{ The Billionaire’s Maid… }

THEME; When The Sky Falls.


By: Summer Gold R.


“Yeah,She’s my girlfriend” He said and Annabella gasped

“What? Your girlfriend?” Melanie asked in surprise as she stared at Annabella

“Yes,any problem?” Gregor sat down

“No…she’s pretty” Melanie smiled

“She’s really a beauty son,so you were not planning to tell us right?” Mr Campbell smiled

“Trust me dad,I was just about telling you” Gregor said

“Wow.. Come here daughter” Mrs Campbell stood up happily and pulled Annabella into a warm hug

“I really think she’s taking care of you son” She said and Gregor smiled

“Is it obvious?” He asked

“Of course” Mr Campbell said and also hugged Annabella

“It’s great meeting you mom and dad” Annabella bowed in respect

“How are you coping with brother anyway? He’s kind of too much” Melanie said

“Oh…not really” Annabella chuckled

“Hey kid,you wouldn’t mind keeping quiet right?” Gregor said

“Brother where’s my car?? You promised me a new car and new phone” Melanie immediately went to sit beside him

“I said your birthday kid,birthday” Gregor said

“Come on,you can give me a car on my birthday,but I want that phone badly….S9 is like the life of every college student right now” Melanie pouted

“Don’t mind her son,you’re spoiling her too much,do you know how many phones she has used this year? Come on” Mrs Campbell said and Gregor smiled

“Mom,are you jealous of me?” Melanie asked

“Shut up young lady” Mrs Campbell said and they all laughed

Casey was sitting on Mrs Campbell’s laps,Alex was also with Mr Campbell,playing with his hair.

“Less i forgot,I brought you some side dish son,I was worried you haven’t been eating as usual,I hope it’s not gonna waste” Mrs Campbell said

“Mommy always make sure he eats every night” Casey said with a pretty smile

“Wow,can you cook?” Melanie asked Annabella

“She’s the best cook in the world!” Alex and Casey screamed and Annabella smiled

“Amazing,then I wouldn’t have to worry about him again,what’s your name young lady?” Mrs Campbell asked

“Annabella” Annabella replied

“Pretty name” Mr Campbell nodded

“Thank you sir”

“I think we will have a proper introduction next time,I’m just so glad right now” Mrs Campbell said

“And i will also like to taste your food the next time we come here” Mr Campbell said

“Sure dad,of course” Annabella said and he smiled

“Melanie,mind going to the car for the food?” She faced her

“I will come with you” Annabella said and Melanie smiled

They both got up and went out.


“Are you really dating my brother?” Melanie asked and Annabella looked up

“Does it look like a lie?” She asked

“I don’t know why mom and dad got fooled so much,but I know my brother,and he’s not the type who is that cool when he’s in love,I mean….my brother is very romantic” Melanie smirked and Annabelle took her lips in

“So….who are you? The kids likes you a lot anyway” Melanie said

“I’m their nanny” Annabella confessed

“Hot nanny you mean” Melanie said and Annabella smiled

“I’m serious,you’re so pretty and hot. And I’m sure my brother is gonna fall for you,if you make effort tho. He’s a bad guy,his face might be innocent but…..don’t be deceived” Melanie said and Annabella chuckled

“Mind being friends? I will like to know the gists” Melanie said

“Come on” Annabella laughed

“So,how old are you?” Melanie asked when they got to the car

“Twenty” Annabella replied

“Awwwn,I will be twenty on my coming birthday,let’s be friends Annabella” Melanie pouted

“Sure,I will love to” Annabella said



Wright was playing a video game alone in the game room,it was totally boring but he had no plan of going out today.

Suddenly his phone rang and he took it,a call from a strange number but he answered


“Wright” A familia voice called in a whisper

“Alyssa?” He called

“Yes it’s me,help please. I injured myself and….I’m the only one home” Alyssa sniffs

“Really? Is it that bad?” Wright asked

“I cut myself” Alyssa said

“Tell me your address,I will be there” Wright said

“Can you buy a bandage on your way please?”

“Sure” Wright said and hanged up

He switched off the game and got up,he walked out of the room and grabbed a jacket before going out,he was inside the car when the address was sent to him and he drove out of the mansion.


The door bell jingled and Alyssa immediately got up,she opened the door and there was Wright standing.

“You’re here” She smiled

Wright looked down to see her hand,she really got a cut

“That’s quite deep” He muttered

“I know,thanks for coming” Alyssa said and he entered

“Come here” Wright pulled her to sit on the couch,he saw a first aid box on the table

“I couldn’t help myself” Alyssa muttered

Wright pulled the box closer and dropped the bandage he bought also

He started cleaning up the wound

Alyssa’s eyes lost control,she never stopped staring for once as he helped her.

