December 5, 2023

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Chapter 4


I sat tiredly on the bench, hawking fresh juice under the rays of this wicked hot sun isn’t easy at all.

“Come get your chilled fresh juice!” That’s Camille, she’s busy trying to convince people to come buy from us but it ain’t just working, they all prefer to buy fancy canned juice. My eyes wandered to her direction and a weak smile appeared on my face. I wish life could be easier.

“Hey you’re resting! You’re here resting and I’m over there shouting out my lungs huh?” She asked dramatically

“You’re the one who’s willing to shout out her lungs” I said

“What!” She blinked uncontrollably. I exhaled and grabbed her wrist, pulling her to sit beside me.

“Ion’ think they’re going to buy from us today…I mean, look. They’re all busy with chilled canned juice, not…” I gestured to our handmade juice in the bowl.

“But we don’t even have enough money to get those from vendors and sell out” she said

“Let’s just think of something else to do, this home made juice business isn’t working out at all” I said

“We can get canned juice from the vendors, pay them once we’re done selling for the day and return the ones we couldn’t sell” she said and I shook my head vehemently

“That’s a huge risk I don’t want to take” I said

“Come on, do we have any other options?” She asked

“Let’s do this please, you’re a fighter and fighters shouldn’t be afraid of taking risks” she said, ruffling my hair

“Aish! Come on, let’s go home it’s getting dark and I have to meet with dad at the Market” I said

“Yes beauty!” She whispered into my ears.



Bella was preparing dinner when Trisha walked into the kitchen, her eyes were puffy and red, it seemed like she’d been crying all day.

“You’re crying again?” Bella asked, moving closer to her

“I just can’t help it. Anytime I close my eyes, the memories come again and I can’t even sleep in peace” she said, sniffing hard.

“I understand and seeing you go through all these really hurt me badly. I think we should just call this thing off, we have a lot of evidence already” bella said but Trisha shook her head

“Let’s finish this, you know how influential her family is right? Those evidence won’t be enough” she said

“Alright then but we’re not happy seeing you like this, she even tried to set you up with Drake last night…jeez!” Bella made an irritated face.

“Although last night was really heartbreaking but I’m glad, I was able to see my crush and he even gave me his Jacket” she blushed

“You’re blushing again…why do you even like that weirdo?”

“Must there be a reason? I just found myself falling for no reason. But Belle, why do you think Ivan’s always hard on Ray?” She asked

“I haven’t noticed”

“Try paying closer attention…by the way, I want to play a game on your phone” Trisha immediately snatched Bella’s phone, making Bella drop the bowl she was holding carelessly. The ball fell and the eggs inside cracked

“It’s all your fault!” Bella yelled jokingly as she rushed to take the mop

“Sorry…I just…” Trisha’s words were left hanging as she stared at Bella surprisingly.

“What?” Bella asked in a confused manner

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Trisha’s surprised looks suddenly transformed into a big smile.

“Tell you what?” Bella asked still trying to figure out what Trisha’s talking about.

“Lynn…” she showed Bella her lockscreen wallpaper, making Bella gasp in shock.

“Hey! Give it back!” Bella wanted to get the phone but Trisha suddenly rushed out of the kitchen.

“Sister Loretta! Bella’s in love!” Trisha kept shouting as she rushed upstairs, Bella chased after her breathlessly.


They just finished recording a demo for their upcoming song and were busy adding final touches to the song.

“The song’s cool but I think it’ll be better if Ivan can at least add more emotions to his part…” manager Ben said

“Me?” Ivan asked sarcastically

“I think he’s right” Valencia added quickly

“Your part is actually the most sensitive part in the whole of the song so…mister don’t ruin our song with your annoying mood” Valencia said

“Huh? Have I ever ruined any of our songs? Y’all should be thankful to me, if not for my good looks do you think y’all will be popular?” He asked Cöçkily

“That attitude again…” Stephen rolled his eyes

“Just learn to smile, it’ll do you more good than harm” manager Ben said

“Enough!” Ivan yelled, making everyone shiver in shock

“And you! why are you staring?” He asked Ray angrily, making Ray to quickly look away.

