(πŸ”₯Her Destined

By: Rachi C

Chapter 41β˜…42
(β˜…*Right the wrong*β˜…)


They supreme academy were the winner of the competition while the springers cane second,the Mounters and Lakers third and fourth position respectively.

While everyone was clapping and cheering the supremas,they held this sad,gloomy and painful painful faces.

“Guys we won at last and can we just brighten up our face so that they know we care.” Amelia said waving at the cheering students.

“Can you imagine.” Twjnkle said coming to stand in front of Amelia. “Amelia do you have a conscience, our friend is dead and all you can think of is to smoke and be happy.” She said,the tears that had managed to seise began pouring in a gentle tear fall.

“The doctors already she’s on coma,so there’s no need to worry.” Amelia defended carelessly.

“Amelia,is there a need to worry she’s dying and and won’t survive?” Isabel asked unbelievably.

“Do you have an idea that Amelia is part of us and that makes her a Superma.” Anabel asked moving closer to the trio.

“Am awre but getting ourselves worked up over a matter the doctor assures us will be fine is totally not normal. We ought to be happy,let’s celebrate, we finally the competition, Hooray.” She jumped smiling waving her hands up in the air and they just stared at her.

“Do you know we xiuld have list this competition if not for the timely appearance of Ava?, did you know that?” Charlie asked rashly, he was annoyed at her behavior.

“You aren’t telling me Ava is taking the credit of this competition, c’mon we all participated in this competition and won it together.” Amelia rolled her eyes.

“You’re a wicked witch,murderer and an evwil person. A murderer because you had a hand in Ava death becahse of your jealousy and selfishness .” Twinkle said crying vulnerably.

“Murderer?” Amelia asked.

“Yea you killed Ava. All you think of is yiyrsekd,you don’t care about iutjer peoples feelings,you’ll always like making people succumb to your demands, wants and command. And ava hlbeen the kind oerain,she still came out and saw us losing the game, used up her last strength and win for us not minding what we did to her which you caused” twinkle said crying the more. “You’re heartless and for that I hate yiy.I would never forgive you until Ava wakes up,I hate you so much….with passion… From the bottom of my heart,I hate you Amelia.” She yekkes crying,she turned and hugged charlie.

Amelia stood rotted to the spot, she couldn’t believe her ears.

Her eyes kept widening in shock until it was fully out of its socket.

She looked at them and meant every single word twinkle said.

She turned around and ran out. No one cares to stop her or asked her where she was going. For all they care she was better of dead than living.

Just then master Seth cane in.if anyone said he wasn’t affected by Ava’s illness then its a truthful lie.

He was really devastated but he was the leader abs so he has to confront his students.

“Stop crying everyone, the doctor said Ava is going to be fine, let’s pack up,we are leaving tonight.” And with that he left to sort other things.

They began packing their nags and baggages as soon master Seth left and got ready to move.
β˜… A Mountain Top β˜…
A figure could be seen standing at the edge of a mountain crying non-stop different thoughts running through her mind.

“You killed her,you’re a murderer.” Her subconscious mind said to her and she began crying.

“Now they despise you,they don’t want to we your face around them.” The voice continues talking.

“No its only twinkle that hates me,the others still lives me,they just sad about what happened.” Amelia said shaking her head thoughtfully.

“Hahahaha!” The voice laughed devilishly.,”Believe me when I say they all hate,can’t you read the handwriting on the wall?” The voice,it pitch rising up.

The rising pitch of her subconscious mind hit her mind and she nodded agreeing to her thought. “They all hate me.” She sobbed. “What should I do?, I can’t bwae their hatred.”

“Take your life,jump off the mountain top and thereby no one would accaue of her death.” The voice confused happy that she was listening already.

She cried and looked downwards. She shrieked in fear at the height.

She took a deep breath and was about stepping down the cliff when a voice stopped her.

“Stop” The voice yelled P@Ε‹ting heavily. She turned to see who she never expected in her lifetime would show up here.

“Dylan?” She called .

“Are you that dumb?” He asked annoyed. “So you think taking your life is the best solution?” He yelled and she just burst out crying which infuriated him the more.

“Death is not the best solution instead its the worst mistake you’d ever make. Do you want be at conflict with everyone even though you’re dead?” He asked.

“So…so what should I do?, I know what I did was wrong but I don’t want anyone to hat and avoid me.”

“Change your attitude and behaviour. Be nice and out other people interest first,how would my reactions or decision makes them feel. Apologize to everyone because one way or the other you’ve hurt them. Just Right the Wrong and be a good person and you’ll see everyone will love you.” Dylan said.

“Do you think they will love me? They hate me so Mich now.” Amelia said thoughtfully.
“They won’t forgive you easily but you have to take everything slowly and once they have seen you’ve changed,they’ll believe you.” Dylan said convincingly.

“No don’t listen to him,jump off the mountain and everything will be fine.” The voice said harshly trying it possible best to convince her of actions. She shook her head turning the devilish thought off her mind.

“It doesn’t worth my life.” She said and went to meet Dylan.

“Can I lend your arms for a minute?” She asked and he opened his arms.

“it’s all yours.” He winked at her and she didn’t know when a smile crept up her lips.

She hugged him tightly inhaling his sweet masculine Cologne.

An arm wrapped her waist protectively, his other arm patted her back slowly and she could have his touch sent shivers down her body.

She pulled away from the bug after a minute and she smiled.

“I helped you pack your began,we are leaving tonight.” He said after a thought.

“But what about Ava?, will master Seth leave her here?” She asked.

“No Shea coming with us, we can’t leave her here.”

“But how?”

“I don’t know,maybe master srh and Ashley will carry her.”

“We should start heading back before our absence would be noticed.” He said and she nodded.

They went back and net them ready. They ignored her and Amelia sighed.

Dylan patted her back assuring her everything would be fine.

“You just have to be patience and endure, don’t rush the change,everything would come back to as it was in no time.” He said and she nodded clinging to his arms.


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