.” He said and she smiled.

“Really? Why didn’t you call me then?” She asked and he pouted.

“Mom wouldn’t let me, she said I shouldn’t disturb you two.” He said with an eye roll and she ruffled his hair.

“Yolanda!! I missed you so much!” Mrs Gonzàlez squealed, hugging her.

Yolanda smiled. This is actually the first time she was experiencing a mother hug. The feeling was new, that of comfort.

She smiled, hugging her tightly.

“I missed you so much.” She broke the hug, K!SSing her all over her cheek.

“Mom…” David whispered tediously, scowling his face in disgust.

“Playboy.” He called and Miguel chuckled.

“Hey kiddo.” Miguel responded and he rolled his eyes.

“I’m a big boy for crying out loud.” He said and Miguel chuckled.

“So how was your honeymoon trip, why did you guys cut it short?” Rosè asked and Yolanda looked at Miguel.

“Actually mom, something came up…”

“Something like??” She asked.

“I’ll talk to you later mom, I have to rush somewhere.” He said instead.

“But where are you going? You just arrive, at least come in and rest.” Rosè said.

“Not now mom… I’ll be back soon.” He said and rushed out of the house.

Yolanda kept staring at his retreating figure with a no expression.

“That son of mine, come on Yolanda, I prepared something delicious for you.” Rosè said and she returned her gaze to her.

“Bean stew, my favorite!!” David squealed, rushing to the dinning room.

The two followed behind him.



“Let’s go, let’s go.” Nanny Clara said as she held his hand taking him into their small apartment.

He is Ricky, Yolanda’s abandoned child. Mere looking at him, one could see the striking resemblance they had.

He has her hazel brown eyes, her small nose, her thin lips… He had it all, expect for the dimples which he had that Yolanda didn’t have.

He wasn’t looking bright as he walked into the house. He was obviously returning from school as he had his backpack on his back and was on his uniform.

Nanny Clara opened the door and they both got in. “Freshen up quickly, while I serve your lunch.” She smiled at him before going into the kitchen.

She failed to notice the sad expression on his face or she noticed it but chose to ignore it.

Ricky sat on the couch sullenly, not removing his shoes. Why does his mom hates him so much??

Last week Wednesday was his birthday but she didn’t come… She didn’t even send her wish.

Tho he was only four, he IQ was that of a adult, he was too smart for his age and that is why he knows that his mom doesn’t like him at all.

“Ricky?? What’s up with the sad face?” Nanny Clara asked as she met him in the same position she left him.

“Nanny…” He called calmly, facing her.

“When is mommy coming to see me?” He asked, sullenly.

“Uhmm… Your mommy?” She itched her dark hair, she is a middle aged woman.

“Yes… I want mommy to come pick me up from school just like other kids. I want to experience motherly love. My friends talk about how their mom cook for them, sing lullaby for them, play with them… I want to experience all this, I want to feel that mommy and child bond, I want her to feed me till I’m full…” He broke down in tears.

“Tch! I told you to be a big boy didn’t I? Stop crying, c’mon… It’s alright.”

“Yunno I always feel jealous whenever my friends are talking about their mommy… The bond, but my mommy doesn’t wanna see my face talk more of speaking to me.” He lamented.

“C’mon stop crying baby… I already told you, I’m your mom and I can do all those things for you…”

“No you don’t get it nanny, a mother’s love is unmeasurable, it can never be trade… Even though I try to see you as my mom, it can never change the fact that you’re not her… It’s just…”

“Oh c’mon now, don’t be a cry baby.” She begged but he kept on sulking.

“I wanna see her just once.” He said and nanny Clara sighed.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get the door.” Nanny Clara said, leaving him in the living room. He slowly wiped his tears, sniffing in.

“Mr Adams.” She called immediately she opened the door and Mr Adams face popped in.

“Clara.” He called and she smiled.

“Please come in sir.” She said and Mr Adams nodded before walking in.

“Ricky.” He called immediately he saw Ricky.

“Grandpa.” He feigned a smile, looking dull.

“What’s wrong?” Mr Adams asked, hastening his steps to him.

“What happened my boy?” He asked, sitting beside.

Ricky pouted his lips sadly.

“Mommy.” He said and Mr Adams swallowed hard.

He looked at nanny Clara who gave him that ‘I tried my best’ look. He sighed.

“Big boy, mommy is coming.” He said.

