(The Murderer….)

By, Precious Pinky

Copyright ©️(Don’t copy this story if you don’t want to see madness!)






When he told her that he wanted to show her around the world, she had expected him to take her to a graveyard or a dark tunnel or to a thick forest where wild animal lurks around.

But never did she imagine he would bring her to the amusement park filled with happy kids and families.

Little Abby gripped the end of her dress tight, looking around like she was in a foreign land.

Amusement Park is a place of fun for kids her age but this monster standing behind her made it his goal to seize her every chance of joy and happiness.

Her mother was usually busy with work affairs and barely stays back at home. Although it’s not like her mother will be able to defy the monster’s instruction and do contrary to what he wants.

He has a set of rules that little Abby and her mother must obey. Anyone that dares disobeys them will pay dearly for it.

And funny enough, he still hurts them every single day even when they obey his stupid set of rules.

They were living in complete misery and it was like God has turned his back on them.

“Wanna have fun, honey?” He whispered into her ears, giving her his signature ugly smirk.

“Why… Why are we here?” She couldn’t stop herself from asking.

She remember the last time her mother brought her here and let her have fun with other kids. She was four years old back then and at that time the monster was still acting like a God sent in front of her while behind the closed curtains, he was beating her mother until she lose consciousness.

However, since the day she clicked five years old, her moment of misery began. She is eight years old now but yet she hasn’t escaped the pain and agony.

He stopped her from going to the park, he stopped her from associating with her peers, he stopped her from watching cartons, he stopped her from going shopping with her mother, and he stopped her from doing a lot of human things.

The little bubbly and always smiling child became a sad and fearful child. Every slight noise or touch will put her on the edge. She was like a shadow of herself.

But then again, why was she here in the amusement park with this monster after all these years of keeping her away from it?

What fun was he talking about?

What evil plans does he have in mind? She refused to let her guard down because if she does, she will regret it.

Nothing good comes from this man. That is one thing she taught herself never to forget.

She expected him to be mad at her for questioning him but surprisingly, he laughed.

Even his laughter was as dark as his heart and creepy as his voice and face.

There was nothing good about him anyway.

“To have fun, honey.” He winked and started walking towards an ice cream cart.

Little Abby hesitantly followed him, counting the seconds in her head and using her eyes to observe every little detail about the park.

She doesn’t trust this monster for one bit.

His spirit, soul, and body were filled with nothing but wickedness.

He brought her to this place and there must be a heinous reason behind it.

It’s not like she can protect or defend herself when he shows his true intentions to bring her here but at least she should be prepared for the worse and ready to accept it. What else can she possibly do?

“Do you want an ice cream?” He asked her.

She didn’t answer.

“I’m asking you a question. Don’t keep me waiting for answers, honey. You know clearly that I am not the patient type.”

She swallowed nothing, tightening the grip she has on the end of her gown.

“I… I’m fine.” She stuttered in fear.

The ice cream seller stared at the little girl, her brows knitted.

Little Abby could feel herself being examined by the woman and that made her wonder if the seller was able to catch sight of anything unusual in her behavior or see through her fears and agony.

She doubts that.

“Two cone-shaped ice cream,” The monster placed an order, pulling out his wallet from the back pocket of his trousers.

“What flavor, sir?” The seller asked.

“Vanillas.” He answered.

“Vanilla for you. What about you, baby girl?” She asked the little child, a soft and friendly smile on her face.


“Didn’t you hear me say Vanilla?”

“Vanilla for you but I don’t think it is the flavor the child wants.” She noted.

“You don’t think?” He repeated, his voice sounding menacing and crude. “She is my daughter and whatever I decide for her is none of your damn business.”


“You know what, forget it. I don’t want to get ice cream anymore. Let’s go, honey.” He turned around and started walking away.

Little Abby followed him from behind, her head hanging low.

“Wait here, let me make a quick phone call.” He left her by herself and went towards the corners, speaking to someone on the phone.

Abigail quietly waited for him, ignoring the children of her age playing around in the park.

