(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



“Mi-mig-” She stuttered, trying to come up. She couldn’t swim so she was trying so hard not to drown.

The swimsuit she was wearing wasn’t helping matter at all. Miguel was trying his best to swim fast towards her.

She was slowly going down the water. “Mi-” She muttered before going into the water.

“Yolanda!!!” Bella screamed in fright.

Miguel’s eyes widened.

“Landa!!!” He screamed before swimming inside, going down to get her.

“Miguel!!” Bella screamed.

He swam underneath and brought her out.

A while later, they were at the water side and Yolanda laid on the floor, lifelessly.

“Press her stomach again.” Bella said. They were all panicking greatly.

Miguel did just that and water came out through her mouth and nose but she didn’t wake up.

He did it again but still the same. He felt her pulse and his eyes widened. He felt his heart break into two.

“No, no no.” He rushed.

“No Yolanda wake up!” He cried.

“What happened??” Bella asked worriedly but he didn’t reply.

Mr Leonard felt her pulse as well. His face fell.

“What happened??” Bella asked again.

“Sh-sh… She’s…”

“She’s not dead! Yolanda can’t be dead!!!” Miguel cut off.

“C’mon wake up Yolanda, you can’t be dead… Not now, we just started to know each other… Please.” He cried.

“Wake up sassy queen.” He cried shaking her vigorously.

“Please!!” He decided to do the mouth to mouth respiration.

Maybe that will help. He thought before placing his lips on hers.

Bella and Mr Leonard stared hopefully. It should work please.


It didn’t she remained lifeless and that was it…

“No, no no Landa!! Noooo!!!!!!!!”

"Landa!!" Miguel shouted her name this time around, jolting her back to earth. She gasped, touching her chest. She touched her face as well. She was alive. She was really alive. She thought she was dead. "Are you alright? You zoom out immediately I dipped your hand into the water." He said and she looked at him. She hugged him immediately and he was taken aback. "Are you okay??" He asked. "I'm scared." She confessed. "Why??" "I feel my life is at stake... I had an hallucination, it was really bad... It felt so real... Whenever I have such hallucination, something bad happens, I'm really scared." She said hugging him tightly. "It's alright, it's just an hallucination." He assured. "Nothing is gonna happen." "Harrumph... Lovebirds?? I can call you two that, right??" Bella smirked. As if coming to her right senses, Yolanda pulled away from the hug and Mr Leonard hit Bella's head. "You should learn not to interrupt." He said. "Interrupt??" She repeated. "Mimi was I interrupting??" She asked. "It's Miguel please, Mimi sounds cringe." He said and Bella laughed. "You're now denying a name you willingly gave yourself." She mocked. "Blabbermouth!" "At least I'm not an attention seeker like you." She scoffed. "Really, is Miguel an attention seeker?" Mr Leonard asked. "Of course he is, should I tell you guys?" She asked, smirking naughtily. "I swear I'll kíll you if you say a word." Miguel threatened. "I rather die coz I can't keep shut..." "... Do you guys know that this Miguel here is my college friend, I doubt you don't know Yolanda." She said, keeping a serious face like what she was about saying was very serious. "Well this Miguel was using me to make you jealous, he wanted to get your attention and..." Miguel immediately covered her mouth. "Hmmm." She muffled and Yolanda laughed. "Let her go attention seeker." Yolanda said. "But..." He immediately let go off her as Yolanda glared. "Nice one,,, so like I was saying Miguel was so badly craving for your attention but he is just too pompous to ask for it so he decided to use me for his making her jealous antics." She said. "I'll never confine in you again." Miguel said. "3000 peso if you're able to do it." She smirked. "Damn you." "So Mr Miguel Gonzàlez?? What do you have to say??" "What else can I say??" He muttered and they laughed. The water rafting continued happily. °°°°° EVENING** The door of the room opened and Miguel walked in. "Sassy queen isn't here." He said when he caught no glimpse of her in the room. "Gosh! I need a cool bath." He uttered pulling off his clothes and he was now left with his boxers. He went to his closet and took a towel which he hung around his neck. He began walking to the bathroom. Getting there he heard water rushing but he didn't really think much of it. It never even occured to him that someone might be in there, so he twisted the door knob. His eyes bulged, almost falling out of its socket. In the bathroom, under the shower, was Yolanda taking her bath. He watched as she ran her hands through her wet hair, the water pouring heavily on her. He gulped down nothing as his eyes trailed down to her full Ɓø0ɓs, which stood pointedly. His eyes trailed down to her thick @ss that he felt like going to her and slamming her back against the wall then f**cking the hell outta her, right there, under the shower. 'Gawd!' He groaned inwardly as he felt his Ďïčk harden. Yolanda had her eyes closed all this while, enjoying the sweetest of the water that she unaware of the ogling eye on her. He began imagining himself Fůçƙing her right there with her Mõ@ɲing his name loudly. Then his feet began on his own accordance, towards her. He got to her and squeezed her @ss. Yolanda's eyes widened, a gasp escaped her mouth. She quickly turned around to see him smiling naughtily at her. "You pervert! How dare you?!" She yelled glaring angrily at him but he only smiled. "C'mon, I think it's time we had our wedding night." He said, staring Lū$tfully at her. She quickly covered her hand around her chest but it was aimless. "Get out!!! Now!!" She yelled, looking for her towel, then she remembered she left it back in the room. "C'mon sassy queen." He pleaded moving closer to her while she walked back. "Stop there! Don't come closer!" She warned sternly but he didn't listen. She got to the wall and he caged her in between. She gulped down nothing. "Have anyone ever told you how beautiful you are??" He asked senselessly. "Get out! Now!!!" She yelled again and tried pushing him but he was way stronger. "Why?? You're my wife and I have every right to Fůçƙ you, anytime and anywhere... Please let me have this thing, my little monster needs it so badly, please..." He pleaded like he was about to cry. Her eyes went down to his boxers and it widened like saucers. His bulge could visibly be seen. "No!!" She said and pushed him very hard this time and she began running out of the bathroom, her @ss pouncing as she ran. His eyes widened and his bulge increased even more that he began chasing after her. "Please sassy queen." He could cry if she turned him down right now. "Stop this madness Miguel!" She shouted running away and he kept chasing her around the room pleading seriously... He was at the verge of tears, the torture was becoming too much. "Please!!!" He cried. "Stop this!" She made to rush into the bathroom but he caught her by her arm. He pushed her roughly on the bed. "No stop this!" She warned crawling on the bed as he removed his boxers. Her eyes widened when she saw his size. Fear gripped her. Look at what you've done to me." He said, pointing at his erected member. "No no no Miguel, you can't do this!" She whimpered and tried to stand up from the bed but he grabbed her back. "Shush, you'll enjoy it, trust me." He whispered and K!SSed her forcefully. She hit his chest severally, trying to push him off. The fear in her increased as a familiar scene played in her hair.

