(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾




“He’s lying! You naughty child!” She slapped him playfully.

“I’m not lying, we haven’t had our first K!SS.” He said.

“He’s lying.” Yolanda said, not ready to give in.

“No I’m not!”

“You are!”

“I’m not!”

“You are!”

“I’m not!”

They kept on arguing and the emcee face palmed himself, already regretting why he asked that question. What sort of couple are they??

“Okay, okay… Enough of who’s lying now… Forget the question I asked.” He said and Miguel immediately shook his head negatively.

“No, no… We can’t forget it.” He countered.

“What’s your problem?? He’s the emcee and has every right to cancel a question… Right??” She asked the emcee and he hesitantly nodded.

“You’re cheating!” He complained.

“Sorry boo… Ask another question.” She told the emcee and he nodded.

“Why is he obliging??” He asked her in a whisper, looking suspicious.

“Ion know.” She shrugged with a mischievous smile.

🎙️Last question cancelled.”

“This is unfair.” Miguel mumbled.

“Sadly it is.” Yolanda mumbled in reply.

🎙️So Mr Miguel, what’s your most memorable moments with your wife? Mind sharing with us?” He asked and Miguel smiled.

Even Yolanda smiled.

“Memorable moments, they’re alot but the most memorable is… The day she was being chased by a cat…” Yolanda gasped.

“Gosh! She had given a rule before that day that I shouldn’t touch her, not hugging, she shouldn’t be addressed as my wife…”

“Miguel…” She whispered, pulling his hand.

He smirked at her.

“Look here she doesn’t want me to give you all the whole gist.” He pouted.

🎙️C’mon Miguel’s wife, don’t be killjoy… So Mr Miguel, from what you’ve said, it seems your marriage wasn’t a love one??”

“It wasn’t actually, but it has grown to be… Right??” He asked her but she feigned a scoff, looking elsewhere.

🎙️Go ahead, I’m intrigued.”

“That day, I was walking on my own strolling through the island when she bumped into me, we both… And yunno… She began cr…”

“Miguel!!” She yelled covering his mouth with her palm and he began muffling.

“Mmmm.” He muffled.

“Must you always be loudmouthed?”She whispered.

“I can’t help it.” He whispered back.

🎙️ C’mon Miss Yolanda, why are you stopping him from speaking??” He asked Miguel increased his muffles.

🎙️ C’mon let him speak.” He said and Yolanda was forced to remove her hand from his mouth.

He smirked.

“She was crying…”

“Stop it!!” She shouted, burying her head on his chest at the same time hitting him.

They laughed.

“She’s shy, I should stop teasing her already coz I’m scared of her comeback, it’s always hot.” He said and the emcee laughed.

They continued continue the game till he asked everyone, five questions respectively and the game came to a satisfying end.

Fun filled as he said.

Now it was time for the husbands to cook for their wives and Yolanda already had it in mind to have her revenge.

The three men hung their aprons and walked into the kitchen. Yolanda wished Miguel goodluck as he went to the kitchen, with a mischievous smile on.

She with the two other ladies sat on a chair in the hall, facing the men in the kitchen.

Since the dish their wives asked for wasn’t time taking, they were done in no time and they came out and served for them.

“Your lunch, milady.” Miguel said, serving the food on the table before her.

It was hamburger and grilled cheese with apple juice. He sat on the seat opposite her and waited for her to have a taste of it.

She took the hamburger and had a bite while he watched her with expectant eyes.

Her eyes widened in amazement but she quickly replaced it with disappointment.

She quickly spit out the burger.

“What happened??” Miguel asked immediately, his face fell already.

“Water.” She demanded and he quickly gave her the juice and she took a sip.

“What happened??” He asked again.

“TH?? It’s salty Miguel.” She lied and his eyes widened.


“Yes. I can’t eat it, get me another one.” She demanded and Miguel’s raised a brow.

They were done with the contest and she was asking him to prepare another food for her, really??

“This is a competition Landa, not our home… I can’t just prepare another meal..”

“Hey mister! Your attention is needed!” She called out to the emcee’s attention and he came forward.

“Look here Mister, the snack my husband made is salty and I asked him to prepare another, he refused is that fair…” She pouted.

“It’s a competition, I can do that when we get home…”

“He won’t do it.”

“C’mon Miguel, who said because it’s a competition, you can’t prepare another meal??” The emcee asked and Miguel shook his head.

He can’t go back to the kitchen and cook another meal, he can’t!

“No, I…”

“Go, go go!” Yolanda grinned and the emcee smirked.

He grudgingly went to the kitchen and began cooking again.

He made sure everything was appropriate and brought the food for her.

Just like the first time, she rejected it claiming I was peppery when it wasn’t.

She kept on frustrating him till he cooked seven different dish for her and brought it to her.

He sat down, watching her as she picked the spaghetti with her fork. He was sweating profusely right now.

He had already made up his mind not to go to kitchen to prepare another dish if she rejected this one, even the emcee wasn’t gonna let it happen.

She has taken alot of their time already.

Yolanda tasted the food, she was about complaining but seeing the glare Miguel was sending her, she gulped down nothing.

“It’s manageable.” She said and he sighed.

Romina scoffed as she watched the whole scene with anger boiling in her.

She couldn’t believe that after everything she did, they were still together.

Not able to watch again, she left the hall. She kept pacing outside when Fernando came.

“Damn her!” She yelled.

“Jealous??” Fernando asked and she hissed.

“I feel like strangling her… I want to drain every blood in her.” She said.

“Your business, but my only warning is that you don’t dare hurt her otherwise you face my wrath… I don’t trust you.” He said and she scoffed.

