(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾




“Do think she’ll agree to go on this honeymoon trip??” Isa asked, a line of worry could be traced on her face.

“Of course she will, trust me.” Mr Adams affirmed as he typed on his laptop.

“She has no choice, the only thing she’s gonna do, is to call and rant and I’m fully prepared, I’m waiting for her call actually.” He said, taking his eyes off his laptop to stare at her.

“Yunno sometimes, I wonder why you always have this confidence that’s she’s gonna do as you think… We’re her parents, I know… But Yolanda doesn’t see us like that even though she addresses us as her parents… It’s just so frustrating, we made a mistake I agree but it’s not enough reason for her to blacklist us right??” She said.

“If you ask me… I don’t think we’re on Yolanda’s blacklist. I agree she’s cold and all that but we caused it in the first place… We shouldn’t have neglected her, if we’ve always been there for her she wouldn’t have…” He paused when realized that he wasn’t supposed to say what he was about to say.

“She wouldn’t have done what??” Mrs Adams asked skeptically.

“It’s nothing Isa.” He said avoiding her gaze.

“Really, it’s nothing… Why then are you avoiding my gaze??…”

“Why do I feel like you’re hiding something relevant from me?? Tell me José, is there anything seriously wrong with Yolanda??” She asked and Mr Adams shook his head negatively.

“No, nothing… Nothing is wrong with Yolanda, it’s just…” The ringing of his phone didn’t let him complete his sentence.

He turned to the table and picked the phone beside his laptop. Just as expected, it was Yolanda calling.

“Who??” Mrs Adams asked and he showed her the phone. Her eyes gleamed immediately she saw ‘Yoyo’ on the screen.

“She rushed to him. “Receive and put on loudspeaker!” She instructed.

“I was gonna do that.” He replied and she rolled her eyes.

He swiped green and her yelling voice came over. He was grateful, he didn’t place the phone on his ears otherwise, she would have damage his eardrum.

“Mr Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!” That was what she calls him whenever she was extremely upset with his decision. It’s a habit she exhibited since she was young.

“Yes Mrs Yolanda Miguel Gonzàlez.” He replied with a smile and Mrs Adams nudged him.

“Hey baby, how are you doing??” Her mom asked.

“You should asked that naughty husband of yours. What’s his plan?? What’s your plan Mr Adams?? For you know exactly why I agreed to get married… It’s not a love marriage so why the heck are you initiating this honeymoon stuff??” One could tell how madly enraged she was.

“Honeymoon is a journey every couple embark on and you’re not an exemption.” He said to her.

“Listen hear Mr Adams, honeymoon or whatever you call it… I’m not going, you berra cancel this… I know it’s your plan, berra cancel or else-”

“You’re cancelling nothing father-in-law… We’re surely going for this trip… It’s gonna be fun trust me, don’t pay heed to this killjoy of a daughter.” Miguel cut into the conversation.

“That’s my son-in-law. I wasn’t expecting less… Make sure you both come back with my grandchild.” He grinned.

“Of course we will… I have that planned out.” Miguel said and he could hear a gasp from Yolanda.

“Bye…” He hung up immediately.

“Seriously… I don’t understand this daughter and father relationship anymore.” Mrs Adams said.

“You shouldn’t…”

“So you were able to convince her??”

“Of course, what does it seem like?? I can’t help but imagine her reaction when she realize that I booked a hotel reservation not an estate like she thought.” He chuckled.



The door slide open and the stairs rolled down. His black shiny shoes appeared as he began climbing down the stairs, his smiling face could be noted.

Yolanda came out as well, looking sexy and hot as always, it would have completed beautiful but the scowl on her face was ruining it.

“A little smile on that grouchy face of yours would do alot.” Miguel said as she stood by him but it only made her scowl the more.

“You’re something else.” He shook his head.

Just then a man in a black suit walked up to them. “Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Gonzàlez. I’m Leonard, I’m Mr Adams agent and I’ll be the one taking you guys to your lodge.” He introduced and Miguel smiled.

