(When fire meets ice…🥵)

By: Diamond Zayne ✍️





“We agreed to your terms and conditions, you can purchase the shares now.” Mr Lopez said.

He was in his office with Gael who stood beside Miguel. Miguel sat on his chair staring at Mr Lopéz as he spoke.

He looked as tho he was listening attentively but his mind was faraway.

His mind was filled with Yolanda. The fact that he was getting married to her gave him so much joy. He was already imagining crazy thoughts with her.

He was slowly losing his playboy attitude because of her. His mind, his body and whole soul wanted her alone and no one else.

“Boss… Miguel…” Gael nudged at Miguel who was smiling unknowingly.

He jolted back to earth before sighing.

“Are you okay Mr Gonzàlez? You keep zoning out??” Mr Lopéz asked, furrowing his brows.

“Yeah I’m fine. I thought we’re already done bargaining this contract.” Miguel asked, obviously tired of the whole talks.

“We are actually but the terms and conditions was complicating so we decided to talk it out.” Gael chipped in.

“Yeah, now is the contract signing… He’s my lawyer.” He said pointing towards the man sitting beside him.

So precisely, they were four in the office.

“Oh.” They completed all necessary requirements left to do and Mr Lopéz left.

“Lemme guess, you were thinking about that girl.” Gael said immediately Mr Lopéz left, referring to Yolanda as the girl.

Miguel smiled. “Isn’t it obvious.” He smiled more.

“Damn! I do wonder if that girl cast a spell on you, like…”

“You’ve seen it already and to think we’re getting married… Isn’t my destiny just in my favour??” He smiled, standing up.

“Where are you going??” Gael asked.

“To see her of course, I might go crazy if I don’t see her.” He uttered and Gael stared at him in disbelief.

Was he the one saying this?? He was so surprised that Miguel was so much into a lady and for the first time it wasn’t for his s£xu@l desires.

Even Miguel was surprised at himself. This girl has surely cast a spell on him.

“Okay, bye lover boy.” He grinned and Miguel glared.

He opened the door to walk out but was pushed back in roughly. He staggered back, hitting Gael in the process and they both fell on the couch with Miguel sitting on Gael’s leg.

“Damn you dude! What the Fůçƙ?! Get off me! My legs!!!” He cried.

“Sharrap!!” He yelled back before looking up to see who pushed him back that way.


He stood up. “Min…” He couldn’t complete her name when she pushed him again.

He bumped his head on Gael’s who was about standing up.

“Fůçƙ!!” He groaned as Miguel sat on him.

“Tell me it’s not true! Fůçƙïṅg tell me that you’re not getting married!!” She yelled angrily.

The news of Miguel’s wedding has already spread like wild fire. So many people were surprised and amongst all was Romina!

Miguel’s childhood friend. She couldn’t believe it. She was still believing it to be a joke.

“Romina.” He called standing up and Gael took that chance to get away, knowing fully well that he was gonna be pushed back.

“Don’t call me!! Don’t Fůçƙïṅg me!! Just answer the damn question! Are you getting married or not?!!” She yelled and Gael sat on the table, watching the scene before him interestedly.

“What’s wrong with you?? Why are you acting this…”

“Answer me!! Are you getting married or not?!!” She pushed him back on the couch.

Oh God! He muttered tiredly.

“Tell it’s a lie, you can’t get married Miguel, no way!… I love you, you can’t possibly get married.” She crouched before him, cupping his face.

Miguel held her hands and leaned closer. Romina’s heart leaped with joy thinking he was about to K!SS her.

But his next statement shocked her. “You didn’t drink, then why are you acting like you’re high on alcohol?” He asked and she got enraged.

Gael chuckled.

“Really Miguel! Is that all you have to say, you think I’m drunk?? I’m not! I love you! I’ve always loved you, can’t you see it?? You won’t marry that girl, you won’t!”

“Romina!!!” Miguel shouted after listening enough.

“Yes I’m getting married!… I’m getting married so come off with your obsession. I only see you as a friend, and I’ll be glad if we remain like that, don’t ruin our friendship. I can’t give the love you want from me… I don’t love you and I never will.” With that said, he walked out.

Gael giggled before leaving as well.

Romina fell to the floor. “I don’t love you and I never will.” It echoed in her head, shattering her heart into piece.

“Ahhh!!” She cried.



Miguel walked into the company with the girls drooling hard at him. If care wasn’t taken, they would pass out.

Miguel smirked obvious of what his handsome face was causing, he smiled proudly in his head before turning to cast a flirtatious glance at them.

