December 5, 2023


(Bad boy meets Good girl)💦



📝 Praise tee💎

Chapter 4


I raised my eyes to see him, as I blinked twice, those orange hairs, cute face that sparkled with dark brown eyes, his seductive physique that could make a girl fall head over hills for him, all of it… I’d seen them somewhere,

I was sure of it, he looked so familiar, but bad thing my memories weren’t helping out here

The way he stared at me was something i couldn’t understand, though he should be thrilled seeing me but his looks spoke of something else, something bad,

I couldn’t just place my head on anything but I knew the look when a guy had grown Lū$tful of you, and those looks were found in him,

The one called my brother!,
But then maybe I was getting too imaginative owing to his sexy eyes,

Maybe it wasn’t it but yet I felt uneasy

“Maria meet Hudson your brother, Hudson meet maria your sister” mom said as I stared up to her and smiled shortly, I was introverted so starting up a friendly introduction was something I couldn’t do, and I guess he was gonna seize the opportunity to do it

He moved closer staring so intensely at me, I could feel his eyes on my lips down to my B@@bs, the exposed cleavage,

“Damn!, what the hell was wrong with this guy, his eyes were suspicious of a sort” I thought

“Hi, maria” he said softly I liked his tune but I was kinda disliking him already, I had such a character so hating him in less than 24 hours was no big deal for me

“Hello” I simply said not staring at him

“It’s my pleasure to meet such a beautiful angel as yourself” he said

“You mean sister?” I immediately corrected,
I hate irrelevant compliments

I felt his hands coming closer to me, it was as though he wanted clutching my waist and I wasn’t gonna hesitate to smack him on the face if that should be his intentions

He held my palms, his hands were soft but I didn’t like the texture of it, everything about him just speaks of a pervert,

He took it up to his lips, staring to my eyes he slowly K!SSed my back palms,

Why did he do that?, why did he have to K!SS my palms,
No one has ever done that,

I’ve never given any guy the privilege to even touch me, and I hated the fact that he broke that rule

I don’t care if his lips were soft and sweet I just hated it,

The thought of it got me shudder in irritation, but I wasn’t gonna give him the chance

“I’m addicted to you already” I heard him say as I darted to him his eyes stared directly to mine,

I got off my hands from him as I frowned, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear him, but I was sure he was no good guy,

He’d be a pervert and if I find it out to be the truth then I’ll show him the worst side of me


“Fůçƙ,” I could barely control myself around her, it was as though I should claim those lips of her, Ṣūçƙ those B@@bs and those @$$ behind her just got me turned on

Up on till now I have being a seductive play boy who get girls turned on and yearning for me only for me to get my way into them and dumb them aftrrwards

But then she!!

She was different from other girls, her beauty, and alluring figure could make me go crazy, it was as though God spent more time on creating her,

damn! Everything about her were perfect

And she was getting me so fûcking turned on, I can hardly resist even if I try

I don’t give a Fůçƙ if she’d be my step sister or biological sister, I was gonna do everything to get her on my bed

I smirked,

“Never knew you had such a beautiful daughter ma’am” I said turning to mom Rachael

“And I never knew I’d had such a handsome guy for a son” she replied

“Guess I’ll start learning how to love her” I said staring to her, no one understood what I really meant by that but I wasn’t the kind of guy that jokes around with words,

If I’d wanna get her, then I will.
just like other girls, I’ll get her too

“You should dear” Rachael said barely understanding my intentions

“I think you should show your brother the way to his room” dad said to her (maria)

“W..what? why me dad?, the guards her around to do that” she said glaring at me,

I could tell she was getting to know that i was interested in her,

The little bïtch has no idea of what I’m capable of doing, when I want something,

“Maria, you should be nice to your brother, can’t you see his trying to be nice to you, at least just show him the way to his room, there’s no real big deal about it” Rachael said

“I guess she’s not comfortable around me, and I understand so I’ll rather take the guards help” I said

“No, she’ll help you out, right maria?” Racheal had to make her agree with her eyes

“Ok mom” she said with a roll, as she stared to me waiting for me to lead

“Lead the way sis” I said with a smirk as she glared at me once before starting

She walked in angry steps as her large Ɓụťťs bounced against each other in an aggressive manner,

Damn! I could fell my stuff already getting hard,

I could swear I’ll go crazy if I don’t Fůçƙ this girl

Each steps she took emitted the manner and force her Ɓụťťy bounced, I could see the middle line separating the two Ɓụťťs from her short dress, her P@ŋties line were exposed and I felt like grabbing them

I could do anything when I get turned on,
It got worst when she climbed the stairs, I felt those asses calling me to message the living hell outta them

I just hope I could control everything until we get into the room, and after that I’ll show her the monster she triggered from its resting place,

I was gonna so fu*k her that all she’ll remember is my Ďïčk…

We got into the room, a fine space for a rugged guy like me, though it was more larger than the rooms that were in the apartment i shared with mike back in Paris,

With exotic accessories,

I saw my favorite game box

The PS5, surely dad knew what I wanted, and the king size bed, it was large enough to contain I and maria

“Wow, I’m back home” I said sniffing in the air as I jumped to the bed as it bounced

“Fûck so soft” I muttered

“You can rest now” I heard her say as she turned to leave

“Maria” I called behind her as she halted

I stood up going behind her as she twirled to see me so close to her, she rose her eyes to meet mine as I was some inches taller than her

she moved two steps back as I came closer

“w..what do you want” she stuttered as I smirked

I got my hands running slowly on her long hairs

“I love your fragrance” I muttered…

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