December 5, 2023

😣(Unexpected emotions)👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨



SILVER-MOON HIGH SCHOOL is a school attended by nobels when I say Nobels, I mean kids from rich homes and even the most popular celebrities in the country, popular teen models and kids of well known politicians. The number of poor kids in the school can be counted as the school doesn’t accept commoners unless the very intelligent ones who pass with the highest grade in the national exams.

The name of the school can be broken down into SILVER AND MOON who’re the most popular band in the country.


The most popular boys band in the whole of Canada under
milestone entertainment. Silver consists of 5 handsome boys and a girl;


He’s the third most handsome and the most handsome in the group. He’s the group’s visual, main rapper and lead dancer. He has a very funny personality and tends to make a mistake or even forget dance choreographies most of the time. He’s very friendly and easy going.


He goes by the nickname, DV which can simply be translated to Dangerous Visuals. His nickname was given to him by his fellow band members because of his hotness. His cute tiny cherry pink lips can make any kind of lady salivate, his tiny cat eyes give one of the deadliest winks which has sent more than a hundred fan girls into coma for 2 weeks. One can’t help but get lost in his cute dark orbs and his voice is just as deadly as his face. It is said that whenever he takes hold of the mic, fans begin to faint from the thickness of his voice.

He’s the group number 1 most handsome guy and popular guy. He’s the band leader, main vocalist, main dancer, lead rapper and the entertainment visual. He’s also an actor and the one and only heir to SILVER-MOON HIGH and soberano empire.

Despite his handsome looks, he’s arrogant, hateful and gloomy for some reasons we’ll discover later on. Plus, he’s a huge flirt.


He’s the youngest and second most handsome amongst them. His nickname is LS Lynn Savage because of his savage attitude. He really doesn’t give a Fůçƙ about anyone and whenever he tries to be nice, just know he’s up to something. His character and that of Ivan mirror each other, leaving only a slight difference.


She’s the only female in the group. She’s pretty, sexy, playful, friendly… Just name it but behind that her easy going nature,is a fierce warrior. She can beat anyone beatable and she’s very fearless. She’s also the entertainment visual and main vocalist.


The talkativeness of the band…tends to get on Valencia’s nerves a lot. He’s received several brain resetting slaps from her on many occasions.


Ray is just the normal guy of the group. He’s highly talented with that voice that can hit any singing note and his looks are very intimidating. He seldom does weird things and that brought about his nickname WEIRDNESS OVERLOAD.


They’re another famous band which consists of 4 beautiful divas.

BELLA- She’s the most playful and most popular in the band. She’s also the most beautiful amongst them. She has many male celebrities gushing over her beauty but like she’ll always say, “Honestly, I’m not cut out for that $h|t called love”. She has her reasons though.

LORETTA- She’s the smartest amongst the girls with an IQ of 350. She loves studying and discovering new things which is somehow weird for a celebrity like her. She’s the second most beautiful in the band.

EMELIANA- She’s the richest amongst the girls. She’s the very definition of annoying. She’s rude, proud and worst of all, she’s a hoe. She never closes those things in between her legs and is ready to give it to any guy available.
She’s had a huge crush on Ivan for a long time and hopes to tell him one day.

TRISHA- She’s emiliana’s number 1 supporter. She never sees anything wrong with what Emiliana does and doesn’t care to advise her. Obviously, she’s the closest to emeliana.

Want to know how this awesome high school romance will turn out? Then follow me into this awesome adventure 😊😊😊

GENRE- High school romance, s3x, hatred, friendship, love triangles and mysteries.


😣(Unexpected emotions)👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨


Chapter 1

👥 Woah! Isn’t that DV?

👥 It’s him!

👥 DV please marry me!

👥 Please be my boyfriend!

The screams from fans were just unbearable and ear blocking. Some fans even tried to touch him but his guards did their job perfectly. Ivan couldn’t wait to finish up with his business there and get out.

👥 A night with you would do handsome

A tiny feminine voice made him look to his left. The girl who’d earlier made that comment winked seductively at him.

“Branny…get the girl for me” he whispered to the guard standing beside him

“Yes young master” branny bowed slightly before leaving to do as he’s told.


“Sir, DV’s here”

“Let him in” he said.

Not long, the door swang open and Ivan walked in, while his guards stayed outside.

“Welcome Ivan” ricky said
“Ya…so where are the papers?” Ivan asked with a straight face

“It would be ok if you can smile a bit” Ricky gave a short smile as he passed the documents to Ivan.

“I believe you’re a director, not a clown” Ivan said with stone cold voice.

“Just suggesting tho”

“Any other thing?” Ivan asked, throwing the paper he’d sign carelessly on the table.

“No…” Ricky shook his head

“Better” Ivan mouthed, standing to his leave

“Why don’t you have coffee with me?” Ricky asked

“You’re not a lady ok…I’m busy so goodbye” Ivan walked off without looking back.

“Such pufferfish… I’m busy so goodbye…uhm!” Ricky said, copying Ivan’s behavior as he arranged the papers into his drawer.