Now she understood why he brought her here… She can see the differences between the kids and herself.

They were happily playing with each other and their parents were ready to buy anything for them as long as it makes them happy. But as for her, she was sad, and even with the fact that she was in the amusement park filled with her peers…she still felt lonely.

“Babygirl,” A familiar voice called out.

The child turned around and saw the ice cream seller, holding out a strawberry cone-shaped ice cream.

“Is…is that for me?” She asked in confusion.

“Yes, dear. I noticed how you were staring at the strawberry flavored ice-cream. It’s a surprise your father didn’t notice.”

“Uhm, I’m sorry but I can’t take it.”

“Why not?”

One thing her mother taught her was never to collect things from strangers. And technically, this woman was a stranger.

“I don’t want it.” She responded.

“Are you asking me to throw it away because you know, no one will buy it from me like this.”

“You can give it to another child who wants it. Thanks anyway.”

“You are a good girl but can I ask you a question?”

The child looked around, hoping her father doesn’t see her talking to this woman.


“Is that man really your father?”


“You don’t appear to be comfortable, baby girl. You are frightened about something. I saw how…”

“This is why they say, always mind your business because curiosity killed the cat.” The monster said from behind.

The woman quickly turned around and came face to face with him.

“I was only having a conversation with your child.”

“With whose permission?”

“I… I only wanted to give her this ice cream, that’s all.”

“And I asked, with whose permission?”

“I’m sorry if I crossed the_”

He roughly grabbed her wrist and started dragging her towards the corners he was just coming out from. Abby ran after them.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” The woman struggled to break free from his grasp but he was stronger than her.

They came to a secluded area where there was nobody aside from them and he carelessly tossed her to the hard ground. The ice cream she was holding flew off her hand.

She groaned in pain and started massaging her waist.

“What is wrong with you? Is it a crime to have a conversation with your daughter?” She snapped.

“It is wrong to converse with a child without her guidance’s permission. You are an adult, you should know that already.”


He slapped her across the face, so hard that her lips burst open and blood started spilling out.

“You should really learn how to mind your business. Anyway, you are going to learn your lesson from me. And trust me, I am not so nice.”

He started beating her up.

He punched and kicked her continuously, ignoring her screams of pain and pleas.

Abby cried silently, hiding behind a waste bin as she watched the scene.

She thought of running off to call for help but she didn’t.


The monster kept beating the woman until she was partly unconscious and then, he pulled out a gun from his waistband -hidden perfectly inside his shirt.

“Wha…what? Please don’t…don’t kill me.” She begged, tears rolling out of her eyes.

“Curiosity killed the cat. This is a lesson for you, honey. In your next life, you will always mind your business.” With that said, he pulled the trigger on her forehead and she dropped dead instantly.

“Argh!” A loud yelp escaped Abby’s mouth as she dropped to the ground, cowering in fear. He just killed a human being right in front of her eyes.

The monster turned around to look at her, a sinister smile playing at the side of his lips and he calmly approached her, keeping the gun where he earlier brought it out from.

As soon as he reached where she was seated in panic, he knelt in front of her, cupped her cheek, and slowly wiped off the tears on her cheek.

“It is your fault that she died, honey. You had your chance to save her. Why didn’t you run to call for help?” He tilted his head to the side, holding her gaze with his dark ones.

The little child couldn’t say a word. Her lips were quivering and her body was shivering. She felt the sudden coldness that engulfed her.

Her gaze moved towards the lifeless woman whose eyes were wide open and her heart had stopped beating.

The monster was right, why didn’t she call for help? Maybe if she did the woman would be alive and the psychopath will be arrested and she and her mother will be free once again and live their lives like every other human being out there.

Why didn’t she take the chances?

He helped her up on her wobbling feet and stood behind her, holding her in place so she wouldn’t fall face flat on the floor and then he made her look at the dead woman again.

“You see why I say we are different, honey?” He whispered into her ears, grinning widely. “We can never be like the rest of the world.”




