December 2, 2023

😣(Unexpected emotions)👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨


Chapter 2


The hallway was filled with students who kept screaming their lungs out as silver walked into the school compound towards their classroom.

👥 My Eric…

👥 Where’s DV and Ray?

👥 I love you Lynn!

👥 Valencia has changed her hair color

👥 I love the new color!

👥 I wish I was in your shoes val

The last statement made Valencia giggle.

“You can’t be in my shoes, you’re a human not a rat” val said aloud as they walked away.

👥 The Moon are coming!… someone suddenly shouted and the whole place became noisy again.

Emeliana was at the front, leading the way. She walked with pride and sophistication. By mere looking at her, you’ll know she’s a hell of a rude bi*ch. Her skirt that merely covered her P@ŋts and her skimpy dress made matters worse. Trisha followed behind her in the same manner while Bella and Loretta smiled at the cheering crowd.

👥 Bella my favorite!

👥 Loretta is always looking pretty just like Valencia.

“Good morning guys” Bella greeted cheerfully as she entered the special class built separately for them.

“Good morning beauty…how was your night?” Valencia answered sweetly while the guys just chatted amongst themselves.

“My night was cool and…” she couldn’t complete her statement when Emeliana cut her off.

“Bella you’re just too cheerful and it’s irritating” emeliana said with a disgusting look on her face

“See who’s talking about irritating, I’m glad you know how you look like this morning. Just the exact definition of irritating” Valencia said, making Loretta who was already reading her biology textbook choke on nothing, she tried as much as possible not to let out her laugh but the guys didn’t help matters as they all burst into a fit of laughter.

“You animal!” Emeliana scoffed angrily as she got up and made to the exit of the classroom, Trisha followed behind her like always.

“She’s embarrassed” bella said amidst laugh

“I bet she won’t come back to class until after break” Valencia smiled

“Miss bookworm, it’ll be best if you let your brain rest for just a second” Valencia said to Loretta

“I just discovered something while reading through my textbook yesterday so I want to carry out some experiment on it, that’s why I’m reading now” Loretta smiled

“What an excuse…” Valencia rolled her eyes sarcastically.


Ivan finally killed the engine of his vehicle and stepped out majestically. His face as cold as ice but that doesn’t hide his crazy visuals.

He was about to step into the hallway when Ray walked in from the left. He just gave Ray a cold glare and made to walk away but Ray quickly held his wrist.

“How dare you!” Ivan angrily flung his hand away, making Ray stagger backwards.

“Know your boundaries, you swine!” Ivan said and tried to walk away again but Ray rushed to stand in his way.

“Ivan, listen, it wasn’t my fault…”

“It was my fault then!” Ivan whisper yelled

“You’ve been holding this against me since we were 9, can’t you just let go already?” Ray asked in tears

“Look, ion’ want to talk about that incident. Like you said, I should let go. I’m letting go and that’s why you’re not in jail right now so be thankful and stop pushing me” he said and walked away.

“But I’m sorry…I truly am. Why’s it so hard for him to forgive me?” Ray asked dejectedly as he fell helplessly on the floor.

Trisha who’s been watching both boys from afar suddenly rushed to Ray.

“Hey…are you ok?” She asked, kneeling beside him. She suddenly held his palm in a comforting manner.

“You should be with your mistress” Ray said, looking at her like she’s trash.

“My mistress?” Trisha asked

“Get away” he got up and made to leave but Trisha suddenly rushed to stand in his way.

“I said get your ugly self out of my face!” Ray yelled, making her startle in fear.

“You should be nice, I only came to check on you after seeing Ivan speaking harshly to you and this’s what I get?” She asked almost close to tears.

“I’ve told you to stay away from me, I hate you so much” Ray said

“But that night…”

“That night was a mistake, by the way you’re a prostitute so you shouldn’t take a one night stand too seriously…you’ve done it with several other guys before now so what’s the big deal” Ray said, pushed her out of his way and walked away, not minding the effects his words had on her.

“That scum!” She exclaimed in tears as she watched him leave.

🌚 9:00PM, SAME DAY🌚

🎵 Watching the sun rise with you by my side…

Totally feels like I’m a ruler in my own world

I wish you could always be by my side

But fate made us say our farewell so soon 🎵

She kept singing as she walked down the lonely dark street of the slum. Her hair danced to every direction the wind took and her long lashes fluttered.

“I’m so tired…” she breathe tiredly as she dragged her foot on the floor.

“Working from sunrise to sunset isn’t easy at all” she whispered.

She was about to take another step when someone suddenly pushed her from behind, she fell and scratched her knee on a stone.

“Ouch?” She winced in pain, wanting to look at who pushed her but she was flipped instead.

“Aargh!” She winced

“I told you I’ll get you didn’t I?” A thick male voice said and a cold shiver ran down her spine that instant.

“Robo…” she called and a wicked grin appeared on his face. He made to come on top of her but she suddenly punched his face, making him stagger backwards. She quickly stood up to run away but he pulled her back to the ground and jumped on her.

“I’m going to get what I want today, no one will save you” robo laughed wickedly as he tried to rip off her P@ŋts.

“Please stop, don’t do this” she pleaded but he kept on abusing her.

“Someone help please!”


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