December 2, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky


Prince Luciano and Sabrina could be seen under a tree with the lottery,they kept taking the fruits nonstop. Prince Luciano done with oranges, went for grapes in the basket

He hummed in savory and Sabrina, having all her eyes on him took it away instantly

“Partially, you still disobeyed me, you know”He finally spoke up, having his full focus on the gold ring in his hand

He’d dropped the rest on the grapes in the basket and spread a still and silent atmosphere around them

“There’s no how I can possibly K!SS that old man,,,his breathe stinks. And apart from that, it’s a shame on me considering the number of crowds watching….”she spoke, dragging her words slowly along with her tongue

She turned her back slowly at him,,,trying to avoid the expression that’ll be on his face now

“But I stole it as per what you said right? I hope you don’t do as you’ve said with what I mistakenly said with my mouth,,,,”she furthered

And hearing no reply from him, she frowned her face

“Prince,,,,,am sorry,,, okay?”she said with soft mutters, and with a swift, turned her head to sideways back at him

But he was nowhere to be found,,,,

“I’m doomed…!”she jerked up to her feet at once with any further delay

She ran to check behind the tree they are staying under but he isn’t there

She turned back, having her back on the tree as she let her eyes roam round her surroundings

“Am Polly,,,,An angel from the BEAUTY LAND”The voice suddenly echoed to her from the air

Hearing this,,she flinched back three meters away. Her heart beating as fast as possible

The BEAUTY LAND??,,,,why is it now of all time??

She hasn’t even enjoyed the beauty,,,

“You still remembered why you came to us right,,, and what was said??”the rumbling voice echoed like a thunder this time

It was like a brain was refreshed immediately cause her mind starts to flash back to that day and time

“I came for beauty, yes; that’s what am here for. The pain and suffering am getting from my ugliness is killing me slowly but…..”she had stated before going on a confusing trail off

“No buts. The beauty you shall get….”the sorceress cuts into her thoughts.

“Any ugly human who comes here must get the beauty this land possesses. As it’s forbidden for a ugly being to step onto this land”the sorceress added, leaving no room for any kind of protest from her

“O…kay ma’am,”she had nodded her head, finally giving in

“Am ready to take beauty away from this land”the sorceress smiled on hearing this, she snapped her fingers together and two young handsome men ran in

Truly…..Beauty stays nowhere else but here

“Take her inside the room,”the had sorceress told the men, pointing towards her

She walked forward and one of the mean lead the way while the second followed behind her

“And remember, a sacrifice has to be made”the sorceress said. She had stopped at the room’s door when the woman’s voice came to her…..There’s no turning back right?, how she had took the last step, finally stepping in.

The sacrifice???,,,what they asked from her?!

That’s why she’s here right now?, but it’s just so sudden. She still needs to find the prince, who knows if something bad had happened to him where he is right now

“,, Firstly Sabrina B, you have follow him home by all means. Either by force or at his own will…..”Angel Polly’s voice stated in command

“But,,,the prince?? how will I do that when I can’t even find him”she shuttered, her right hand finding its way to her face

Sweats had formed over her forehead and even the face down to her neck.This made her sigh out in distress,,,

“You will find him, just go away from this spot and he’ll come your way….”As the voice was saying, it slows down slowly at each saying of her words,,,before finally trailing off

And she was gone!

She snapped her head around to find herself in a forest,,how did she appear here all of a sudden??

Was she here all the while that she was on the look for the prince?

“Holy Molly……!!,Help me out Father lord”A feeling overwhelmed her that she didn’t wait for any other thing, she just took to her heels and out of the forest

“Where on earth is she then?,”Prince Luciano groaned out in frustration as he just finished asking of her from the seventh person today since she’d went missing

How had they parted??,,,did she perhaps vanished from her side back then??

He ran his hands all through his hair, he is so confused

Or was she kidnapped??, he just hopes he finds her before it becomes dark and the royal guards are sent to go find him

“That’s him!!”Sabrina smiled, her hand was pointing at him as her eyes widened

“Prince Luciano!!….Is that you?”she screamed on top of her voice until the voice got to him and he turned to her direction

She breathed out,,so lost of breathes. Her legs has weakened and she might just collapse at any time

Prince Luciano trudged to meet her, a dirty smirk on his charming face

“Where were you?”He asked curiously, his arms folded across his chest

“Who knows? maybe the mother goddess had parted us for a few moments”she wanted to say,,,but let the reply go to her mind only

“I don’t know,,,I mean,,maybe I was lost in the forest”she answered, looking up at him now

“What? how??”he was so blanked at the possibility

“Never mind prince,,,,can you take me home with you please?, I might just loose consciousness now if care isn’t taken”she said, pouting innocently at him

“No!, it’s impossible……”he was saying when something suddenly jerked into him, and he stared at the space for a brief minute before facing her,,,a smile on his face

“Yes, why not,, come with me”

She jumped up on her feet and grinned stylishly knowing who was behind his sudden change of tone,,,

“Let’s go Prince,,”she smiled back at him and he nodded, leading the way

At The Palace!*****

Prince Luciano stepped into the royal palace with Sabrina by her side,,her eyes wasn’t on where they were going but instead was wandering around the mansion, admiring it with her huge eyes that was now on the venge of bursting.

His steps was faster than usual and before she knew it, he was out of her sight

Without her knowing which way he took or maybe,,he’s now up in his room

She looked ahead of her and saw a room, painted with blue colour. That must be his room.

She walked there and was about having her hand on the door knob and open the door when she started to hear a different voice from his

“,Ten feets under the ground is okay….Oh, he is,,,,,he is Prince Luciano Myles….Kill him……We are not that close you know…do it tonight…..”she would hear a part and the other part would be unheard,,as the masculine voice goes a little low

She joined all those words practically together in her head and her mouth was sent agape

She attempted to run away from the door when it suddenly opened and a hand went around her neck,,,tightly held back to the owner of the voice chest

A knife was then sent to her neck….

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