The mansion was very quiet as everyone was busy with one thing or the other.
Valencia was busy with her phone and an earpiece connected to her phone. Ray was also busy with his phone tho he wasn’t listening to music. Stephen was trying to come up with a rough work for a new song idea and Lynn was helping him out. Eric was busy looking for who to disturb while Ivan was still out of the house.

“Can someone help me get a glass of water please” Eric said, knowingly looking for trouble. No one answered him and this made him quite bored

“Hey…Lynn” he called but Lynn didn’t answer.

“Steve…” he smiled charmingly but Stephan only gave him a short glare and return to his work.

“Ray baby…” he called but ray also ignored him. He looked at Valencia who seems to be in another world because of the earpiece in her ears. He got up from his chair and went to seat beside her.

“Val…” he called but she didn’t answer

“Val…” she still kept quiet so he pulled out the earpiece from her ears, making her to sit up angrily

“What was that for?” She asked

“I wanted to plead with you to get me a glass of water” he said, giving her a childishly pout. Valencia bit her lips hard, trying to hold back her anger.

“Ok boss” she smiled and got up. The others immediately looked at her in shock

“Did Valencia just agree to get him a glass of water?” Lynn asked in shock

“Of course, she’s smitten by my cuteness” Eric said, relaxing in the chair. Not quite long, he felt very cold liquid rush down his hair.

“Ouch!” He jumped off the chair with a surprise look on his face. Valencia stood behind the chair with a glass which was filled with very cold water before now.

“Did you just…” Eric couldn’t Complete his statement before Valencia threw the glass cup towards him, he managed to not get hit.

“You’re so dead!” Valencia screamed and rushed towards him. Eric rushed towards the stairs out of fear, he knows that if she gets her hands on him, he’s as good as dried meat.

The others kept laughing non-stop as they watched their little drama.

“Why the laughter?” They were startled by Ivan’s voice, he just entered the house.

“It’s Valencia and Eric again” Lynn smiled cheerfully as he got up to hug Ivan but Ivan pushed him away gently

“Nah…ion’ hug ugly ducklings” Ivan said with all seriousness tho they know within themselves that he’s just joking

“That Cöçky attitude again huh?” Stephen smiled.

“How’s it?” Lynn asked, referring to the contract Ivan went to sign earlier.

“It went well…and I even got myself a tight Pů$$¥” he winked

“Aish!” Stephen closed his ears

“If you had smiled alongside that wink, I would’ve fainted” Lynn said and Ivan’s expression changed instantly. Tho he wasn’t smiling before now but it’s as if the question made his cold aura even colder.

“I’ll go to my room now…” Ivan said and made to leave, not without giving Ray a bitter glare which the others didn’t notice.

“Why’s he always like that?” Stephen asked with a worried look on his face

“I’ll go to my room too” Ray said and left too.

“These two guys are really something else” Lynn shuddered and went back to continue song drafting with Stephen.


Ivan tried adding beats to the new song he just wrote but he’s being distracted.

“Come on Ivan” he muttered and exhaled

“Ok…one, two, three…”

🎵 The sun is shining
The wind is dancing,
Making our hair follow it flow
We stood hand in hand,
Hearts beating against our chest
Then we were too…🎵

“Ouch! Aargh!” He suddenly let go of his guitar and fell to the ground. His head hurts like crazy and he feels a thousand pain in his heart, as if thousands of pins have been inserted into it.

“Aargh!” He rolled on the floor in pains

“Ivan…what’s going on?” Valencia who’s heard his voice and rushed out of her room, asked in fear as she knocked on his door but he didn’t answer her

“Ivan…” she called again but he still didn’t answer, he just kept groaning in pain. Valencia quickly opened his door and rushed in. She met him rolling on the floor and quickly rushed to kneel beside him.

“Ivan…” she called almost in tears.

“Come let me help you up, let’s go to the hospital” she said but he shook his head vehemently.

“Please go to your room” he said, trying to stand but he slipped again. Valencia tried to stop him from falling but they both ended up falling together with him on top of her. Their lips were just an inch apart.

Valencia gasped in shock as her heart started hitting against her ribcage real hard. He didn’t move either, he just kept staring deep into her eyes which only made matters worse for Valencia.

“Hey…what’s going on here?” Lynn asked as he rushed in with Stephen and Eric.

“Come and help him up please” Valencia managed to say and the guys suddenly helped Ivan up and laid him on his bed.

“What happened?” Stephen asked Valencia

“I was in my room when I heard his voice so I rushed here only to see him in pain. I tried to help him up but we both ended up on the floor” she said, trying to calm her racing heart. She couldn’t even look at the others while she spoke.

“Ohh…are you ok?” Eric asked and she nodded nervously before rushing out of the room.

“I guess he’s just tired” Lynn said, staring at the already sleeping Ivan. He covered Ivan with a blanket and he exited the room with Eric and Stephen.

After they left, Ray came out of his room and walked to Ivan’s room, he opened the door and stood beside it, watching Ivan’s sleeping face. Ray couldn’t help but let out his tears…


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