December 5, 2023

( After We Met Again… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Hunger, passion and affection lived in the K!SS, then a mix of fire and sparks.

Their lips continued wetting each other, and the water continued showering them, making them wetter each minute.

Their tongues battled affectionately, grinding on each other in their mouths as their slippery bodies gummed like crazy.

Dylan’s hands were still on her hips, squeezing them gently and softly, pressing them to the curves of his fingers. Delaney’s were on his bare body, caressing all the packs on his chest.

His six packs felt so good in her palms that she wants to keep touching it, then his biceps and triceps, they’re too beautiful. The broadness of his chest is driving her insane too, if only she could do this forever.

Dylan gently dropped her, still not breaking the K!SS, and they started walking backwards, away from the shower while still K!SSing so hard.

Dylan’s legs hit the tub body, and he knowingly fell inside the tub, pulling Delaney with himself.

She fell on him, straddling him in the tub as the insane K!SS continued.

This time, he grabbed her Ɓø0ɓs and began pressing them gently, and that made her Mõ@ɲs erupt like a volcano.

“Touch me everywhere, Dylan” she Mõ@ɲed beautifully on his lips.

He’d have gotten rid of her PJs and Ṣūçƙ on her Ɓø0ɓs, but the fact that Sweeney is still Ṣūçƙing is holding him back, so he transferred his hands to her back, running them around till the lowest part….her @ss.

He grabbed them as S£xily as ever, and she smiled into his mouth when he started caressing it like she wants.

“Fůçƙ, I love you…” She Mõ@ɲed.

“I love you more, addiction” he replied, and she brought her hand down to his trousers.

She was about to zip it down and touch him down there when….

“Happy birthday Laney!!!” The girls screamed from the room, and they broke it immediately.

“The girls are here” her eyes widened.

They quickly came out of the tub, and she suddenly started feeling shy. The make out they just had was too intense.

“Go…go out first” she said awkwardly, avoiding his eyes.

Dylan smiled and walked to her, then he pulled her into a tight hug.

“Don’t be shy” he said, and she smiled before hugging him back.

“I love your six packs” she said, and he chuckled.

“So what do you love most about me?” She asked.

“I don’t have a favorite, I love all of you, Dela” he replied, and she smiled before hugging him tighter.

The door opened immediately, and Midas came in with Trevor and the girls.

“Holy moly!, What’s going on here!” Midas shouted dramatically.

Delaney quickly broke the hug and hid behind Dylan.

“You just disrupted a sweet moment, y’all deserve some spanking” Dylan said.

“Come out from where you’re hiding, Delaney” Carina said.

“No I won’t” Delaney replied, hugging Dylan from behind

“The whole bathroom is a mess” Trevor said, looking at the running shower and the tub which has streams of water around it as a result of how they both fell in.

“I get it, you made out in the tub and under the shower” Gigi said.

“Trevor let’s do that tonight” Melinda said.

“Of course baby!” Trevor winked.

“Happy birthday baby” Gigi widened her arms, and Delaney finally came out from behind Dylan.

She hugged Gigi despite her wet PJs, and Gigi gave her pecks before she moved to Carina.

“Happy birthday girl” Carina said, hugging her too.

“Your lips are all swollen, I can imagine how long the K!SS lasted” Melinda said when Delaney got to her.

“Ten minutes” Delaney replied, and Melinda laughed before hugging her.

“Congratulations on a new family, dude” Trevor stuck hands with Dylan.

“But you’ll still pay for having a family before me” Midas said.

“And for how rude you were during your memory loss” Trevor added.

“I’m so sorry guys, you guys should know I’d never do all that if I was with my memory” Dylan pouted, and they laughed before hugging him together.

“So… P3 is back” Midas said.

“Sure” Dylan replied.

“I’m glad you’re back too” Trevor replied.

They all later went to the living room after Delaney and Dylan changed their wet clothes, and Andy was the first to jump on Delaney.

“Happy birthday Laney crush” he K!SSed her cheeks, and Dylan cleared his throat .

“I still have authority over her than you do, so clear your throat all you want” Andy rolled eyes, and everyone laughed.

“I’ll gum that mouth of yours one day” Dylan rolled eyes, and Andy stick out his tongue.

“Happy birthday daughter” Mrs Bills hugged Delaney, K!SSing her forehead afterwards.

“Thanks mum, i love you” she replied.

“I love you more, pretty” Mrs Bills smiled.

“Honey” Summer smiled, hugging her next.

“Happy birthday honey”

“Thanks big sis, much love”

By now, Andy is playing with Sweeney.

“Will you go take your bath before the surprises?, Or should it start now?” Mrs Bills asked.

“Now, now please” Delaney replied.

“Ok…” Summer replied and moved to a covered space in the living room with Carina.

They pulled down the cover together, revealing the gorgeous cakes.

“OMG!!” Delaney screamed.

Hers is pure white, and Summer wrote…. “Dylan’s Baby @ 20” on it.

“Aww!, It’s cute!, I mean all the cakes!” Delaney gushed.

“I’m glad you like them” Summer said.