“You can’t tell me what to do, I’m not the type that listens very well. If it takes eliminating Yolanda to get Miguel, I won’t think twice about it.” She said and walked away.

Fernando clenched his fist, staring at her retreating figure.


The contest came to an end and Miguel and Yolanda won the best couple. They were giving a trophy, the $1 million cash prize and a trip to Dubai but they only accepted the trophy and left the other material gift for the first runner up.

Presently, Yolanda is in the beach with Bella and as always, she is being loudmouthed.

Miguel walked out for a while.

“My God! I have never laughed this much in my entire life… You two are hilarious, really?? And to think that the food never had any issues… You’re a bad girl Landa.” She laughed

“I know, just wanted to payback, what did you think?” She smirked.

“I love your pay back.” She said and they both laughed.

Bella’s phone began ringing and she checked it, it was Gael calling. She smiled.

“Excuse me.” She said and picked the call.

“Hey SquareP@ŋts.” She said but network was kinda bad so she had to leave Yolanda.

Yolanda sighed in relief as she watched the water. She was seated in chair far from the water. She felt relaxed as she left her past.

She made the right choice for sure. She was still smiling with her eyes closed when she felt someone’s presence, she quickly opened her eyes to see a three strange men standing in front of her.

Who are they??

“Ma’am, Miguel asked us to bring you.” The one who appeared to be the leader said.

“Miguel??” She furrowed her brows in confusion.

Miguel asked them to bring her?? Why?? Who were they and why would he ask them to bring her??

“Why did Miguel ask you to bring me??” She asked, doubting them.

“He… We don’t know, he just said we should bring you.” He replied and at that moment, Yolanda could feel something fishy about everything.

“Tell him I’m not coming.”


“I’m not coming, so go away!” She bawled and the man looked at the two guys beside him.

“You leave us no choice.” He said and walked towards her.

“What…” He placed the sedated handkerchief on her nose before she could she complete her sentence making her unconscious.

Luckily for them, only two people were in the beach and their mind didn’t seem to be around.

He carried her in a bridal style and began walking out of the beach with the two guys.

They looked so innocent and decent that one would find it hard to observe something fishy.

Immediately they left, Bella arrived..

“Yola…” The rest of her name hung in her throat when she found the place vacant.

Where did she go?? She asked as her purse and phone was lying on the table.

“Yolanda!” She called looking around but no sign of her could be caught.

Miguel arrived immediately. “SpongeBob, have you seen Yolanda??” She asked and Miguel furrowed his brows.

What was she talking about?? He left her with her, so??

“I remember leaving you two together, so what are you asking??” He asked and Bella shook her head.

“I left her as well, to go make a call only to come back to meet her missing… She can’t possibly leave without her phone… And her purse.” She said and that was when Miguel took it serious.

“Search around, she could be somewhere around.” He said and she nodded.

They began searching around the beach, Miguel left the beach to go check if she had gone back to the hotel when a sight caught his attention.

A guy was carrying a lady, while two guys at his front were running towards a car, they kept looking around as if to be sure no one was following them but what caught his sight most was the shoe the lady was wearing… And the cloth!

It looked familiar.

“Landa??” He muttered.

“Run! Hurry!” They shouted and one of the them got into the car. He drove speedily backwards and opened the car for the one carrying Yolanda to get in.

He was about placing Yolanda in it when Miguel dragged him by his collar from the back.

He turned him to face himself and just like he thought, he was carrying Yolanda.

“Give her to me!” He demanded but the guy shook his head.

“Why should we??” He asked stubbornly but Miguel was in no time for long talks.

He grabbed her forcefully from him and kicked the man on his stomach. The two men got down from the car to fíght him.

The first one rushed to him but he duck and the guy lost his stamina and ended up crashing on the floor.

The second one came for him and he skillfully dodged him again and he fell on the first man.

The third man got up from the ground to attack him but he twirled around with Yolanda in his arms, and then he kicked him on his stomach again.

He then dropped Yolanda on the ground by the roadside to fight them one on one.

The first two men got up and attacked him but he caught them and jammed their both heads together, making their eyes rolled funnily and they dropped down, unconscious.

He smirked. “Weaker vessels.” He muttered, then his eyes caught with the third man who was running towards Yolanda.

“Scoundrel!” He rushed to him and grabbed him by his collar. He smashed his head on the guy’s and the guy fell down.

He smirked in satisfaction before rushing to Yolanda. He squatted before her.

“Landa, wake up Landa… Pls…” He said in panic, rubbing his palms on hers.

He was damn worried.

“Wake up Landa…” He shook her but she didn’t wake up.

He began thinking of what to do that he didn’t notice one of the men who was still conscious.

He was so worried to know what was going on. He nodded his head when he finally thought of something.

He should take her to the room first. He hurriedly scoop her in his hands, carrying her in a bridal style, he began walking.

Bella who had been searching in the beach suddenly came out, her eyes widened when she saw the man with stick who was about attacking Miguel.

“SpongeBob watch out!!” She yelled.

He has only taken two steps when he was hit on his head from behind. He groaned and staggered back with Yolanda in his eyes.

The man hit him again and he fell on his knees, his hand suddenly feeling weak and he let go of Yolanda who fell on the ground, rolling far away from him.

“Miguel!!” Bella screamed rushing to them.

Miguel’s hand went to his back head and he could feel the liquid that touched with his hand. The pain was lingering, making him dizzy…

“Lan… Landa…” He stuttered before falling on the floor, slowly giving in to unconsciousness.

The man smirked before throwing the stick on the floor. He walked to Yolanda and carried her in his arms, and leaving the scene.

Her eyes widened when everything registered in her brain.

She was so scared, her head became blank, not knowing what to do.



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