December 2, 2023

{The Mafia’s little princess}

By Precious Pinky

Chapter 137&138




“Good morning,” Ayden greeted as he walked inside the house.

“So you’ve finally decided to come back home, hmm?”

“You were really pissed off yesterday, I was afraid that you might kill me in my sleep.”

“Haha, very funny.” She rolled her eyes. “Anyway, how is Lake?”

“He is fine.”

She handed him a cup of tea and started making another cup for herself.

“Why did you give me this?” Ayden asked, suspiciously.

“Don’t you want to drink tea?”

“Uh, maybe I do. But why did you offer me the one you made for yourself? Oh, my God.” He let out a fake gasp. “Is it poisoned?”

Zara gave him the ‘Are you kidding me right now?’ look.

“Don’t be stupid, Ayden. Why will I poison the tea I want to drink? And besides, I am usually this nice.” She scoffed.

“Well, it depends.” He shrugged, taking a sip of the tea.

“Actually, I added honey.” She smirked deviously.

His eyes widened. “You did what?”

“You think I’m just going to let you off the hook?, you should know me better than that.” She winked.

“Bloody Fůçƙ!” He ran to the sink and started gagging.

Zara stood behind him, laughing very hard.

“How could you do this to me? You know I’m allergic to honey.”

“Exactly why I added it.”

He kept forcing himself to puke, pressing his stomach.

“If I die my blood will be on you and I’m going to haunt you till eternity.” He said.

“We shall see about that.” She folded her arms over her chest, giving him a mischievous look.

“I hate…you.” He started dropping to the floor.

Zara giggled and went to sit on the island chair.

“Oh, please. Stop with the pretense already.”

He cleared his throat, coming up to his feet. “What? I was only playing along. I make a wonderful actor, right?”

He chuckled and sat down opposite where she sat. He collected the cup of tea and took another gulp.

“Wonderful actor my @ss. Maybe I should have added the honey for real.”

“And become a murderer for real? I know you wouldn’t want that for yourself.”

“Oh come on, you won’t die. You will only be rushed to the ER with a swollen face.” She snickered.

“Isn’t that worse than death? Don’t you know my face is my charm and life? How will I face Lake with a swollen reddish face?” He cringed at the thought.

Zara laughed as she finished making her cup of tea.

A comfortable silence fell between them until Ayden spoke again.

“Are you still mad at me?”

She look up at him and shook her head.

“Not anymore.”

“I know I shouldn’t have let Sean in without your consent and I’m sorry for doing that but,” He paused. “can’t you at least hear him out?”

“I’m trying to. I really want to listen to all he has to say but…the images of him K!SSing that Ɓîtçhy nurse are still stuck up in my head. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get rid of it.”

“You will be able to if you hear his explanations. Come to think of it, didn’t he say the girl forced herself on him?”

“What if he is lying?”

“Zara, can I ask you a question?” She slowly nodded her head giving him the go-ahead. “Do you love Sean?”

“Of course, I do.” She answered almost immediately.

“Do you trust him?”

She couldn’t answer.

“Answer me, do you?”

Her phone started ringing, interrupting their conversation.

She glanced down at her phone and saw the caller ID.


“Oh, Fůçƙ.” She grumbled.

“Who is it?” Ayden asked.

“Sean.” She replied.

“Pick up the call.”

“No. I’m not ready to talk to him.” She said.

The phone stopped ringing. A few seconds later, it started ringing again.

“Maybe he wants to tell you something important.”

“He only wants to apologize for his mistakes. I am not ready to hear his stupid excuses.” She stated, adamantly.

“Are you sure you are not_” Ayden got cut off by the ringing of his phone.

“Please don’t tell me he is the one calling you now.”

“He is.”

“Don’t pick up the call.” She warned.


“I am going to be very mad at you if you answer the call, Ayden.”

“Ugh, fine.” He ignored the call.

His phone continued ringing for over ten minutes.

Zara’s phone started ringing once again.

“I am going to switch off my phone,” She grabbed it and was going to turn it off when a message popped up.


She rolled her eyes and was still going to turn off her phone when another message came up.


