(🔥 Fire and ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne.




“He got married!!! He Fůçƙïṅg got married!! Ahhh!!” She pushed down her dresser and it came down crashing.


“I lost him!! I Fůçƙïṅg lost him!!” She yelled furiously.

She threw whatever her hand caught on the floor.

“I lost him… I lost everything!!! The friendship! Miguel!!! I lost everything!!” She collapsed on the bed crying.

“Ahh!!!” She threw the pillows on her bed.

“Romina!” Her mom called sitting beside her.

“You’ve not lost anything… Stop crying.” Mrs García tried to pacify, pulling her into a hug.

“I lost him, that’s the truth, don’t paint the truth.” She cried the more.

“You shouldn’t give up easily, so what if you failed the first time, it doesn’t mean you’re a loser forever remember failure is the beginning of success…” Mrs García said and she shook her head.

“No… I’ve lost for real.” She cried.

“Stop saying that, I didn’t train you to be weak… Do you love Miguel like you claim??” She asked.

“Of course I do… I love him more than my life.” Romina said and Mrs García smirked.

“Then you should fight for him…” She suggested and Romina broke the hug.


“Silly.” Her mom face palmed.

“Fight for love dummy.” She told her and Romina arched her brows.

“How will I do that??” Mrs García smirked.



She was dressed in all black, black hoodie, black P@ŋts and black boots. Her face could not be seen in the dark, she had a torchlight in her hand which she was using to make her way in the dark street.

She finally got to a building and looking sideways, she walked in. The inside had a dim light on, she squinted her eyes as she pointed her torchlight, looking around for him in the dark room.

“Bella??” A deep masculine voice called behind her.

She turned to see him, pointing her light in his eyes that he quickly covered his eyes.

“Put that down.” He said with his hand on his face.

She scoffed before turning off the torchlight and the room light came on.

The man smirked, looking at her. “To what do I owe this august visit?” He grinned and she rolled her eyes before sitting on the bed, dropping her torchlight.

Since it was a small room, it only had a bed in it, no chair or table.

“Yolanda is married.” She informed him, she had a cold expression.

“Wow!! That girl keeps surprising me… So after everything, she still has the mind to settle down for marriage.” He uttered, walking to seat beside her.

“Is that all you have to say??” She asked staring at him.

“What should I say??” He asked.

“Seriously Diego, why on earth are you delaying this plan… Tell me if you’re no longer interested so I can do this alone, without your help… Stop playing around with me, you should know that I’m very dangerous.” She warned.

“C’mon chillax. I know you’re very thirsty for revenge but you’ve lived for four good years without it, two extra months will make no difference.” He said shifting closer to her.

She glared at him. “You won’t tell me what to do… I already gave you what you want, you dare not try a $h|t with me.” She warned sternly and stood up and made to leave but he held her wrist.

“C’mon Bella, that’s not enough for you to get angry… I’m still on your side, you should know… I think it’s not the right time we should hurt her, we should give her time maybe when she begin to love her so called husband, we can strike what do you think?” He asked as he wrapped his hands around her waist, smuggling his face on her neck, she shuddered.

She faced him. ” I don’t want revenge on her husband, she’s my main prey… Diego.” She called him but he was busy sniffing her scent like a dog.

“I missed you Bella.” He said before smooching her lips, K!SSing her roughly. She responded, wrapping her hands around his neck, ruffling his hair, the K!SS became intense with their tongue battling for dominance.

They broke the K!SS shortly, to catch their breath. “Sweet.” Diego said, staring Lū$tfully at her.

“Fůçƙ, do that again.” She grabbed his shirt K!SSing him hungrily, it’s been long she did this.

He reciprocated the K!SS, he wrapped his hands on her @ss, lifting her up and she wrapped her legs around his torso.

He carried her to the bed, still K!SSing her. He broke the K!SS and removed the hoodie she was putting on and it left her with only her ьѓä on.

He smirked. “Seems like you came prepared, were you expecting this?”

“Shut the Fůçƙ up and do your thing!!” She yelled.

“Okay…” He grinned before K!SSing her but she pushed him away.

“I’ve got no no time to play around.” She said before undressing herself with Diego staring Lū$tfully.

She was now stark Ɲ@kēɗ in front of him, she began removing his own clothes.

“You really can’t wait.” He smiled.

“I’ve always been impatient.” She smirked seeing his huge member which was erect.