“That’s good… I’m Miguel Gonzàlez like you already know but it’s proper to introduce yourself to a person you’re meeting for the first time so… I’m Miguel Gonzàlez and she’s my wife, Yolanda Miguel Gonzàlez.” He said with a naughty smile, wrapping his hand around her neck.

She slapped his hands off and sent a glare at him. Mr Leonard chuckled.

“The lodge, is it an estate or a…”

“A hotel reservation… It’s a five star hotel, their reservation are cool, you sure won’t have a problem with it.” He assured.

“I already have a problem with it, call dad and tell him I’m not booking a hotel… He can’t hire a house here, then he should cancel this so called trip.” She said rudely.

‘This girl should be given award for the world’s most dramatic lady. Seriously, she’s always making a hole out of nothing, what’s wrong with them living in a hotel now??’ He thought.

He looked at Mr Leonard who was obviously tired and confused of the situation. He almost chuckled. He has been living with this her attitude for days and just a seconds of it, he was already tired.

“Where’s the car??” He asked and Leonard pointed at a white Porsche.

“Let’s go then.” He said and Leonard stared skeptically at him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get her to come with me.” He said and the man started walking to the car.

“Do you know you’re more difficult than I thought?? Why are always throwing tantrums?? Why can’t you just act like a normal human being??” He asked and she glared.

“You have no right to question my character, it’s my life and I choose the way I live it.” She sassed.


They arrived at the hotel after a short ride at the hotel. Just like he said, it was exquisite. A five star worth.

They went to the receptionist, for their room number and every other necessary details.

“Good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon.”

They greeted.

“Reservation for the Gonzàlez’s.” Mr Leonard asked.

“Okay.” She nodded before checking her laptop, she raised her head.

“Room 303, sixth floor… Here is your key.” She handed the key which was in a card form to Miguel.

“Thank you.” He said.

“My own room number and keys??* Yolanda asked and Miguel face palmed his forehead.

Looking at the girl who has a confused look, he grabbed her hand. “Thanks for your reception… We’ll leave now.” He said before leaving with Mr Leonard following behind with their luggages.

They took the first elevator there while Leonard took the second.

She removed her hand from his immediately they got into the elevator. “Learn to mind your business.” She bawled.

“Your business is my business, I can’t help it.” He replied with that his naughty smile.

She rolled her eyes.


They stood at the door, ‘ROOM 303’ boldly written at the top.

Miguel place the card on the slot made for it. He unlocked the door and got in with Yolanda and Mr Leonard.

It was a sight to behold. Exquisite, could be used to describe the luxuriousness of the room… No doubt, it was vainglorious.

“You like it??” Mr Leonard asked.

“Yeah… More than I expected.” He said.

“That’s Golden Star for you.” He replied, staring at the room.

There was a king sized bed, covered up with a white bedsheet. A large closet for two. Drawers by each side of the bed. A dresser and a mirror by another end. There was a door by the side of the dresser which precisely led to the bathroom.

“I’ll leave you two now.” Mr Leonard said and dropping the luggages, he left.

“Phew!!!” Miguel breathe out, collapsing on the soft bed.

“Such a hectic day… I feel taking a nap but I very hungry right now.” He said and Yolanda scoffed.

She had tried calling her dad but wasn’t going through. She went to her luggage and began unpacking it and arranging it in the closet.

She was done, she picked her towel, wrapping it around her neck, she began walking to the bathroom.

“Are you perhaps going to take your bath, we could go together and maybe some little naughty stuff while bathing, what do you think??” She just snubbed him.

She was beginning to feel like she fit married to a lunatic coz this guy doesn’t behave like he has his complete sense.

She got into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. Miguel sighed. “Okay, this is gonna be more difficult than I thought… I hope I don’t lose this.” He muttered.


“Gael!!! Gael!!” He called immediately he got into his penthouse, excitement could clearly be seen in his eyes.

“Gael!!!” He yelled looking around.

“Yo man! What’s up? Why are you screaming my name??” Gael asked as he climbed down the stairs.

He rushed to him.” Gael!!!” He pulled him to a bone crushing hug.

“Wha… Yo-you’re sque-eezing life outt-ta me… What’s up?” He stuttered and Miguel pulled away.

