December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky



Cold shivers ran down her spine, leaving no where in her body untouched. Her feet froze to the spot, unable to move. Eyes dropping gone wrong, she’s so dead.

Death has come for her now that she no longer desires for it.

“Who are you?”A husky dangerous voice sounded in her ear, leaving no room whatsoever for denial.

Seth got more angry when she didn’t utter a word,,that got him more angrier. He pushed her away without a care and she fell on the floor on her b*utt

“I said who are you!!.”he half yelled rigorously, pointing the knife at her face

“I’m a nobody and I came in here with prince Luciano,,”she answered, rubbing her hurting. neck

“But I will go and find him now,,”she stood up on her feet and not minding the glare he bore into her face,,she ran off

“Hey!…”Seth attempts to run after her but stopped halfway

He ran his hand through his hair in total confusion,,she was actually eyedropping on him

Who could she be??


Sabrina instead of running up the stairs before her back then, she turned another the corner and hide behind it

She kept peeping till he was gone before walking that same way and after she had pass his doorstep, she took to her heels

Finally out of the palace and far away from it, she slumped on the floor with her chest going up and down caused by unsteady heartbeat

“I just saw death face to face”she palm faced herself

Sabrina walked home, on getting to their doorstep, she opened the door and had only taken a step in when she saw her most dreadful sight….

“Raymond!!…. what’s he doing here?”she was taken aback

Of all people she hates to see,,he’s the number one

“Oh she’s here, Sabrina!!”Austen called her in

And that was when Raymond turned to look,,before he could see her, she’d escaped

To the third house to theirs,,he is her top bully in school and always finds her a little hint of mistake to punish her

But what could see do?, back then she was so helpless

No one will come to her aid,, like, no one would want a stain of ugliness from an ugly being

“,I don’t think he’ll recognize me anymore, but Austen,,,”her eyes widened as she realizes

“He would have told him about my sudden change of look,,well, maybe it’s time to also change my character in school. I won’t be the fearful girl but the fearless,,,if he tries to bully me again or any sort of it, I will face him…yes!, that’s it”

She gave herself a kudos for the wish thinking

“Is that Sabrina or someone else?, or God,,did you get yourself drunk today or what?….how can you imagine that girl to be your sister whereas you know well how she looks”Raymond chuckled

“Am not drunk Raymond,, she’s my sister, Sabrina”he replied

“Seriously??,,,”Raymond was blanked

“Yeah, of course. Why she ran away on seeing you is what I still can’t figure out”he said

“Or was there something you were doing to her back then,,,”he focused his gaze intently on him

“Back when?,,”Raymond questioned

“Stop pretending,,,I mean back then when she was ugly”he repeated, inpatient for an answer

“Nothing,,, what would I possibly do to your sister that’d make her run away from me”Raymond said

“Better,,,else Raymond….”he said before cutting himself off, as an impending warning

“Well,,, she’s so cute now you know, much more than I can express”Raymond winked at him before looking out of the opened door maybe he will see her


Days later~~~~

M-Pavarotti Academy……..🩸

It’s a new session,,the students are back to school after the full holiday. The carpark is all filled up, the school does not only have students from Magadascar Kingdom, some from far and wide attends the school

It’s well know for its academic standard and large population,,,the top best school out of the twelve kingdoms

It’s owned by Garrett Pavarotti; the king of Magadascar Kingdom

It’s name after him and his last most loved son,,, Prince Luciano Myles

The prince last name and the king’s own was joined together by the king,,and with that he made the school a great name

“Yayyyy!!!…..Back to school!”Anita and her minions ran into the classroom in jubilee

The students on the way quickly made way for them to avoid the avoidable,,

“This is my last year in college,,am so very happy you know”some sets of student were discussing as they found their ways to their class

“Let’s stop here Austen!,”Sabrina patted her brother’s back, telling him to stop as he was about riding into the school

“You aren’t walking in with your legs,,,you either jump down and get yourself injured doll”he didn’t give in

He raced his classy motorbike inside the school compound and stopped after parking,,,

“You’re so stubborn,,”Sabrina got off the bike and rook off the hamlet, giving it back to him

“Whatever doll,,”he rolled his eyes as he took the hamlet from her

They both started heading to the path that connects to their different classes,,,

👥Austen has grown more cuter👥

👥 Who is that girl??,,,his girlfriend?👥

👥Is she new?👥

👥 She’s more cuter than Anita, wow!!👥

👥An award goes to her,,,,what a damsel! 👥

👥Is Austen related to her???👥

“Humans and rumors,,”Sabrina covered her ears, to avoid it getting blocked from the loud and whispered comments from the students

“How I wish you know how great you look, you won’t ease to be the talk of the school”Austen replied her

“Okay,,for how long?”she looked up at him

He shrugged,,

“Who knows,, maybe a year or two, it can actually be forever”he said, chuckling

“Seriously Austen,,”she frowned, quite pissed

“What doll?? why the glare?, am actually saying the truth. it might not end till you are out of this school; till you graduate”he muttered

“Anyhow,,see you…..”she waved at him as they came at the end of the way for them, they have to go their seperate ways now

“Oh…bye doll”he waved back at her and she giggles,,running off

She entered the class and to her luck, the teacher was just entering

She headed to her seat though knowing how much the class was staring at her,,

She furthered on, going to take her usual seat which has her name

“Wait!… you’re a new student so you should give us an introduction of yourself before going to seat”the teacher, Mr Will stopped her

“Am not Sir,,”she turned back and replied, she knew he’s going to stop her though

“You’re not?, who are you then??”Mr Will asked

“I’m Sabrina Killian, a student of this school and this is my class”she responded

👥 Sabrina?, how can that be?👥

👥 Sabrina was ugly if am not mistaken👥

👥It’s impossible,,,they are way different👥

“Like seriously class, my look now isn’t worth what you should use as a debate topic,,,am like this now ok?? I will say you should get used to it”Sabrina was forced to speak out, the murmurs was just too much for her

The teacher made to speak,,but that was when the door went opened……

And their came an appearance, one that was powerful enough to shut everyone up immediately

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