“When?” He asked gently.

“Give it some time.”

“Some time… Well grandpa… I’m not gonna eat until she comes. Since both mommy and daddy don’t wanna see… Wait grandpa! Are you sure they’re not deàd and you guys are…”


“Don’t say such ill thing of your parents… We’re not sure of your father but your mom is very much alive.” He said, brushing his hair.

“Then where is she?!” He shouted.

“C’mon Ricky stop throwing tantrums already… She’ll come soon.”

“My school is organizing a parent and teacher’s association meeting but as always nanny Clara will come as my mom while other student will appear with their parents… Tsk! It’s alright.” He sighed before standing up and leaving the living room.


“Don’t worry grandpa, I’ll eat. I can’t starve myself for anything in this world.” He shouted from inside and they chuckled.

“He can be complicating sometimes.” Nanny Clara said.

“How about Yolanda? Have she said anything towards Ricky?” She asked and Mr Adams smiled.

“Good news. She has loosen up a bit. She asked for Ricky’s picture.” He said and nanny Clara eyes widened.

“Really?” She asked and he nodded.

She was obviously surprised. They both knew her. She has never wanted to hear anything about Ricky. If you wanted to get her annoyed, just mention his name… That’s how much she despised him but despite that Ricky has always loved her.

He has never seen her in person, only her photos and model show which he watched on the TV.

“That’s good news indeed. A great step… What if you call her right now?” She suggested and Mr Adams nodded.

He brought out his phone and dialled her number but it didn’t reach. He shook his head.

“Maybe some other time.” She said and nanny Clara nodded sadly.



“You haven’t said anything since you arrived, you just kept drinking.” Gael said as Miguel gulped down the fifth bottle of beer.

He tilted his eyes as the hotness burnt his throat.

“I thought your honeymoon was supposed to be a month? What happened dude?” He asked walking to him. He sat on the second stool in the cellar.

“TF! You’re even crying!” He uttered, seeing the tears on his eyes, he wasn’t looking at him, he was looking into space.

“C’mon dude, you’re making me look like a fool here… What’s wrong?” He demanded, dead curious.

Miguel dipped his hand in his Břě@šť pocket and brought the necklace which he threw at him.

Gael caught it, checking it out.

Miguel took another bottle of beer, he immediately uncap the bottle with his teeth and didn’t waste time before gulping directly from the bottle.

“This… This look strangely familiar.” Gael said as he scrutinized it closely.

“Where have I seen it?” He asked, creasing his brow to a wrinkle.

“Think.” Miguel belched loudly making Gael glare at him.

“Disgusting!” He spatted before returning his gaze to the necklace.

His eyes widened when immediately he got a clue…

“Wait, wait! Isn’t this the necklace you got from the one night stand which you regretted.” He asked.


He, Bella and Miguel were the only one who knew about this. They just concluded their final exams, so they came out to celebrate.

They went to party that fateful day but no one knew who drugged him that very day causing him to go wild.

“I didn’t know you still had it… But why did you give this to me, how is the question I asked related to this?” Gael frowned slightly.

“I found the girl.” He suddenly said before gulping another shot.

“You… I don’t understand… You… How?” Gael asked with a puzzled expression.

“It’s Landa.” He uttered not paying attention to Gael’s speech.

Gael’s eyes bulged.

“Landa… Like you mean Yolanda?” He asked and Miguel rolled his eyes.

“Gawd!!! Don’t tell me this is why you came back… Did she find out, I mean how did she find out?” He asked.

“She doesn’t know anything.” Miguel replied…

“Then what’s this?” He asked and Miguel gulped down a shot again, before narrating everything to him…

“Speechless.” Gael uttered after Miguel finished narrating everything Yolanda told him.

“I can’t say anything other than that… Like TF! She really went through alot… I don’t even know what to tell you right now, but I suggest you tell her.” Gael said and Miguel chuckled tears.

“Do you know what she said? Only God will save the r@pist,,, Gael I’m scared. I’ve come to love her… I’m scared of losing her… I don’t know what to do, I’m just…” He shook his head drinking heavily as tears rolled down his cheek.

“Damn! But it wasn’t entirely your fault.”

“I know right, but it’s not an excuse… If I hadn’t gone to that party, none of this would have happened.” He said.

“Damn that person that drugged me. If I ever find the person behind this, I’m gonna kíll him for sure.” He said and Gael gulped down nothing.



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