December 5, 2023

( After We Met Again… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Delaney felt a thick covering on her body immediately she woke up, and she scrunched up her face immediately, moving her head on something soft…like a pillow?

She suddenly stopped moving and touched the thick thing on her skin, then her eyes flew open when she found out it’s actually duvet.

She sat up, and as suspected, she’s on a bed.

“Where the hell am I?” She asked herself, pulling the duvet away.

“I remember passing out in the rain, then how come I’m in a house?, And this smell” she muttered, sniffing the air.

It smells mild and gentle like milk and peach… Dylan’s scent.

Her eyes widened, and Summer came in immediately.

“Big sis Summer” she said surprisingly.

Summer was holding a tray of coffee as she walked to her with a smile on her face.

She dropped the tray on the stand and covered Delaney’s body with the duvet again, then she felt her temperature by touching her forehead.

“Your temperature came down, I’m so relieved” she said and K!SSed her hair before sitting beside her.

“I was on my way back from the office last night when I saw you unconcious on the road. I was so scared, i had to take you home and call a doctor for home treatment, thankfully you’re now ok” she said, and Delaney smiled gratefully.

“I’m so sorry for being such a burden, it must have been so hard to carry me and…

“Shhh” Summer placed a finger on her lips.

“Shut up honey, and drink this coffee, you need caffeine right now” she said, and Delaney smiled as she handed the cup to her.

She took three sips and nodded.

“You’re so cute!, Even early in the morning like this” Summer said, and she smiled adorably.

“Guess the room you’re in?” Summer asked.

“Dylan’s room… but the designs changed” Delaney replied, and Summer smiled slowly.

“That dude robbed me of my room immediately he lost his memory, he suddenly lost interest in his own room and moved into mine, I was so pissed but what can I do” Summer said, and Delaney found herself laughing.

“It’s weird that it already smells like him, that’s what I love most about him though, his soft breathtaking fragrance!” Summer inhaled the air.

“Me too” Delaney replied, and Summer stroked her hair.

“So….do you care to tell me why you were unconscious in the rain?” She asked, still stroking her hair.

Delaney told the story right from where it all started in highschool till what happened yesterday.

“They chased you out of the house cos they heard their daughter’s side of the story?, Who the hell does that?, I’ll go teach them and that Ɓîtçhy daughter of theirs a lesson I swear” Summer made to stand, but Delaney quickly pulled her back.

“You should allow her to go do justice to those undeserving people” Mrs Bills said, coming into the room.

“You heard everything?” Summer asked.

“Yeah, but the most interesting part is your one year burden, what do you mean by that?” Mrs Bills asked, looking straight at Delaney.

“Actually I. …. I got pregnant after everything” Delaney said slowly, and their eyes widened.

“Huh?” Mrs Bills said shockingly.

“And I carried her in my womb for one year instead of nine months, I birthed her through operation, and she’s turning one year Feb 14” Delaney replied.

“Wait….is this a joke?, Like…a baby?” Summer said, her eyes still wide as Fůçƙ.

“Yeah, her name is Sweeney, Dylan’s daughter” she replied .

“Goodness!, My goodness!, Delaney!” Mrs Bills climbed the bed with her and held her face gently.

“You mean you carried the child in your womb alone for nine months?, You never collected money from that crazy friend of yours and you never told her family, then how did you survive?”

“I did part time jobs even during the pregnancy, that was how I saved up for the baby things and took care of myself” Delaney replied, and Mrs Bills hugged her so tight.

“Gosh, you went through a lot, you’re so strong, you’re rare,I love you so much Delaney, so much” she cried, and Delaney started patting her.

“Please don’t cry ma’am, I’ve decided to let go, and just stay with Dylan after telling him about our baby, but he travelled and ..

“I’ll call him right now, he’ll come home today trust me” Summer said.

“Please do that Summer” Mrs Bills replied.

“No please don’t, he can’t leave his father’s company because of me, I won’t take it” Delaney quickly said

“But you’re more important than any darn company Delaney, you birthed my granddaughter, never knew I’m already a grandma, never knew…gosh” Mrs Bills said.

“Still….the company was all Mr Bills worked for before his death, I won’t forgive myself if it gets ruined cos of me” Delaney replied, and Sumner hugged her this time.

“I love you so much honey, why didn’t you tell us this sooner?, You deserve every good thing we can give, you deserve to be treated like an egg” she said.

“I’m sorry I kept it for long” Delaney said.

Mrs Bills hugged her too with Summer, and Delaney smiled.

“Stay here and never go anywhere,. You belong to this family now, and please stop going for your part time jobs, please” she said.

“I’m all yours” Delaney replied.

“Gosh” Summer hugged her tighter.


Paisley came out of the bathroom happily, jumping as she walked to her dressing table.

She pulled the towel away from herself in front of the mirror and started giggling, remembering she has actually lost her virginity to Leo.