Abby stood on the rooftop, staring down at the garden while drinking from a paper cup of coffee.

It’s lunchtime and she thought of coming here to a place where no one else will be.

She needed the stillness and her peace of mind.

If not for the fact that the news about Tara’s murder was everywhere and people were both curious and afraid of who the murderer could be, it will be as if no one died.

It’s no surprise. Not everyone knew the beautiful angel, Tara.

Abigail thought of her time spent with the little ball of sunshine. She reminisce about how they would eat together, play and then talk about nothing during lunchtime.

She missed her kitten so much and it hurts to know that she was dead and gone and nothing will bring her back.

Abigail let out a shaky breath, taking a small gulp of cold coffee. She had bought it steaming hot but because of how long she has been standing there, only taking sip after sip, the coffee has turned cold and she preferred it cold like this.

Lately, she has been having a lot of flashbacks from the past. And it scares the hell out of her.

But now was not the right time to recall the tortures she went through as a child in the hands of that monster.

She was worried about the happenings in the hospital. What was really going on?

Who killed Tara and why?

Two years ago, five of her patients died mysteriously, she never presumed it to be murder until Tara recently died and Emma opened up to her about everything.

Why were only her patients the killer’s target?

And who amongst her colleagues could it be?

≤!≥ “Keep a close watch on all of your colleagues. Because one of them is the murderer.” ≤!≥

Emma’s words rang like a bell in her head and she heaved out a deep breath, getting frustrated.

“A penny for your thoughts,” A voice interrupted her, grabbing her attention.

She snapped her head in the direction of where she heard the voice from. It was her director, Jersey.

“Mr. Jersey,” She called out in a quiet voice, blinking severally.

“I have been here for over five seconds and you didn’t notice.” He smiled at her.

She smiled back and shrugged. “I’m sorry, I was lost in thought.”

“I can see that.” He agreed, resting his elbows on the rails. “Is it about ward 302?”

“Tara.” Abby rectified. “That’s her name.”

“Oh, my apologies.”

“It’s fine.” She moved her gaze back to the beautiful garden and ran her fingers over the lips of the cup. “Well, you are right. I was thinking about her and…everything happening.”

Jersey nodded his head. “Me too.”

“You were thinking about Tara too?” She asked in surprise, glancing at him.

“What? No. I meant to say that I was also thinking about what is going on in the hospital.”

“I thought as much.” She sighed.

“Are you still drinking that coffee?” He asked.


“Isn’t it already cold and tasteless?”

“I prefer it this way.” She simply replied.

A not-so-very comfortable silence fell between them as the both of them were preoccupied with their various thoughts.

After a few minutes has passed, Abby chugged down the last drop of coffee and threw the paper cup in the waste bin.

“I should leave now.” She announced.

“Okay.” He replied.

She turned around and was about to take a step when Jersey spoke up, bringing her step to a halt.

“Dr. Abby,” She looked back at him, giving him an expectant look and that gave him the cue to continue. “Who do you suspect?”

“Excuse me?” She was caught unaware of his question.

Why would he ask her that?

He hesitated as if contemplating whether to repeat the question or not. He went with the latter.

“Nothing. Forget I asked you that.” He gave out a small smile and looked away from her.

Abby watched him from behind, furrowing her brows a little bit.

‘Okay, that was…weird.’ She thought to herself and then left the rooftop.



“Here,” Robert handed over a bottle of water to Emma before sitting down beside her.

“Thank you, Rob.” She appreciated and took a light sip, sighing.

“Don’t think too much about the sudden change, okay?”

“I can’t help it.” She muttered. “I understand why Mr. Hart doesn’t want us to handle the case but I wish he would give us a second chance.”

“Well, he already made up his mind just as the chief had told us. Besides, he tried convincing him but if Mr. Hart still doesn’t want us then there is nothing we can do.”

“I know and that is the more reason why I didn’t argue.” She drank from the bottle of water. “Abby will definitely be unhappy about it. She was hoping she could help us with the case but too bad, it has been taken from us and handed over to Team 1.”