“Let me go!!” She cried as the boy pushed her back in the bed. Her glasses fell. It was dark in the room so she couldn’t see his face.

She began hearing sounds, like he was unbuckling his belt.

‘No no… God please help.’ She prayed inwardly as she tried looking for her glasses in the dark, she can’t see without it.

“Please let me go. I’m a virgin.” She cried as she shifted on the bed.

“Shhh… Let’s have fun.” He said and she knew he had join her on the bed.

She shook her head. She can’t possibly lose her virginity to a stranger.

“No please! Don’t do this!” She begged, even though she couldn’t see him.

He paid deaf ear to her pleas as he dragged her on the bed and he torn her clothes successfully in the dark.

“No please!!! Someone help!!” She cried as he stripped her neck.

She couldn’t push him off, she was just a weak and naive young lady.


“Arghhh!!!! Nooo!!!” She cried as he pushed his full size into her at once.


Tears slid down her eyes, she couldn’t go through the same trauma the second time.

She couldn’t afford to bear the same pain a second time.

“Please!!” She cried and as if a scale fell off his eyes. He left her immediately.

Guilty washed his face as she cried. He didn’t know what came over him, he couldn’t control himself anymore.

He left the bed. “I’m-I’m sorry.” He apologized and tried to touch her but she shifted back crying.

He took back his hands, a tear fell down his eye and he quickly rushed into the bathroom.

Her cries filled the room as the old memories flushed back.


The ringing of the phone on the bed stand buzzed in the room. It was Mr and Mrs Adams room.

The door opened and Mr Adams walked in. He arrived home a while ago and was now dressed in a casual outfit.

He walked up to the phone which had already stopped ringing and pick it up.

It began ringing almost immediately. Clara, that was the caller’s ID. He looked back at the door and walked to the window before picking up the call.

“Good evening Sir.” A feminine voice could be heard.

“Evening Clara. How’s everything there??” He asked looking at the streets through the window.

“Honestly Sir, it’s not fine.” Clara said.

“What’s wrong?? How’s Ricky??” He asked.

“He’s becoming persistent by each passing day. He really wants to see her… I’m afraid he might run away… You should try talking to her again.” She said.

“I will but for now you have to handle Ricky… I’ll do something about this, you know everything… She’s not yet to open up.” He muttered sadly.

“I understand but she has to accept him…”

“Yeah, can I talk to him?” He asked.

“He’s asleep.” She said.

“Oh… I miss him so much, I’ve been busy lately that I can’t come to see him.” He said.

“It’s okay, he misses you as well… I think you should come see him soon.”


“José!” He heard Isa’s voice and he had to end the call quickly.

“I’ll talk to you later Clara, she’s coming.” He said and Clara understood who he was talking about.

“Okay Sir.”

The room door opened almost immediately. “Sure Martinéz, trust me…” He smiled turning to see Isa who was standing with a smile.

He started walking to her. “Okay Martinéz, I’ll talk to you later… I’ve gat to attend to my beautiful wife.” He said and pecked her cheek, as he got to her.

He dropped the call.

“Lemme guess, you two were talking about Yolanda and Miguel.” She smiled.


“I want to talk to her but she doesn’t pick my calls.” She muttered sadly.

“I told you not to bother much about it, she’ll change someday.” He assured, wrapping his hand around her neck.

“I hope so. I miss my baby.” She sulked.

“C’mon, it’s fine.” He said, hugging.

He heaved a sigh of relief. He’s been keeping this their secret from her for so long now.




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