December 2, 2023

( After We Met Again… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


“No! it’s impossible! How can they have a child together!” Emma shouted unbelievably.

“I’m not believing anything too” Madelyn said.

Paisley was staring at the whole thing speechlessly, she obviously wasn’t expecting this.

All these while, Delaney’s eyes were on Dylan, and it’s same with his eyes, they won’t leave her body.

“No DNA test is needed to show the paternity, so Ɓîtçhes and bastards, y’all can go die for all I care” Summer said and pulled Dylan out of the hallway with her.

Gigi pulled Delaney away with the girls, and Emma dived her two hands into her hair crazily.

“No….no” was all she could mutter before running away from the hallway. Her heels turned on the ground and she fell heavily, making some students laugh at her.

Her elbow was bleeding as she stood and ran the remaining meters out of the hallway.

“Let’s go, girls” Madelyn said, trying to pretend as if she’s not affected.

Gladys and Sydney followed her behind, and she suddenly staggered without getting pushed.

Thanks to Gladys and Sydney who held her. Her body was still shaking with shock as they left the hallway.

Paisley was still looking dumbstruck when Leo’s text appeared on her phone…


She excitedly went there and met him working out in only his Ūŋɗēɍp@ɲtṣs. He’s the only one inside.

“Leo” she smiled sheepishly.

“You know what to do” he replied, and she started taking off her clothes immediately.


“I actually came to the school cos Sweeney was crying so much and she refused to take the feeding bottle or spoon-feeding. Mum suggested I bring her to you so you’d Břě@šťfeed her in the car, and that was when I saw the scene, so I decided to bring her out and shock the mad students” Summer explained to Delaney who was already Břě@šťfeeding Sweeney.

They came home straight from school earlier, though the girls stayed back for their audition.

“I love the turnout of events anyways, but I hope I won’t be rusticated from school” Delaney replied.

“I’ll handle Flora myself” Mrs Bills said, and Delaney smiled.

“Thanks mum” she said, and Summer stroked her hair

“I’ve told you countless times to stop thanking us, we’ll do everything possible to make up for the time you suffered” she said.

“Why is Dylan not coming downstairs?” Mrs Bills said.

“He has been crying in his room” Summer replied.

By now, Sweeney has finished Ṣūçƙing Břě@šť milk, so Delaney handed her to Mrs Bills.

“I’ll go see him” she said and climbed the stairs.

She could already hear Dylan’s sobs even without opening the door, but when she opened it, her eyes widened.

His whole face is full of tears, and his eyes are so red, he must have cried so hard.

“Dylan!” She gasped and rushed to him.

“Dylan why are you like this?, Aren’t you happy to see me again?” She said, holding his face.

“I’m really a bastard, I didn’t even know about the baby, and I’ve been living fine, leaving you to carry the load alone, you even worked part time during the pregnancy?, You carried it for a year instead of nine?, You gave birth through operation?, Gawd….I’m such a scum, do I even deserve your forgiveness?, Do I?, And I even lost my memories, how dare I?, How could I forget the pains I made you pass through, just … How could I… Dela I’m a monster, I don’t even deserve you, I don’t even…. Please just kill me” he cried uncontrollably, and Delaney had to hug him so tight immediately.

“Stop talking about the past already, please stop it Dylan, stop” she cried, and Dylan closed his eyes.

“I’m just glad your memories are back, I’m glad you’re back to me, and I’m glad you got to know your daughter” she continued, and Dylan slowly hugged her back.

“I missed you, no single minute passed without you in my head, did you charm me?” She said, and he smiled despite the tears on his face, then he brought an hand to her hair.

“I missed you more, Dela” he whispered, K!SSing her hair.

“Are you ready to meet your baby?” She asked, and he slowly broke the hug.

“Do I really deserve….to meet her?” He said slowly, and she smiled before starting to wipe the tears on his face.

“She definitely can’t wait to meet you” she said, and the door opened.

Mrs Bills came in with Sweeney, and Dylan faced her.

“Come here and feel your baby” she said, and he walked slowly to her.

He took Sweeney from Mrs Bills, and she smiled at him immediately, touching his face with her small fragile hands.

“Daughter” he whispered, and she smiled again, raising up her hands.

“Gosh, she has my face, my carbon copy” he said as tears slipped out of his eyes again.

“Dylan stop the tears please” Summer said, coming in.

“I can’t, I’m just so overwhelmed and happy” he replied, leaning in to K!SS Sweeney’s forehead.

Sweeney chuckled cutely.

“I promise with my life to give you all the love and care of a father, I’ll be the best dad in the world to you and I’ll protect you with my life, I’ll pamper you till you get tired of riches, i swear on my life, I love you so much daughter, I love you” he said, hugging her eventually.

Delaney smiled, wiping the tears on her face.

To her, this moment…. today…now … Is the happiest moment of her life.

Sweeney looks so happy with Dylan, she kept chuckling, touching his face at intervals.

He finally faced Delaney, and she came closer.

