December 5, 2023

🔥Journey To The
Beauty Land💄
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky



“I….I…..Am sorry prince!”it took her all the courage she could muster before she’d uttered those words of apology to his face

Right now, she felt like running away and taking to her heels but hell, they are going to find her. He’s a prince from a royal family, such a behaviour from her won’t be accepted.

They will apprehend her no matter what.

So she ran to him and fell on her knees, her head bowed as she seeks for mercy.

“Please, don’t get me killed,,,,it’s a very bad mistake from me, am so very sorry”tears had started to form in her eyes as she pleased.

Why is it now?, now that she has all the beauty she wants,,, now that she hasn’t even enjoyed the benefit that this had to happen.

She still has to finish to get married, and what about the twin child she’s always been dreaming to have?, are all this going to waste??……Death shouldn’t take her yet.

Prince Luciano smirked cunningly,,,,

“Guards!,”he called out darting his eyes all around the market

She quickly rose to her feet and as he was about making the second call for them, She quickly blocked his mouth with her palms

The courage that burst into her is unknown

It was until she realizes, that is when she immediately withdraw her hand

“You still haven’t learnt your lesson, young Lady”he said, looking at her as she moved backward

“I have,,I have please,I didn’t mean to block your mouth from speaking”she shook her head slightly

“Luciano!!!……am back!”he started hearing Nadia scream out his name from the store

He scanned her face for a while and she also stared back at his angelic face.

This is her crush…… Prince Luciano Myles Garrett of Magadascar Kingdom. One in which she prayed not to meet with face to face with her ugliness.

He was part of the reason she’d always wished for beautifulness, She must be silly to want to have a whole prince to herself right??

But now that she was chanced to meet him now in all her glorious beauty, this had to happen; she had to make a crazy mistake.

“Meet me at this exact spot, and same time tomorrow,”he told her. “……You can choose not to, if only you can face the consequences of what you just did today”

With that said,he walked away to the store with his two hands crossed behind his back with majestical walks.

“Darn you Sabrina!,”she gave herself on knock on the head

“Ouchh!, it’s hurts….”she winched, rubbing the spot as she pouts babyishly.


Austen and his three friends were playing football at his compound,,,,Austen kept dribbling them and scoring his goals at every chance he got

“I told you am a star,,,”he winked at them, as he said

“Really…..we shall see at the end of the game”Zed smirked, with distaste

“You always win,,but you’re not winning us in this”Axel Ɓụťťressed, passing the ball to Brett

Brett kicked it towards Zed but Austen got behind Brett and stylishly got the ball from his captive

And Austen with a great kick, kicked the ball to a goal

“$h|t!”Brett cussed under his breath

The rest of them shrugged, dropping their shoulders in surrender

“Yeah, I did it!”Austen jumped up in jubilation, seeing how he yet got another goal

Sabrina walked past them, dragging her feets behind her as her face looked as dull as ever

Austen saw her heading to their doorstep

“Wait!, Who’s this??”Zed was the first to ask

Sabrina was now at the doorway, about to enter

“Sabrina!!”Austen called out, knowing she will stop if that’s really her

“This can’t be my sister, right?”he also asked himself in his mind

Sabrina hearing her name, stopped, turned and looked straight at her brother questioningly

“Yes?…….”she asked and trailed off with the look on his face

She knows why he’s holding that look on his face, they didn’t recognize her; yes!, that’s it

“Is that really your sister?,”Axel moved closer to Austen and whispered to his ear

“What the Fůçƙ happened to your face?, I,,,I mean you weren’t like this before, you were so…….”Austen was so very confused

“Yes, I was so very ugly. A ugly being I was back then but now it’s all over,,,as from now call me ‘Sabrina The Beauty’….ok?”she said, the last three lines of her new name rolling off her tongue fluently with style

Sabrina smiled and winked at them before cat walking off inside the house

The four friends mouth was left agape….


Night……..At the palace!

Rowen ate the casserole chicken sauce dish hungrily,,,not minding that Seth was staring at him all the while.

“Go slow Rowen, you might die at this rate you know”Seth said, smirking at this habit of eating

“A hubby is difficult to leave”Rowen just shook his head, his mouth filled with cheese

Their attention was gotten by the splashing of water from beside them,,,,

“It’s him; Luciano”Seth called Rowen’s attention and he brought his head up

Prince Luciano had a guard beside him holding a tray filled with small stones with which he picks and throws in the pool, it does gives a splash after each throw

“Where’s this f*vking slave I asked to get me my drink,,,”princess Camille trudged off past them in search of them

“Am here ma’am….”the maid rushed over with the glass of wine on one hand and the other holding a tray with its bottle

Camille turned swiftly towards her with her eyes possessing rage,, this scared the maid that the glass cup slipped from her hand

The maid’s eyes budged and she started to shake in fear

Camille landed her a slap on her right cheeks, and it burned hotly

She was about giving her the second slap when Prince Luciano stepped between them, now standing before Camille

He turned to the maid and took the glass left on the tray with the bottle of wine, he poured a large quantity in the glass cup and stretched it forward

“This is enough to safe her from another slap right?,,,,,,it’s not a must for a slave to be treated as one”he said

He urged her with a nod to take the drink as he’s running out of time,,,she collected it from him with a roll of eyes

“Bye,,,,”he mumbled and head inside without a look back at them


Killian’s house*****

“No!….No…This is not Sabrina. My daughter isn’t like this, I can’t accept her”Mr Killian says for the fifth time since he’s arrival back home

“Calm down Killian, I know we should truly find out how our daughter turned to this all of a sudden,,,but that doesn’t means she’s not ours “Mrs Killian tried to convince him

“Am tired of this disbelieve and confusion thing,,,can I go to my room?”Sabrina asked impatiently

“Let’s do this Dad,,,,by knowing how much she knows, we can know if she’s trying to come here pretending to be ours or it’s really her”Austen said, his hands crossed over his chest as he leans by the door

They kept mute waiting for him to go ahead

“How old were you?”Austen left where he is and came to position himself before her

“Seventeen going to eighteen years”she replied him,not waiting a second

“Are favourite colour?”he asked further

“Purple,,,,”she answered

“College you’re attending upon the resumption date?”he asked

As the questioning section went on, their parents watched on keenly

“Gold Garret (GG) College, here in Magadascar Kingdom”she gave her answer

“What were you before?”he asked her

“Ugly….”she replied,, sending him a wink this time

He looked at his parents face and they looked away with a shake of head

“Your friends names??”he asked him with a cunny smile this time cause he knew she has no friend

Her mentioning one at that moment will reveal the truth,,,,

“None. I don’t have a friend; and no one is willing to make me one back then”her reply this time came with sadness and reality

“But they will now right?,,,,”she brightened up, her face suddenly gleaming

He looked at his parents face and nodded

“She is your daughter; Sabrina,,,,”he told them, more than convinced

“Since question and answer section is over,,I think am free. I’ll be in my room, see you all tomorrow…. Good night”she jogged to the stairs

And climbing on it,,,,she yawned sleepily.

“Sabrina the beauty huh??”Austen smirked

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