December 2, 2023


(Bad boy meets Good girl)💦



📝 Praise tee💎

Chapter 5
“T..thank you” she muttered

“But I don’t like how you come close to me” she said

“Why?, don’t you like me?” I asked biting my lips

“I do, but as a brother” she said

“You know we could be more than that” I muttered as I came closer to K!SS her, then she pushed me off

“Don’t you dare come close to me” she warned arrogantly as I smiled, I know girls like her,

“And what if I do” I said coming closer again as she moved back until she slightly hit on the door, there was no escape route for her,

I slowly got my hands round her waist, as I came closer

“You turned me on baby” I whispered to her ears and slowly tucked my head forward ready to claim her lips…

“Damn” I was still holding on to my cheeks, I did got a dreadful smack from her, that made me see love stars

“I had warned you didn’t I?, I cant believe your so despicable” she said in anger

“The next time you try this $h|t with me, I’ll do something worst, bastard” she said and got the door knob opened and walked out

“Fûck!” I exclaimed my cheeks were already red all thanks to that bïtch

I felt so bad, she was the first girl that had ever humiliated me in such a manner,

How the hell did she resist me, I thought she’d fall just like every other girl,

I did my magic trick but at the last minutes everything backfired

I punched the wall aggressively

“Ouch” the pain rebounced to my fist

“This little brat!, how dare she smack me, and I couldn’t even utter a word till she was gone”

“Argh” I groaned in anger,

I was gonna make her regret for ever slapping me, she’s gonna yearn for me,

She’ll beg I “fûck” her, and by then I’ll take my revenge…


I went to my room feeling so angry, how he touched me,

“Damn that pervert” I cursed in deep breaths

“He thinks he can get his way with me, that’s where he’s gotten it all wrong, now I’ll show him what maria Is capable of doing, coward” I muttered


The whole de Luca family sat round a big dinning table, where several dishes were served

“I’m so happy having the whole family in this dinner room” mr Fernando said happily

“Yes, me too” Rachael said staring to Hudson and maria, They were both staring directly to their food, neither of them uttered a word

“Maria?” Rachael called as She snapped her gaze to her

“Yes mom” she answered

“Are you okay?” She asked as maria nodded

“And you Hudson?” She said as Hudson turned to her

“I’m okay mom” he said in a dried voice

Though Rachael wasn’t convinced but she didnt wanna push it further

“Pass me the sauce” she said as Hudson was about carrying it same time maria too attempted carrying the bowl as their hands met with eachother and maria immediately pulled away

“Thank you” she said after Hudson passed it to her, she was sure that the two of them weren’t fond of each other and she’d find a way to bring them together,

“Honey, Maria’s concert is two days from now, and I was thinking… Wouldn’t it be a good idea if Hudson should tag along” she asked

“What,?, impossible I’m okay without Hudson accompanying me” she said and rolled her eyes at him

“Well yes that’ll be a good idea, but I’ll be taking Hudson to the company in the next two days, I want him to be the manager of the de Luca corporation, I mean i want him to get used to working in the company, I think he’d has experience” mr Fernando said

“But then dad, I can still accompany her, I mean the company can wait right?” He said

“Yes I agree honey, I want them to have this siblings bond” Rachael said as maria secretly glared at Hudson who turned back to her in a smirk

“Let’s see how you cope seeing me around you, you’ll eventually fall” he thought

“Alright then, Hudson can accompany maria to the concert, as we might come a little late” mr Fernando said


I was in my room, video calling my bestie when I heard a knock on the door

“Who’s there” I asked but no reply

“See you later babes” I said and disconnected

“Argh, at least they would have being so kind enough to tell me who they are and save me the stress of guessing” I walked to the door as I unlocked it and I saw someone I shouldn’t have

I was about closing the door on him when he said

“Are you avoiding me because you feel you might fall?” He asked as I paused and opened it, with a smile on my face

“Really?, and what the hell do you think of yourself” I asked

“the type of guy who make girls go crazy ” he said confidently as I chuckled at his immatured words

“Ohh really, I never knew, mr charmer” I said emphasizing on the last two words

“Well let me burst your bubble, you’re nothing but a cheap pervert who have no respect for women” I said in resentments

“Women you say!, and what about women?, they’re nothing but backstabbing Ɓîtçhes who’ll end up playing you for a fool” he said in anger

“Hmm, interesting, so what makes you thrill after them” I asked with a tired look, I was fed up exchanging words with him

“Nothing other than S£X” he simply said

“Only to get satisfied of my desire for S£X” he added

“And doesn’t that make you selfish?” I asked

“Selfishness is my nature” he replied

“You know what I’m done with you and your drama, you can goto hell for all I care, but don’t think you can mess with me ever again, and that $h|t you thought of, never can it be possible in your entire miserable life” I said as he got angry clutching my wrist firmly

“Don’t think of yourself as some goddess okay?, cause I can easily get my way with you… You’re nothing compared to the girls I have had on my bed in recent times” he said in a deep stern voice,

And his grip on my wrist was hurting

“Don’t you even think I can be compared with them, cause i have one thing they lack, and it is called decency…. D.E.C.E.N.C.Y” I emphasized slowly on the word

“Now let me go your hurting me” I said and pulled off from his grip

“Let’s see how long this decency lasts,… In two days time you’ll be with me, I want to see how tough you can get” he said and left as my heart skipped one bit

What the hell was wrong with this guy, did he realize I am his sister, how can he be going after me,

I wouldn’t let him do any harm to me, cause I’ll kill him before he tries that…


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