December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky



It was Prince Luciano Myles…..

He stopped and covered his ears at the atmosphere,,he had wanted to enter all this while but their noise was just too much for him. They didn’t stop after a few minutes of his waiting so he choosed to burst in

At least that did shut them up now……

“I will so much appreciate it if you all stop the noise….A situation whereby my eardrum will get affected in the run is what I don’t want.”he said, dropping his hands from his ears to address them

“Sorry prince,,,”they all chorused in sync but he wasn’t in for it, instead of replying, he just walked to his assigned seat, not a mere chair like the rest

Sabrina was greatful he’d just cleared her interrogation section, she ran to her seat with a gladdened heart

“Thank you prince…”she patted his back as she ran past him, heading the way to her seat

Luciano shook his head at her, but never failed to think of where on earth she got that nerves from


Anita and her friends went up to the stand and ordered their different choices of meal they would like to have for this afternoon, Anita got her bacon and cheese, coupled with a soda drink and waved off her friends

“I’ll go join his table today girls, you guys should head to our usual table,,”Anita told them, seeing they were following her

“Oh, sorry Nita”Miranda said, and the rest of the girls moved back away from Anita

“You should go then, we shall take our table”Alexis also said, urging her to go before giving the girls a nod

Giving them that signal, they all turned around and walked back to their table in which they had passed earlier

It happened not only Anita was heading towards the prince’s table but also Sabrina who at the moment was searching for a table to seat

“Hello prince,,”Anita smiled, stoping at his table

At the time, Sabrina walked past their table but was looking the other side, that way not seeing him

“Hi Anita,,”Luciano replied her and saw Sabrina walking past

“Hey Sabrina,,,”Luciano called her, Sabrina heard his voice and turned his direction. Her face lights up at his sight.

“I can take a seat right?….seating with you guys would surely be fun”Anita asked Luciano’s crews

“Prince,,,”Sabrina bowed slightly on reaching their table

“Seat here, there a vacant chair.”Luciano told her and looked back, pointing behind him to see shifting the chair back in an attempt to settle on it

“There?…. thanks,,,”Sabrina sent him a short smile and not minding Anita’s hand was already on it, she snatched the chair from her

And sat down, leaning her body on the table and acting like nothing happened

“How could you….!!”Anita’s anger was set loose.

“,,,Sorry darling, he offered me a seat and not you”Sabrina looked at her and said with a wink which only pissed off Anita more and more

“Prince…?”Anita looked at Luciano, letting him see what she’s just done

But Luciano only gave an helpless sigh,,

“Luciano is so lucky having girls fight over him,”Cole whispered to Jason who only chuckled

“Okay prince, later then,,”Anita with a sly smile at Luciano, stomped out of the cafeteria

Her crews also her and shared a confused look

“Let’s finish up and follow her to find out what happened,”said

“Yeah,,she looks so angry”Miranda said

They agreed on after their meal and proceeded with their eating.

“Who are you?,”Jason asked, pointing his index finger at Sabrina

Luciano just eat up, keeping mute

“Am Sabrina… about you guys?”she replied and also asked them

“Cole,,,”Cole answered fast, touching his chest as an indication of himself

“And you…?”she looked at the other guy

“Jason,,”Jason replied, reluctant at first

“Wow,,you guys are so cute you know”she winked at them, opening her bottled water

“Same as you,,too beautiful.”Cole said, sending her back a wink

Luciano wanted to speak but changed his decision, he just shook his head and watched on as they both continued their flirting

“Awwn….Thanks sweetheart,”she gushed, at self admiration

Cole smiled at her…

“But for that,,,you own me a spoon of casserole chicken”she added, when he least espected

“Okay then,,that you’ll get.”he said and pushed his plate to her but she shook her head in rejection

“You should spoon it out for me,,if I do that myself, I might take way too much to be counted as a glutton”she pushed the plate back to him

Cole laughed,,”okay then”

Jason shook his head unbelievably,,,

“What a drama queen,,”Jason said, though not loud enough for everyone or anyone of them to hear

“Here….”Cole stretched the spoon filled with chicken casserole towards her,,and she leans closer

He took it into her mouth and she hummed sweetly,,,

“Thanks for that,”she gave him a thumb up as she chew on, on the chicken piece

“I should have allowed Anita to stay here instead, plus she came first…”Luciano said, dropping his cutleries

They just turned him off on the meal, acting like couples before him is off it

They all turned to him,,Jason an exception

“Sorry,,”Cole and Sabrina told him at the same time

And then pulled themselves together, saying no other word.

Luciano simply rolled his eyes and went for his wine, since he’s lost all appetite for the meal

“You aren’t eating?”she asked, pointing to his plate of food

She frowned, it was like he didn’t touch the food at all

“Lost my appetite,,”he replied her

“Oh sorry prince,,,since I still have my appetite, I’ll help you with it by eating it all up without a remain”she assured and smiled at him cheekily

Before Luciano knew it,,she had pack up the food and placed it before her, eating

“Glutton,”Luciano commented

“Yayyy….I always am.”she sent him a wink and paused on her eating on seeing Jason having his eyes on her, “Hey Jason, have you also lost your appetite??, am still here you know”

Jason hearing her snorted and quickly picked up his fork and continued eating,,,

Cole and Sabrina made jest of him by laughing

It’s closing hour, Sabrina walked to the parking lot and saw Austen’s car was not there. “He must have gone for the football practice,,I’ll take a ride home then”she told herself

And walked away from the parking lot and to the school gate,,

She brought out a novel from her bag and started reading, her eyes were on it giving it all attention

When she knew she was now a step to the gate, she looked up but stopped on the spot

“,Where did you think you’re going?”Anita smirked at her, her arms at akimbo

Sabrina took her eyes away from Anita to the number of girl’s before her,,,

One….two….three…. four…. five… six….. seven….

She stopped,,and gulped down. She took a step backward, away from them

In the process of her hand shaking, the novel dropped from her hand and onto the floor…….

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