“Guess what Gael.” He said and Gael furrowed his brow.

“I’m not a girl, don’t tell me to guess.” He rolled his eyes.

“Silly, do you know who my bride is??” He asked, grinning widely.

“How will I know? I didn’t come with you…”

“It’s Yolanda dummy, like Yolanda Adams, the model… The one that slapped me in the airport, I’m Fůçƙïṅg getting married to her!!” He screamed excitedly.

“What did I say?? It’s destiny.” Gael grinned.

“Fůçƙ destiny… I can’t wait to get underneath her P@ŋts… Thany girl drives me crazy, I’ll go mad if I don’t get laid with her.” He confessed and Gael stared at him.

“I don’t get it, don’t tell me you’re excited all because you wanna get laid with her. Fůçƙ you Miguel and here I was thinking that you’re slowly falling in love with her.” Gael rasped.

“Oh fck love. Miguel Gonzàlez doesn’t love, he only fcks a nice p*$$y, since this girl is playing hard to get I’ll have to use the only alternative I have.” He grinned.

“So you’re gonna divorce her after getting laid with her??” He asked and Miguel nodded.

“Of course.”

“You’re unbelievable Miguel… WTF!!”

“That’s why I’m called badass playboy.”

“So what if your plans flop?? What if you fall in love with her??” He asked and Miguel laughed.

“Oh c’mon Gael, $©®£w that word ‘LOVE’ you know I don’t believe in that, I can’t even see myself in that, Eww!” He squeezed his face in disgust.

“Alright, let’s make a bet then, you’re will not break that girl’s heart, you will not forcefully get laid with her because you will fall in love with her.” He said and Miguel laughed hysterically.

“You’re just so funny, what are we betting with??” He asked with a smirk.

“You’ll know when the time comes, so… In or out??” He asked.

“Yunno I love challenge, in of course.” He smirked.

“We see to that.”


He was surely not gonna lose, he trust himself. His growling stomach waved off the smile on his face.

“I should get something to eat.” He mumbled and left the room.


He was typing something on his laptop when his phone began ringing. He quickly picked up, immediately he saw the caller.

Mr Adams.

“Leonard?? How is everything going on there??” His voice buzzed on the phone.

“Good day sir, I was about calling you, I’ve picked them up.” He said to him.

“Okay… So what do you have to say??”

“Well sir, I must say, your dad is a Ďïčkhead.”


“Yeah, but Miguel is a able to handle her. They are a very good pairing. Fire for ice… I love the combination.”

“I know, I’m the real brain behind this pairing anyways… Just do your work, bring this two together… I’m trusting you on this.”

“You sure can, I gave you my word.”

“Whenever they’re back from their one month honeymoon, I wanna see improvement in their relationship… Love can happen in a month, right??”

“Yeah it can but I can’t guarantee Miguel and Yolanda’s case but I’ll try my best.” He assured.

“I’ll be hoping for a positive result. Make sure they fall in love.”

“Okay sir… Bye.” He ended the call.

“Make sure they fall in love!” His words rang in his head.

“I’ll do my best sir.” He muttered.



Yolanda was done taking her bath, she could be seen sitting on the bed, writing down something in a piece of paper. She yawned tiredly and her stomach growled, then it occurred to her that she hasn’t had anything since morning.

She dropped pen and paper on the bed, grabbing her phone on the bed… She put on her flip flops and she left the room, shutting the door behind her.

She has only taken two steps from the door when she bumped into someone. ‘Is everyone blind, why do they keep bumping into me?!’ She thought.

The person caught her from falling and she raised her head to see who it was…

It was him…

The same guy from the shoot…

Fernando Pérez!

“What’s going on here??” Miguel’s voice came on and Yolanda pushed him.

She looked at Miguel, glint of jealousy could be found in his eyes.

She looked back at Fernando, he was smirking.

“What are you doing with my wife, Fernando Pérez??” He asked, as he went to stand beside her.

“Oh, she’s your wife??” Fernando asked, his smirk growing wide but Miguel was glaring dangerously.

“Yes, she’s my wife… Yolanda Miguel Gonzàlez.” He said, wrapping his hands around her waist, possessively.



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