“Diamond?” She said out loud, frowning.

“What about Diamond?” Ayden asked. “Is she the one messaging you?”

“Huh? No. But sean has been calling to talk to us about her.”

“Is something wrong?”

She shrugged, dialing Sean’s number.

“There is only one way to find out.”

The phone rang once and was immediately answered.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Is Ayden there? I was trying his number but he wasn’t picking up.”

“He is here with me and I was the one who told him not to answer your call. Anyway, what do you want to tell us about Diamond?”

“You and Ayden need to come over to the hospital.” He said.

The frown on her face deepened.

“What? Why?”

She heard sniffling from the other line.

“Sean, are you crying?” She questioned.

“Babe…I mean, Zara,” He cleared his throat. “please brace yourself up for whatever I’m about to tell you.”

“Okay? You are scaring me. What is wrong with Diamond?”

It was silence for a few seconds.

“Diamond was rushed to the hospital this morning and,” He hesitated again. “it has been confirmed that she is dead.”



👥He has been performing CPR on her for over five minutes, he needs to be stopped.

👥She is already dead. What is he hoping for? A miracle?

👥I feel sad for him but this is not the best thing to do.

👥He is only making it hard for himself.

Bernardo stepped closer to the bed and sighed in frustration, adjusting the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“Cassano, you have to stop this right now.”

Marcello stood amidst the crowd, staring at his boss.

He has never seen him show off his emotions like this for the past five years.

After a few minutes, Marcello approached the bed and stood beside Bernardo.

“Boss, I think it’s best you stop now. She’s dead.”

Mikhail blocked out everyone’s voices including Marcello’s. They were the last thing he wants to hear. All that mattered to him at that point was the dead girl lying underneath him.

‘Open your eyes…’ He screamed in his head.

“Cassano, if you don’t stop this right now, you will leave me no choice but to call the security on_”

“Reconnect the wires,” Mikhail demanded, cutting the man off.


“You heard me.”

👥What did he say?

👥Is he crazy?

👥This is literally getting out of hand.

👥What are the doctors doing? They should take him out of here.

Bernardo cleared his throat, taking off his glasses.

“What did you say?”

“I said reconnect the wires. Do not Fůçƙing make me repeat myself.” He said in his dangerous low voice, still compressing Diamond’s chest.

“Do it, if you don’t want to see something crazy.” Marcello whispered to Bernardo, taking a step back.

The doctor gulped nothing, hesitating.

“Dr. Mark?”

“Yes, doc.”

“Reconnect the wires.” He whispered, lowering his gaze in defeat.

👥What are they doing?

👥What the hell? Is this how the hospital works?

“But…” Dr. Mark tried to object.

“Do it.” Bernardo cut him off.

“Okay, doc.”

Mark connected the wires of the heart monitor to Diamond’s body before turning the machine on.

Her pulse and heart rate were still at 0%.

“She is dead, Cassano. can’t you see? You are making this difficult and uncomfortable for us.” Bernardo said angrily, ruffling his hair.

{“I…need you.”}

{“Why are you hurting yourself?”}

{“What, you don’t want to Fůçƙ me because I am a product of Ř@pê?”}

{“I want to forget about the past. It hurts.”}

{“He is here. Don’t let him take me away.”}

{“I don’t care. Just Fůçƙ me.”}

Memories that consisted of his daughter’s nanny clouded his head.

He didn’t know her well other than the fact that she is the stepdaughter of an enemy.

However, he won’t deny the changes and positive vibes that came with her when she started working as his daughter’s nanny.

She reminded him so much of his wife and seeing her in this state surprisingly hurts him.

He doesn’t want her dead. He promised his daughter that he would protect her nanny at all costs.

{“What? Are you going to kill me? I’ve heard that word so many times in this house that it no longer scares me.”}

How could he have been threatening to kill her since the moment they met and now that she was actually dead, he doesn’t want to accept it?

His chest was clenched so tight that he couldn’t breathe.

He pressed harder, fresh tears rolling down his face.

👥He is going to break her at this point.