They have a date in his house today and she can’t wait to see him again, and maybe try out S£x again.

She remembered Delaney and laughed.

“You dare mess with me after everything I did for you, let’s see how you’ll survive without me, I know you’ll come back begging” she laughed again and started creaming herself.

She dressed up within minutes, and her phone rang on the table. It’s Lexi.

“This clingy guy again, I hate him” she muttered and picked angrily.

“What again!”

“Let’s meet at the coffee shop down your street” Lexi said, and she hung up.

“Maybe it’s really time to end things” she said and got her bag before leaving the house.

She drove to the shop and met Lexi waiting. He was sitting, and the necklace is on the table in front of him.

“I got this from Leo” he said.

“Let’s break up” she replied, and he stood.

“Really?, So my suspicions were right after all, you’ve been cheating on me with Leo!” He said, and she smiled.

“Sorry, and you can eat the necklace, ain’t got no motherFůçƙing time to spare” she replied and started walking out.

“You’re unbelievable, was it fun using me?, Was it fun toying with my emotions?, I can’t believe I actually fell hard for a girl like you” Lexi said, and Paisley smiled before looking back

He was already crying.

“Wipe your tears and find another girl , ex boiffy” she said and left the shop.

Lexi fell back on the chair and broke down completely in tears.

Winnie has been in the shop since it started, she actually trailed Lexi here, more like stalking.

Immediately Paisley left, she went to him and hugged him gently.

“She’s not worth your tears, Lexi stop crying”

Meanwhile, on her way to Leo’s place, Paisley got a text from him.


She smiled and branched a store where she bought it and drove the remaining meters to his place.

She met him drinking viagra in his living room, and she hugged him tightly.

“I missed you throughout the night, Leo”

“Did you get the condoms?” He asked, and she brought it out of her bag.

“Let’s make good use of it” he said, and she smiled as he started unbolting his belt.

At the same time, she started stripping herself till her P@ŋts went down.

In another minute, she was already on the couch, legs widened.

Leo slipped on one of the condoms and her legs hugged his waist as he slid into her Pů$$¥.

“Ouch!…. Leo”

“I love you..ah!”


It’s a Friday evening, and the house is so full.

Midas, Trevor, Gigi, Melinda and Carina are all present to witness the arrival of baby Sweeney.

Mrs Freya is coming today.

“Can’t believe Dylan became a father before me, that crazy boy” Trevor said, and everyone laughed.

“And the most painful thing is that…she looks like him, wow” Midas said, and everyone laughed again.

“Can’t believe you guys are jealous” Gigi said.

“Trevor, should we make a baby on the 14th?” Melinda asked.

“Let’s do it” Trevor replied, and Midas hit his head.

“I’m the next in line to have a baby after Dylan, so shush” he said.

“You don’t even have a girlfriend, all you do is Fůçƙ around, so how?” Trevor rolled eyes.

“Should I just date Gigi?” Midas replied, and Gigi’s eyes widened.

Midas looked at her and she quickly looked away as her heart started racing again.

“She’s a special breed so don’t toy with her” Delaney rolled eyes.

“Mess with her and you’re dead” Carina glared.

“Ok I give up” Midas said, and they laughed again.

“Isn’t this insane?, I mean… little children like you guys are dating, but me….oh gawd” Summer said dramatically.

“You haven’t even dated before” Midas said mockingly.

“Come here” Summer went after him, and laughter filled the house again.

“My granddaughter is here” Mrs Bills said when a car drove into the compound.

She was the first to rush out, and immediately Mrs Freya came out of the car with baby Sweeney, their eyes widened.

“Oh mah gawd!, Cuteness overload!” Summer shouted.

Mrs Bills took Sweeney from Mrs Freya, and she started staring at her innocently, her extra black eyeballs so adorable..

“My cute granddaughter, gosh, so cute!” She said, K!SSing her all-over.

Sweeney smiled cutely, and Mrs Bills hugged her again.

She didn’t even want to release her for the rest, not until after some minutes.

Summer took her next before the guys, and they’ve played with her for so long before Delaney got access to her.

“My baby” she said, K!SSing her lips gently.

Sweeney smiled out her cute gum, and Delaney K!SSed her again.

“I missed you so much, and I promise never to leave you again ok?, Mummy is finally here” she said, showering her face with K!SSes again.

“And daddy will soon be here” Summer said as Mrs Bills took Sweeney from Delaney again.

“I promise to give you all the love and care a grandmother can give, I promise” she said, caressing her face.

She’s just so happy right now, and she can’t get enough of her cuteness.

“She really looks a lot like Dylan” Midas said.

“I swear” Trevor replied.

“She’s finally here?” Andy said from the stairs

He has actually been sleeping.

“Yeah yeah, your baby sis” Summer replied, and he almost fell as he ran down to her.

“Sweeney!!!” He screamed.

Mrs Bills squatted to his level so he could touch her.

