(πŸ”₯Her Destined
By: Rachi C

Chapter 33β˜…34
(β˜…*Love Birds*β˜…)
She hurriedly brought her head out,gasping,swallowing the water in the process.

She struggled to breathe.

Charlie came out of the water and saw twinkle almost drowning.

He swam towards her and pulled her to his chest and held her until she was calm and could breathe.

“What the hell where you doing under the water while I nearly drowned.” she yelled as soon as she regained her breath.

“Am sorry,I jumped hard into the water which made me go deep into the water.” charlie said holding her hands but she yanked it off.

“All thanks to you,I almost lost my life.” she said releasing his hold on her and she fell heavily into the water.

She raised her head immediately. “Didn’t you know you were supposed to hold me and not vice versa.” She yelled hitting him on his chest.

“But I wasn’t the one who left you,you released your hold on me.” Charlie said laughimg.

“Stop laughing at me.” she said hitting him again but this time hard and he laughed the more.

“Let’s go.” He said taking her hands but she just floated still,he turned and sigh. “Whichever way,we will do it.” He said.

They struggled to swim across the water,it would have been much easier if twinkle could swim.

They got out and found out everyone was gone. they were lacking behind in the challenge.

“You see we’re behind,we need to buckle up.” He said looking ahead,he sighed and walked away.

“What next?” Twinkle asked trailing behind him.

“We’ll walk through the bridge” he pointed to a bridge ahead of them.

He immediately began running to it and twinkle ran after him.

They got there and stop,catching theirs breaths.

“Look,there are thorns on the bridge.” She pointed.

“Let’s go.” Charlie said.

They successfully passed through the thorning part of the bridge while the other part was filled with huge stones.

They began climbing it,charlie stayed at the back of twinkle.

She missed a step and nearly fell but he was quick to get her.

They both held hands until they passed the stony part of the bridge.

Most group lost in the bridge especially the stony part.

“The mountain top right?’ Twinkle asked staring at the other group heading there.

“I was thinking if there was another way we could get to the mountain top without climbing it” Charlie asked looking around.

“Let’s look for a hint” twinkle said and they started searching around.

“I found something.” Charlie said and Twinkle ran to him.
“It says ‘A tiny earth underground’.” charlie furrowed his brows.

“A tiny earth underground” Twinkle repeated thoughtfully.

“This is difficult,maybe we would just climb the mountain.” Charlie said giving up.

Twinkle eyes darted to a mouse crawling under a hole and her face lit up immediately.

“Charles what tiny earth underground could it be other than a hole.” Twinkle said and charlie smiled.

“You’re intelligent,I didn’t regret choosing you as my partner.” Charlie said ruffling her hair.

“Now let’s look for a hole that will lead us to the mountain.” He said moving away,Hus eyes darting around.

They both started searching for holes until they found one they were sure would lead them to it.

Meanwhile Eddie and Amelia,Ayra and Gerald had fallen from the mountain which made them disqualified.

It remained Charlie and Twinkle,Aurella and Williams,Bonnie and Collins.

“Eddie and Amelia is out,lets hurry up before its too late” Charlie said.

They entered two different holes but it was beside each other.

The hole was very dark and they were not allowed to use their powers so they would have to crawl thorough the dark tunnel without light.

Twinkle who was staring sideways,back,front in fright didn’t know when she hit her left knee on a stone.

“Ouch!” She winced in pains. She stopped and touched her knees, her palm felt liquid, she raised her palms to her nostrils and inhaled the scent.

“Blood!” She cried..she touched her knees again,she was bleeding badly.

She didn’t know when tears slipped out of her eyes and she began crying.

Charlie who had gone far a little bit heard the faint cry and retraced his steps.

“Twinkle why are you crying now?,did anything happened to you?” Charlie asked worriedly.

“I injured my knee.” Twinkle said hitting the wall.

“Please not now,we have to move.” Charlie said.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?,I said I hurt my knee and you’re saying we should move” she said mimicking the last part.

