(🔥Her Destined
By: Rachi C

Chapter 35★36
(★*Leaked out*★)
★The Dungeon★
It’s been a day,Ava was thrown into the dungeon.

According to her verdict they never brought her any food or water.

She thought it was a joke and it would be inhumane to leave a girl starve to death but it just prove to her that they meant their words.

Everyday she sit with Bethel who tries hard to read the past to know what really happened but it seems as if a spiritual force wiped every damn information off.

“Its annoying to get locked up in a dark room without food for three days for a crime you didn’t commit.” Ava cried.

“Its alright, am trying…….. The only memories I can see is the event of the day and nothing more.” Bethel said consoling her.

“Do you know how I feel….. And to think of it no one believed me,they just denied me.” Ava yelled in tears.

If there’s any word that could describe how she feels now is rage.

She was more than annoyed and angry at everything. She just feel like letting out.

She opened jet mouth and screamed terribly. The dungeon shook terribly causing some crack on the wall.

The scream was heard by the other supernaturals and they were scared.

In her time of distress,he was there for her.

In her pains,her most saddest her,he was there to comfort her.

She found peace in his company and she felt safe and loved around him.

Just immediately she screamed out,she saw a vision.

In the vision she saw a boy being flogged and punished for raping a girl. Then later on it showed a group of students crying,their bags were hung on their shoulders and they were looking at a building whilst they were crying.

“What was that?” Ava asked confused.

“A vision….your fellow supernatural are in trouble.” Bethel said reading her mind already.

“Wait…. Lemme understand, the boy in the vision is part of our academy and he’s going to be framed by the girl from another academy? “Ava asked as everything started making sense to her.

“Yes the girl from an academy who is a close rival. ” Bethel revealed.

“Close rival?” Ava asked creasing her eyebrow confused. “The springers? ” She asked turning to bethel who nodded in the affirmative.

“But why? ”

“They will do everything to get rid of the strongest and powerful supernatural in your academy.”

“No! I can’t let that happen I must find a way to get out of here and stop them. ”

“You’re still locked up inside here remember, warn them through the mind. ” Bethel suggested.

“Yes, the last time I tried that I nearly died. ” Ava said.

“Try it again. ” Bethel said.

Aga straightened herself relaxing her mind, she connected to her fellow supernatural.

“Hey everyone, its me Ava, I just saw a vision about something that would happen. Everyone should be careful because the springers are planning something dangerous. In my vision I saw a boy flogged for raping a girl and the rest were crying. Please y’all should be careful and win the competition. ” Ava said and disconnected.

She disconnected and sighed, she opened her eyes to see blurring image, her head hurt awfully and her body was weak.

“Bethel. ” She called before collapsing on his shoulder.

He carried her and placed her on the bunk bed, covering her with the duvet.

All colours were drained off her face and she looks lifeless.

Her breathing was faint and he feared she might not survive it.

He should have listened to her and find a way of getting her out of here, now she is in trouble because of him. His heart was troubled.

He sat beside her watching her every movement, her breath, blinking of her eyes to her heart beats.
★Competition ground ★
“And the winner of the treasure hunt is? ” Ariel paused looking at the crowd who were eagerly waiting for her to announce the winner.

“Which school do to think is the winner of today’s challenge? ” she asked.

“The springers . ” they all screamed except the supremas.

Ariel kept quiet, the words we’re to heavy for her to say.

Meanwhile Charles and twinkle still layed on the floor without any slight movement.

They were breathing fine and normal but it seems they were faint.

Ariel cleared her throat. “After examining the treasure successfully brought by the representatives of each academy, the judges has come to the conclusion that the academy with the real treasure is the winner ” she paused looking at the supernaturals who cared less about what she was saying.

“So therefore the winner of today’s challenge is the Supreme Academy. ” Ariel said releasing the bombshell.

“No, no, no, they didn’t win it right?, they didn’t bribe you to announce them as the winner right? ” Aurella yelled from the ground stomping her foot on the floor.

“Mind your words young lady, I won’t tolerate you insulting me” Ariel said glaring hard at her.

“The treasure were carefully examined and the real one was brought by the supremas. The judges examined it not I” she said through clenched teeth.

“So congratulations to the supremas for winning this challenge, you guys are superb” she said blowing them K!SSes to infuriate Aurella the more.

Charlie and Twinkle were full of life immediately they were declared the winner, they jumped and danced in joy.

“Don’t think because we are in the same point would make you win this competition, just watch and see how am going finish y’all ” Aurella said with an eye roll.

“Then just watch and see how your evil plan would end up destroying you”she said smirking while she hissed walking away.
★Supreme suite★
“Yay! We won ” Amelia screamed immediately they entered the suite.

“Yeah, job well done guys, we are now draw with them” Harley said.

“Hey wait guys, was I the only one who heard Ava’s voice or was I hallucinating. ” twinkle asked.

“Yeah, she said she had a vision about one of the male getting into trouble. ” Isabel said.

“Vision?….. As in what? ” Harley and Amelia laughed.

“Ava can see the future, she probably seen this and told us before someone get caught in their evil trap. ” Twinkle said.

“Future?… Then why didn’t she see the blackmail” Henry asked.

“She saw it….. She told me but we just didn’t understand it then. ” Twinkle said.

“She saw it…. You knew and you’d didn’t tell us, now she’s in there suffering, what kind of friend are you? ” Oliver yelled.

“What kind of friend am I? ” Twinkle repeated sarcastically. “If we had told you, would you guys have believed us….. Instead of you guys supporting her, some people denied and sold her out ” Twinkle yelled annoyed.

“Look…… I didn’t mean it… I only did what I had to do to save the academy from getting disqualified ” Amelia defended herself.

“Oh yeah! And they are finally at it again or who would you put the blame on? ” Twinkle asked with an eye roll.

“Hey you guys should stop it. ” Charlie said cutting them off. “Instead of fighting over a spilled milk, let’s prevent this vision from happening. ” He said.

“Yeah, she said a boy would Ř@pê a girl definitely we can’t do that, so I suggest we avoid talking to any girl apart from ours and we should also be careful of the substance we take. ” Dylan said, he had been quiet all this while watching them argue.

“Yes, I agree with Dylan but the revelation can change, so the girls should also be careful of the boys they talk to and the substance they take. ” Eddie said.

“Yes, yes, yes. ” they all chorused and continued in the spirit of celebration .
★Spring suite ★
“Arrggghhhh ! ” Aurella yelled in rage, she ran her hand through her hair.

She kicked the wall in anger to the extent her toe began bleeding but she cared less.

“Ella that’s enough, the poor thing is weeping” Ayra said.

“Well… Hitting her toe on the wall does not worth it…. Let her smash her head on the wall, its the best idea anyone could offer ever. “Noah smirked.

“How were they able to find the tressure before us? ” Aurella asked ignoring Noah comment.

“We need to execute the plan on time before they beat us to it. ” Gerald said.

“Yes and I think I know would be useful. ” Aurella said her eyes glinting, mischief dancing in her eyes.

“Who? “They asked.

“She.” she pointed at a girl sitting across them. she seemed less concerned about what they were discussing.

“Sasha? ” They called and she turned looking innocently at them.


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