December 2, 2023

💥Bad Boy’s


(Bad boy meets Good girl)💦

He’s a pervert and she is a sassy type..

📝 Praise tee

Tags; hatred, jealousy, obsession, billionaire, £řøťic, romance, tragedy…

💦£řøťic Romance💥


Ever heard of a bad @$$ guy who takes pleasure in Fůçƙing anything in skirt, he sees it as a hobby to break girls hearts and leave them in frustration,

Love was the last thing in his mind, but then he unexpectedly Fell and it slowly developed to an obsession…

“How dare you” she flared after he had tried forcing himself on her

“How long will you keep denying your feelings for me?” He asked in a disheartened tune, his hairs were disheveled as he was shirtless, he only yearned for her

“I feel nothing for you, and I don’t think I’ll ever feel, besides I am your sister for crying out loud” she responded as she turned to leave but he gripped on her wrist as he pulled her closer to himself, they were so close enough to hear each others heart beat

“Tell me you feel nothing” he said in a whisper as their eyes were locked on each other…

His love for her was forbidden, she was a sassy slay queen, who’s hatred for men was uncomprehending,

But then what happens when she gets trapped in a chemistry of love that was seen as a taboo to humanity and society…

What happens?

Will she fall and accept or reject such a sin from happening?

What will his obsession lead him to..

Let’s watch out in this thrilling and suspense filled series🤔🤧😱

I hope y’all have grab your popcorn🍿🍿


(Bad boy meets Good girl)💦


(The bad boy💦)
📝 Praise tee💎

Chapter 1


“W…what?” The voice interrupted the two on the bed

“I can’t believe this, I trusted you Hudson” as she broke free the tears she’d be holding up

He jerked out of her immediately

“A..Ariel it’s not what you think?” He stuttered

“Damn you Hudson, even when I caught you red handed you still tryna make up lies” she said and stormed out barely noticing if she’d shut the door behind her or not,

Hudson immediately wore his boxers

“Dont tell me you’re going to her?”

“What do you expect bîtch?” He said in a rather stern tune

“But I still need you” she said in a pleading tune as he shot her a glare before walking out….

“Why didn’t you tell me that was what he was doing?” She fired angrily at a guy sitting at the front of his video game

“I tried stopping you but you neglected my warnings remember” he said and threw back his gaze to his video game

“Ariel please I can explain” Hudson said trailing behind her, as she came t a halt and turned to him

“Explain, really what explanations do you got there?… Is it the fact that you have being fooling me all this while or I caught you Fůçƙing my best friend?” She asked in a disheartened tune

“No Ariel, tge truth here is that she seduced me” he said staring into her eyes

“You know what…. I had actually wanted giving you my body today, but it all turned out that you were nothing but a goddamn freak” she said angrily though still in tears

He immediately clutched on her waist, pulling her closer to him, and then smacked his lips on her, K!SSing her so passionately in a way she felt weak in his grip, he slowly squeezed hard on her Ɓụťťs making her Mõ@ɲ in his mouth

He then jerked her up and turned to the direction of another room

I paused the video game when I saw them K!SSing, he jerked her up to his arms, and headed to another room obviously which belongs to me,

After Fůçƙing one girl in his and dumping her, he carries another to a different room and will eventually dumb her,

He was nothing but a goddamn S£x freak, a Pů$$¥ digger who’ll only date a girl for her Pů$$¥,

Most times I wonder what attracts girls to him, it’s so unbelievable that he was caught sexing another girl, but was still able to melt her heart and get her on his bed,
Like who the fück does that



“Hudson it hurts..”


I could hear the pleading Mõ@ɲs of Ariel from my room, and honestly I was irritating,

I almost didn’t believe someone like Ariel will actually fall for that pervert, I’d try all my lucks with her but I never succeeded in getting her,

But I could remember vividly well that it took Hudson just a wink to get her attention

“Damn you Hudson” I muttered in clenched teeth

“Where’s Hudson?” The other dumbed bïtch said from behind

“Why not go check the rooms from where those Mõ@ɲs are coming out from” I said in a mocking tune, I could tell she was furious

“How could he dumb me for that thrash” she said in an angry tune

“I think you’re the thrash here” I said not turning to her, I could tell that she’d glared angrily at me

“Fûck you!” she cursed and begun walking out

“I don’t fûck thrash… And mind you shut my door on your way out” I said chuckling afterwards


After what looked like three hours they were done as they K!SSed romantically on their way out, Mike did nothing other than to stare at them shooking his head in disbelief, Hudson saw her out of the door

“Seriously?, is this where you gonna stop” she asked

“Uhm, yeah, the thing’s that I’ve gotta hectic project to work on, so I need to start working on it” he said as she frowned

“Just walk me to the parking lots at least” she requested in a pleading tune

“Damn, my phone’s ringing” he lied

“I’ll see you later” he said and shut the door on her

“Phew” he exclaimed relaxing on the door as he crossed his foot licking his lower lip and then slowly raised his gaze to mike who was glaring at him

“Hey bro” he said and walked over to his collapsing on the couch as he got a pad and intended to start a game

“Hudson, I cant believe you just Fůçƙed two girls in the space of five hours” mike said as he withdrew his attention from the TV to him

“That’s what makes me the bad type of guy” he replied with a smirk

“So what happens to Tessa, remember you just dumbed her for Ariel, after being caught Fůçƙing her by the same ariel” mike said

“She should go to hell, she’s just my side bïtch who becomes my second alternative if there’s no girl close to Fůçƙ” he said

“Really?, and Ariel?, you know you just deflowered her” mike said

“Yeah, it’s my duty to be the first to taste her, and poor thing will be thinking I’m hers, unfortunately its over between us, I got what I wanted, she has literally become another use and dumb waste” Hudson said biting his lower lips

“You’re perverted monster dude, how can you be enjoying breaking girls heart only for your s£xu@l satisfaction…. In as much as I could remember, you’ve used and dumb 20 girls” mike said

“And since when did you become a heart break therapist” Hudson said in a scorn tune laughing widely at him as mike shook his head

“Damn, I’m stinking in two different smells” he said and rushed to the bathroom

“Bïtch… You better clean my room too, I don’t want it to stink in three different smell” mike said behind him

“I don’t smell coward” Hudson replied from the bathroom…


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