“Twinkle please think about master Seth,the academy,we have to make them proud and this is our only chance, if we fall behind now and don’t win the treasure we might fall to third place and yunno that’s worst for us.” Charlie said and twinkle continued crying.

“I know you can do it,twinkle you’re a spirited and strong girl and i know we you can do this,we can do it right?”

“Yes we can do it” Twinkle said determination rising in her voice.

“Let’s go,I will meet you at the end,okay,I love you” Charlie said and gasped.

“No,no,no,it was a slip tongue,the last part,I didn’t mean it okay?” Charlie said hurriedly and she chuckled.

They began crawling back. Twinkle managed to crawl but it wasn’t easy for her.

“Ouch!” She winced,she felt the excruciating pain hit her sending shivers down her spine.

“Twinkle are you all alright?” Charlie asked from the other tunnel.

“Am fine.” Twinkle said sniffing on her tears.

“Just mange and get out of the tunnel,am going to treat you okay?” He said.

“Yes I’ll try.”

They continued crawling and when they thought they were stuck in there,they saw a light at the end of the tunnel revealing an opening.

“Charlie,I can see an opening,we will soon get out of this horrible hole” twinkle said happily.

“Yes.” Charlie said hastening his footsteps and soon he was out.

He searched for herbs to treat her wound and found one.

He came back to meet her searching around frantically,fears dancing all over her face.

“Looking for me?” Charlie said behind her causing her to jump.

She heaved a sigh and hugged him immediately. “Here you’re, I thought you’ve left me.”

“I would never leave you alone,never.”

He sat her down and squeezed the herbs bringing out liquid substance.

He applied it on her knee then used the leaf to cover her wound,he tore a piece of cloth and tied around the wound securing the leaf properly.

“How do you feel?, better?” He asked staring at the mixed reaction on her face.

“Its painful,I feel like melting out of this world.” Twinkle cried painfully.

“Am sorry,I wasn’t there for you but am here for you now.” He said and she nodded.

“Sit here while I look for the treasure” he said standing up.

“No let’s go together,remember what the host said. she said standing up. She hung her hands around his shoulder and they walked searching for the treasure.

They searched the grass,trees,built hut and still couldn’t find anything.

They sat down under a tree and Charlie began crying.

“We were late,someomw else has taken the treasure,we’ve lost.” He said crying,his palms covering his face.

Twinkle looked and turned to the front,a little pool of water and an idea crept into her mind.

“Charlie what if there’s a place the treasure could be?” Twinkle said shaking him and he looked up.

“Like where?” He asked creasing his eye brow.

“There.” She pointed at the pool of water ahead of them.

“The river,yes.” Charlie said standing up immediately and began running.

“Charlie” Twinkle called and he turned back and came to hold her and they walked to the river.

And there the treasure was floating on the water. They smiled and jumped happily.

Charlie swam across the water and got the treasure.

They hurried back to the tunnel.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” Charlie asked concern written all over his face.

“I’ll be fine,let’s get the treasure safely” Twinkle said crawling in to the tunnel.

She endured the pain,braced herself up and crawled out of the water. She met charlie waiting for her.

She wrapped her arm around his back and he held her waist supporting her as they passed the bridge.

Meanwhile the remaining students and masters sat down watching them. The supremas were jubilating quietly.

They crossed the stony part of the bridge with much difficulty and then the thorny part.

They got to the river and Twinkle breathe in.

Charlie dived into the water first,then twinkle.

They struggled through the swimming and when they got out,they were exhausted.

Twinkle couldn’t walk the remaining distance because she has lost so much blood and was already losing consciousness.

Charlie carried her and walked the remaining part to the field,he carefully laid twinkle on the ground and fell on his back breathing.

Ariel seeing their condition came and collected the treasure.

She opened and looked at the anxious face of the people.

“And the winner of the treasure hunt is………”


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