“Wait… why does she resemble big brother Dylan so much” he said.

“Cos she’s his child” Carina said.

“Aww!, She’s so cute!, I can tell my classmates that I have a cute baby sis” he said, playing with her hands.

Sweeney held tightly to his thumb, smiling at him.

“She’s so lovely” Gigi said.

“I know, right?” Melinda replied, and Delaney smiled, missing Dylan more than before, wishing he’s here.


Dylan finished dressing up for work and sighed as he stepped out of his room.

Honestly,he hasn’t been happy since he got here. Not seeing Delaney is saddening, and he’s always pissed.

He misses her madly, and calls aren’t enough anymore.

He got out and his PA opened the car door for him. He got in and the drive to work started.

“Boss, you look so handsome in the magazine cover, never knew you’re a model” the PA said as he drove, and Dylan’s ears moved.


“Donni new magazine, it’s the talk of the town, it came out early this morning and people are going crazy about it, the girl you partnered with is a goddess, she’s beautiful” the PA replied.

“Where’s the magazine?” Dylan asked impatiently, and he passed it to him.

He took it, and his eyes widened when he saw his picture with Delaney on the front cover. The one they snapped with suit and gown.

They didn’t only occupy the first, but numerous pages till the last.

He was smiling as he opened each page, and he wasn’t even looking at himself, he was looking at her face.

“So pretty” he whispered.

“What’s happening?” The PA said as the road suddenly became blocked, all the passing cars had to stop.

“Proposal on the road?, Who does that?” He said when he saw what’s actually going on.

A guy is proposing to a lady in the middle of the road, obstructing traffic.

Dylan winded down to see.

“Please, marry me Nicole” the guy smiled on his knees, and the girl took the flowers first.

“You shouldn’t be thinking of marriage yet, Chad” she said.


“You’re jobless!!!” She shouted and slapped him with the flowers.

The sharp scene of how he got hit on the face with a flower too hit Dylan’s head, and he quickly held it.

“Ah!” He winced, and the PA looked back.

“Boss, are you ok?”

He opened his eyes to answer, but the sting came again, and he held his head tighter as blood escaped his nostrils.

Then…. like that…. everything started rushing back, right from the beginning..

The highschool in Beijing ..the proposals…the letters and texts, the rejections… how they met again and his public apologies, apology letters and texts….

He was already crying as it all came back, and the blood from his nose stained his suit already.

“Boss!” The PA shouted again.

“The …baby” he muttered, remembering when he and Emma heard Paisley and Delaney talking about it at the rooftop.

“My… baby?” He stuttered as he cried, bled and sweated all at a time.

“Boss!” The PA shouted again.

“Book me a flight to Australia” he said.





Though it’s a Saturday and students are supposed to go for weekend holiday, but the school held them back cos of the audition, so they’ll only be able to leave school in the evening.

“Are they trying to spoil Valentine’s day for us or what?, Tommorow is the day and I have to make preparations before then, but here I am, auditioning” Melinda complained, coming out of the hall with the girls.

The first round is over, and this time, Gigi and Madelyn made it to the finals while Midas and Mavis made it for the guys.

The finals is coming up in an hour’s time.

“You still have time to prepare for tommorow, stop talking about Val please” Carina blocked her ears, and everyone laughed.

🗣️ Don’t you see her Ɓø0ɓs?

🗣️ She has the biggest Ɓø0ɓs of all the girls in this school, that proves it.

🗣️ She really has a baby?

🗣️ Whoa!, How the hell did she get pregnant?, Is she wayward?

🗣️ Maybe one of her customers impregnated her.

The girls stopped walking when they suddenly started hearing the hot murmurs from students, and Delaney bit her lip hard, remembering Emma

It’s only Emma who’s capable of doing this…or Paisley.

“We heard you have a baby, is it true?” A girl finally asked to her face.

Within a second, students surrounded her, waiting for answers.

“So what if she has a baby?, Is it a sin?” Gigi said

Delaney was already fidgeting.

“Who’s the father?, Or are you a $lüt who got impregnated by one of your customers?” Emma asked, joining the circle.

“That might be true” Madelyn said, coming with her minions too.

“I won’t deny that she was a prostitute when we were in highschool” Paisley replied, and everyone started laughing.

“So…you really don’t know the father of your baby?, How foolish” Emma said meanly.

“We should contribute money for the poor baby” Madelyn said, and everyone laughed again.

“The baby is mine” a male voice said from the far end, and everyone started making way till it got to the owner of the voice.


He was standing there gallantly, and Delaney’s eyes widened.

All eyes widened too, especially Emma’s.

“I’m the father, so shut your Fůçƙing traps” he said authoritatively, and silence descended into the place as another person came in.

Summer…. and she’s carrying Sweeney in her arms.

“By the way, Ɓîtçhes and bastards….meet Sweeney Bills” she smiled.

“Sweeney what!” Emma and Madelyn chorused.




TB Continued…

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