“Thanks so much mum, thanks big sis” Delaney said, feeling so special.

“And here” Gigi said, handing her a box.

She opened it, and her eyes widened when she saw a saint Lauren’s handbag, newest product.

“I love it!” She said happily, and Carina gave her another box

When she opened, it contains a complete set of pure gold Jewelries….

“Carina!” She shouted, and Melinda gave her another box.

It contains an expensive female perfume and a Șëx¥ set of lingerie.

“Oh my…gosh!” Delaney shouted.

“It’s not over yet” Midas said, handing her another box with Trevor.

Midas box contains a silver wristwatch, and Trevor’s contains a framed picture of Delaney.

“Gosh!” Delaney jumped again.

Summer gave her a car key suddenly, and before she could shout, Mrs Bills gave her another car key.

“This is too much, it’s too much I swear, how am I supposed to take all these?, Gawd! All for me?” Delaney said and started shedding tears of joy.

“You deserve it” Mrs Bills replied, and Dylan suddenly turned her to himself.

“Dylan…” She sniffed, and he wiped her tears before bringing out another key from his pocket, plus a black card.


“Money will forever be in the account, it has no limit, it’s all yours” he said, handing her the black card.


“And… Here are the keys to your private jet” he said, giving her the key.

“Argghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed so loud, jumping on him instantly.

“Not me, not me Dylan, I must be dreaming, this isn’t real,no…no” she whispered on his shoulder, and he made her face him.

“It’s all yours, and more is still coming, I mean a whole lot” he said fondly, K!SSing her neck .

“I love you so much” he said.

“I love you more baby” she replied, hugging him tightly.

They were still hugging when Sweeney started receiving her gifts.

Most of it are teddies and baby dolls, and toys….toy cars and bikes.

Mrs Bills gifted her a golden anklet. Summer gifted her a golden bracelet.

Dylan finally dropped Delaney and got the SDD necklaces. He wore one for himself and one for Delaney, then he walked to Sweeney and wore the last one for her.

“Daddy loves you a lot,” he K!SSed her forehead and brought out her present.

It’s the biggest teddy bear in the living room, pink in colour.

“Pop the champagne!!!” Midas shouted.

“Whoa!!!!” The guys screamed as Trevor popped it.



“Harder!, Leo!, Fůçƙ me hard” Paisley screamed, caging Leo between her legs as he banged her wildly, not giving her any space to catch her breath.

His Ďïčk slammed hard at each thrust, and she could feel life leaving her, but his S£x drive is mad, so she’s doing all she can to satisfy him.

He was Ṣūçƙing her Ɲīpplës while biting it and doing nasty things to it, rubbing her ćƖĩť between his thumb and index finger.

He widened her legs more, and her thighs almost tore apart as he held to the flesh and started harder $©®£ws.

“Oh no!, I love you!, More please!, More baby!” She Mõ@ɲed, pulling him even closer.

They were both producing sweat from all areas of their bodies, and it seems like he’s getting more and more energetic at each thrust.

He was weakening her, but she was ready to even die.

He suddenly pulled out, and when she was about to start catching her breath….

“Turn your back” he said, and she quickly did.

He spanked her @ss, and the pains ran down her hot Pů$$¥. He spanked again and again till her @ss cheeks became red, then he finally inserted himself into her at once.

“Ahh!, I’m tired!, Leo I’m tired!” She screamed, grabbing the sheets.

“You don’t love me anymore?” He said.

“I do!” She replied.

“Then endure” he replied and started the Fůçƙ, and she started crying.




“You look stunning!, daughter” Mrs Robertson smiled when Gigi came downstairs in her red gown, looking so cute on her.

She was wearing white shoes and bag, then she curled her hair tail slightly, letting it fall on her shoulders.

“Thanks mum” she replied with a smiley face.

“So you have a date this year?”

“Yeah” she replied.

“That’s new, what’s his name?”

“Tony, a senior” .

“Wow, big taste huh?” Mrs Robertson teased.

“Bye mum!” Gigi quickly said and rushed out.

“How cute” Mrs Robertson smiled, and she was about to climb the stairs when she got a text from Mr Robertson.


She made to type a reply but she stopped herself and went upstairs.



Emma was fuming as she came out of a taxi in front of the restaurant, and she walked in in same manner.

She made her way to the room she’s going, then she met her boyfriend waiting.

“Why did you call me?” She asked, and he stood.

“You haven’t been picking my calls, and you stopped coming to the restaurant, and…

“I’m tired of you!, I have another boyfriend now so stay away from me!” She snapped sharply.


“You’re poor!, I’ve been managing you but now I’m fed up!, Get out of my sight Austin!” She shouted meanly and started walking out.

He ran after her and held her hand, but she dazed his face with a slap, and he staggered away from her.

“To before warned, is to before harmed” she sneered and walked out on him.

She was walking out of the restaurant when her ears suddenly heard something.

“Delaney Wang”

She went back to the room she heard it from and saw Zayn and Flora inside, through the glass door.

“You mean… Delaney is the daughter of the family?” Flora said.

“Wang!, Her surname says it all!” Zayn replied.

