December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky


Anita’s face made a merry on seeing how much of a fear they’d created in her within a space of a minute

“Ahhh, tell me you aren’t turning up into a coward. Come on pretty,,talk back at me now”Anita teased with a smirk, causing her crews to laugh lightly

“She can’t,,,or has cat suddenly caught your mouth?”

“Peace out, please. I have nothing doing with you”Sabrina said

“I see, you didn’t think of that when you brought a scene up at the Prince’s table”Anita scoffed

“He offered me the seat himself, Anita”she replied

“Anyhow, but you could have rejected it. I am here to sound a clear warning to you,,”Anita moved closer to her

She shifted back

Right now, she’s restricting herself on talking back to her.

What if she did and they get her injured all on her body??

Especially her face!….just the thought of having bruises on those pretty face of hers made her flinch

Anita stopped before her…

“Wait pretty, you were once the ugly girl right? the ugly Sabrina we all know….the ugly Sabrina that always bow at my sight?”Anita scanned her

Wanting to confirm her confusion but it’s to nowhere

She kept a mute Ɓụťťon

“Wow,,,dumb again?”Anita half yelled then ran her hands unto her hair

“Look guys, am making a small announcement”Anita faced the crowd, with a loud raise in her voice

The dispersing students starts to gather and soon, they formed a crowd

“This pretty girl you all are looking at here had perhaps did a plastic surgery at a far city from here during the holiday…cause who knows, an ugly creature within a space of a month turned incredibly pretty, isn’t that amazing?”Anita said

Her hands in the air as she asked from the gawking eyes

‘Oh Lord, I don’t think I will be able to cope with this scene’,she thought inwardly

Anita furthered

“Tell me you aren’t trying to compete with me in the beauty aspect…”said Anita, facing her with a scowl

“Listen Anita,,”she leans closer to her ear as she was about turning away

“You had better let me make an exit quickly before I create an unbearable scene here for you”and said with a hush

Austen reached the parking lot and climbed on his motorbike

He wanted to start up the ignition switch when his head swaps sideways

And then, he saw his sister and….Wait; what the heck is happening over there?

“Wow, courage boosted. But let’s see what you have got bullfrog….”Anita winked vigorously

Bullfrog!…that name was enough to piss her off. She lifted up her hand and would have slapped her right in the face but someone intervened

“Stop it Sabrina,”Austen caught her hand midway and stepped before her, pushing her back slightly

Then faced Anita,”What do you want with my sister?”

“I knew it, she’s the once ugly bullfrog,,”Miranda said

Anita looked back at Miranda, shooting her a glare

“Oh hi Austen!,”Anita faced him with a wave of fingers and huge smile

“Listen carefully,,there’s always a boundary line. You getting into a fight with my sister is one of the sh*its I won’t take from you”Austen said warningly

“Austen, I….”Anita wanted to deny

But Austen had already turned away with his sister and was walking off with her,,,

“Austen was her brother back then, and now he still is. Isn’t it clear already,,she’s the one”Anita reasoned with soft mutters

“A prize goes to her for pretty confusing our brains out,,,”Alexis said, Ɓụťťressing

Anita starts to walk up the hallway back to the class

Her crews followed behind her, on her trail as always

Austen let go of her hand once they were at the parking lot

“You and Anita were total enemies before Rina,,you shouldn’t get into the dirt with her over again. It’s a new change,,,”he said

“She started it,,*she frowned, rubbing the back of her neck

“And if I hadn’t came in time, it would have turned into something else, pretty sure a fight”he replied

“That fight is what I want, she should learn to stay on her lane”she rolled her eyes

Without a word, he climbed on his motorbike

He started it, making it roar into life,,,

“Seat,”he looked back at her

“Yeah… let’s take this ride home.”she giggled with a smiley face, now seated behind him

Throughout the ride home,, Austen still mutters no word

“Wait, are you mad at me?”she pouted, not being able to take the silence

The breeze came in contact with her hair…

“Yayyyy….Cool”she breathed it in, dropping her head back, her hair getting blown by breeze

“Seat upright Sabrina!”he sounded hoarse as he said

“Sabrina? he only calls me that when he’s pissed off or angry”she thoughts

“Oh come on Austen,,”she cooed, putting her hands on his waist, letting it surround it to a tight embrace

“You’re suffocating me,,”he was able to snatch one of her hands of him

Cause as he was about getting off the other, the other one he’d took away from him will swaps back to tighten its hold around him

“Geez,,,”he groaned and decided to just focus on the road

“Tell me you’re no longer mad,,”she said, her head resting on his back

“You might cause an accident,,you surely know that”he said

“Okay then,stay mad and I’ll keep on suffocating you.”she shrugged her shoulder

Striking her decisions, she tightened her arms around him more than before

“Arrrgh!!”he groaned out

“Keep screaming,,”she said without a concern and did her devilish work once again

She’s going to keep suffocating him to the best of her strengths

“Okay fine,,,am no longer angry”those words came rolling out of his mouth

He’s just going to give what belongs to Caeser to Caeser and avoid having a road accident,,,

“Liar,,I know when you are mad and when you have repent and have forgives”she scoffed

“Doll come on,,,anger all over with”

Hearing that, she unwrapped her hands from his body

“Now you are free,,”she smiled childishly and then, ran her hands through his hair

An aim to rough it up,,,

“We are arriving home soon, you shall get it all from me by then,,”he promised her

“Anyhow cutie pie,,home we shall get”she laughed off, knowing the full cause of his just increased speed

At the palace*****

Seth knocked on Prince Luciano’s door, a glass of red wine in his hold.