Her eyes went to his lips and she felt the crazy urge to K!SS him but she controlled herself

“All done” Wright muttered and looked up,their eyes locked

“Thanks” Alyssa muttered,still staring at him

“I will take my leave then…..”

“Wright wait” Alyssa immediately stopped him before he could get up

“Anything else?” He asked

“I…” Alyssa swallowed

“Actually Wright….I like you a lot…I mean….I love you” She said and Wright gave her a surprise look



Brandon checked the time again and sighed

‘Is she coming or not?’ He thought,he’s been waiting for Cindy for almost thirty minutes,this is the first time he ever wait for a girl,they are the one who always wait for him.

Just then,he looked up and saw Cindy walking in,he immediately signifies and she saw him

“Hello Mr Brandon” Cindy said calmly,just because of the lectures she got from Aurora all night

“Finally you’re here” Brandon smiled

“Sorry I kept you waiting” She said

“No,it’s fine” Brandon said and Cindy nodded

The waitress came over to take their orders and in few minutes,they are already eating.

“I just want to know more about you” Brandon said

“So you decided to place the cart before the horse at first Mr Brandon” Cindy said


“The first time you met me,you asked me to be yoir girlfriend without knowing who the h£ll I was” Cindy said and Brandon chuckled

“Is that why you’ve been giving me attitudes?” He asked

“Yeah,coz obviously,you’re a playboy” Cindy said and Brandon smiled

“You got me” He said

“But it’s different with you right now” He added

“Of course it should,I’m not gonna let you Fůçƙ me” Cindy said and Brandon laughed

“For now” he smirked and Cindy rolled her eyes

“Tell me about yourself” He requested

“My name is Cindy,twenty one years old,a college student,that’s all” Cindy said briefly

“Amazing” Brandon smiled

He was about saying more when suddenly a lady walked over to them

“Brandon!” She called excitedly and Brandon looked up too

“Oh,Jessica” he smiled

“It’s really you!” Jessica said and K!SS his cheek

Cindy frowned immediately

“Can I join……”

“Hey miss Jessica,stop it,come on drop the seat” Cindy said in a funny voice and Jessica frowned before looking at her

“Excuse me? Who are you?” She asked

“I’m sure you aren’t blind ma’am,I am Mr Brandon,Brandon to be precise,I am his date for today,so why don’t you just walk away and stop this $h|t?” Cindy asked and Brandon almost laughed

“Are you insane?” Jessica grabbed the glass of juice and poured it on Cindy’s face

“Jessica!” Brandon called immediately

Cindy glared at Jessica and stood up

“Cindy no” Brandon immediately grabbed her hand

“Then you should have stopped this Ɓîtçh before she went wild!” Cindy snapped

“What? Ɓîtçh?” Jessica muttered

“Yes,you wanna fight?” Cindy asked,trying to move clslee to her but Brandon pulled her back

“Brandon,where the h£ll did you see this….”

“Stop it Jessica,just leave and stop creating unnecessary scene” Brandon snapped

“I’m leaving” Cindy carried her bag

“I will take you home” Brandon said

“Then meet me outside,if I stay here for another one second,I might disfigure her face” Cindy glared at Jessica again before going out

Brandon also ignored her and went to pay for their meal,he went out and met Cindy waiting

He opened the car for her and she entered,he also went in abd drove off

“This is not the way to my house.”

“I’m taking you to mine,I’m not ready to leave you now Cindy” Brandon said,expecting her to yell but to his surprise,she only rolled eyes at him and looked away which made him smile.



There was total silence between Gregor and Annabella,they are both in Gregor’s lounge but nobody said a word,after his parents left few hours ago,they are just meeting again.

“Mr Bells” Annabella broke the silence and Gregor looked up

“I’m sorry…its all my fault,I should have cautioned Alex and Casey from calling me that..I brought you into this…I’m sorry” Annabella apologized

“You did nothing wrong Bella,I should have told them the truth if I wanted to” Gregor said

“Then…why didn’t you?” Annabella asked

“Because they’ve always wanted me to get married again” Gregor said and Annabella kept quiet

“Did you see how excited they were? They’ve being on my neck for five years now,after my divorce” Gregor muttered

“But….where’s your wife?” Annabella asked

“She left” Gregor replied


“Maybe she found someone better than me” Gregor smiled sadly

“No,I don’t think she will find anyone better than you” Annabella said and Gregor looked at her

“You think so?” He asked

“I know so Mr Bells,you’re perfect. You’re a great man and a great father too,sometimes,I wish my father is like you,maybe we wouldn’t have been poor” Annabella said and Gregor chuckled

“Are you trying to make me feel better?” He asked

“If it makes you feel better,I don’t mind. But Alex and Casey are so lucky to have you Mr Bells,it’s the truth” Annabella smiled

“Thank you Bella” Gregor said

“So don’t feel sad anymore and just move on with your life,like you said,maybe she found someone” Annabella muttered and Gregor nodded

“You love reading?” Annabella asked,looking around the lounge

“Yeah” Gregor replied and she smiled

“Can I borrow one?”

