(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾


°° THE PLAN °°

“That’s sad, it wasn’t nice of your mom.” Miguel said after Yolanda told him everything.

“I know right?? But still she chose her work over me, I can’t stop her and I can’t keep on fighting for love I won’t get, I’m tired of fighting for the darn love and attention…” She said and Miguel sighed.

Most people are going through alot, more than the eyes can see… It was hard to believe that the mother love he got in abundance, she was lacking of it.

“I promise to be there for you, to give you that love and attention.” He suddenly said and she chuckled.

“I don’t need it anymore, and… You know nothing about me yet, to promise… When I tell you my whole story, you’ll surely leave me just like everyone did.” She smiled, but it was obviously a sad smile.

“Why… Why do you say that??” He asked, perplexed.

“Because I know that.”

“When are you gonna tell me about yourself then??” He asked, she was becoming weird to him.

“When you ask… You haven’t asked yet.” She smirked and he turned her to face him.

“Okay, I’m asking you right now… Yolanda Adams, I mean Yolanda Miguel Gonzàlez, tell me everything about yourself.” He said and she chuckled.

“I will, but when I feel like telling you, I will tell you when I trust you.” She smiled before turning back, walking to the oven.

Miguel stared at her, looking puzzled. She doesn’t trust him??

A while later, they were all done cooking and they served the dish for the judges.

They scaled through again with four other contestants, leaving them to five contestants who will compete tomorrow.

They left the hall with Bella..

“You guys keep cooking everyday and I don’t get to taste it.” Bella pouted.

“You should become one of the judges if you wanna taste it and you can also tell the judges you wanna have a taste, they won’t bite you.” Miguel said and she slapped him.

“I’ll just wait till when I get to Mexico with you guys.” She said.

“You’re going back to Mexico with us??” Miguel asked with widened eyes.

“Yeah… ” She replied simply.

“Yolanda… You haven’t said a word.” She jolted Yolanda.

“Uhmm… Nothing, it’s nothing… What were you guys saying??” She asked and Bella stared at her weirdly.

She quickly changed expression and smiled…

“That’s by the way… I have something much more intriguing to tell you guys.” She said with a smile and Yolanda gave her a go ahead nod.

“There’s a party going on in the island this evening, you both should come… Trust me you both will love it.” She giggled.

“Why are you always the only who gets to know what’s going on here??” Miguel asked.

“C’mon SpongeBob, it’s just that I’m more versatile than you both.” She smirked.

“So you both are attending right??” She asked and Miguel looked at Yolanda, as if seeking her permission.

She shrugged.

“I…” Her phone began ringing, she looked at it, it was her dad…

She looked back at them and gave a short smile… “I’ll have to pick this.” She told them and they nodded.

“No problem.” They said and she moved away from them.

When she was far away from them, she picked the call.

“Yoyo…” His voice came on.

He pressed her lips tightly before releasing air.

“Dad.” She called softly.

“Oh my! Did you just call me back without any rude remark??” Mr Adams blabbered and she chuckled.

“Did I just hear a chuckle?? Geez! Did I dial the wrong number or what?? It’s really Yoyo… Video calling right away.” He said and ended the call almost immediately.

A call came in again, a video call from him and she picked it up almost immediately.

“It’s you.” He gushed.

“Wait where’s Miguel?” He asked when he didn’t see Miguel around.

“He’s not here… Where’s mom? I don’t see her around.” She asked and her dad smiled.

“She’s in the kitchen.” He told her and she just nodded.

“Still angry??” He asked and she didn’t reply.

“It’s alright, I pray you forgive her soon, she’s changed.” He told her but she didn’t reply.

“It’s okay.” He assured and she bit her lower lip.

“It’s hard to say but, how’re you doing dad?” She asked suddenly and Mr Adams smiled widely, what he has been yearning to hear her say for long…

The care, he has been yearning for long… It was taking him so much not to break down.

“I’m fine my dear child, I can’t explain to you how happy I am to hear you ask this… I’m happy you’re loosening up bit by bit… I’m literally the most happiest man on earth right now.” He said and she said.

“What’s there to cry about the past, when it can’t be changed?? We just have to face the future and try to make it look good… We can’t have both bad past and future and that’s what I’m trying to do… I want to start a new future, I want to forget the past dad… I know it’s difficult but I hope I will be able to do so.” She said.

“You will my dear, I’m happy you’re ready to let go of the past… It’s a good step.” He said and she smiled.

She turned to look back at Miguel and Bella who were discussing what she couldn’t hear. She faced her dad.

“It is.”

“What… What about Ricky??” He suddenly asked and her expression changed, to that of sadness and guilt…

She pressed her lips tightly, she could feel a heavy lump in her throat… Her eyes became glassy.

