December 5, 2023


(Bad boy meets Good girl)💦



( Missed Flight)
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Chapter 2
(Adult contents are in this chapter so beware⚠🔞)


Mr Fernando Del Luca, one of the most famous business tycoons in America, just got wedded to a popular actress in America, their relationship begun when he helped her get contracted in a popular movie and then they realized that they’d fallen in love in the process, so they got married

Mr Fernando had being lonely for over 21 years now and he needed someone by his side, and Miss Rachael who was a widow with just one daughter was who his heart picked, the on he’d spend his remaining days in earth with

Mr Fernando

“Dad!!” She ran to me hugging me as i hugged her back

“Guess what baby” Mrs Rachael came forward as we exchanged K!SSes and then she sat beside me

“What?” I asked

“Well Maria here won the concert” she said sitting on my lap

“Wow, really?” I asked in surprise

“Yes dad, after the auditioning i was qualified for the concert and if i’d become the best then i’d be a star, ill be famous dad” she said giggling from ear to ear

“I can’t believe this, you know what, I’ll do everything possible to make sure you win the concert” he replied

“No dad, you don’t have to do anything, I’ll win the concert by my talent okay?” She said as I nodded

“Ever since you two got into my life I’ve experienced nothing but happiness” I said smiling as it suddenly turned into a sad countenance

“Is there something wrong honey?” Rachael asked

“It’s my son, you know ever since his mom left us, I had always done everything only for his sake, I did everything for him to be happy… And I’d wanted him to have a new family” he said

“And your wish has being granted dad” maria said as I turned to her nodding

“Though I had wanted him to also be at my wedding but I was scared of how he’d react to this sudden decision of mine, I mean he was used to having me alone as his family… But getting to meet a second family i…I just don’t …”

“of course he’ll be excited to meet is, I mean getting a caring mom as myself and a lovely sister as maria” she said as maria nodded

“I have an idea dad” maria said as she excused herself and some minutes later she came with my phone

“Why not call him to come home” she said

“Yes that’ll be more of a better solution” Rachael added as I nodded

And immediately dialed his number…

“Hello, Hudson…”


“Hey bro what’s up” mike walked in meeting Hudson sitting at the couch in a sedate countenance

“guess who I saw today?” Mike said as Hudson didn’t reply back, he then turned to him

“Is everything okay?” He asked

“Nothing is okay mike” he replied in a stern tune

“Okay bro calm down but you look sort of angry and…”

“Why shouldn’t I be angry?” He asked

“I don’t know, except you tell me?” Mike said shrugging his shoulders

“Can you imagine dad wants me back home” he said

“Okay?, but I see nothing bad with that?” Mike replied

“He wanted me to be in Paris so as to develop more skills in managing a company as he saw me unfit, he made me abandon my dreams of becoming a rock star and now he calls me back home all because he is married” Hudson said

“What?, your dad’s married?” Mike asked surprisingly

“He got married 2 weeks ago, and now he wants me back home to be with the family” Hudson replied

“If that’s the case then I think that’s good…” Hudson shot him a glare immediately

“Don’t get me wrong bro, but I think you’ve being alone for so long, and you need a family to call your own, one that will support you” mike said

“I’m fūcking okay with being alone, what difference does it make to have a new mom, I mean all women are the same, they’re nothing but traitors that will end up stabbing you behind the back, where it hurt so much” Hudson replied, his voice expressed the level of anger he bore

“I think you should forget the past and move on with your life” mike advised

“No way, I hate women and it’ll remain the same, falling in love will be the last thing I would ever do” he said and walked out as mike shook his head

*Next Day*

“I want you home at the soonest okay?, I’ve made preparations for the flight already” the voice ended as he hung up

“Dude!, your stuffs are already in the boot and the flight is by 9 and this is just 8.30, so you should be at the airport to wait for your flight, I’ll personally drive you there okay?” Mike said

As Hudson sat on the couch, bringing down his sun glasses

“Bro?, didnt you hear what I just said?” Mike asked

And the next thing the door bell rung

“Are you expecting anyone?” Mike asked

“You should check for yourself” he said


I approached the door turning down the knob as I saw a girl at the threshold,

“Hi” she waved at me as she walked in

“Huddy baby” she called as she ran to him and then they immediately begun K!SSing

“What the fūck?” I exclaimed in disbelief

“Hudson you gotta…”

“Its by nine like you said” he replied me cutting me off as he carried her into his room…


I K!SSed her hungrily as we got into the room, all I concentrated on was enjoying this moment

I kept on K!SSing her until we fell to the bed, I gave her the K!SS bites from her neck down to her chest as she Mõ@ɲed in pleasure,

I unƁụťťoned her top revealing her balls as I soaked one while caressing the other,

“Ha, fuvk…Hudson…you, you’re so sweet” she mumbled as I kept on Ṣūçƙing triggering the other,

After which I begun Ṣūçƙing the other, as she held my head

I was done as I moved down to the lower part of her body, she was wearing a mini skirt as I slowly unzipped it, she was stark Ɲ@kēɗ, as she had no P@ŋties on

“Guess you were prepared” I said with a smirk as I slowly K!SSed her ćƖĩť, and immediately begun Ṣūçƙing it as though my life depended on it



“I.. I want to Cvm” she muttered clutching the sheets tight as she was wet already

“Don’t Cvm now bïtch” I said sternly

I hated it when they to Cvm in my mouth, I couldn’t believe she was already turned on,

“It’s time to do magic on my Ďïčk” I said getting up as she stood up and knelt down unzipping my trousers and slowly pulling it off, the size and shape of my stuff was already visible from my boxers as her eyes widened

She slowly pulled it off as my hard stuff popped out she clutched it slowly and got it into her mouth Ṣūçƙing in and out as I Mõ@ɲed


“Fûck, this feels so good”

“Harder bïtch” I ordered as I Cvm into her mouth

“You taste so good” she muttered licking her lips as I smirked

She kept on Ṣūçƙing as I felt pleasure, I was already boiling anf wanted my stuff to get into a hole

as I threw her into the bed, and penetrated at once

“Argh” she Mõ@ɲed in pains, as she could barely take in my full size, but I still went deeper and more faster,

“Hmm mmm”


“Fûck” she Mõ@ɲed weakly as I went in and out of her

2 hours later we’d gone on several rounds as she was now riding on me, my phone begun ringing, as I totally forgot that I had a flight to meet up with

After the third time, I decided to give it a pause and attended to the call

“Hudson, where the fuvk are you?” He asked angrily as my eyes widened I threw my gaze to my watch

“10.30?” I muttered as I stormed out of my bed

“Baby where are you going to?” She asked still on bed

“Get out?” I said

“Why?” She asked

“You know we ain’t done here” she said

“Before I get outta the restroom I want you outta here” I said


“You wouldn’t want me to repeat myself, cause of you I missed my flight” he said

“You can always take another one?” She replied

“I don’t want you being in this room by the time I’m out or you might not like the other side of me” he said and ran into the bathroom

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