👥What are the doctors doing? They need to stop him.

Bernardo let out a deep breath.

“I can’t take this anymore. Nurse Tricia, please call security.” He ordered.

“Yes, sir.” The lady walked away.

“What are you doing?” Marcello asked.

“Can’t you see what your boss is doing? She is Fůçƙing dead, he needs to accept it.”

“That doesn’t explain why you asked that nurse to call security.”

“I have to stop him one way or another. Come to think of it, I didn’t know he cared so much about the nanny.”

{“Did you see how worried the boss was when he saw Miss Chase in that state? I think he likes her.”} Marcello remembered Boaz’s words.

‘Can this be true? Does the boss really like the nanny?’ He thought to himself.

Nurse Tricia and three security walked to the scene.

“Here they are.” She said.

“Cassano, do not let me do this. Please step aside.” Bernardo said.

Mikhail did not answer him.

“Well, you leave me no choice.” He turned to the securities. “Get him away from the dead patient.”

“Yes, sir.”

Just as they were about to take a step, Marcello stood in their way.

“Don’t Fůçƙing come close.” He snarled.

“Marcello, what are you doing?” Bernardo asked in a mutter.

Everyone was watching the scene between Marcello, Bernardo, and the securities when suddenly, a beeping sound was heard.

Nobody said a word and the beeping sound was the only thing that filled the ER.

👥What’s that sound?

Bernardo and others’ gaze came upon the heart monitor connected to the dead girl’s body and immediately after there was a loud gasp of awe and astonishment.

“What the Fůçƙ?” Marcello muttered.

Diamond’s pulse rate which was 0 is now 30 while her heart rate is 40.

Mikhail glanced at the heart monitor and let out a deep breath of relief, getting off her body.

👥Is she not supposed to be dead?

👥What the hell is happening here?

👥A dead girl has come back to life.

👥Oh, my God. This is a miracle.

Bernardo put back on his glasses to take a better look at the heart monitor, just to be sure he was seeing correctly.

“What are you still waiting for?” Mikhail growled at him.

Sean strolled inside the building and moved to Mark.

“What is going on?”

“A miracle has taken place,” Mark mumbled.

“What?” Sean looked at the heart monitor and his eyes widened in shock. “What the hell?”

“Dr. Sean and Dr. Mark, you two and a few nurses should move her to the operating room asap. We need to start the surgery.”

Sean and Mark carried Diamond and placed her on a stretcher bed and started rolling the bed alongside the heart monitor toward the operating room.

Mikhail, Bernardo, and Marcello followed them from behind.

As soon as they got in front of the operating room, those with Diamond entered while Dr. Bernardo stopped Mikhail and Marcello.

“You will have to wait out here, Cassano.”

“You must save her, Bernardo.”

“Listen, whatever brought her back to life is a Fůçƙing miracle. And honestly, I will need that same miracle in there,” He pointed to the OR, “because apparently, she is still fighting for her life.” He said.

“Save her,” Mikhail muttered almost pleadingly.

“I will try my best.” The doctor said and goes inside the OR.

The double door slid closed, shutting the world out.

Mikhail paced back and forth, stuffing his hands into his P@ŋts pocket while Marcello leaned against a wall.

It was silent between them until…

“hai già chiamato Boaz?” (Have you called Boaz yet?) Mikhail asked.

“No signore.” (No, sir)

“Fallo ora. Devo sapere cos’è successo ieri sera.” (Do so now. I need to know what happened last night.)

“Si, Capo.” (Yes, boss). Marcello bowed and walked away.

Mikhail’s eyes came upon the closed double door and the frown on his face deepened.

“Lottie, prega qualunque divinità tu serva di non essere coinvolta in questo.” (Lottie, pray to whatever deity you serve that you are not involved in this).




“Where is my nanny?” The kid asked in tears.

“Miss Aurora, please stop crying.” Paige said, likewise crying.

“I want my nanny back. I want to see her.”

Evelyn entered the room, holding a mug of hot chocolate.

“Honey, I brought hot chocolate for you, your favorite.” She sat down on the bed.