“How could we not suspect!, She’s right under our nose!” Flora replied.

“The next thing right now should be finding a way to eliminate her before she starts thinking of investigating the case” Zayn said

“Let’s kill her once and for all” Flora said, and Zayn drank from his wine.

“Restroom calling” Flora said and stood.

She opened the door, and her eyes widened to see Emma smiling at her.

“Emma Watson?”

Zayn came closer, and his eyes widened too.

“I heard everything. What are you guys planning?, If it’s about killing Delaney, I’m in” Emma smiled evilly.



Dylan’s limousine stopped in front of the aquarium, and he came out in his red suit, looking more handsome.

He used golden contact lens this time, and his hair was swept up plus brown dye. He wore a gorgeous stud on his left ear.

He went to the other side and opened the door before tendering his hand.

Delaney placed hers on it, and he helped her out. She’s hotter than hellfire right now… beautiful.

She curled her hair to ringlets just like she did during the shoot, and her white gown is gorgeous. It’s a long sleeve v-neck bodycon that came up to her mid-thigh, with a plunging neckline that hugged her body in the right places.

She was holding a white purse and same colour of heels. She’s perfect.

Dylan almost went insane when she came out in that dress at home, though he bought it, but he has never imagined that it’d be as gorgeous as this on her.

“Let’s go, ma reine” (my queen) he said, and she smiled as he led the way in.

He actually rented the whole aquarium for tonight since it’s where they have more pleasant memories at.

The path was decorated with red carpet, red and white balloons, flowers and and lights, then artificial fireflies which were so colourful, the whole place smells like love.

As they walked in hand in hand, they kept smiling at each other, and they stop to K!SS a lot before they even got to the middle where their meal is waiting on a big table, looking ostentatiously beautiful.

The fishes in the blue treated waters in the glass house were playing around, making Delaney smile immediately.

“We can eat while staring at the fishes” Dylan said, pulling out a chair for her .

She sat, and he sat across her, then she had a clearer view of the table.

Steak, salad, chicken, beef, barbeque, pasta, snails sauce, omelette and vegetables, tuna fish and all sorts of food are present, then a valentine cake.

★I LOVE YOU DELA★ Was written boldly on it, and she smiled immediately she noticed it

“Silly” she blushed.

“What?” He smiled.

“Nothing” she replied, and they started eating.

Almost immediately, “BETTER” by Khalid started playing on invisible speakers, and as they ate, they enjoyed the romantic lyrics of the song, and Delaney takes frequent peeks at the fishes.

“Say ha” Dylan suddenly said, and she opened her mouth, but instead of feeding her, he ate it himself.

“I’ll kill you Dylan” she laughed, and he released a loud laughter too.

“I’m for real this time” he said, offering another spoon.

She made to eat it again but he ate it again, and she dropped her fork, standing up from her seat.

Dylan stood and ran away, then she pretended to fall when she was about to start running.

“Ouch!” She winced pretentiously, and he ran back to her.


He knelt beside her, but she immediately pulled him down with her. He lay on top of her.

“You think you’re wise?” She said, and he laughed.

“So sorry, ma riene” he said, and she K!SSed his lips lightly.

He reconnected their lips and K!SSed her deeply.

Delaney’s arms wrapped on his neck, and the K!SS went deeper as they rolled around the floor, still K!SSing madly, taking turns to Ṣūçƙ on their tongues.

Her Mõ@ɲs added more lyrics to the song that’s playing softly, and suddenly, a door opened beside the glass houses, revealing the sky outside.

Fireworks started whistling and popping beautifully in the sky.

They broke the K!SS, and Delaney’s eyes widened at the sight.

“Whoa!” She said, and Dylan helped her up.

She rushed closer to the place and started staring with admiration.

“So beautiful” she muttered, biting her lip.

Dylan hugged her from behind and K!SSed her neck softly.

“Can’t be as beautiful as you” he whispered, and she smiled.

One of the fireworks suddenly wrote “I LOVE YOU MA REINE” in the sky, and Delaney smiled again.

“Aww!” She gushed.

Another one wrote… “BE WITH ME FOREVER…. DELA”

Delaney broke the back hug and faced him, her eyes so wistful and affectionate, full of fondness and love. His eyes are replicas of hers.

“Dylan…” She whispered, and he walked to the table.

He cut a part of the cake and brought it back to her, then he placed it in his mouth, between his lips.

She smiled and leaned in immediately.

She started eating the cake from his lips till she got to his lips, and their lips connected magically.

The taste of the cake mixed with their real tastes in their mouths, and their hands got glued to their bodies in a matter of seconds.

“PERFECT” by Ed Sheeran is now playing, and the last firework came up

It wrote … “SDD FOREVER” in the sky, and the door closed.

Dylan pushed Delaney gently to the door and caged her there as their eyes locked, their lips impatient to K!SS again.

“I love you, ma reine” he whispered, rubbing her wet lower lip.

“I love you more, bad boy” she replied, and their lips crashed so hard on each other again.

“Can’t get enough of you, Dela” he whispered on her lips.




TB Continued…

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