By: Rachi C📝
Have you ever been in a situation whereby you suffer cruelly for someone else deed?

Do you know how it feels to be punished for something you are innocent of?

Well….that was the situation of The Red flames kingdom.

*500 years ago*
The first king had passed a terrible Verdict on an adulterer.

He had punished her by banishing her into the forest of death without any means of survival.

She wandered around the forest Ɲ@kēɗly without any food.. She ate grass and drank dirty water and she was no different from an animal.

Luck stumbled on her one day as she came upon a staff,a powerful one that only immortals could control it and with that she started her revenge on the kingdom for the punishment they gave her. she attacked the kingdom at least killing a set of people

Prayers and sacrificed were to the heavenly beings to send them someone……a savior to rescue them from the predicament and havoc caused by the forest of death.

At last their prayer were answered and the message was passed to the gods eye…Dracula. A savior would be born to a couple who had been seeking for the fruit of the womb,she who would save them from their problems.

★Five years later★

*Labour room*
“Push,the baby is coming out….I can see the baby head” Elizabeth,the midwife said gently “Evenly,you have to push harder….just one or two push and the baby is out” She said shaking evenly whose eyes was drifting close.

The atmosphere was tensed and dull and she feared Evenly might pass out before giving birth to the baby.

Outside stood Johnson pacing up and down,his lips quivering,murmuring audible words,his eyes lifted up praying to the heavenly beings to grant his wife safe delivery.

He stood patiently by the door,his ears itching for any sound…..cry if a baby.

“Uuuurrrggghhh…..” Came the grunted sound as evenly pushed harder. The force at which she pushed the baby head out.

Elizabeth carefully pulled the a baby remaining body out. “The baby is a girl’ She said happily to the staring mother.

She gently use her fingers to beat the bay Ɓụťťocks and she opened her mouth crying……her melodious voice rang everywhere….that sign that she’s finally out to the world.

Johnson jumped up in joy,his knees went down thanking the beings for successful delivery.

Elizabeth finished cleaning and dressing mother and daughter beautifully,she went out and called the Johnson who had been waiting eagerly to see precious child.

He went inside and carried her,he marvelled at her beauty….she was the carbon copy of her mother.

“Congratulations…you are now a father” Evenly said,she had been watching father and daughter.

He chuckled. “Congratulations too….you are now a mother”
“Isn’t she beautiful?” He asked staring at the girl lovingly….she smiled knowingly at him and he chuckled.

“She’s beautiful like me” she said and he laughed.

“No!”He protested. “She’s more beautiful than you” he said jokingly and she frowned.

“I am…”She whined,blinking cutely at him. “What should we name her?” She asked after a thought.

“Ava….” He said after a while.. “And we should see Dracula to check the baby future”

“Does it really matter…..I don’t trust that man a bit” Evenly protested. He just ignored and continue staring at the baby.

★Few days later★
*Dracula’s place*
“This child is the solution to our problem….her destiny is to be sacrificed to appease the attackers of the forest of death” Dracula said. He already perceived she was their suppose saviour and decided to give a wrong destiny.

“No no no”Evenly yelled clutching her baby tightly. “Not my daughter…the gods and goddess who never do this to my child” She said sobbing.

Dracula smirked mischievously” The gods has answered our prayers at last….sending a savior to wipe away our tears” He said while she glared at him.

“It would never happen……over my dead body would my daughter be wrongfully killed because of an old man selfishness and greed” she spat out.

Meanwhile,Johnson just sat still watching both of them argue.
He was so shocked to the bone marrow. After waiting for five years,there prayers were finally answered only for her to be sacrificed,if the gods knew they were going to do this to them,why did they said her to break their heart afterward or……

“What!”Dracula yelled unbelievably. “How dare you insult me over this” He asked veraciously.

“Evenly” Johnson finally spoke up the atmosphere was tensed and he feared they would be reported to the king for this. Normal,it was a custom to go to Dracula house to check the baby’s destiny.

She glanced at him ” I warned you no to come her but you paid deaf ears,now that ate going to take our daughter away from us”She glared at Dracula and stood in with the baby in her arms. “Am out of this damn place ”

Dracula looked at Jonson and he sighed standing up. He ran after his wife.

“Evenly….evenly” He called.

“Leave me alone”She said crying.

“I am going to think about something…they won’t lay a finger on our baby” He said patting her.

“Let’s out the baby up for adoption” she saidnlooking at the innocent baby in her arm.


“Yes….once the baby is in a safe hands in a faraway place…they won’t be able to kill her and she would be safe forever” Evenly said.

“But where do you suggest we find couples to adopt her” he asked confused.

“City…let’s go the city Am.sure we will find couples to take her faraway from us”

“Yes you are right…the city is the best place” He said. “Let’s get something’s ready and leave right away” And with that they went home and packed some things and left the kingdom.
Dracula Paced about in the consulting room,he was very angry at himself.
“How did she find out I lied about her child destiny?” He thought.
“I must see the king before they do something stupid,I can sit and fold my hands and watch a little girl steal my glory” he said picking
up his bag,headed to the palace.

Would they succeed in sacrificing Ava or will her parent been able to find a foster parent for her?

Will the kingdom perish under the attack?

Would Ava accept her destiny and come back to save her people?

All this questions would be answered in the story.
Get your popcorn ready as you journey with me on this story. very interesting and thrilling to read.