“I don’t want it.”

“You haven’t eaten since morning. Please just drink the_”

“I don’t want to eat or drink anything. I need my nanny back.” She cried harder.

“Oh, God. She is going to fall sick at this point.” Evelyn sniffled.

“Miss Aurora, please stop crying.” Paige mumbled.

“How can you ask her to stop crying when you are also crying?” The woman asked.

All of a sudden, Aurora jumped out of bed and ran out of the room.


“Miss Aurora!”

Paige quickly ran after her while Evelyn dropped the cup of hot chocolate on the table and hurried after them.



“Where are you going to?” The young maid shouted.

“I want my nanny back.” The child said at the top of her voice, ignoring the rain that started dropping.

“It almost raining, come inside, Miss Aurora.”


Evelyn came outside as well.

“Aurora, please get back inside before the rain gets heavy.”

“Where is my nanny? Where is she? Is she still alive? Is she going to die?” She cried bitterly, plopping to the ground.

Evelyn rushed to the little girl and wrapped her arms around her tiny body.

“Nobody is going to die, okay? Your nanny will be fine. Please let’s go inside.”

The rain began to fall heavily on them.

“Let’s go.” Evelyn helped the little girl up to her feet and just as they took two steps forward, Aurora lost consciousness.

“Oh, my God. Miss Aurora!”



“Capo,” Marcello bowed his head.

“Hai fatto la chiamata?” (Have you made the call?)

“Sì,” (Yes)

“Cosa ha detto?” (What did he say?)

“Lottie è stata quella che ha accoltellato la signorina Chase.” (Lottie was the one who stabbed Miss Chase)

Mikhail growled, clenching his fist tight.

“Tuttavia, c’è qualcosa che devi sapere.” (However, there is something you must know) Marcello stated.

“Che cos’è?” (What is it)

“It is about your daughter, Miss Aurora…”

“What happened to her?” Mikhail asked, worriedly.

“She fainted in the rain.”




Ayden and Zara entered the hospital, a little bit drenched from the rain.

They sighted Sean and quickly approached him.

“Sean,” Ayden called out.

“You are both here…” He glanced at the both of them.

“Where is Diamond? We need to see her body. Where is she?” Zara cried.

“Calm down, Zara.”

“Don’t Fůçƙing ask me to calm down just tell me where my best friend is.” She said.

“Uhm, she is not dead.”

“What!” Zara and Ayden exclaimed at the same time.

“But you told us that she is dead.” Ayden stated, sniffling.

“Is this some kind of a prank or what?” Zara bellowed.

“It is not a prank.”

“What the Fůçƙ are you saying? What is going on?”

“Well, Diamond is supposed to be dead but somehow made it out alive. Trust me when I say, it is only a miracle. Anyway, the surgery went well but,”

“But what?” The two friends asked at the same time.

He hesitated. “She is in a coma and it is a 50-50 chance of her surviving it.”



“How is this possible?” Zara asked no one in particular, staring at her friend who had different wires all over her body and was wearing an oxygen mask.

The heart monitor was beeping steadily.

“She works as just a nanny. It isn’t a life-threatening job so how come did she get stabbed?” She asked again.

“If you ask me, who am I going to ask?” Ayden let out a deep breath. “I’m just glad that she’s okay.”

“Okay?” Zara scoffed. “Look at her closely, does she look okay to you? She is in a Fůçƙing coma and only God knows if she’s going to get out of this alive.”

“Hey, Diamond is a strong girl. She is going to fight this through, trust me. Didn’t you hear what Sean said? She is supposed to be dead but somehow made it alive. I’m sure Diamond beat up whoever death is and escaped from the land of the dead.”

Zara laughed. “Yeah, you are right. This girl can be so crazy.”

“She is going to go through this and get out of it alive. I’m certain she will.” He mumbled.

Zara reached out and held Diamond’s hand, tears rolling down her face.

“You better get out of this alive or else I am going to find you and kill you myself.”

Ayden stood behind Zara and placed his palm on her shoulder, squeezing it lightly.

It was his way of telling her that they were all in this together.


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