“It’s not free anyway” Gregor said

“Huh? How much?” Annabella asked

“I’m not talking about money,you can take it now and I will tell you your price later” Gregor said

“Thank you Mr Bells” Annabella said happily

“Seems like you also love reading” Gregor said

“Of course,I read anything…novels or anything” Annabella said

“Then….have you read ROMEO&JULIET?” Gregor asked

“By Williams Shakespeare” Annabella said


“Don’t tell me you haven’t” Annabella said looking surprise

“No” Gregor shook his head

“Wow!! Mr Bells you need to read it!” Annabella screamed

“You can just tell me about it,I don’t think I have enough time to read that” Gregor said

“Sure..but not free” Annabella shook her head cutely and Gregor chuckled

“What do you want?” He asked

“Please try to eat breakfast before leaving every morning,I don’t mind bringing it to your room” Annabella said

“Is that really what you want?” Gregor asked


“Okay deal” Gregor said

“Then…let’s start tomorrow” Annabella smiled

“Okay then”

“Goodnight Mr Bells” She bowed shortly and went out

Gregor smiled and rest his head on the seat

“So cute” He muttered



Thadeus was in his office when Jack opened the door and walked in

“Hey Boss” He greeted and dropped an invitation card on the desk

“From the white house,it’s the Anniversary of the swore in,coming tomorrow night” Jack explained

Thaddeus checked it out

“Seems you would be going with a date boss” Jack smiled and immediately Thadeus’s mind went to Annabella

He smiled

“Great then,you can leave” He said

Jack bowed and walked out of the office

Thadeus smiled again,this might be his chance to tell Annabella how he feels right??



Stella stared at the invitation in her hand happily,the fact that of Gregor will be going on any dinner party,then she will definitely be his date,that’s how things are.

She stood up from her seat and walked toward Gregor’s office feeling excited

“President” She called as she walked in

Gregor looked up

“We just got an invitation from the white house,for the anniversary” She said and handed the card to Gregor

“Okay” Gregor muttered and dropped it on the desk before turning his face back to his work


“Let’s talk later Stella,and besides,I will be going home in few minutes. I have an online meeting,so tell me anything you want to say on phone tonight” Gregor said and she smiled

“Okay sir” She said and went out of the office

Minutes later,Theo walked into the office and Gregor stood up. Theo took his briefcase and followed Gregor out.



“Anna” Jay called when Annabella showed up

“Hey Jay” She smiled

“Going somewhere?” Jay asked

“No,I’m here because I am so bored inside” Annabella said and Jay smiled

“With me,you won’t be bored” He said

“I know,that’s why I’m here” Annabella smiled

“I couldn’t even meet my friend yesterday like we planned,I wanted to go home too” She sighed

“How about you go home tomorrow after we drop the kids in school?” Jay asked

“Can I do that?” Annabella asked

“Of course,then we can meet In the school,just like the other day” Jay said

“That’s right,I’ve missed my mom. Thank you Jay” Annabella said

Jay was about to reply when Gregor’s car drove in

“Wow,the boss is back?” Jay said looking surprised as he stood up

Annabella was also surprised

‘Is something wrong?’ She thought,staring at the guards opening the door for Gregor and he came out

They all bowed for him but he ignored them,he took his briefcase from Theo and went straight in without sparing anyone a glance.

“I guess he’s in a bad mood” Jay muttered

“Let’s talk later Jay” Annabella said and immediately went in

She caught up with Gregor as he was about going into his room

“Mr Bells” She called

Gregor ignored her and went in,he really looked so pissed which made her worried,she didn’t know when she followed him in

“Mr Bells” She called

“What are you doing here?” Gregor asked

“I just…..want to ask if you’re fine” Annabella muttered and Gregor faced her

“Why were you outside?” He asked and Annabella was confused for a second

“I was….just talking to Jay…..”

“Wearing this?” Gregor asked and Annabella looked down at herself

She was putting on a ɓȕϻ short which seems tight a bit and a crop top,just because she never planned to go outside but suddenly decided to,was that the reason why some guards were staring at her earlier? But then,why is Gregor looking so annoyed??

“I just…..”

“It’s annoying” Gregor cut in and Annabella bite her lips

“I’m sorry” She muttered

Gregor moved closer to her

“Don’t look too sexy for other guys,it got me mad” He muttered and Annabella could hear her own heartbeats racing crazily in her chest.



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