“Yoyo…” He called.

“I’ve been a bad mother… Real bad… I neglected my own child, even when I know how heartbreaking it can be to be neglected by your own mother… I did the same… Because I was blinded by hate…” She cried, her shoulder rising up and down.

“Yoyo, it’s not your fault.” He tried to pacify her.

“It is dad… I hated him for no reason.”

“You didn’t my dear… You were…”

“José!!” Mrs Adams voice cut off his speech.

He looked at the door then back at her.

“I guess we’ll talk later.” She sniffed.

“Don’t feel guilty my dear.” He said and was about ending the call.

“Dad… Can I get his photo?” She asked and Mr Adams nodded and ended call.

She didn’t even have his photo, she didn’t know what he even looked like… And you say what she did isn’t enough to cry about??


Her phone dinged and she immediately opened it to see the picture which Mr Adams sent.

She became emotional, her lips trembled and her eyes glistening with tears.

On the screen was the picture of a little boy with a cute smile, a younger version of Yolanda but sadly in a boy’s form.

“Ri… Ricky… Ri…” She stuttered, her shaking hands slowly moving to her phone screen.

She caressed his face on the screen and her tears finally let out. She hugged her phone.

“Baby…” She cried.

“Will you ever forgive me?? Momma is sorry.” She cried softly.

She looked at the picture again and K!SSed it. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

She sob quietly, she suddenly stopped when she heard footsteps behind her, she quickly wiped out the tears on her face and just then Miguel appeared in front of her…

“Sassy queen?? ” He called, studying her facial expression.

A sniff left her mouth and his brow creased up.

“Were you crying??” He asked and she shook her head avoiding his gaze.

“No, no… Why did you ask?” She asked, trying to sound alright but Miguel wasn’t a fool not to know…

“You like lying about being okay, tell me, what’s wrong?? Who called??” He asked.

“My dad.”

“Okay what did he say??” He asked with concern.

“Nothing, if you don’t mind… I want to be alone Miguel… Please.” She said and began walking away before he could say anything.

He sighed tiredly. “I don’t know what to do or say again, you’re making me…” He sighed, running his hand through his hair.

“Maybe I should just call Mr Adams instead” he smiled and brought out his phone.

He was about dialling his number but stopped.

“I don’t think I should…”



Loud music filled the hall, couples kept trooping into the hall, hand in hand. The whole place full of live.

Miguel and Yolanda suddenly appeared, they were walking in, in interlocked hands, looking elegant and outstanding.

Miguel was wearing a smart blue suit and a shiny pair of black polished shoes. He was smiling as he walked in.

Yolanda was wearing a black armless gown which had a shiny black stones on it. It hug perfectly on her body and her curvy shape was glaring hard. She wore a silver heels on it and she was holding tightly to a silver purse.

Her make up was moderate as always but outstanding, she looked really beautiful today. Her hair curled up, making it short.

They became the eyes of everyone as they stole the show with unavoidable beauty.

They walked to the seat close to the bartender and they sat on it, while waiting for the the drinks which they asked for.

“I don’t see Bella around.” Yolanda said.

“Mee too, she said she was gonna come.” The bartender brought the wine for them.

“Thank you.” Miguel said, waving him off.

He opened the wine and poured in his glass as well as Yolanda’s.

“You sure you can handle alcohol??” He asked her and she nodded with a smile.

“More than you think.” She smirked.

“Okay, so, cheers…” They clinked glasses before taking a sip from the wine.

Just then Bella arrived with Mr Leonard, he was obviously her date.

“Baby!” Bella screamed before hugging Yolanda.

“Bella.” Yolanda called hugging her back.

“Hi Miguel.” Mr Leonard called.

“Hey Leonard.” They shook hands.

“You two finally showed up.” Bella said with an eye roll.

“Have you guys been here??” Yolanda asked.

“Yess, we’ve been waiting… Stop holding me already, you’re a married man for Pete’s sake.” Bella yelled at Mr Leonard who held her hand.

“It’s a couples party remember?”

“Mtcheeew, my fault I don’t have a boyfriend yet, tsk!” She frowned.

The two chuckled.

“See you guys in the party. Bye SpongeBob.” Bella smiled before walking away with Mr Leonard.

Fernando and Romina suddenly walked in, hand in hand.

“Hi Miguel… Hey Yolanda.” Romina greeted with a smile, a deceptive one.

“Hey.” Yolanda replied, simply.

All through, Fernando’s eyes were on Yolanda, he couldn’t take his eyes off her… She was, beautiful is understatement.

Perceiving his intent stare, Miguel wrapped his hand around Yolanda’s waist, holding her possessively.

“She’s mine as you can see.” He said and K!SSes her forehead.

