December 5, 2023

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Chapter 3

“Aargh!” Robo groaned in pain as he fell to the ground. Charmeine quickly got up and rushed to him. She straddled him and landed several punches on his face

“You idiot! How dare you try to eat what’s not yours?! You bas*ard! Senseless thug!” She muttered breathlessly as she kept punching his face. She was about to move her Punches to his lower abdomen when Camille suddenly grabbed her wrist

“Hey have pity…you’re not trying to ruin his dignity are you?” Camille asked sarcastically, pulling charmeine up

“Just let me destroy those stinking balls of his, it’s obvious they’re not useful to him anymore” charmeine said but Camille just held her even tighter.

“Next time, map yourself properly before you try such nonsense” Camille said, emptying a can of spicy hot pepper on his face

“Aargh it’s hot!” Robo cried out in pains as the pepper made his injuries sting.

“You should’ve let me have my way” charmeine complained

“So that you’ll go to jail?” Camille asked as they walked to charmeine’s house which was just a few blocks away

“So what’s up, what were you doing outside anyways?” She asked

“I wanted to come over to your place but I caught the scene from afar. I wasn’t even expecting you to be be the victim” Camille said

“Victim? I was just taken off guard nothing more” charmeine whisper yelled, making Camille laugh.

“The registration of candidates who wants to partake in the international scholarship examination would start tomorrow and end next week, I saw it on TV” Camille said as they entered the kitchen.

“You’re still thinking of going to high school?” Charmeine asked

“Did you give up already?” Camille answered her question with another question. Charmeine gave a deep sigh before answering

“Camille, we don’t need to go to college anymore. Look at my dad, he needs someone to look after him, he’s growing old and my mom’s dead” she smiled sadly.

“Your mom too, she’s crippled and can’t go out to work. Your sister’s only 9 years old and they need someone to take care of them” charmeine said

“Come on, it’s not like we’re going to a boarding school, it’s a day school and we can always carry out our duties when we return” Camille insisted

“I really want to go to high school and I Know you also want to too…that has always been the wish of your late mother, to see her daughter in high school. You can’t give up now” Camille added

“I’ll think about it” charmeine sighed tiredly.



The girls were busy with their assignments when emeliana walked in with. She was putting on a ɓȕϻ short and off shoulder crop top, looking all bit*hy.

“Where’e you off to?” Loretta asked, not taking her eyes off her laptop

“Is it even your business?” Emeliana asked back

“Come on Trisha, let’s move” emeliana said in what seems like an order

“Where are we going?” Trisha asked

“It’s Friday night girl!”

“But I have assignments” Trisha said

“You can do that tomorrow or next” emeliana said

“Let the girl be, she doesn’t want to go. Find something serious to do with your life other than party” Bella said

“What…you dare talk to me like that? In case you’ve forgotten, you all are here because of my affluence do you think your stinking poverty life fits the celebrity circle?” Emeliana asked, making Bella red in anger, she raised her hand to give emeliana a slap but Loretta held her back.

“You won’t dare!” Emeliana scoffed

“Trisha!” She called angrily and Trisha suddenly rushed upstairs to get dressed. Bella kept giving emeliana death glares, she wish she can just give her a slap, just one slap and she’ll be ok.

Soon, Trisha came down, dressed in a red knee length gown.

“Trisha you’re going out with me not with your mother” emeliana said and pulled Trisha back to the room.

“I’m sexy so my followers should dress sexy” emeliana said, throwing a mini skirt at Trisha.

“Use this dress and never use a ьѓä it’s prohibited” she threw a thin transparent dress at her.

“But I’ll look like a prostitute in this” Trisha complained

“Then get your bags and leave!” Emeliana threatened and Trisha quickly put on the clothes. Immediately they got downstairs, Bella sighed in frustration on seeing how Trisha’s dressed

“You’re making people get wrong impressions of this girl” Bella said, referring to Trisha.

“She’s my dog not yours” emeliana said and walked away, Trisha followed behind in tears.

“I’m so tired of her trying to control us” Bella yelled

“Calm down we just need to put up with it for now” Loretta said.


Emeliana smiled as she entered the club with Trisha. It’s a huge club attended by rich dudes. A lot of celebrities usually hang out there, especially the perverted ones like emeliana.

“Hey emy” a cute voice called and they turned towards the direction to see Drake, he’s one of the most famous teen models in the country and he’s a huge freak.

“Darling!” Emeliana smiled as she threw herself on him, he just giggled at her behavior because he’s used to it.

“How have you been” he smiled charmingly
“I’m cool and you?” She asked

“Wonderful just looking for a sweet ride” he winked

“Hmm…since I’m here, why don’t we…” he immediately cuts in

“No!” He said vehemently


“Give me something new…” he whispered in her ears, stylishly looking at Trisha who’ve been standing beside them absent minded.

“Ohhh…Trisha” emeliana called

“Any problem?” She asked

“Why don’t we book a room, I don’t feel like partying anymore” she lied

“Ok…” Trisha smiled. They both walked over to the counter and got a reservation. Unknowingly to Trisha, emeliana texted the room number to drake.

“Go on, I’ll use the restroom” she smiled and Trisha nodded.

Trisha smiled in satisfaction as she entered the room. She never wanted to party so it’s better this way. She fell on the soft fluffy bed and a giggle escape her mouth.

“Hey sweetie” she froze instantly on hearing the voice.

“D…D…Drake” she stammered as he climbed on the bed. She tried to run away but he grabbed her instantly

“Yes honey…” he smiled

“Please I’m not cut out for this right now” Trisha whimpered

“You’re mine!” He laughed but at that moment, the door pushed open and Ray walked in.

“You beast!” He grabbed drake by the collar of his dress and threw him to the ground. Trisha suddenly rushed to hide behind him

“How dare you ray?” Drake asked angrily

“How dare you try to force her to have S£x when she clearly isn’t interested?” Ray asked

“Ion’ get it, is she your girl or something?” Drake asked

“So what if she’s my girl huh?” Ray asked, pulling Trisha close. A light gasp escaped her lips as her heart started beating faster than before.

“Alright…alright! I’m sorry but why would you date a prostitute, just take a look at what she’s wearing” Ray turned to look at Trisha and she bowed her head in shame.

“Aish!” drake shuddered and walked out.

“Ray…Ray please I can explain…” Trisha tried to say but he only gave her a death glare

“I’m not your boyfriend so keep your explanations to yourself. Don’t you have pride?! Why would you dress like this? Look your Ɓø0ɓ’s are open for everyone to see…have a sense of dig…” he paused in remembering something.

“Ohh…I forgot, you’re a public property so you’ve sold your dignity” he said, making her tears double.

He took off his suit jacket and dropped it on the bed.

“You can use that to cover yourself if you want” he said and walked away, shutting the door aggressively.

Trisha who was in pains kept thinking about the words he just said and more tears escaped her eyes. She picked up the jacket and slowly wore it

“I truly wish you can hear me out someday” she muttered.


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