(🔥Her destined
By: Rachi

Chapter 11★12
(★* A new master*★)

Oliver had been chewing on his food quietly, his mind far away despite the chattering of his fellow mate.

Normally,everyone knows Oliver to be a cold hearted person. In fact he was an introvert,he finds it difficult to communicate to people, he yells and scream at then and wouldn’t take sorry for an answer if you dare cross his boundary.

The junior student were so scared of him that they try as much as possible not to do anything that would anger or upset him.

Despite his ugly behaviour, everyone still loves him. He was the strongest supernatural in the academy.

Not only that, he was handsome and dashing,brown cute hair,beautiful blue eyes,well curbed jaw line and a perfect angelic body.

The heavens took it time to create this being and it was perfect.

He had wanted to caution them to stop making noise that there junior were watching and learning.

He seemed to be in happy mood,so he decided to leave them alone.

He smelt the presence of a strange unfamiliar person, though the aura surrounding the person was light and calm.

He followed the scent and turned his gaze to behold a princess standing,staring at them.

He couldn’t but exclaim,he had never seen a girl has beautiful as she.

“What a beauty” Oliver said which brought them back from the chit-chattering.

They looked at him and followed his gaze to the person he was staring at.

“Wow!” Henry said.

“Another angel on earth” Dylan said staring.

“No,could she be one of the fallen Angels and had been mistakenly found it way here?” Charlie said correcting their silly talk.

“She is even more beautiful than senior Amelia” a junior student,Dorathy said.

Amelia was about turning her gaze to the student who said that when Ava spoke.

“Hi,am Ava,I am a new student here….lemme guess you guys are the senior here right?” Ava asked bringing them back from their thought,only for them to fall back hard into space after hearing her voice.

“What’s so special about my face,you all are staring at?” Ava asked touching her face to make sure there was nothing there.

“Don’t be of ended at their behavior,its been a while a rare gem came here as a student” oliver said winking at her.

Everyone turned to look at him shocked at his responce.

“Yes has anyone told you that you are beautiful” Dylan asked staring at Ava.

“Beautiful,am I that beautiful?” Ava asked thoughtfully.

“Yes you are,if you don’t know then know now that you are beautiful” Dylan said.

“Ho……how…..did…you”. She stuttered touching her lips. “I never said it out” she said in her mind.

“I can read mind,so.I know whatever you are thinking” Dylan said smiling cutely,showing off his cute two sided dimples.

“Wow! You have dimples,not one but two” Ava said walking to him “I love kids with dimples ” she said to the amazement of everyone around.

“Kid…..?” Dylan asked his eyes popping out. ” I bet am older than you” Dylan said.

Ava turned to face him and placed her hands on his face.

“Cute kid,smile for me again” she peered at his face.

Dylan smiled again then frowned,pouting his lips ” am not a kid,my name is Dylan and am 20 years old”

“Ohhhh!……am sorry,you are older than me but not much older than me” Ava smirked.

“Kpo,koo,kpo..” Harley coughed getting the attention of Ava and Dylan.

“Why don’t we introduced ourselves to you properly” Twinkle suggested smiling at Ava. She liked her already.

“Yea so she won’t mistake us for a kid again”Amelia said glaring hatefully at her.

“OK,like I said earlier,my name is Ava,so you all should take turns introducing yourselves” she said beckoning to them to start.

“Twinkle” twinkle said smiling at her. “And I really like you”.

“Isabella but call me is a for short”

“Anabella,call me Ana for short’

“Wow,are you a twin?” Ana asked noticing the striking resemblance between the two girls.

“Yes we are” they replied her.

“OK,you” she pointed and they continued.



“You know my name already Dylan said.



“Another twins,seems this academy is blessed with twins” Ava said.

“Am Harley and she is Amelia” Harley said pointing fingers at Amelia who just hissed and rolled her eyes.

“You,what’s your name?”She asked Oliver but he just stood up and left the table without uttering a word to her.

“Did I say anything wrong” she asked looking at the others.

“No,you didnt,he’s just like that and you should try as much as possible to avoid him or else you get at his bad side” Dylan warned.