“Hmm. That reminds me, why didn’t you give Team 1 the whole information on the case?”

Emma pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. “Why should I do that? Don’t forget we worked so hard to get most of that information. And if they are the ‘competent’ detectives Mr. Hart is looking for then let them work for it.”

“That is…mean but reasonable.”

“I really wanted to unravel the hospital murder mystery and catch this psychotic bastard, you know.” She huffed.

“I know that. I’m sorry it didn’t go as planned.”

She slightly shook her head. “Don’t apologize. You wanted the case too.”

“Yeah. But I wasn’t as obsessed as you with the case.” He said in an attempt to lighten up the mood and that worked out well.

Emma chuckled. “What? I wasn’t obsessed, duh.”

They both laughed.



“Dad, you can’t collect this case from us and hand it over to Team 1.” Ginny stated.

Desmond raised a questioning brow at her. “And when did you start caring?”

She crossed her arms over her chest and scoffed.

“I am not joking here, Dad.”

“Listen, I can’t do anything about the change. If Mr. Hart doesn’t want your team to handle his hospital investigation then so be it.”

“But we worked so hard on this,” She pointed out.

“We?” Her father repeated. “Who are the we? Are you referring to Detective Emma and Robert?”

“Haha, very funny, Dad. You know well enough that I am included in the ‘we’. After all, I am a part of the team.”

“Who are you and what did you do to my daughter?” Desmond said in a serious tone, narrowing his eyes to study his daughter. He quickly stood up and rushed to her, cupping her forehead to check out her temperature.

“What…are you doing?” Ginny asked.

“Are you sick? Do you need_”

She swatted his hand away and groaned. “Dad, I am serious here. Stop making funny remarks that are not so funny.”

“Honestly, I am glad that you were interested in the case as much as your seniors were but I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do. But you know, I can give you guys another case to work on if_”

“Forget it.” She cut him off. “Gosh!”


She waved him off. “Don’t call my name. I don’t see the point of being a chief executive officer if your opinion doesn’t matter.” She stormed out of the office.



“I’m sorry,” Thelma begged on her knees. “I made a mistake and I_”

“Just shut that gutter you call a mouth, goddamn it!” Sandra yelled. “What is your apology going to correct, huh? I am in deep $h|t and that is your fault.”

“Excuse me?” Thelma glared at her, rising to her feet. “I’m sorry for hinting to the detective that there was a suspicious person that night but don’t you dare blame me for anything. You should even be thanking me right now for keeping my mouth shut about what I know.”

“Are you threatening me now?” Sandra advanced to the nurse, her eyes filled with anger.

Thelma didn’t back down. “I am not threatening you, Dr. Sandra.”

“The both of you should stop.” Marshall interrupted, ruffling his hair. “Arguing won’t solve anything.”

“Tell that to your girlfriend,” Thelma scoffed.

“Wait, what is giving you this boldness to talk to me in this manner, hmm?”

“Maybe because I have the truth on my left palm, that’s why.” She smirks evilly.

Unknowing to them that someone was listening to their conversation from outside the closed door.



Ginny entered the office, a frown plastered on her face.

Emma and Robert stared at her, looking slightly confused as to why she was frowning.

“Are you okay?” Emma asked.

“No, I’m not. For once I am interested in something and what, they took it away. I hate whenever something is snatched away from me!”

“What are you talking about?” Robert queried.

“The Fůçƙing case!” She yelled. “I can’t believe we won’t be the ones handling the case.”

Robert and Emma exchanged surprised glances before looking back at the young girl.

“Okay…? I expected this reaction from you.” Emma noted.

“Duh. When I am into something, I go all out to get it or unravel it.” She bites her lower lip. “But you know, we can still take on this case without anyone’s proclamation.”

“What?” Emma and Robert said at the same time.

Ginny stood in front of them, going hands on hips. “This is Ginny’s perfect and rebellious plan…we work on the case undercover and find who the murderer is.”



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