(🔥Her Destined
By: Rachi C

Chapter l★2
(★ *The adoption*★)

*A well known city*

In a well developed area in a well known city state,a middle aged man and woman could be seen in the crowd with a baby strapped to the mothers back.
From the look of things,they have been standing in the criowd for long.

This particular area was over crowded ranging from workers to trader to students going to school to commercials driver horning loudly to pedestrian in their way to work.

The middle aged man will stop a well dressed pedestrian and talk to him for a moment and then looked disappointed and then on and on.

They kept on doing this until noon when the streets were deserted.

“Honey am tired,I think we should rest for a while”Evenly said leaning on a low fence.

“Yes,why don’t you go over to that shade while I go out to the other side,you van never yell,we might be lucky to see someone”Johnson her husband said.

He helped her carry their baby little bag to a big tree across the road thy serve as a shade and placed it there.

His wife sat down and brought the baby from her back to Břě@šť feed him.

Jonson crossed over to the other side of the road and walked down town.

He soon got to a place,there were so many people.
He didn’t know what to call there because they were strangers in thus land and they had come for something important.

He carefully look around and saw a sign board with the inscription GREEN WOOD PARK,he walked to the front of the gate and stood there.

Almost immediately different people started coming out,he carefully look at them and followed a young man and woman,he guessed were tourist from there dressing and language.

He walked beside them and greeted them”Good afternoon,may I talk to you for some minutes”Jonson said pleadingly.

The white couples liked at each other and nodded.

“Can we walk over to that bench and talk there”johnson asked.
“Okay no problem”Gabriel said.

They walked over to the bench and sat down.

“Sorry for disturbing,I need your help”he said looking at them for any objection,but when he they did not day anything continued
“Let me start first by introducing myself,my mane is johnson Williams,I am from the eastern part of Nigeria,I came to Lagos state to search for couples to adopt my child”

‘Why do you need a couple ti adopt your child”Emily who had been silent spoke up.

“Yes thats a good question and I will answer you,am sure you know about African custom,tradition and belief,the same us applicable here in Nigeria,every tribe has their beliefs and laws that guide them”he paused to see if they were listening,satisfied he continued “of recently our kingdom got attached by the forest if death,my daughter is in great danger because according to the god eye,he said my daughter is be sacrificed to appease the spirits attacking us,but I love my daughter and don’t want anything to happen her,that’s why I want her taken out of this country”

“But since she was destined
to die for the people as you said,why don’t you let her destiny come to fulfilment”Emily asked curiously.

“No,my daughter can never be destinies by the gods and goddess of our lands to die,the chief priest just lied to us,I could see in his eyes ber destiny was far grater than his and he’s ready to do anything to continue been the best”

“So what you are trying to say is that he lied about her destiny to you guys”Gabriel asked.

“Yes”Johnson replied

“So what’s out role in it”Gabriel asked looking at his wife who nodded in return.

“All I want you guys to do for me is to adopt her and take her to your country and never come back or set your foot in my kingdom no matter what”Johnson said.

“This a crazy idea,how can we take your child to our country just like that”Emily asked raising her hands up in the air.

“Point of correction,you are not taking her but adopting her,so when you adopt her she automatically and legitimately becomes your child”Johnson said convincing.

The couples looked at each other and sighed.

“Please save the life of my child,adopt her please”

“Okay,we will adopt her” Emily said after a long thought. She looked at her husband and in nodded.

“Really…..thank you so much,may the gods bless you and multiply your pockets in thousands fold”

“So how do we adopt her,the child” Gabriel asked.

“Let’s meet here tomorrow and we will go and sign the papers” Johnson said standing up.

“What time?”

“Let’s meet here by 10:00 am tomorrow”he said “I should get going,see you tomorrow,please don’t disappoint me” He said walking off.

“Do you think we are making the right decision” Gabriel asked his wife as soon as nohson left them.

“Yes,we really need to help that man,we can’t afford to let them kill the baby all because of a crazy god demands” Emily said.

“Okay,let’s go home”. They held each other hands and walked off.
Evenly had eagerly been waiting for her husband since he left them.

Its been hours and still no.sign of him,she could have gone to look for him but for the Ava in her arms sleeping peacefully which won’t like to be disturbed,she had to stay and await her husband return.

She dozed off in the process of waiting for him….she ooemed her eyes to see a figure sitting close to her. He called her

“Honey’ She called recognizing his voice. “How did it go?,did you see anyone willingly to adopt our baby?” Evenly asked yawning.

“Yes and they agreed to take our baby to their country”

“Their country? What do you mean?”

“They are Americans” Johnson said.

“That’s good,they won’t be able to find her” Evenly said happily.

“They are signing the document tomorrow,so we have thus evening alone with our daughter” nohnxon said ruefully.

“Yes” evenly said staring lovingly at Ava. “I lobe you baby girl” She said tears dropping out if her ears. She couldn’t believe she won’t be seeing her baby from tomorrow.
*Next day*

The following day camr like a flash. They hurriedly had breakfast and went to the park.

They met the couples already there waiting for them.

“Sorry we were late,we had to get our things ready to leave immediately you sign the document” Johnson said apologetically.

“We understand, let’s go” Gabriel said. That all boarded a cab to then place.

They laid the cabman and atwpped into the office.they net a woman at the reception and she directed to a office.

They met a woman on the sarst. They exchanged greetings and finalised all the document of adoption.

How’s the story guys?


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