“Hmmm… I wanna Ṣūçƙ that first.” She smirked before crouching before him and then she grabbed his Cöçk placing in her mouth, Ṣūçƙing on it slowly until her mouth adjusted to it’s full size.

“Fůçƙ!!” Diego groaned, shaking his head in pleasure as she Ṣūçƙed it like an expert.

“Ṣūçƙ harder Bella!!” He rasped in ecstacy.

The more she Ṣūçƙ on it the more bigger it became in her mouth. “Gawd!!” He held her hair as he couldn’t take in the pleasure, pushing her head, making her choke on it.

Realizing what he caused, he let go off her as he released his liquid in her mouth before removing his swollen member from her mouth and she gulped it down.

She smiled naughtily. “That was awesome… Now I want that Cöçk buried in me, don’t go gentle with me.” She instructed and he nodded.

“Your wish is my command.” He said pushing her on the bed and he climbed on her.

He rubbed his cck on her p$$y, obviously teasing her.

“Fůçƙ Diego, insert it already!” She yelled and he smirked before thrusting into her wide hole in one full force.

She was damn wet already.

“Fůçƙ Diego!! Ahh!!”

“Yes!! Harder!!”

“Shift my womb!!”



Yolanda came out of the bathroom to meet Miguel laying on the bed, covered in the duvet.

It’s not what she’s thinking right?? He wasn’t gonna sleep in the same room with her right??

“What are you doing??” She asked, dropping the towel she was using to clean her hair on the dresser.

“What does it look like I’m doing?? I’m about to get some sleep since you won’t let me have the wedding night I dreamt of.” He pouted.

“Excuse me… Get the hell outta my room!” She commanded.

“Excuse you…” He sat up.

“The last time I checked we both don’t have a room in this house, so as this is the master’s bedroom, it’s equally our bedroom… If you’re uncomfortable sharing a room, please check in the guest room. Hmph!!” He retorted.

‘Seriously?? He thinks he’s the only one who’s crazy, he haven’t encountered craziness.” She smirked before pushing him off the bed.

A loud thud followed. “Ouch!! What the heck?!!” He yelped in pains, he didn’t know that she was a superwoman.

He stood up to see her laying on the bed. “How dare you do that?? I’m the man here, you should respect me!! Now get off this bed.” He instructed but what came as a reply was a snore.

Really!! Was she really sleeping or was she pretending??

“I won’t fall for that prank, stand up and apologize!!” He said again but no reply.

“Landa, hey!” Was she really sleeping he thought in disbelief. Having no choice, he laid beside her to sleep but again, he saw himself falling from the bed.

She pushed him again. “The heck!!” He groaned as he stood up to see her still sleeping peacefully… Was she enjoying hurting him or what??

“Look here, you can leave this room if you can’t share room but stop depriving me of my sleep.” He said but no reply, he slowly climbed the bed, laying on the edge.

He waited for seconds but she didn’t push him again and he smiled before closing his eyes to sleep. Just when he was about falling deeply to sleep, he landed on the floor.

Fůçƙ!! That was it!

“Hey why do you keep pushing me from my bed!! Get a room if you can’t share a bed… Seriously.” He rant as she didn’t act like she heard him.

He was becoming confused. ‘Is there a ghost here?? Why is she looking so innocent?” He thought.

He smiled when he came up with an idea.

He gathered all the pillows in the room, the ones on the bed and on the couch, then he used it to make a demarcation on the bed.

He wanted to be close to her but this woman was a warrior, he loved his life, she could kÍll him if he tried to.

Satisfied with the demarcation he had created, he laid on his own part whole she was on hers.

He switched off the lights and went to sleep. “Turn on the lights!” He heard an authoritative voice in his sleep and his eyes snapped open.

He turn on the lights and looked at Yolanda’s side of the bed. She was sleeping peacefully.

‘Huh?? I thought I heard her voice, but she’s…’ He was overthinking things.

He thought before turning off the lights.

“I said turn on the lights!!!” The voice repeated and his eyes snapped opened again. He quickly switched on lights to meet her sleeping.

“Seriously??” He mumbled.

‘Is this house haunted or what??’ He shrugged it and reluctantly laid on the bed and switched off the lights AGAIN!!!

He closed his eyes, waiting for the command but none came. ‘I thought as much it was just an hallucination.’ He smiled and turned on the bed to face Yolanda.

His eyes dilated at what he saw. A silhouette of someone seated on the bed, probably facing him but as it was dark, he couldn’t see the face.