“If we’re done here, I should get…” the ringing of his phone made him stop halfway. He looked at the caller’s ID and his expression became stoic.

📞 What do you want?

He answered carelessly as he stood up and walked out of the studio.

“Aish! That boy knows how to give people heart attack” Valencia said, holding her chest tenderly.

“Why’s he always harsh on Ray?” Stephen asked and all eyes landed on Ray.

“What?” He asked, avoiding their hot stares

“Did you appear in his dream with a dagger or something?” Eric asked

“Since we’re done here, I’ll see y’all at home” Ray quickly exited the studio.

“Why do you guys even care?” Lynn asked as he followed Ray’s trail With a stick of lollipop in his mouth.

“Won’t it be nice if we hang out?” Eric asked, smiling childishly.

“Do you mind?!” Valencia asked with burning eyes, her gaze were fixed on their intertwined hands.

“Oops! I’m so sorry” Eric smiled, wiping her palm

“Do you have a death wish?” She asked and he quickly let go of her palm.

************SAME DAY

Ivan’s arrogant eyes swept across the dinning room and landed on his little sister, Cordillia who’s about 7 years old. She gave him an arrogant smile which made him scoff.

“That wench!” He cursed under his breath

“I heard you…punk!” She said

“It’s too early to start” their father Mr Julius soberano said.

“So why am I here?” Ivan asked

“Is it a sin to ask my son over for dinner?” Mr soberano asked and Ivan scoffed again, he quickly picked a fork and threw it at him.

“Ouch!” Ivan winced in pain as the fork hit his forehead

“I’ve warned you times without number don’t ever scoff when I’m talking to you” he said

“Is that why you have to ruin my handsome face?”

“You got that from me!” His father yelled.

“I think you two should stop it already…” Mrs soberano said, climbing down the stairs.

“I thought I’ll be able to scale through this evening without seeing her” Ivan said

“How’re you faring son?” She asked

“I’m not your son!” Ivan answered but she just smiled, trying to hide the effect his words had on her.

“Ivan show some respect, she means we’ll for you” his father said

“Did you call me here for this?” He asked his father

“Ivan…” Mrs Soberano gently patted her husband’s shoulder, trying to calm him down.

“Please let’s eat” she smiled.

Halfway into their meal, Mr Soberano decided to take the bull by the horns and discuss the reason he called for Ivan.

“Ivan…I’m planning to join forces with the Ping empire so that we can build up a great empire. You know we’re one of the highest ranking companies” he said

“And what has that got to do with me?” Ivan asked

“I think it’s high time you take over the company since their only daughter, Melanie is also taking over…”

“Are you trying to set me up with her?” Ivan asked rudely

“Son, It’s ok if you don’t want to, we won’t push it” Mrs soberano said

“And you stop calling me your son! You’re not my mother, my mother is dead because you killed her!” Ivan yelled

“I don’t see this dinner ending well, I’ll just leave” he got up and made to exit the house.

“Ivan, come back here! Ivan, I’m talking to you!” Mr soberano shouted but Ivan didn’t listen.


I was about to cross the road when my phone rang. I quickly took it out of my pocket and checked the caller’s ID

📞 Hello…Camille

📞 Yes I’m on my way already

📞 You’ve got a surprise for me? What could it be?

I smiled, she’s always full of surprises.
I looked sideways and made sure the road was clear before Crossing

📞 Alright…alright. I’m on my…

A bright light made me pause my phone call. Right in front of me was a car, its front light was so bright that it blinded me for some time.

I tried acting immediately but my body felt numb, I was confused and scared at the same time.

‘is this how I’m going to die?’

My legs shook like dried leaves ready to fall.

‘No I can’t die like this, my father’s going to cry himself to death’ I quickly jumped out of the way but it was too late…


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