“But why should I avoid him?” Ava challenged.

“Don’t argue,we all know him better than you do and here’s an advice,if you know you really wanna last here,watch your steps” Amelia glared hard at her before walking out.

Before she could opened her mouth to utter a word,a young woman walked to them and the rest bowed respectfully.

“Greeting mistress” they all greeted.

“Welcome Ava,follow me,lemme show you your room” Alexandra said before walking out,Ava stood up immediate,picked her bags and followed her.

Thee both walked down the hallway and stop at a room at the far end of the building.

“This is your room,make sure you are a good girl and you don’t get yourself into trouble and don’t involve yourself in any offence” Alexandrea said to her.

“You are beautiful and I like you,What’s your name?” Ava blurted out.

“Am Alexandrea and don’t trust people easily kid,your friends might turn out to be your enemy and vice versa” Alexandrea said and disappeared.

“Wow!” A gasp escaped her lips as soon as she entered her room..it was exactly how she had pictured it .

It was nicely decorated with her best colour,ocean blue.

She went to the window and opened it, inhaling the sweet fresh air. She could see the academy clearly from her room.

The area was so large but with beautiful flowers adorning the floor,the moon shone brightly giving the area a wonderful scenario.

This place was like paradise on earth and for the first time in her life,she blessed her parents for sending her here.

Two figures walked silently below her since she was staying at the upper floor.

She pushed her head forward only to find the most horrible and scariest people staring her

Their dress were abnormal and scary

“Ava,will you shut the window and go to bed”one of them growled at her.

“Wait,how do you guys know my name? And who are you to tell me what to do?” Ava challenged.

“Are you still talking,you will meet me tomorrow” he said to her.

Ava withdrew her head and shut the window tightly,she leaned on her bed scared.

She hasn’t spent nothing less than three hours here and she was already in trouble.

She pulled the blankets over her head,she curled herself up before drifting to sleep.

*Next morning*
The bell rang and everyone scurried to the practice ground.

Ava on the other hand was busy tossing about on the bed,she covered her ears with the pillow when she couldn’t stand the loud jingles of the bell.

The superiors cane inside and everyone bowed respectfully. “. May you live long and rule us with wisdom, power and strength and we pledge to obey and keep your commands at heart” the student said.

Master Seth turned around as if searching for someone.

“Where’s Ava,why is she not here yet?” He asked.

They all turned around to discover she wasn’t there.

“Are you all deaf,i said where’s Ava” Seth growled. He was a very hot tempered person.

“Here am I, and must you scream my name like that” she asked shocking the daylight of everyone.

“Its Ava not A..v..a” she said stressing the last word.

The student looked at her pitying her,they were scared of what master Seth would do to her.

“I had made up my mind to pardon you for what you did yesterday,and here now you have committed another offence”

“Wow!, were you really the one that spoke to me yesterday…..Gosh you scared the hell outta me with your horrible look but just looking at you,now my heart is fluttering in waves,I never knew you were so handsome and charming like this,ohh gawd,I so much love kids with red lips” Ava said smiling.

“Kid….” Seth uttered amazed. “Did you just call me a kid?” He asked to be sure he wasn’t hearing things.

“No sir,I am so sorry,it was a slip of the tongue”

“Am not going to punish you,but someone else will do it that,Caleb slash her ten Stokes of cane”

“Ahhhh” everyone yelled but a look from Oliver quietened them.

Oliver wasted no time in whipping her,her painful cries filled the air but it did not stop Oliver from slashing her.

“Thats your punishment for talking to your superiors without respect” Seth said looking at her without any feelings.

“And another thing,Oliver is your new master,he is going to train you to master your powers” Seth announced amd her eyes widened in shock.

“Continue with the practice” he said and turned to Ava who was still glaring at him.

He stooped abruptly to stare at her,her eyes were still glued on him glaring at hin.

“What’s with the glare?” He asked walking towards her.

“Huh” Ava said taking a smile

“Be a good girl and avoid getting into trouble” he said before leaving while the other superiors engaged the student in various practice.


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