Fernando chuckled.
“Hey jerk.” He greeted with a smirk, Miguel stared skeptically at him… There was something off about the smirk.

It was more than mischievous.

“Hi bastard.” He called and Fernando chuckled.

“I can see you guys are enjoying the party, why don’t you guys dance??” He suggested.

“Yesss.” Romina quickly affirmed.

“Go, go.” She pushed them forward.

“Shall I?” Miguel asked, stretching out his hand and she smiled before taking it.

She placed her hands on his shoulder and interlocked it behind his neck. He wrapped his hand around her waist and they began dancing.

Romina kept smiling deceptively as she watched them, she then signalled the bartender and he nodded. He took a glass of juice, which he placed on a tray, he began walking towards Miguel and Yolanda.

He pretended to be unconsciously walking and spilled the drink on Yolanda.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry ma’am. I’m so sorry.” He quickly apologized.

“Tsk!!… It’s alright, I’ll go wash this off.” She said.

“I’ll come with you.” Miguel said.

“Give her a time alone Mr lover boy, she can go on her own… Okay I’ll go with her.” Romina volunteered walking to her.

Miguel looked at Yolanda.

“I can take care of myself, okay.” She said and began walking away with Romina.

“He cares about you so much.” Romina said as they walked out but Yolanda only smiled.

Romina scoffed inwardly, she felt like slapping her hard on the face but she withheld the urge.

“Oh my! I completely forgot!” She suddenly exclaimed and Yolanda looked at her.

“What is it?” Yolanda asked as they stopped walking.

“I remember I have to call someone, it’s very important, I’ll have to go now.” She said and Yolanda nodded.

“It’s okay.” She told her and Romina left hastily while she walked into the restroom to clean off the juice from her dress.

Romina came back to the hall, she looked at Fernando and they made some eye gestures.

She smiled before walking to Miguel.

“Hey Miguel.” She called and he looked at her.

“Where’s Landa??” He asked and she feigned a smile.

“She said she could go alone, so I had to come back.” She said and Miguel nodded before facing his front.

The MC appeared on stage then.

“Good evening couples, welcome to the party… I hope you all will have lots of fun… I’m sure of that coz we have so many fun activities lined up in our list for you and…” He continued talking with the audience listening attentively.

Romina looked around before looking at Miguel. “Miguel…”

“What’s it Romina??”

“Nothing, I just wanted to say that you look good in this suit.” She said and Miguel gave her a skeptical look.

“Thanks.” He said anyway.

“You don’t need to thank me.” She said, he noticed that she was trying to start a conversation with her so he ignored her.

“C’mon Miguel, say something.” She pressed but he didn’t reply her, he faced the MC on stage trying to listen to him.

Romina suddenly came to stand at his front. “Mina…” Before he could say another word, she stood on her toes and pressed her lips on his…

His eyes widened.

Just then Yolanda arrived, her eyes widened at what she saw. Tears began building up in her eyes, she began feeling some stinging pain in her heart.

She didn’t wait for a second before turning around and running out of the hall. Fernando smiled and followed her.

“What the heck!!” Miguel yelled, pushing her roughly, wiping his lips with the back of his palm.

Romina smirked.

“Didn’t you like it?” She asked.

“Like what? Yuck!! What the heck did you think you were doing?? I’m married for Pete’s sake!!” He yelled at her.

“And so? I loved you before she came into the picture.” She said and Miguel stared at her angrily.

If not that, he doesn’t slap women, he would have sent her a deafening slap.

He scoffed before walking away, going to meet Yolanda.

Yolanda ran out of the hall in tears. Is it that her life is such a misfortune?? Why is it always from one pain to another??

From one heartbreak to another! Who did she wrong in her past life that doesn’t want to give her peace in her present life??

Just when she thought it was time to leave the past behind and start up afresh with him… This??

She stopped running and broke down in tears. She fell to the ground crying.

Fernando came and sat beside her. “You finally saw things for yourself… I know Miguel more than you, he’s a playboy… What do you expect?? He still haven’t left his playboy habit.” He said to her and she turned to look at him.

She sniffed in. “Stop crying, he doesn’t worth your tears, he’s probably having fun right now.” He said and it only increased her tears.

He smiled… Just what he wanted.

“Don’t worry I’m hear for you.” He said and she looked at him.

“Yes Landa, I know you’re married but still, I love you… Forget that bastard of a husband, divorce him and come for me.” He said and she creased her brows.

Staring at him like he just spoke rubbish, could he be drunk??

“I love you.” He said and crashed his lips on hers, her eyes widened.

A picture was clicked from a hidden spot. The person smiled looking at the picture before walking away.

Yolanda pushed him off immediately and a hot slap landed on his cheek.



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