He spotted the receptionist who was smiling sheepishly at him before walking to her.

“Hey.” He said and the girl almost lost consciousness, hearing his voice… Her heart throbbing fast by mere hearing of his voice.

Damn! The girls stared at her in envy. At that time, they all wished they were her.

Miguel clicked his fingers on her face as she was lost drooling completely.

“We could meet for a hookup if you want… You will be sweet for sure.” Miguel said, clicking his lower lips.

The girl felt wet underneath at his sentence. “S…Si…sir…” She stuttered. and he chuckled.

“I want to meet Landa.” He told her, now looking serious and her eyes widened.

Did he just call her like that? Like Landa? Her boss? Landa?

She furrowed her brows.

“I know you’re surprised. I’m her fiance.” He introduced and she nodded sadly.

Sad thing, he was taken already. And to her boss.

“Boss isn’t around… She has a shoot, so she went with her PA.” Esmeralda told him.

“Oh.” He mouthed sadly.

Just then, Marianna appeared. “Esme, can I have the files.” She asked, ignoring Miguel’s presence.

“Mari??” Esmeralda nudged at her.

“What??! Give me the files and let me leave from here before that grumpy Cöçky boss of yours arrive.” She sneered.

It was obvious she so much dislike her boss but while hasn’t she still resigned what was no one knew.

Miguel smirked liking her behavior, maybe he can know more about Yolanda from her.

Esmeralda handed over to her, the file she required and she made to leave when Miguel stopped her.

“What??” She shouted at him.

Why was she being rude?? He wondered.

“Is that how you talk? I wanna speak with you, is there anything wrong with that?? Mind you I can fire you if I want coz this is my fiancee’s company.” He said and she gasped.

“Really??” She couldn’t help but ask.

“Do I look like I’m joking.” He smirked and she quickly apologized.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know… I’m sorry, how can I help you?” She asked politely.

“Let’s go to your office.” He said and she nodded slowly.

They arrived at her office and Miguel took a seat.

“So how can I help you??” She asked.

“You seem to know alot about your boss.” He started and she froze.

“Me?? How? I mean… I only know her as a boss.” She said, trying her best not to stutter.

Miguel arched his brows at her behavior, he was finding it weird. There was something off about her.

“I didn’t expect you to know more than an employee.” He said and she muttered an ‘oh.’

“So what do you wanna know??” She asked.

“What you know about her??” He replied and she creased her brows.

“I… I…” Processing what he meant she started.

“Well, my boss… She’s a very cold, grumpy, rude, arrogant, selfish, hot temperamental… Mention any attitude of a mean person, that’s who she is. She hates men alot, with all her gut… I wonder why she is getting married when she hates men, hmph!! Such an unpredictable lady! But people do say something happened, that led to her being a misandrist but ion care… She’s just too off and weird for my liking, hmph!” She frowned and Miguel stared weirdly at her.

Something was just so off about this girl.

“If you hate her so much, why don’t you resign… You can’t be working with someone you hate so much, it doesn’t work that way.” Marianna gulped down nervously.

“I don’t wanna leave, I love my job.” She said avoiding his gaze.

“For how long have you been working here??” He questioned.

“Three months.” She replied and he curled his tongue in his lips, staring at her.


She walked in immediately, looking very furious. She flung her bag on the couch before slumping on the couch.

“Yes I’m getting married!…”

“…I’m getting married so come off with your obsession…”

“…I only see you as a friend, and I’ll be glad we remain like that, don’t ruin our friendship…”

“… I can’t give the love you want from me… I don’t love you.”

“Arghhh!!” She screamed frustratedly as she remembered his words.

She has always loved him more than a friend and he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t love her back, it’s so heartbreaking.

Despite him being a playboy, she tried to overlook that hoping that one day she’d have him all to herself but no…

He is getting married! He’s Fůçƙïṅg getting married!!

She pushed down the glassy center table on her front and it shattered into piece.

“Arghh!! Why?!!!” She cried throwing away the pillows on the couch. In no time objects were flying around the sitting room, making crashing sound as they hit the wall and fall to the ground.

Hearing the noise, Mrs García had to rush downstairs. Seeing the state the sitting room was in she gasped.

“Romina.” She dragged her name as she climbed down the stairs walking towards her.

“Why can’t he love me!!! I love him! He should too!!” She cried, still scattering the things in the sitting room.

“Romina! Romina! What’s wrong? tell me.” She inquired, turning Romina to face her.

Now looking at them, one could see the striking resemblance between the mother and daughter.

