(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



He had his eyes closed as he stood under the shower. What have he done??

He knew he wasn’t really at fault but he couldn’t help but blame himself. He almost repeated the same mistake… Dammit!

He groaned as the scene replayed in his head, her crying face… “Fůçƙ!” He cussed underneath his breath, hitting his hands on the wall tiles repeatedly.

He stayed under the shower for hours, he couldn’t go back to the room… He doesn’t know how to face her.

He messed up big time, no doubt.

After contemplating for hours, he decided to go back to the room. His heart was thumping loudly as he opened the door.

How was he gonna face her??

He heaved a sigh of relief immediately he got to the room and met her asleep. She was now wearing her nighties.

The position which she was sleeping on wasn’t comfortable, he wanted to go help her but he shook his head against it.

What if she wakes up and catches him with her?? What will she think?? He shook his head before going to his closet.

He picked his favorite pajamas which he changed into before going to stand at the window, staring at the stars with a dull facial expression.

He didn’t know for how long he stood there but when she started having her usual nightmare, he became alert.

Does she have the nightmare everyday?? He thought.

He walked to the bed and sat beside her, patting her hair. It has become his routine, to put her to sleep whenever she has nightmare.

He patted her for close to an hour before she was able to sleep again.

He looked at her sleeping face, she looked so innocent and calm in sleep. He wondered her reaction tomorrow morning.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered before going to sleep on the couch.

“Good night.” He whispered before closing his eyes, but he wasn’t able to sleep.

The scene earlier haunted an old memory. He stood up and began walking to the closet. He opened it and began ransacking the closet, obviously looking for something.

He found what he was looking for and brought it out, it was a small box, it was red in colour. He opened it and the sight of a necklace came in view.

It was a golden necklace which had golden pendant of a mother and child. The mother seemed to protecting the child on it by covering her.

He took it in his hand, looking at it with an unreadable expression in his face.

So many thoughts running through his mind.

He sighed out.


She smiled widely as she alighted down the car. She flipped her hair backwards before looking at the building in front of her.

GOLDEN STAR HOTEL was boldly written at the top. She was at the right place for sure. She adjusted the shades she was wearing before catwalking into the building.

The chauffeur shut the car door before going to pick her luggage from the trunk of the car and began rolling it behind her.

She walked up to the receptionist. “Good morning ma’am.” The girl greeted.

“I need an accommodation.” She said.

“Okay.” She began typing on her laptop.

“Name please.” She asked.

“Romina. Romina García.” She replied and the girl went back to typing.

She was given what she required, her room number and key after she made payment for the room she was lodging.

She smiled before making her way to her room, ROOM 300.

She took the elevator all the way to her room. She got in, and a big smile if satisfaction splayed on her lips.

The chauffeur came in with her luggages. He dropped it in her room and left after she tipped him off.

She plunked tiredly on the bed. Her phone started ringing. She smiled before picking it up.

It was her mom.

“Hi mom.”

“Baby, how are you?” Her mom asked in reply.

“I’m fine.”

“You’ve arrived Hawaii right??”

“Yeah mom, first step taken.” She smirked.

“That’s my girl. Yunno the plan?”

“Of course I do.” Romina smiled mischievously.

“I’ll be waiting to celebrate your victory.”

“Cheers.” She laughed.

They talked for some while before she ended the call.

It was already late, she’ll meet with Miguel tomorrow. “I’ll never give up on you Miguel, never!” She said, smiling deceptively.


“Where’s Landa??” Bella asked immediately she got into the cafe, taking a seat opposite him.

“Sh-she’s still sleeping.” He replied.

“Huh?? And you left her alone, since when Miguel?” Bella asked with a smile.

“No she’s just sleeping, I didn’t wanna interrupt her sleep, yunno early morning sleep is always sweet.” He smiled and Bella nodded.

“Yeah.” She muttered and the waiter came to her.

“Your order ma’am.” He requested

“A cup of milkshake with cookies.” She demanded.


The waiter left to go get her order and Bella smiled at Miguel.

“What’s up with the smile??” He asked, arching his brows.

“A minute.” She said and began ransacking her bag.

Miguel shook his head, before sipping from his coffee.

“Here.” She stretched out her hand, handing him a flyer.

“What’s this?” He asked, furrowing his brows.

“You ain’t an illiterate, read!”

He rolled his eyes before going through the flyer in his hand.

The waiter arrived with a tray, the cookies and milkshake which she asked for was on it.

He placed it on the table before her.

“Thank you.” She said.

“My pleasure.” He replied before leaving.

She immediately took a cookie and crunch on it, before sipping from the milkshake.

“A cooking competition??” Miguel asked immediately he was done going through the flyer.

“Yesss!!” She clapped her hands together.

“It’s a cooking contest for couples, and I want you and Yolanda to participate.” She told him.

“Not interested.” He quickly declined.

“Do I look like I care?” She asked crunching on a cookie.


“Do you think your opinion on this matters to me??”

“Of course no. Whether you’re interested or not I don’t care. I only need Yolanda’s side on this.” She smirked before sipping her milkshake.

“Really Bella… I’m of no importance now.”

“More like it SpongeBob, so better finish up your coffee before it gets cold.”

“Why do you even want us to participate in this competition? What’s the prize?” He asked.

“Didn’t you see it on the flyer? Tsk… It’s a trip to Miami and a cash prize of a million dollars approximately 1.5 million pesos!” She exclaimed with widened eyes making Miguel face palmed himself.