“I promise to pamper you till you forget about the sufferings you went through, I know no amount of pampering can possibly do that, but Dela….i swear to always do everything you want as from today, I’ll never do anything against your will, and I’ll forever stay beside you, I’ll never leave you or our daughter anymore, I’ll make up for my mistakes” he said, and she smiled.

“I believe you, Dylan” she said, and they hugged so tight immediately, together with Sweeney.

Mrs Bills smiled, and Summer inhaled with a big smile too.

“Isn’t this the best sight ever?” Summer said.

“Sure, today is surely the happiest day of my life” Mrs Bills smiled, wiping the small trace of tear on her face.


“For the guys, Midas Lewiston won” the chief judge announced after the finals.

“Fůçƙ!, How the hell did i win against Mavis?” Midas said shockingly.

“Mavis wasn’t conscious of himself during the runway walk, I think he was disturbed by the news about Delaney and Dylan” Trevor mouthed.

“And for the girls, it’s Gigi Robertson” the chief judge further said.

“Yes!!!!!!, I won!, Girls I won!, I won!!!!!” Gigi screamed, jumping on Carina and Melinda.

Madelyn furiously left the hall without saying a word.

“I’m so proud of you baby!” Carina pecked Gigi.

“I love you!” Melinda hugged her.

“Can’t believe it!” Gigi giggled.

“And it’s cool that you’re partnering with your crush, Midas the Fůçƙer” Carina said.

“I’m not crushing on him!” Gigi replied.

“I’m not blind oh girl, let’s go” Carina replied and started pulling her out.

“Gigi!” Tony suddenly called, and Carina released her.

“See ya in the dressing room!” She winked and left.

“Linda!” Trevor grabbed Melinda’s hand, and she smiled.

“I actually got you a gown for tommorow already” he said.

“I can’t wait!, I love you!” She gushed.

He K!SSed her lightly, and she smiled.

“I love you more” he winked and took her away.

“Senior Tony” Gigi said when he finally got to her.

“Hey, congratulations on winning” he smiled.

“Thanks senior” she replied, and he nodded.

“So….what are your plans for tommorow?” He asked.

“Well….no plans yet actually” she replied.

“You don’t have a date?”


“Then… Will you be my date?” He asked, and her eyes widened.


“Take your time and think about it, I’ll call you tonight for your reply” he said and left.

Gigi was still standing in confusion when Midas walked past her.

He took her hand and placed a paper in it, then she looked at him..


“I’ll be waiting for your reply” he winked and left fast.

She opened the paper , and her eyes widened.


She smiled after reading it.

“Mad boy” she said, bit her lip and left the hall too.


Mavis walked in slowly and met Mrs Gregor pacing around.

It’s expected since she lost to Mavis this time around.

“You lost again” she said, and he only kept quiet.

“First was to Dylan, for Donni, and now you lost to Midas for Fritz?, What the hell is wrong with you Mavis!, Why were you doing rubbish during the finals?, What has gotten into your head!” She shouted, and he sighed.

“Is that all you have to say?” He asked.


“Then I’m off, I’m not in the mood for your rants today” he replied and walked out of the office.

“Gosh… he’s pissing me off” she muttered, falling back on her chair.

Her phone rang immediately, it’s Zayn.

“What?” She asked after swiping green.

“My informant just found out the daughter is here in Australia” Zayn replied, and her eyes widened.



Mavis got to his car and got a stick of cigar which he lightened and started smoking immediately, and as he smoked, tears came out of his eyes massively.

He rested his head on the headrest and closed his eyes, but the tears still kept trickling out of the corners of his eyes as he smoked hurtfully, replaying the scene at the hallway earlier in his head.

Delaney has a child for Dylan?, They’re automatically a couple?

He dived his fingers into his hair crazily, roughing it madly as he took another puff from his cigar.

He released the smokes through his nostrils this time, and his phone rang.

He picked when he saw the number.

“You sent more than the amount i charged you for the kidnap, was it a mistake or intentionally?” The voice asked.

“Fůçƙ off!!!” He shouted and threw his phone away, he threw away his cigar too and rested his head on the wheel as fresh tears escaped his eyes.

“Delaney…” He cried hotly.


The house was already a beehive of activities at daybreak. Summer and Mrs Bills plus the three newly hired maids are working in the kitchen, baking homemade cakes.

Sweeney’s cake is ready, baked by Mrs Bills.

It’s a pink coloured one with sprinkles of shines and white, then Mrs Bills baked a crown on it.

SWEENEY BILLS @ 1 was written boldly around it.

The maids are busy baking the white and red velvet cake for Valentine’s, but Sumner is busy with Delaney’s cake.

Andy sneakily took from the prepared icing, and Summer was about to hit his hand when he ran away.

“Sneaky thief!” Summer rolled eyes.

“It’s my Laney crush’s cake, so I have every right to steal” he laughed, licking his fingers.

“The guests will soon be here, make it fast Sumner” Mrs Bills said.

