(🔥Her destined
By: Rachi C

Chapter 7★8
(★*Supreme Academy*★)
★Practicing Ground*
“Ding,dong,ding, dong” The green bell rang signifying it’s time for practice.

There are different sizes and colours of bells and each of them has their work in the Supreme academy.

The red big bell signifies danger and war approaching, the green small bell signifies the hunting of demons around the academy. The small red bell notify them of demons,the small yellow bell notify them of the arrival of a new student,the blue bell signify for peacemaking on the academy,the green big bell for practice,the small yellow bell notify them of the arrival of a transfered student.

Immediately the bell rang,every student were expected to be in the practice ground in the next fifteen minutes, anyone who comes in after the superiors is in deep $h|t.

All the students scrambled out of the bed,rushing through their morning preparations and in the next ten minutes,they were all assembled on the ground awaiting the superiors.

The student grouped themselves squabbling since the superiors were not yet in the practice ground.

A loud screech erupted out of a junior student who was looking out for the student signifying the arrival of the superiors.

“Bow before the superiors” An high pitched voice said.

The students immediately straightened up and quit talking. They bowed as soon as the superiors came in.

‘May you live long and guide us with truth and wisdom and we pledge to obey and keep your command at heart” the student chorused.

That was the their pledge and commitment to the superiors. Every new comer were taught this. The supreme academy is a one bounding place where no form of betrayal was accepted.

“Today we will be practicing a very powerful and important weapon called the Mind. The mind is a very useful part in our body. Its the venter of thought and imaginations. It forms our basic attitude, behaviour,thinking and skills.” Master Seth paused to check if the student were listening,satisfied they were,he continued.

“Now the mind in the spiritual realm is a very dangerous and important weapon. The mind has the power to control,dominate, attack,defend and guide a supernatural. For one to be able to do all these, it has to be mastered” master Seth concluded looking at the students.

“Master,how do we master the mind?” Dylan asked.

“Yea master Seth,teach us how to master the mind” Henry said coming forward to join Dylan.

Soon evey one joined Dylan and Henry asking master Seth to teach them how to master it.

“To master the mind, you need to focus and concentrate. Forget and drop everything you are thinking and concentrate on what you want to do” master Seth said.

“Now you all should use your mind to push me off this circle” master Seth said drawing a circle and he stood inside it.

Amelia cane forward and positioned herself facing master Seth.

She pushed everything off her mind and was about pushing him when her sick grandmother crawled into her mind and and got her confused

Twinkle came forward and tried this same thing but still same result.

And so came Henry Charlie, Harley, Jerry, Isabel , Dylan and Anabel came forward but they were all distracted one way or the other.

“So none of you could concentrate and push me with your mind?” Master Seth asked dissapointment.
written over his face.

“We are sorry master Seth” The seniors chorused.

Just then the small yellow bell rang magically and almost immediately a white dove flew in with a very green leaf at it a peak and went to master Seth. It dropped it on his palm and flew away.

‘What does it means master?”,Harley asked.

“The arrival of a new student” master Seth said furrowing his brows.

“The arrival of a new student?”,They chorused.

“Dismiss everyone” master Seth said.

★*Dinner* Supreme academy*
Its been five hours since the dove brought the food news to them and there’s been no sign of the student.

The senior student sat in a group eating while the junior sat on their own and dares not interfere the senior.

The maids served the seniors first their dinner before the junior as it was the rule.

They started eating quietly, each if them looking stylishly at the door to be the first to catch a glimpse of the new comer.

“Didn’t master Seth said the green leaf brought by the dove signifies the arrival of a new student?” Isabel asked breaking the silence.

“Yes that’s what it means,I read about it in the library.” Dylan replied her.

“Then why has she not arrive yet?” Harley asked.

“Who knows if its just a fake message fore seen to raise our hopes high. It’s been long a student joined us here” Charlie said thoughtfully.

“Snap it out,Charlie, and watch your tongue lest you angered the spirits” Twinkle warned.

The spirits were the most respected beings in the supernatural world.. It’s part of the commandment not to blaspheme against the spirits or invoke their wraths.

“Let’s hope she comes today or tomorrow, I actually want her to be in the senior class” Isabel said.

“How do you know the person is a she and besides it impossible for her to be a senior ” Anabel said.

“Whatever” Isabel said.

They continued eating and only looked up when a gasp escaped Oliver lips.

“What a beauty” oliver said staring ahead.

He had been silent and didn’t contribute to the conversation and that gave them reasons to look at what he was staring at.

They turned and left their mouth hanging in awe.

After bading her parents farewell this morning, she started her journey and kept on looking and following the maps direction to the academy.

On her journey, she passed places like ghost kingdom where she had to keep silent in order not to wake the ghost.

Almost getting to the academy, she was attacked by demon but was saved by a supernatural nearby.

As soon as she got to the gate and saw a large description ‘SUPREME ACADEMY’.

She opened the gate and came in and every where was dead silent like a grave yard.

She continues pulling jet legs to God knows where until she stumbled upon the dinning room and came inside.

She smiled at the senior students and walked over to their table.

“Close your mouth or flies will enter” Ava smirked.

“Are you an Angel?” Oliver asked staring at Ava.

“I am Ava, a new student here, Lemme guess,you all are the seniors here right?” Ava asked.


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