“Seriously Bella, you can easily get that if you want, that contest is for less privileged.” He told her.

“Duhh,,, I want it. It’s also for fun, for couples… If I had a partner, I won’t have hesitate to grab it.” She said.

“I should have thought as much.”

“Poor thing Yolanda won’t even agree.” He added.

“That’s not for you to decide.” She said.

“Let’s see…”

“She’s here.” Bella announced with a smile.

“Where??” Miguel asked, tracing her eyes to his back, he also looked behind him to see Yolanda standing at the entrance of the Cafe.

“Yoyo!!” Bella waved at her.

Yolanda saw her and gave a small smile. “Come.” She said.

Yolanda came and took a seat beside Bella.

“Here, Yoyo.” Bella said, handing her the flyer.

“It’s a cooking contest, I want you and Miguel to participate for me.” She said smiling sweetly.

Yolanda looked at the flyer and looked at Miguel, who quickly looked away.


Lilly’s cooking contest is an annual cooking contest organized by Mrs Lilly Denzel. She is a well known chef in Hawaii, popular for her tasty and delicious meal.

She is the owner of Lilly’s Yummy Dish. The biggest restaurant in Hawaii and America as a whole. She’s freaking rich and nice.

She organizes this program every year, to build a bond between couples as it is noted that cooking creates a bond and finds a way into people’s heart.

Since she couldn’t get a very good love relationship, she was ready to make others relationship perfect.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you all to Lilly’s cooking contest.” The MC spoke.

“As you all know, the cooking contest holds for five consecutive days and the winner will be emerged on the last day.” He continued.

“Today being the first day, we have twelve couples on our list, they’ll be participating in the contest but only one will emerge the winner… If you don’t win, don’t fill bad it’s just for fun.” He said

“Before we begin the contest, I’ll like us to welcome the director of this contest, our one and only worldwide chef, Chef Lilly Denzel.” A standing ovation followed as the Mrs Denzel walked into the venue.

Her appearance alone spoke money. She was dressed richly. Her fingers and neck adorned with gold. She smiled as she walked in.

She took her seat on the chair which was reserved for her.

“Welcome my Chef, the reason why I’m still living, coz I only eat her food.” He said and they laughed.

“So without wasting time, we’ll start the contest.” He said with all seriousness.

“So contestant one couple on my list is Mr and Mrs Briggs.” He announced and the couple came out smiling brightly.

Ovation followed as the walked up to the kitchen before the crowd. They stood before their table which had a small board, on it which was written contestant one.

“Contestant two is…” He continued calling till he got to contestant seven.

“The contestant seven couple on my list is Mr and Mrs Gonzàlez!!” He announced and Bella’s scream filled the air as Miguel and Yolanda walked.

So as they won’t look off and weird. They interlocked hands.

Romina who was among the crowd watched with anger. She has been looking for Miguel since morning only to find him here.


Fernando was also there, he had a no expression.

Miguel and Yolanda got to their table, which also had a small board, which on it was written, contestant seven.

The MC continued calling till all the twelve contestant were complete, standing in the kitchen, waiting for the contest to kick off.

“The contest goes like this, the contestant can’t help their fellow contestant. Two, there must be cooperation between the two couples, if it observed that only one of the the couple is doing the cooking, that couple will be disqualified. Three, you have a limited time, it shouldn’t be exceeded, not even with a a second. Four, the dish should be prepared the way it is wanted. That’s all, I guess.” He said looking at the judges who nodded.

“You wanna say something my Chef??” He asked and Mrs Lilly nodded.

She was given a mic and she addressed them.

After that, the contest began. They were asked to prepare a Mexican dish, Chilaquiles and Machaca.

The dish was a bonus on Miguel and Yolanda’s part as they were both Mexican

They were given an hour to get it done.

The couples began running helter skelter in the kitchen, trying to gather up the ingredients. Some didn’t know the dish and they just stood there.

“Ahhh.” Yolanda gasped as she pushed her making her almost fall but Miguel caught her.

“Are you okay??” He asked.

“Yes.” She replied and looked at his hands which were holding her arm. He quickly let go off her.

She looked at the girl who pushed her.

“I’m sorry dear, it’s just this my husband who won’t let me go, he’s romancing even in the kitchen… Gosh you have no shame.” The girl said to the guy(her husband) who K!SSed her neck.

“I love you, that’s why.” The guy replied and she giggled.

“I love you too.”

Yolanda shook her head walking away from there. She has already brought some of the thing they will be needing.

Miguel got there as well.

“Do you know how to prepare Chilaquiles??” Miguel asked.

“I won’t be standing here if I don’t know it.” She scoffed.

“So what should I do to help?” He asked.

“Seat there and watch! There are lot of things to help out with, don’t ask me dumb questions.”

“Okay.” He sighed before taking the onions, he doesn’t know how to cook but he do watch his mom cook so he had little idea of how things are done in the kitchen.

He placed the onion on the board and started chopping it roughly. Yolanda looked at him…

What was he doing?? Don’t he knows how to cook?? She thought.

“Hey! What are you doing?? Are planning on preparing an onion stew?? Why is it so big??” She queried

“Is… Is it too big??” He asked fluttering his eyes.

She rolled her eyes before returning to what she was doing, she was cutting the beef.

“Oh my gawd! My eyes.” Miguel gasped and Yolanda quickly turned back to him.

“Jesus!!! My eyes!!” He cried.



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