“Arghhh!!!!!” He screamed in fear falling from the bed. He quickly turned on the light and his eyes met with Yolanda’s, she was glaring daggers.

“Huh…?? It’s… it’s y.o.u…” He stuttered, trying to calm his pounding heart.

“You scared me.” She sneered before laying back on the bed.

“Why are you being cold??” He asked, climbing his bed but no response.

“You can’t sleep with lights off??” He asked but no response.

“Seriously?? Why are you being a snub?? I canp’t sleep with lights on…” He told her.

“Suit yourself.” She said.

“Really… That’s unfair, why will you sleep with lights on, even my kid brother doesn’t sleep with lights on… Are you perhaps afraid of the dark??” He asked and her eyes went open.

Without saying a word, she picked a pillow and duvet and left the room.

“Huh?? Wait!!” But she was gone.

She’s really weird than he thought… He yawned tiredly he was feeling sleepy… Today was really hectic, he was gonna talk to her tomorrow, maybe he should get some rest now.

He thought before turning off the light and pushing off his demarcation and laying comfortable on the bed, slowly he drifted to sleep.


Few minutes into his sleep, he woke up feeling thirsty. He climbed the bed, rubbing his sleepy his eyes before finding his way to the kitchen as there was no water in the room.

He was halfway down the stairs when he started hearing her faint words.

“Please… Spare me…”

“Don’t… do this… ”

“Don’t kîll me… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t k..ki..ll me…”

He climbed down hastily to meet her shaking her head on the couch which she slept on, she was sweating profusely.

He got to her and crouched beside her. “It’s okay… Calm down.” He said softly patting her head.

For the first time, he could see how scared she was, he has seen it before… The time they got stuck in an elevator but it wasn’t up to this one.

“Do…n’t… Don’t… K|ll me… ” She stuttered, breathing heavily, tears slid down her closed eyes.

Miguel was surprised, he cleaned the tears.

“Shush… Calm down, I’m here now… Sleep tight…” He kept on patting her head and slowly her breathing became normal and she returned to a sound sleep.

He smiled, seeing that she was now sleeping peacefully. ‘Does she always have a nightmare??’

He thought. ‘But what does she mean by I’m sorry, don’t kill me??… Why do I feel like this nightmare of hers has something to do with her?’

Maybe something horrible happened in her past. He must find out what it was.

He was about leaving her when she held his hands stopping him from taking a step. He turned to look at her but she was in a deep sleep.

He chuckled. “You don’t want me to leave you sleeping beauty but whenever I come close to you, you push me away.” He said, laughing.

Seeing that the couch wasn’t comfortable for her, he scooped her in his arms, taking her to their room, forgetting the water which he came to drink…

He was no longer thirsty.

He dropped her on the bed and covered her properly with the duvet. He removed his hand and was about going to sleep on the couch when she held him back again.

“You really don’t want me go.” He chuckled before crouching on the floor beside her and she adjusted her head comfortably on his hand like it was her pillow.

Gosh! It was gonna be a tough night as the position he was right now wasn’t comfortable at all.

“I will surely wake up with neck pain and back pain even leg pains… You’ll surely pay for this sleeping beauty.” He said, staring at calm face… Even in her sleep, she was still looking beautiful…

Sleeping beauty indeed. He thought and slowly fell asleep with the lights on.


The morning sun coming in through the slightly opened curtains peered into her eyes. She blinked her eyes before opening it.

She yawned loudly, turning on the bed that was when realization hit her and she immediately sprang up.

Her eyes met with the wall clock. 8:12am!!!

Her eyes widened like saucers. 8:12am!!… Which meant she slept for 10hours!!!

Really!! The Fůçƙ!! She hasn’t slept for up to 2hours for the past four years and she did today…

How come?? Her eyes gleam with excitement.

Does this mean she didn’t have her nightmare?? Then she remembered that she didn’t sleep in this room…

How on earth did she get here!!

Miguel!! Could he have possibly brought her here??

She thought and immediately got down from the bed and started walking out of the room.

She was climbing down the stairs when she saw luggages packed in the living room and Miguel was standing there with two men, they were discussing something.

“What’s going on here??” She asked and they turned to her.

“Oh… You’re finally awake… Good morning sleeping beauty.” He grinned and she frowned.

“What are these luggages doing here??” She asked instead.

“Oh… These… They’re our luggages, we’re going on our honeymoon.” His grin widened.



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