The thick full eyebrows, her cute small nose and her plump pink lips which looked like that of her mom, except for her chocolate brown eyes. She apparently took that from her dad but unfortunately he is late.

Her mom looked very young. A middle aged, probably.

“Mom…” She called tearily, hugging her very tight.

“Baby… What’s wrong? Why are you crying.” Mrs García asked, stroking her hair.

She cried continuously.

“What is it baby? You’re making me panic… What happened??” She asked, impatiently.

“Mom… Miguel.” She cried again.

‘Miguel?’ She creased her brows, disengaging the hug.

“What did Miguel do this time?” Mrs García asked.

“He… He… He is getting… Married.” She mumbled in between hiccups.

“What?!!” She screamed and Romina burst into another round of tears.

“It’s okay. That’s enough now… Sit down… Tsk, this place is a mess, let’s go to your room.” She suggested, seeing the state of the living room.

The whole place was in a serious mess, the TV plasma has been destroyed. Some shattered pieces of glass laid on the couch.

They got to her room and Romina explained everything that happened in the office to her mom.

How Miguel talked back at her when she went to confirm he was really getting married.

“He’s not mine mom, he can never be. He told me to my face that he can never love me. It hurts.” She cried.

“Who said he can’t be yours?” Mr García scoffed and Romina had to look up to her.


“Have you done anything about it?” She asked and Romina stared at her, obviously confused.

“You do not say over until it is over. I have a plan.” Her mom smirked and she arched her brows.

Her smirk only grew wider. She has always wanted Miguel for her daughter, she wanted to be among the Gonzàlez’s, she wanna be their in-law, she wanna feel that awesome privilege of being among the top richest in Mexico.

To achieve that she has always run matchmaking on her daughter with Miguel and she wouldn’t let some intruder come ruin everything…

Everything she laboured for years. Never!!

Even if it meant eliminating the person from the surface of earth, then she was ready to do it… That’s how much her greed to be famous is.


“Wow, that was a spectacular performance Miss Yolanda.” The manager complimented smiling widely.

She scoffed before walking away.

“Thanks Sir, don’t mind her, you should know her already by now.” Camila apologized on her behalf.

“I know, despite that I tolerate her cold behavior because she is a very good model… I wish she will change.” Mr Cole, the director said.

“She sure will, I know that.” She assured.

“I hope so. Anyway, I’ll take my leave now… Thanks for the performance.” He said.

“Always welcome.” She replied and he smiled before walking away.

She was done changing into her actual dress and was now looking for Camila, she wanted to go now.

She was walking when she bumped into someone or the person bumped into her.

She pushed him off almost immediately. “If you no longer need your eyes you should give it to a bat, it will be very grateful other than acting like the blind bat itself.” She bawled before attempting to walk away but he held her back.

“Hey, that was rude… I only did that to get your attention, you caught…” He couldn’t complete his sentence as a dumbfounding slap shut him up.

“Don’t you dare touch me with that stinky hand of yours you son of a bítch.” His eyes widened at that insult.

She started walking away but she stopped, she turned to him and said.

“I will forever catch your attention but you should never try to grab mine.” She warned sternly before. flipping her hair backwards and cat walking away.

Fernando stood there with mouth agape. No woman has ever got the chance to touch him talk more of slapping him but she did.

Just who the hell is this model and how there she slap him??

Fernando Pérez!!


“What the Fůçƙ are you doing?? She’s getting out of my sight in no time and you ain’t doing anything!! Tell me if you ain’t interested in doing this again and I’ll do it my way!!” She yelled out, frustratedly.

“Don’t you dare shout at me, Bella!!”

“Of course I will. I did my own part of the deal, so while on earth are you Fůçƙïṅg delaying the whole plans?!! Two months ultimatum was what we agreed but I’ve been here for three months!!” She complained.

“I said we’re gonna do it so while the Fůçƙ are you disturbing??” The man sassed.

“Oh you’re gonna do it when she gets married right??” She retorted.

“Married?? Is Landa getting married?” The man asked obviously surprised.

“No… She’s getting divorced.” She sneered.

“You berra kíll her or I’ll do it on my own. End Yolanda Adams or I do it without your help. Do whatever you can but Yolanda Adams must díe…” Her eyes widened when she heard a gasp behind her.

She didn’t hear when the door turned open.

She slowly turned around to see the person and she gasped immediately. Her throat went dry and her heart jumped out of her chest went to her stomach to stay.

Did the person hear anything?? That was the only question that rang on her head as she stared at the intruder who was gaping in shock.

It was obvious the person heard everything.



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