(Her destined

By: Rachi C

Chapter 45β˜…46
(β˜…*laughter and happiness*β˜…)

“Eeeish,Eeeish,Eeeish.” Ava sneezed,her eyes slowly fluttered opened.

She stared at the ceiling in front of her and looked around.

Everything was blurred to her and to make matter worse her head ache badly. It was as if someone was hitting her head with hammer.

She winced in pain and shifted on the bed. She tried standing up but her body was numb….she really wanted to get up from this bed but her body wasn’t responding.

She tilted her head to her left side,she felt a presence…..someone staring intently at her.

Oliver had fallen asleep while watching her. He had woken up at the sound of her sneezing and had been watching her quietly.

Her gaze finally rested on him and he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. He smiled.

“Uhh… I can see you’re fully awake.” He leaned forward and caressed her lean face.

She groaned and placed her palm on her forehead. “Where am I?, who are you?, what are you doing beside me?” Ava asked.

Oliver stared at her in shock,he stood up and sat beside her on the bed but she shifted uncomfortably.

“Ava I know what we did was wrong but you have to forgive us and let go.” Oliver said holding her palms,he squeezed it gently and lovingly

She let out a deep breath and slowly removed her hand from his. “I feel terrible headache and my body pains badly plus you confusing me,I feel like…..” Her words trailed off as a voice interrupted them.

“Oliver here you’re.” Malcolm said coming inside. “Ohhh I can see she’s awake.” He said moving to Ava who only creased her eyebrow in confusion.

“She woke up a few minutes ago.” He said walking towards him,he stopped and whispers beside him. “And I think she lost her memory, she don’t seem to remember anything.” And with that he walked out.

“How do you feel Ava?” He asked.

“I feel headache,my eyes are blurring and my body is on fire.” She complained.

“Its a minor case since you’ve been in coma,I’ll just administer some things to you and you would be fine.” Malcolm said.

He gave her some thing to drink and allowed her to rest.
*The gardenβ˜…

Oliver came back and couldn’t find the rest of his mates in their rooms.

He walked to the garden and met them there.

“Ava is awake” He said and sat down beside Charlie.

“Wow,am so happy she woke up,I thought she would die.” Twinkle said happily.

“Yea,who would have thought she would have wake up so soon after what she went through.” Isabella said.

Oliver just kept quiet and stared blankly at them.

“Oliver what’s the problem?, Aren’t you happy that she’s awake?” Charlie asked noticing his silence. His face tells it all he was sad and moody.

“Yea that’s true,don’t feel bad she won’t forgive you for what you did because you’re not at fault.” Jerry said.

“That’s not the problem.” Oliver said staring away.

“Then what’s the problem?” Twinkle asked her heart beat thudding faster.

“She don’t remember anything that happened before she fell into coma.”

“What?” Twinkle yelled.

“Are you kidding us right now?” Charlie asked.

“Do I look like am joking,am so damn real here.” He said burying his face in her palms.

“Holy $h|t” Jerry said.

“She lost her memory?” Twinkle asked.

“I don’t know but Malcolm should be able to tell us,he’s with her now.” Oliver said trying to ease their fears.

“Let’s hope she doesn’t lose it.” Anabella said and they nodded.

“Let’s go in master Seth and the rest will soon be here.” Isabella said.

“Yea master Seth won’t love to see us here.” Twinkle said.

They all stood up and turned to go,they screamed and staggered back in fear.

“Master that was harsh.” Charlie said.

“You scared the hell out of me” Twinkle said holding her chest like it would fall down at any moment.

“That’s the punishment for staying here when you ought to be protecting the academy.” Master Seth smirked.

“That remind me,how’s Ava?” He asked.

“She woke up a few minutes ago.” Oliver said.

“Really?” Amelia said smiling,she looked at Dylan and he smiled back.

“But master Seth I think she’s behaving strange.” Charlie said.

“Strange,How?” Master Seth asked confused.

“Oliver said she couldn’t remember anything when he tried talking to her.” Twinkle said.

“Don’t worry,she’s going to be fine.” Master Seth said.

“Let’s go in.”

They all turned and went towards the direction of the maim building.
Seth quietly opened the sick bay and entered inside. He walked gently and sat down at the only available chair in the room.

She was sleeping peacefully, Her moist lips pouted cutely,her face was directly facing him,the early morning rays shone on her face making her look very beautiful.

She suddenly smiled showing her white set of teeth and he couldn’t but wondered if she was truly asleep.

He got lost staring at cute round face at her cute round face,she sleepily fluttered her eyes open and smiled cutely at him,pouting her lips,for a second her got lost staring at her,his heart beat thudding faster like it would explode out of his chest any moment from now.

She closed her eyes and continued sleeping and that’s when he realizes she had done that unintentionally.

He held his chest which was still thudding crazily. “What’s really wrong with me?, Why do my heart race upon seeing her?” He asked thoughtfully.

He stood up and with one last glance at her, he went to Malcolm’s office

“Ahhh! Master Seth.” He called. “What brings you to my office?” He asked as they clasped hands together.

Seth laughed. “Am I suppose to come to your office only when there’s a problem?” He scoffed.

“No….its just that its been long you’ve come to my office,even our little sister complains you’ve neglected her” Malcolm

“I’ll make it up to you guys okay?” Seth said.

“Don’t worry about me…..worry about our little sister,make it up to her. Malcolm said sitting down.

“Ava is fine,I know that’s why you’re here.” He smirked.

“I wouldn’t be here if her case was not different.” Seth said.

“Of course I knew her was case was different” He smirked the more.

“What do you mean?” Seth chuckled dryly.

“There’s no need to hide it,I know you like ava,I see the way you like at her,you haven’t cared for any students the way you do for her.” Malcolm said shocking the hell out of him.

“And look I gat your back bro.” He said patting him.

He cleared his throat and Malcolm laughed.

“About her not remembering us..is she suffering from amnesia?” Seth asked worriedly.

“No it was just a brain shock, once she wakes up, she’s going to he fine.” Malcolm assured him and he nodded.

Meanwhile, a figure came out of the corner of the office and stared sadly at the door.

The figure turned and walked away..
Dinning Roomβ˜…

Ally the students gathered together chit chatting about the events at Ovartz palace.

“What’s your name?” Twinkle asked mat,the girl brought form Ovartz place.

She just squeezed her palms and stared ahead of them.

“Can’t she talk?” Isabel asked.

“Am May.” She spoke stsrjng at twinkle. “Am sorry I didn’t reply your question on time,I just don’t feel among.” She said.

“Sure you ought not to feel among because of what happened but I believe you are a good girl” Amelia sniked and the rest turned to look at her.

“Huh…thanks I need to use the restroom.” She said and stood up,she turned hurriedly and bumped into someone.

Her eyes widened in fear when she fell on a soft masculine chest,his hands wrapped around her waist protectively.

They landed on the ground, their lips met and they K!SSed. She stood up and ran off.

“Ouch,my back,it hurts” Ashley said sitting up to find the students stating at him.

“What’s with the stare?” He asked and that’s when it popped into his brain, The K!SS.

However there questions were interrupted by the arrival of someone.

He cleared his throat and they turned back to stare at the intruder.

Short black hair,a pair of beautiful brown and green eyes,tall and masculine, broad chest boy was staring at them.

“Hi,am Bethel,am a new student here.” He said smiling at them


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