“Come in,,”a response from him came from inside

Seth opened the door and after entering, shut the door behind him

“Seth,,”said Luciano, quite confused at having him in his room

Seth walked to him and reaching him, he smiled

“Good evening Myles,,”Seth said

“Have a seat….”he stood up from his seat and offered it to him

“Oh, thanks”Seth said appreciatively and took the seat

He watched Seth as he crossed legged, and took a sip from his drink

“So…?”he inquired, trying to push out a talk from him, he needed to know why he’s here

“I see you’re surprised I came to your room,”Seth said and he nodded affirmatively

“And so sorry dear brother, Always am I so busy and am scared for the lebgthy space it’s creating in us. We are brothers right? brothers should always talk and share thoughts together….but am sorry for not being there”

“It’s nothing, we are still okay,,”he replied

“Thanks brother,,”Seth stood up and shared an hug with him

Unlocking from the hug,, Seth said,”There was this girl that came here maybe three days ago, anyhow, I can’t remember. That awesome pretty charming beautiful girl in all her glory…. you know her right?”

“She told me she came down here with you,,”Seth furthered, seeing his reluctant eyes

“Oh yes!….I know her”he said, nodding

It’s surely no one else but her; Sabrina

“Know where she lives?,,”Seth asked

“What for?? cause I know not such things about her”he said

“I badly wants to see her brother. Since you don’t know where she lives,,when ever she comes by next time, tell her I want to see her”

“Okay,,”he said

“And how about we go for a night party?, you, me and Rowen. By 7 o’clock?…”Seth reached the door, and instead of opening it and going, he looked back at him and asked

“I do have a lot to cover up, am sorry”he rejected

“I will get you by that time, see you”not giving in to his refusal, Seth said before exiting his room

“What the f*vk does he wants with Sabrina..?,never again will you see her again though”he promised himself and sat back on the chair

He picked up his pen and laid his hand on the paperwork

He wanted to write down on it but would stop midway

What’s going on with him?…Could it be that it’s jealously??. No, of course not

He shook his head, and laid hands on the paper

He was able to write down a word, he continued and found himself writing down the same word he’d first wrote multiple times

He rubbed his palms over his face and looked at the paper, hoping he will be able to see and think straight this time

His eyes darked at what’s on the paper

Sabrina…. Sabrina…. Sabrina…. Sabrina…was what he’d written all over the paper

If his eyes aren’t deceiving him right now, he wrote her name more than ten times in a roll

He dropped the pen on the paper immediately

This is out of it,,,

He shook his head repeatedly, trying to get whatever enchantment that was on him off

“Jealousy Luciano,,it’s clear and defined. You are f*vking jealous…..!”he ran his fingers through his hair, and kept chanting to himself with closed eyes

His phone suddenly ranged from the bed

He opened up his eyes and turned his head to look at the phone on the bed,,,

He stayed still on the chair, finding it a lot of stress to stand up and go pick the phone

But at the third ring,,he stood up reluctantly

Getting the phone from the bed, he swapped to the receiver

And put it across his ear as he sat down on the bed

📞Who’s on the line?

📞It’s Sabrina,,, please prince, I need your help

Her shaking voice was what first caught him off guard

📞W-what?, where are you??

📞I was coming to visit you since I was so bored at home and unfortunately,,I…I…fell into a pit

📞A pit??!

He was startled, was there a pit in any area surrounding the palace?

📞 Please get me out of here now!….I might die if you’re too late

📞I’ll be right there….hang on!

He threw his phone aside and ran out of his room

He has so many questions roaming his head right now for her,,,firstly, where on earth did she got his number from?

And the pit,,, once he rescues her, he’s going to order the pit filled up. None of the palace workers is sleeping tonight,,,

He was now out of the palace gate, he went behind the beautification flowers surrounding the palace and getting to the end of it, he stopped

“Where could she be?”he asked himself, turning his back to face where’s he’s coming from

“I should go that way,,,”he attempted to make a run for the next building

But was restricted as a body jumped on his back

So unexpectedly, that both he and the unknown person on his back landed on the floor with a thud

He being the one on top, he looked down on the lady before him

Hair was partly covering the unknown lady’s face

In his quest for recognition,,he helped with the hair, sliding it to stay behind his ear

“Whaaat!!?…..You!”His eyes widened while the person beneath him grinned

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