December 2, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky



Next morning…….. At the Killian’s!

Sabrina stretched on the bed as she let out a stressful yawn from her mouth,,she then opened up her eyes and smiled as everything dawned on her again

It still seems like a dream,,but she knows it’s actually a reality

A lasting reality…..

She jumped up from the bed but flinched back on the bed with racing heart, her eyes bulging as she stared back at her brother in awe

“You did scared me,,, what are you doing here?”she asked, frowning as she touched her left chest as if to make sure her heart was still in there and intact

Austen smirked at her as he leans more on the wall,,,,,

“Am still very curious you know”he said

Not responding to her shocked state,,,

“About what? what’s it that made you enter my room without my awareness and even staring at me as I sleep,,,”she folded her arms over her chest, wagging her brows at him

“Why you suddenly changed overnight darling Sabrina,,,,did you went for a face surgery at a far city by midnight?”he asked curiously checking his memories for what could have caused the changes

“,,,,,,I remembered you weren’t like this day before yesterday you ran into your room in tears”he went further

“Damn Austen….I told you it’s something quite beyond your thinking and imagination right?, so why bother about it again??”she said, looking all pissed off by their every time questioning

“Fine,,I won’t bother you about this if that what you want”he said

And she shrugged nodding her head as a way of saying ‘Yes’

“Cool,,”he muttered, staring at her

She stood up and went to hug him tightly with smiles plastered on her lips,,,

“Yayyy!….thanks Austen”she cooed into his ear still in the hug

She was happy now that at least him; one person out of three is now convinced about her look now and ready to let it go

They soon unlocked from the hug and they smiled at themselves,,,,

“Truly, the name ‘Sabrina The Beauty’ fits you perfectly,,,”he cupped her cheeks in a baby like manner

She gave him a toothy grin….


The palace……..King’s chamber!

“Yes Father, I’ll do as instructed….I won’t let you down. It’s a promise”Prince Luciano can be seen bowing before his father, and his two hands behind him like he’d always do

“You can go now son…”The king dismissed him and with one last bow, he left

The King smiled to himself,”……This is my future. He has the future of Magadascar Kingdom in his hands”

Prince Luciano on stepping out of his father’s chamber,,,,called a guard

“Prepare the carriage”he instructed and trudged off to hie room to have a change of cloth


Rowen and Camille were having tea with the first queen; Queen Nadine their mother. Rowen handed her her own cup of tea and she took it from him,,,,,

Queen Nadine took it up her mouth and took a sip, but only for her face to turn sour

“How does it taste,,,?”Camille and Rowen happened to ask at the same time

Queen Nadine dropped the tea back on the mug took a clean handkerchief beside the tray, with which she cleaned her mouth with

“I had always managed it before but now it’s sour,,, especially now that Luciano isn’t ready to go back to where he’s coming from”Queen Nadine replied, flipping the handkerchief aside with so much annoyance


At the marketplace******

Sabrina twirled on her feet again before cat walking a few distance away and back to the spot like she’s been doing for the past thirty minutes of her being here

She really loves it, considering the rate at which both men and women; either passerbys have been staring at her.

She can’t help but notice from seventy seven percent of men that had their eyes on her each time the Lū$tful desires in their eyes

And heck!, they were each trying to undress her with their eyes…….. She could see it in their eyes

“Wow; So….. this is how it feels to be beautiful”she said to herself, admiringly

Her face glittering…..

“A could draw out hundreds of what that sentence meant, you know”A deep cold voice she will never thought of been oppurtuned to hear and hasn’t heard more than once in her life came to her hearing

She turned to his sharply,,,,

“Prince Luciano Myles….”she bowed her head quickly and muttered,”A good morning I say….”

“What you just said;,,,,,”he coughed in a fake tone only him can sense

“Was it a beauty you never had, a person impersonating another person,,,a feelings out of this world or maybe…..”his eyes then gleamed, as if he’d just arrived on the point

Sabrina first lifted her head up,,,A greeting he didn’t even acknowledge is a waste

And what he just said,,,

“What you heard isn’t from me”she shook her head

He was about talking when she cuts in,”I mean,,,it’s from me but it’s the other way round”she stammered in the process

“I’ll let this slip off only if you can…”he trailed off looking around the market for a perfect thing

“That old man there!…”he pointed behind her and she turned to have a look

“Go and K!SS him on his lips and in that simple process,,, hijack his basket of fruits from him”he said, urging her to go with a raise of brow

Wait; What did he just say,,,???!

“But,,,,it’s impossible,,,I can’t…”she shook her head and said before looking away

“Ok then,,don’t rub it off on me when what you just said is let out in the open and to the world”he said, giving her the best of his uncaring looks

“Geez!!,,,”she cussed under breath with her hands folded into a fist

He simply smiled at her,,,

She turned around and walked off to the old man, she stopped at his front and looked back at him pleadingly

But he only shrugged with a look of finality so she faced the old man,,,

“What do you want to buy old women? oranges?, grapes??, coconut or….”the old man was saying

“Shut the f*vk…..!”she cut him off with a yell and instead of landing her lips on the man’s, she spat on his face instead and took off with his goods

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