They’re actually having an house party for mother and daughter.

“Sure mum, I wanna make the cake as pretty as Delaney” Summer replied.

“Why aren’t they awake yet?, I wanna play with Sweeney” Andy pouted.


Delaney’s eyes are still closed, she’s still sleeping peacefully on the bed, same with Sweeney who’s sleeping beside her, but Dylan isn’t asleep anymore,. He’s laying beside the both, staring at them with a smile on his handsome face.

To him, they’re the two things he’s gonna be living for, from now on.

They’re his life, his world, his everything.

Meeting them made him the man he is right now, he’s gonna cherish and pamper them for the rest of his life.

Sleeping beside them last night was so good that it felt unreal when he woke up this morning, it was blissful.

He K!SSed Sweeney’s forehead first, then he K!SSed Delaney’s.

Before he could raise his head from Delaney, Sweeney’s eyes were already open.

“Sweet” he smiled, carrying her in his arms.

“How was your night?” He asked as if she could talk.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked again, and she smiled.

“I love you so much Sweet” he said and K!SSed her cheeks.

“Happy birthday darling, daddy is gonna spoil you today, real bad” he said, and Sweeney smiled again.

“My daughter is so cute!” He said, brushing his nose on her small nose.

“My cute little thing” he said, K!SSing her nose.

All these while, Delaney was already awake, staring at dad and daughter while smiling.

“Don’t worry, all the times I failed to spend with you, I’ll make it up to you baby, everything ok?” He said, K!SSing her chin.

“I’m jealous” Delaney finally talked, and Dylan looked at her fast.

“You’re awake” he smiled, and she sat up immediately.

“Happy birthday baby girl” she said, giving Sweeney a peck on the right cheek.

Dylan K!SSed the left cheek, and they laughed before letting go, then Summer came in without knocking.

“Time to give privacy to mummy and daddy, Sweeney” she said and carried her.

Without saying another thing to Dylan and Delaney, she took her away.

Dylan sighed and started fidgeting again, not knowing where to start from.

Delaney kept staring into space, expecting him to speak.

Three minutes went by, but nothing came from him, so she sighed.

“I’ll go take my bath” she said and made to climb down the bed, but he held her back.

“Wait” he said and climbed down instead.

Delaney’s eyes followed him, and she was surprised to see colourful things sitting on the dressing table, like bouquets and a single rose, then several boxes and all.

He went for the first box and brought it to her.

She took it and opened it slowly.

It contains several apology letters.

“They’re the remaining apology letters, I wrote them all night” he said, and her eyes widened.

“The remaining apology texts, is already on your phone” he said, and she checked immediately.

Indeed, her phone is full of I’M SORRY texts from him.

“The remaining public apologies, I promise to do them everyday till it ends, Dela” he said, staring deeply into her beautiful eyes.

Delaney was speechless as he went back to the dresser and brought the bouquet of flowers and another box.

She handed the flower to her, and surprisingly, it smells exactly like him

She loved it immediately.

“Happy birthday, Dela” he said, and she smiled prettily as he gave her the box too.

She opened it, and right there are three necklaces which has letters SDD as the pendants.

“It means… Sweeney, Delaney, Dylan as one” he said.

“They’re so gorgeous” Delaney muttered admiringly, looking him as he stood and went for the single rose.

Her eyes kept following him till he came back to her and went on a knee beside the bed.

“I don’t know if I deserve this…. but….. Dela, please….be my… Val” he asked nervously, and she blinked once, watching his nervous self…

He was shaking obviously.

“Why?” She asked, and he bit his lip slowly, finding it hard to say.

“Seems you’re not ready” Delaney said and climbed down the bed, then she started walking out of the bedroom.

“I love you!, Dela” he shouted, but her name came quietly.

Delaney smiled before stopping, and she looked back slowly.

He’s still on his knees, holding the single rose.

She walked to him and took the rose. His eyes brightened and he stood, but she dropped the rose on the bed immediately.

She grabbed his shirt in the front and pulled him into the bathroom, then they went under the shower together, and she turned the faucet.

Water started pouring on their bodies, and Delaney pulled his shirt off his body in a second, then she smiled naughtily.

“I love you too, Dylan” she whispered, and Dylan’s eyes widened uncontrollably.

Did she really just say that?


“I wanna Mõ@ɲ your name again at the feel of your lips” she whispered, locking eyes with him.

“Fůçƙ, Dela…” He muttered before lifting her off the ground.

Her legs belted his waist and her arms wrapped around his neck.

Dylan’s hands held her hips so S£xily, and their lips stayed in front of each other as the water kept wetting them.

“Bad boy” she whispered seductively.

“Bad boy’s addiction” he replied in the most silent whisper before crashing his soft lips on her temptingly wet lips.

Their eyes went shut, their breaths collided, their souls became one, their hearts intertwined…..and immediately their tongues met, their bodies sparked…

Her back hit the wall, and they went crazily high on each other over, over…


And over again.




TB Continued…

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